Jim Schwartz likes Twitter, Stefan Logan

At a time when Eagles coach Andy Reid admits he doesn’t know what a tweet is, Lions coach Jim Schwartz is unusual among NFL head coaches in that he actually uses Twitter to provide some interesting insight into his thoughts on the team.

Granted, JSchwartzLions has nowhere near as many Twitter followers as Seahawks coach Pete Carroll, the only other NFL coach I’m aware of who’s on Twitter. But he does have more followers than me, and it’s interesting to follow Schwartz because he’s willing to offer his assessments of his players, 140 characters at a time.

Today Schwartz tweeted, “New KR/PR Stefan Logan has been impressive this week. He’s a natural catching the ball, makes good decisions, is quick & surprisingly strong.”

Obviously, Schwartz isn’t going to tweet anything that could provide a competitive advantage to the Lions’ opponents. But if you’re a Lions fan, you should follow him. And keep an eye on Stefan Logan.

10 responses to “Jim Schwartz likes Twitter, Stefan Logan

  1. As a Steelers fan, I was indifferent to Stefan Logan. He has good vision on returns but he simply isn’t big or fast enough to break them open on a consistent basis. He’s so short he has to make too many strides to compensate for it, and he doesn’t have the blinding speed like Trindon Holliday who was a great returner at the collegiate level.

  2. Logan is solid, but he’s not a game breaker. He’ll get you a decent return, but he’s not going to take it to the house or anything. Of course, these are the Lions, as long as he doesn’t fumble the ball every ninth punt return he’ll look really good.

  3. I thought Stefan Logan was making strides this year as a receiver but he essentially got beat out as a Steeler by a rookie, Antonio Brown of Central Michigan, who can run back kicks and showed some flashes as a receiver.
    I bet Logan runs one back. In fact, if the over and under is 1 TD run, I’ll take the over. That turf at Ford Field will seems some sparks fly with Stefan Logan.

  4. SantonioH10 — I couldn’t agree more. I thought he had unlimited potential and looked at times like he was ready to break off that big run, but then the speed didn’t match the expectations and he ended up skipping laterally before getting tackled.
    Not totally sold on Antonio Brown, but I hear his ego more than compensates for his return skills 🙂

  5. Glad to see him land on his feet. Every time he had a good run going the Steelers would get a block in the back or someone would whiff on a block. I’m a Steelers fan, but having him back there last year was like having a Ferrari to drive around the yard only- you were never going to see his potential.

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