Mawae's term as NFLPA President lasts until March 2012

Long-time NFL center Kevin Mawae will retire today.  But, as NFLPA spokesman George Atallah tells us, Mawae’s tenure as President of the players’ union won’t end, for a while.

Atallah said that Mawae will continue to serve until March 2012, despite his retirement.

And since Mawae will be a retired player for the duration of the current labor battle, his new status as a former player could help the union better connect with former players who, for now, remain on the fence.

It’s widely believed that Ravens cornerback Dominique Foxworth is being groomed to replace Mawae.  Foxworth actually ran against Mawae earlier this year, a surprising development that was downplayed by everyone involved.

4 responses to “Mawae's term as NFLPA President lasts until March 2012

  1. Typical of the NFLPA.
    Have a president who is not even an active player.
    Guess that makes sense to some.

  2. I thought being an active player was a prerequisite to being president of the player’s association. Why wouldn’t the VP or whomever is 2nd step in?

  3. Like most retirees, Kevin will find that the new freedom gives him so much more time and energy to bitch and complain.

  4. This is the same guy who said he couldn’t find a job because he was being blackballed by teams because he was the president of the NFLPA.
    Now does anyone think he is going to be reasonable? Please #1 we are in a recession #2 players think that they should be owners not players # 3 there needs to be a rookie wage scale. Guys you make more in one year than most do their entire life get a grip on reality.
    This is a bad move to allow him to stay as president; it can only fuel the bitter divide between the teams and players. Mawae was a really great player, let’s take nothing away from his accomplishments on the field, but like most union BS they are ruining what used to be a great sport!
    Now if the NFLPA wants to talk about a pension plan for retired players, long term health care and new rules to protect players who suffer concussions I’m all about that, these are fair requests.

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