One last look at the preseason losers

The real thing starts in a little more than three hours, so we probably should finish saying all we have to say about the preseason.

Last week, we looked at the preseason winners. 

Now, we’ll look at the preseason losers, uttered with the same tone Rex Ryan used when talking about the guys who didn’t have a wife or significant other visiting them in training camp.


7 responses to “One last look at the preseason losers

  1. To be fair, Sanchez has the work ethic Leinart never had, so if he doesn’t succeed in the NFL, it won’t be for lack of effort.

  2. why not include yourself on that loser list…especially after Wise smoked your ass…I mean you know I’m just saying!

  3. me: “I just read and listen to Mike Florio and I just wonder weather or not this man has had an original thought, ever did any real work, or could ever be taken seriously. Because Peter King, Adam Schefter, any real NFL reporter he is not.”
    talking head/yes man co-host: “A bold statement. A very bold statement. But possibly not wrong.”

  4. It’s funny, I have been saying that winning against the colts in preseason means absolutely nothing for at least 4 years.

  5. I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but Bracoto looked absolutely crushed when Florio was comparing Sanchez to Leinart. Even funnier was later in the broadcast when Bracoto apologized because he was a Jets fan and he felt his fandom had shown. Not a Jets hater, not a Florio hater, but I definitely appreciate an awkward TV moment.

  6. Well? Sanchez is not nearly as impressive as most of the media says he is. Same with Matt Ryan.
    Both these guys still have a lot to prove.

  7. Sanchez is not going to have a good year for the simple reason that now NFL teams have him on tape. He will face the second-year qb slump that most quarterbacks face once the opposing teams can analyze his tendencies and weak areas. That doesn’t mean he’s a bad qb like Leinart; he needs time to develop.
    And he’s no threat to the Cowboys.

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