Tom Brady gets four-year, $72 million deal, $48.5 million guaranteed

The New England Patriots and Tom Brady agreed to a contract extension today, and now the numbers are out.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Brady’s four-year deal is worth $72 million and includes $48.5 million guaranteed.
Peter King of NBC and Sports Illustrated, who first reported that the deal was done, writes that Brady will earn what’s believed to be the largest annual salary in NFL history.

It’s worth noting that Brady’s guarantee is less than the $50 million that the St. Louis Rams gave No. 1 overall draft pick Sam Bradford. Former Colts coach Tony Dungy said after Bradford signed that deal that Brady and Peyton Manning should get $70 million or $80 million guaranteed.

But it’s also worth noting, as Florio did last month, the way NFL contracts are structured.  The guarantees for veterans and for rookies don’t really make for an apples-to-apples comparison, since for rookies a far lower amount is guaranteed upon signing.  For a veteran, it’s all guaranteed.

In any event, Brady was guaranteed a lot of money today.  And although they aren’t talking about it publicly, you can bet that Manning and the Colts are taking a close look at these numbers.

32 responses to “Tom Brady gets four-year, $72 million deal, $48.5 million guaranteed

  1. WOW! Glad you noted that about Bradford. It seems insane to guarantee anyone $48.5 mil when one injury would take him out of play. But better a PROVEN 3-time Super Bowl winner than an UNTRIED rookie. Good grief. Something is soooo wrong with this picture.

  2. He’s only getting 48.5 guaranteed, but only has to play for 4 years. He very likely will get well over 1.5 million for the two years after that.
    Bradford’s contract is 6 years.

  3. Also, notwithstanding the differences between the structure of rookie deals vs. the structure of veteran deals, Bradford’s “$50M” guaranteed is on a six year deal. Brady’s $48.5M guaranteed is on a four year deal.
    Also, Brady is a Pat for life. F_ck yeah.

  4. Good. Inevitable. Ridiculous money, but hey, it’s not like this is the real world, or anything.
    Now, with the money the stupid Guard didn’t want, give Randy Moss an extension, too, and let’s set some new records.

  5. They’re obviously paying Brady for the 3 SB’s he helped NE win 5+ years ago becuase NE won’t sniff another SB while he’s collecting his $16MM+ per year!

  6. Yet another guy who got an extension before his contract was up and didn’t have to hold out for it. See Revis, it can be done! Idiot.

  7. Wasn’t Bradford’s deal also for 6 years? It would make sense that the total dollars for a 4 year extension, as well as the guaranteed dollars, would be lower than a 6 year deal. How does the % of guaranteed money to total money hang together? 67% of a contract being guaranteed sounds pretty good to me.

  8. “BorisBulldog says:
    September 10, 2010 12:28 AM
    They’re obviously paying Brady for the 3 SB’s he helped NE win 5+ years ago becuase NE won’t sniff another SB while he’s collecting his $16MM+ per year!”
    The Pats are aware of the window of opportunity they have with Brady and are building the team for the next run during his tenure. You can go back to your mom’s basement and continue crying now.

  9. Wait…I thought there was disconnect and a division between Brady and the Pats.
    Yep those cheap bastard Pats who don’t sign their own…
    It was even said two months ago here locally that this would be done just before Week 1. Guys from Yahoo Sports and other nation outlets have no friggin clue what they’re talking about anymore.

  10. Another reason why Tony Dungy is a moron. He was picking fights with Harrison all night about how much better Manning is than Brady. Harrison got him back though when they were asked about how they approached the season after their superbowl wins when he told Dungy that he should have listened to what Belichick said. Dungy shut is self righteous mouth right up.
    Brady = 3 time Superbowl Champion
    Manning = 1 time Superbowl Champion

  11. Now Albert…..THIS guy is a leader of men. See? That’s what people, as well as your employer, expected of you. That’s ok….we understand…character is a funny thing, it can allude some of us. Hail!!!

  12. Hes not worth that kind of money anymore …this contract came too late. Dumb move…Pats Organization blew this one.

  13. Brady is no longer worth that kind of money. The Pats got the short end of the stick here …Brady wont last the season …just like that asswipe quarterback in Minn.

  14. Belichick and Brady have been instrumental in Kraft building the value of his franchise from $172MM in 1994 to $1.4B in 2010. Owner’s don’t pay players and coaches for past performance but they do pay for goodwill value in addition to future performance. Belichick and Brady have tremendous goodwill value. Look no further than the events of September 9th, the start of the 2010 NFL season, a day where the national media was dominated by the Patriots and Tom Brady.

  15. Now he can buy another sweet Audi. Man that soccer mom in the red minivan was in a hurry! blew a red light? Glad he is ok. That TD bomb to Moss in preseason was awesome. Let the NFL fun begin. Hope the Vikes do well but it is good to have 2nd and 3rd favorites too. I hope all players stay healthy. How many injuries in the NFL last year like 423? Nat’l Violence League. Better to watch than MMA and Boxing by far.

  16. How can anyone say he isn’t worth it anymore? What else do you pay a 1st ballot HOF who is poised to have a monster season after having a great year in 2009 coming back from his ACL? This is no Carson Palmer. There’s only so much wiggle room for what you can offer a guy like this. The Pats do pay their people, but are definitely selective about it. After seeing what they gave Brady, Wilfork and Bodden, 3 big but fair deals, it’s nonsense to keep saying they are cheap.

  17. where is his solidarity finger … well anyways, here is mine to all the whining millionaire athletes … STFU ….

  18. @robsterNY says:
    September 10, 2010 9:16 AM
    Hes not worth that kind of money anymore …this contract came too late. Dumb move…Pats Organization blew this one.
    So who is worth that kind of $?
    – Sam Bradford?
    – Matthew Stafford?
    – Matt Ryan?
    – JaMarcus Russell?
    How did the Pats front-office blow this signing?

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