Pat White will sign with the Kansas City . . . Royals

Cut too late by the Dolphins to land an opportunity with another team and ineligible for duty on the practice squad due to 13 regular-season game appearances in 2009, former Dolphins quarterback Pat White is taking a different approach.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, White will be signing with the Kansas City Royals.

He’ll sign, we’re told, a minor league contract.  The Royals understand that White remains interested in playing football, and they will be flexible in letting him return to football if/when an opportunity arises.

It’s our understanding that White, in theory, would have an interest in the UFL.  The problem is that, with only five teams and the season starting soon, he’d be relegated to a backup role, at best.

White has been picked multiple times in the baseball amateur draft, most recently by the Yankees in 2009, in the 48th round.  (This year, Seahawks receiver Golden Tate was picked by the San Francisco Giants in round 50.)

46 responses to “Pat White will sign with the Kansas City . . . Royals

  1. cool. now can you stop padding your post count with pat white posts? he’s not even in football anymore. only you give a crap about WVU washouts. not your audience.

  2. We get it Florio. You would go for him if you were attracted to someone of the same sex.
    Frankly this isn’t football news. Put it under HBT. No more Pat White stories until he signs with a football team.

  3. If he remains hard headed/stubborn about playing QB, he’ll not see the field again…. NFL field that is.
    Best of luck with your baseball future Pat.

  4. Maybe he can get a intern job with PFT, afterall he is as good at playing football as the team here is writing about it…

  5. cut too late for an opportunity with another team??? THIS GUY IS TERRIBLE!!!
    pat white was a HUGE mistake at any point in the draft much less a 2nd round pick
    i hope he is a better baseball player because if he isnt he couldnt land a spot on the local tee ball team

  6. jerkoffs should have at least let him go in time to get picked up with another team
    stay classy, miami

  7. If you could legitimately make an MLB roster as a role player, why the hell would you even want to go to the NFL as a role player.
    MLB role players make more, play longer, and don’t beat their bodies to puddy. Get a clue Pat. Stay there.

  8. To ” lolcopter” .. Ya asshole. Pat White aka the thief walked away with hundreds of thousands of dollars of miami’s money and miami should have cut him earlier to he can catch on? Are the rest of the teams “jerkoffs” because they didn’t cut all of their players early to “give them a chance to sign on with another team”? Get a life

  9. And to follow up that transaction I hear he is being recruited to carry the Tuna’s bags from Miami to New York

  10. To play which position in baseball? News, please. And nice facile spin… “too late to land an opportunity with any other team.” Uh, no. He was ignored during the massive turnovers of rosters. Nobody wanted him.

  11. Mike, every time you open your mouth about Pat White you show how little you really know about Pro Foot Ball

  12. Someone should really explain to Pat how much more longevity and potential dollars there is in the game of baseball. One can not learn to be a quarterback and hit major league baseball. Focus is needed in one professional area.

  13. “It’s our understanding that White, in theory, would have an interest in the UFL. The problem is that, with only five teams and the season starting soon, he’d be relegated to a backup role, at best.”
    I think the problem is his skill level would relegate him to a backup role, at best.

  14. stop complaining that this isnt a football story or it doesnt matter, dont click on the link then, the headline gave away the main point so if u dont want to read it, dont click on it

  15. TryTheVeal says:
    Maybe he can get a intern job with PFT, afterall he is as good at playing football as the team here is writing about it…
    After stipulating that Florio can be a jerk at times, I have to question why so many repeatedly take shots at him or this site. You don’t like it…just stay away.
    While the rest of us are really impressed with both the audacity and wit of your complaints, we’re also left to wonder just how pussy whipped you must be at home and how toadying you are in your little jobs.

  16. Today’s Pat White update brought to you by FloriO’s, the cereal made with whole grains and just a touch of West Virginian goodness. Part of your nutritious but repetitive and overhyped breakfast.

  17. 6 years since he has played organized baseball
    which was high school…this baseball thing is going to end as well/bad as his football stint.

  18. Should read: ” cut too late to be picked up by another team only to get cut, yet again”.
    If Leinart could find a job after getting “cut too late”, what does that say about Pat White?
    I hope he doesn’t get concussed by his shadow.

  19. The Steelers will line up with 3 Pat White “clones” on offense on Sunday: their starting qb (Dixon), a hall-of-fame Super Bowl MVP receiver (former Georgia qb Hines Ward), and their #3 receiver who will also serve as the #3 qb for the game, punt returner, and #2 place holder (former Indiana qb Antwaan Randle El).
    These guys are all pure athletes – football players that you get onto the field, no matter the position. I can’t see how the rest of the NFL doesn’t take notice of the Steelers’ success in drafting these guys and putting the ball in their hands. Fast, athletic college quarterbacks have accounted for 205 TD’s passing, receiving, rushing and punt/kick returning for the Steelers over the past 15 years, during which time the Steelers have played in 6 AFC title games and 3 Super Bowls, winning 2 titles.
    By contrast, the Dolphins, who can’t find a way to get a pure athlete like Pat White on the field, have gone to zero conference championship games in the past 15 years. Maybe they need a new paradigm for evaluating and dealing with “talent”.

  20. I can’t stand this story or wbesite, but not only will I click on a story I have no interest in. I will create a log in, and continually spend time here and comment on it.
    Really? Some of you must lead miserable lives.

  21. Yeah the reason another team has not picked him up is because of the timing of his release and not the fact that he has no chance of being even an adequate backup QB. The only reason you continue to overrate him is because he is from WVU.
    God forbid someone for calling out Florio being he does the same thing on a daily basis.

  22. Florio. Dude. Is Pat White your lover or your inside source (informant)?
    You really need to see someone, like professional help, about your crush; it’s affecting your journalistic practice, man…

  23. All of you late bloomers are showing how jealous you are that no one is talking about your career. Therefore you feel so big kicking a fine young man when all he’s doing is trying to live his dreams while he can. To most of you grow up.

  24. Congrats to Pat White!! You are an awesome athelete. Remember, to much is given much is required. So now it is required that you ignore all your many haters and continue to smile all the way to the bank.

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