Haynesworth saga continues to distract the Redskins

The Redskins-Haynesworth soap opera continues, only two days before the first game of the regular season.

Rosenthal pointed out earlier today that Redskins coach Mike Shanahan had a discussion with tight end Chris Cooley regarding Cooley’s decision to share with a radio station information regarding defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth’s snaps with the scout team.

“It’s unusual for Chris to tell people who’s working with the scout
team,” Shanahan said in response to whether it’s unusual for a players like Haynesworth to take scout-team reps.  “I’ve already talked to Chris.”

As we understand it, Shanahan was “fuming” about Cooley’s comments.  (And if that’s the case, Shanahan also likely wasn’t happy when quarterback Donovan McNabb said earlier this week that the Redskins can’t win without Haynesworth.)

Despite Shanahan’s effort to downplay Haynesworth’s work with the scout team, there would have been no reason for Cooley to mention it if it was a normal, everyday occurrence.  Obviously, Shanahan wants the Cowboys to think Haynesworth will play a key role on Sunday night, even if he won’t.

Meanwhile, we’re hearing that the Redskins “definitely” are willing to trade Haynesworth, but that Shanahan refuses to take the best offer available.  Instead, he won’t budge off his demand, and we continue to think that Shanahan is hoping that a Week One injury will create a demand elsewhere for Haynesworth’s services — and thus increase the price another team is willing to pay.

As we’ve said before (and probably will say again), the Redskins need to make a decision about Haynesworth and implement it now.  The situation serves only to disrupt the team and to undermine Shanahan’s effort to start his stint as the team’s head coach on the right note.

43 responses to “Haynesworth saga continues to distract the Redskins

  1. Is it me, or is the only person make this “a saga”, is Mike Shanahan. What point are you trying to make? I’ll just bench my best d-lineman. One of the top dt’s in the league. I’ll just make him do a bullshit fitness test everyday and run him out there with the practice squad. Mike Shanahan is the only person making trouble in d.c.

  2. Off the wall question… Does Shanahan get his teeth cleaned and bleached every week, or every other? Man those things are white…
    I’m a die hard cow cow fan, but ive always liked shanahan. I’m glad to see him have the sack to stand up to the divas like haynesworth and drill home a point. better than coach ‘howdy doody’ with man boobs that we have down here in dallas.

  3. florio is a tool!
    what news is this? no news? just more mindless speculation on your part. oh, wait this site would never spoot so low as to not use “reliable sources” to report on something.
    you are nothing more than a bum who searches through other peoples unwanted garbage. only to use it as your own….

  4. Shannahan wont have to deal with Haynesworth much longer. If he doesnt get an offer he likes, he will play Haynesworth & cut him after the season. The media can play it up saying its disrupting the team, but Shannahan is a good coach and will have this team where he wants it next year. Haynesworth was not his doing.

  5. Haynesworth was not brought in by Shanahan. He was there when Shanahan was hired. Why wouldn’t he wanna get rid of him for whatever Snyder is willing to accept?

  6. ” The situation serves only to disrupt the team and to undermine Shanahan’s effort to start his stint as the team’s head coach on the right note.”

  7. Undead Al needs to get in on this. I’m sure Shanahan’s thinking that he will be screwing the Raiders over by dumping Haynesworth in their laps. This is the offer Shano’s probably holding out for.
    Just need Buddy Nix to screw the Raiders over with Marshawn Lynch as well.

  8. Yeah, just let Haynesworth do whatever he wants while the rest of the players go through OTA’s and mini-camp. Shanahan is trying to set a precedent while his team is underminding him by opening up their mouths to the media. Shut up and let the coach do his job Mcnabb.

  9. Cooley was asked if he talks or plays with haynesworth. Cooley said yeah, he’s on the scout team.
    Nothing more to it than that.
    The oy people making s big deal out of this is the media.

  10. I say get 1st round pick, or maybe 2nd + 3rd for him, then use that pick to trade with San Diego for Vincent Jackson.
    Or just stop dogging him, let him start and do some damage to the opposing teams already!

  11. As a Cowboy fan I hope Shanny starts Fat AL. I am sure the plays he takes off will lead to many large gains. If am Garrett I run at him all game long knowing its a matter of time before he just quits.

  12. The only people making this a saga is the media.
    Cooley was trying to explain that Big Al is practicing hard and not dogging it.
    If you think that this fan-the-flames approach is affecting the team and the locker room, then you;re dumber than the mediots that write this crap.

  13. Why does everyone consider Shanahan a great coach? I mean seriously? He won two Superbowls his first couple of years in Denver, but that was with Elway and Davis, and once you gave Elway a running game to go with his arm, my wife could have “coached” them to those Superbowls. After that, he in truth did nothing the rest of his time in Denver. He won one playoff game the next 12 years or whatever, and it took a BS PI call in the playoffs for him to win that one. His teams were notorious for not being prepared and getting blown out in the playoffs… I’ve just never figured where he actually ever proved anything. Sure he’s a good 9-7 coach that will grab you a WC and lose in the first round… and maybe there just aren’t enough of those around, but why does he get so much credit for the Elway era, when he really just leeched himself onto the end of it and used that reputation to secure his spot as such a “great” coach.

  14. The lazy fat ass didn’t show up for OTA’s, then whines about the defense the team is going to play. Shows up overweight and out of shape.
    Yeah, it is all Shanahan’s fault!!!!
    The guy got his multi-million dollar contract and has since done NOTHING to earn it.

  15. Alleged Free- You are right. Albert has done everything coach has asked of him. I can’t imagine why Shanahan is pulling this stunt. Everyone knows Alberts never ben a slack ass, lazy, malcontent, with a me first attitude.
    Yes, it is you.

  16. Yeah if they don’t get this straightened out right away, they won’t make it to the superbowl this year.

  17. Shanahan will be there long after Childsworth is off defrauding some other team foolish enough to take him on, in all probability.

  18. All the experiene in running an NFL team is just oozzing on PFT. So this is what the team should do. Yeah ok buddy!

  19. This is being blown out of proportion. First, Shanahan has played everyone on the scout team for practice purposes. Secondly, the only ones making this a saga is the media. They have shed a negative light on everything dealing with this situation. Reporters suck. Media is starting to become even more annoying.

  20. Who’s this ‘we’ that you keep referring to?
    I know Shanahan doesn’t give a shoot about Florio. Maybe hiding behind the ‘we’ at NBC means something to you.
    Redskins are better off with Mike Shanahan than they were with Cerrato and his poor choices for head coach.
    Zorn, Spurrier, Grandpa Gibbs… that’s what Albert wants.

  21. “Mike Shanahan is the only person making trouble in d.c.”
    Uh, no. I have to disagree there. Shanahan is dealing with the outcome of years of bad personnel decisions by Vinny Cerrato and years of interference by Dan Snyder. I’m not a fan of Shanahan, but he inherited a dysfunctional team and an even more dysfunctional owner. Based on history (Marty Schottenheimer) I’ll be surprised if he lasts more than two years.

  22. Where is the drama? Where is the need to have to trade fat albert? Is it just because Florio calls it drama or says Alber “must” go? The use of words like “saga” and “distract” are only coming from Florio. This football team is getting ready for the cowboys. How else to better prepare for the cowboys then making the scout team big and nasty as the cowboys line. I think the only dude in d.c. that can even come close to playing as strong as Ratliff is Albert. Then you line him up across from your #1 pick and have him take on big Al for a while. Its called getting ready the best way you see fit to play the Cowboys. This D-line the skins are going to see Sunday is NOT imitated by placing our #1’s on the O-line versus the 2nd, 3rd or 4th string defensive unit. They need to see the big dogs all week.
    @alleged free
    that “bullshit” fitness test was a walk in the park. When Albert was FINALLY able to run it he crushed the times they were looking for. It showed he was truly being lazy. We finally have a coach and an organization that holds its players accountable for their actions and you still bitch. For 21 million dollars that “fitness test” should have been a walk in the park!

  23. Haynewsorth did not go to OTA’s but neither did Brett Favre. Why is it okay for ANYONE to miss camp?..Favre sure did look like he needed some extra camp reps. in the 2nd half of Thursday game..4 completions??…but his incompletion’s were blamed on the fact that a WR is out. Cant embrace one player for not coming, then treat another who did the same thing as being “lazy”. Coach needs to make a decision, and stop playing around. If you want the guy gone, get rid of him. Enough already!!

  24. Shanahan is going to FAIL. the players are not going to play for him and then his JOB is lost
    I wouldn’t play for a little insecure orange looking man that does not respect the TEAM

  25. “Why does everyone consider Shanahan a great coach? I mean seriously? He won two Superbowls his first couple of years in Denver, but that was with Elway and Davis”
    Name me a coach that has won a Super Bowl without good players.

  26. kbaxter34 says:
    September 11, 2010 11:57 AM
    “Why does everyone consider Shanahan a great coach? I mean seriously? He won two Superbowls his first couple of years in Denver, but that was with Elway and Davis”
    Name me a coach that has won a Super Bowl without good players.
    I can think of several coaches that groomed the talent they had to win the Superbowl though. That is my point, Shanahan was the beneficiary of receiving that talent when he got the job originally. After the talent he had started disappearing, so did his “success”. I’ll give him credit for seeming to get a running attack out of anybody, but most of that credit should go to the zone blocking scheme made out of cut blocks that should have been illegal as opposed to his great coaching. It takes good players to be successful in the NFL, but if we are going to say success is determined by winning the Superbowl, then I have to question someone that won one or two at the beginning of their careers with talent that was already there, and then did nothing else for a decade. I’d even question Superbowl winners like Gruden and Billick. Those guys were the beneficiaries of what they inherited as well. And both showed that they couldn’t maintain it. Maybe, Shanahan did a better job of maintaining what he had, at least to stay competitive, but other than that, what did he do to earn the “Mastermind” nickname?

  27. Typical Shanny,
    He doesn’t like it when he doesn’t get his way. He resorts to character attacks and lies to cover his trail. He’s been doing it for years now, and some have taken note!
    I wonder how Clinton Portis feels about working with Shanny again? He probably can’t wait to get out of Washington now; can’t say I’d blame him.

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