Vikings, Saints player reps hope showing of solidarity will spread

Before Thursday night’s regular-season opener between the Vikings and the Saints, players for both teams walked onto the field after the National Anthem and held a single finger into the air as a show of labor solidarity.

A source with knowledge of the situation tells us that the Vikings and Saints union representatives decided that they needed to demonstrate unity at the outset of the last season before a potential lockout.  The players hope that other players will do the same thing.

The Vikings and Saints reps came up with the idea earlier this week.  It’s unknown whether the seed of the idea was planted by anyone from the NFL Players Association.

If it was, it wasn’t a bad idea.  And we have a feeling it’s going to catch on.

61 responses to “Vikings, Saints player reps hope showing of solidarity will spread

  1. So, the Vikings lose, and PFT hasn’t written a story on how bad they SUCKED ASS?!!
    hahahahahaha — Gotta Love It —

  2. It means the players will only have one pot to pee in when the owners lock them out.
    The owners will declare an impass and impose their settlement and the players either accept it or strike. The players will fold.

  3. Bunch of players holding their fingers in the air… Yeah, that outta be enough to solve all those multi-million dollar concerns the owners have so they can avoid a lockout. Whatever..

  4. Something I find amusing here is the union solidarity among the players. However, I bet they all vote conservative as the GOP is out to crush unions…that is living your truth guys….only if it affects me and screw the union guys making less a year than they make in 1/4.

  5. Millionaire athletes of the world, unite!
    Not a bad idea? Depends on whom you ask. Giving each other the raised index finger is like giving the fans the middle one.

  6. Good for the players. Hopefully, we can get a deal that is fair to both sides to avoid a lockout.

  7. The NFL needs to wake the F@*k up. I have not heard the word Strike from the players. If there is not an NFL season in 2011 it will be because of a Lockout. Will the fans of the NFL accept replacement players again?
    Florio… if the Owners do move forward with a lockout in 2011 are players that are ‘under contract’ not able to seek employment elsewhere?
    I understand that very few elite players would go to the UFL.(if they even can) The UFL is sitting out there as a landing pad from what I can tell there is not stadium issue that the USFL had.

  8. The Vikings suck. Where is Pervy Harvin? They will end up around 9-7 if they’re lucky and are completely overrated by people calling them Super Bowl contenders. Favre looks old out there, same with Pat Williams. He was being pushed all around the field. Last year was their chance.

  9. Ride that gravy train, Florio. Through the months of following your articles I have picked up on one of your tactics. You simply state the obvious, or make a simple assumption, then brag about it when it comes true. Even if this occurs in one other game this week or even this season, everyone should bet their ass Florio is going to post an article on it saying, “I told you so.”
    When the reality is, any reasonable person would be safe to say that it’s more likely than not that this “gesture” would occur again.
    /end rant.

  10. Pointing one finger in the air and stating that its all about one, me, myself, and I. How much I can get paid regardless of how it may impact the rest of the economy. F*&k you, If you don’t like it, I heard Lowe’s was hiring, put that college education to use.

  11. It was inappropriate. Leave that crap off the field. Game day is for playing the game, not for making some political statement. Making their silly little statement takes away from the game.
    Because of that I hope the owners rip the heart out of the union and leave it on the side of the road dead.
    Crush the NFLPA!!

  12. lol
    No reports on the Saints beating-up on your favorite team I see.
    Vikings fans, I can’t even insult you anymore, It’s that pathetic. I guess the excuse for this one will be; Goodell REAAAALLY wanted to make-up for Katrina. You guys are in for a long season with Brett at the helm. I still give you a wild-card spot at 10-6, but no way they top the Pack for the north.
    Saints fans, your team looks like they might be ready for an even harsher fall. They won, yes, but they did not look like the team that won the super-bowl last year at all.
    Prediction time!
    Vikings 9-7, Wild-card, first round out.
    Favre- 3200 yds 21tds 19ints
    No receiver over 1000yds. Shianco Leads with 700yds and 7 tds,
    AP reclaims spot as best RB in game with 1600yds and 14tds.
    Saints 10-6, Win South, loss in NFC championship to the Packers.
    Brees- 4700 yds 38tds 16ints MVP award
    Colston- 1200 yds 10tds
    Meachem- 1100 yds 11tds
    Henderson- 700yds 5tds
    Shockey- 800yds 4tds
    No back tops 600yds or 4 tds.
    Chargers lose the Superbowl 36-27 to the Packers (I hate the Packers too, but its their time.)

  13. I disagree, it was a bad idea. What they did is basically walking up to your boss, and flipping him off.
    These players have no other skill that will make them multi-millionaires. That means that the owners have the leverage. After watching their players do that…I wouldn’t be the slightest bit surprised if many of the owners immediately thought…screw them, lockout it is. Lets stop the game and see how long it’ll take them to come crawling back.
    The players need to wise up, and tell Smith to get a deal done, or he’s gone. DeMaurice Smith was the worst possible hire they could have made. NFLPA needs to understand their role, and the fact that they are expendable. No matter what, given time, the NFL will continue on(and prosper), with or without the CURRENT marque players.

  14. it is 1:56 am and all thru the house not a creature is stirrin not even a mouse!!!!!
    NO story yet on how the Vikings destroyed NEW ORLEANS or kicked the SAINTS,AINTS,CAINTS,SAUNTS ASSES.
    THE VIKINGS ARE GOIN TO ENGULF NEW ORLEANS LIKE KATRINA (more like a tropical depression)

  15. I think it is a pretty classy way to show the bond between the players and the desire to want a new CBA. It is time to just get the deal done between the NFL and the Player Association…. Do we really wanna see Keanu Reeves playing QB (Crappy movie known as The Replacements)?? Eeeeek

  16. Yeah, if they all stick their finger in the air that will completely negate the fact the owners get the TV money if they play or not. The NHL players were united in their own demise too.

  17. This is the NFL 2010
    The massive money making machine that has a great majority of people scratching, crawling, and even groping there way to the best seat in a sports bar, to soak it up on T.V, every Monday, Sunday, and at times Thursday night.
    Solidarity by holding up a finger? Is that finger a middle finger to the customers of the NFL?
    This is not the industrial revolution of the 1800’s when workers were being abused, and owners were reaping the massive profits.
    They are both (Players and Owners) fighting for a few extra percentage points of a Multi Billion Dollar Industry. Money that is generated by Me, You, Your Co Workers, and The General Fan.
    The NFL is a business. Players and Owners are running the business. This whole pissing match is pissing off the customers.
    It is a very simple business rule.
    If you do not appreciate your customers… Try doing business with out them.
    This whole bull shit solidarity thing makes me ill.

  18. They put the wrong finger in the air.
    Next year the players and owners can meet and show solidarity by giving fans a finger in the air.

  19. Raider Pride,
    The NFLPA is not a representation of Coal Miners or Steelworkers. This is not even up for debate.
    This is the Owners vs The Workers(players).
    Dollar to Dollar… the players are @ the minimum wage while the owner is pullin it in hand over fist.
    Just because the player is making 6 to 7 figures for and average of 4-6 years does not make him a rich man.

  20. The NFL is the greatest league/sport on the planet. A work stoppage would be devastating to the fans and the long term success of the league.
    Brees probably came up with this idea. As he is the greatest leader and ambassador in the nfl today. Nobody represents the game better on and off the field.
    Well, maybe except Roethlisberger (sarcasm off)…
    It would be a wise decision to make him head of the players association when his hof playing days are over. He is highly respected amongst his piers and certainly has the league and players best interest in mind. A man with extremely high integrity and commands respect.
    Put the best leaders forward and progress will always be made. Brady/ Belicheck, Johnson/ Aikman, Manning/Dungy, Brees/ Payton. Great leaders with great success.

  21. # Anti Viking says: September 10, 2010 12:30 AM
    So, the Vikings lose, and PFT hasn’t written a story on how bad they SUCKED ASS?!!
    hahahahahaha — Gotta Love It —
    So, as each new story is posted, you keep posting the same dumb ass comment that you seem to think is brilliant. I’ve clicked on two stories, neither of which was about the game itself, and both have this exact same post in it at the very beginning at the comments. How said is your life that you have to lurk around a website, making the same damn comment about how they haven’t done a story about the game itself yet, even though you know the story’s going to be posted eventually?

  22. ranks says:
    Something I find amusing here is the union solidarity among the players. However, I bet they all vote conservative as the GOP is out to crush unions…that is living your truth guys….only if it affects me and screw the union guys making less a year than they make in 1/4.
    I am a member of a Union and a conservative. The two do not go hand in hand a lot of people are just stuck in unions. And when you have to pay X amount of dollars to be in said union, yeah i would be unified too.

  23. Maybe they should all drive their Audis around the stadium in parade and let the fans give them the one finger salute.
    They’re in it for #1
    Eventually they’ll bring the game back to the level of the NBA, Hockey and MLB.

  24. STFU with your solidarity BS. Play or they will get someone else to fill your shoes. It’s happened before and it will happen again. Only this time it will take longer for the fans to come back.

  25. @Raider Pride, @BigBear123
    Agreed. Here’s a plan: If this goes down at any other games, the fans should all stand and return the gesture with the correct finger.

  26. Nice little game, Favre needs to shake a little rust. Saints were pretty lame for world chumps playing at home.We would crush them in MN…..

  27. It was without a doubt the dumbest thing I had ever seen in my life. First they did it right after the national anthem, guess what guys your concerns over getting an extra 500k a year do not belong anywhere near my countries national anthem. Second, as was pointed out above, don’t give your boss the finger especially when the intelligent fans already know you make too much money. Third, it makes you look like spoiled brats. As a fan I was immediately irritated and was firing up the texting device to complain to friends who at the same time were texting me to do the same. You have to remember that 100% of the fans of the NFL would do your job for FREE. We do not feel sorry for you that the person who invests and risks several millions of dollars of their own money decides to make more than you. If you have a problem with the amount of money you make, invest your money wisely, save and then buy your own damn NFL team and make all the money you want.
    I am glad to see you have a voter registration packet that lets you and only you know how every NFL player votes. I am going to assume, based on polls that the majority of NFL players voted Democrat in the recent election. Yes that is based on race since 90% of African Americans (what does that even mean?) support President Obama while only 42% of everyone else does.
    Also the unions almost destoryed the airline industry and the auto industry. While they once served a great purpose in ensuring fair and equal treatment to workers back in the damn 50’s, today they are nothing but a bunch of greedy SOB’s who have no real understanding of how business works. I hope this helps you out.

  28. Yeah it has the union fingerprints all over it, although I am sure they will deny it in some form, since they have lied about so many other things. They have also been riding the Bree’s popularity for all its worth. /shrug
    Doesn’t matter though, maybe some people bought into it but it doesn’t change a thing and is clearly part of the media battle they are waging.

  29. Don’t worry, guys. 2011: The year we see how AWESOME the UFL is! Maybe we can even talk Vince McMahon into bringing the XFL back.

  30. Hey Mike, mangirl and meatball disagree with you, figuring it will turn the fans against them (which judging on some of the comments, seems to have happened).

  31. Have zero sympathy for the players. Most of them are greedy turds who are fast destroying my interest in the game. GFY players.

  32. I was on the player’s side until I saw that last night. And it just pissed me off. We, the fans, bought a big delicious pie, and the owners and the players both got to take a big piece and eat their full…..
    Then there was a piece left over. If they figured it out for themselves and just shared it then no one would have thought twice….. But they didn’t they are fighting over it like two spoiled rotten kids…. And the only thing I can think now is, neither of you deserve it. I haven’t gotten any pie, the former players haven’t gotten enough pie.
    I am officially off the player’s boat. They lost me, and they will lose more fans if they continue to do this. Take that final piece, and give it to someone else:
    1) Reduce ticket prices.
    2) Provide a dedicated ticket bank for lower-income families.
    3) Create a trust to support former players medical and living expenses

  33. Hey players and owners. America doesn’t give a flip about your idiotic fighting over the billions of dollars you earn off our backs. We want to see the game and want you to shut the hell up and just get a deal done. We don’t want to see any dumbass demonstrations of unity and we don’t want to hear your mouthpieces trying to get sympathy from the public when there is a 20% unemployment crisis going on. Just STFU, quit fighting like 5 year old girls, get a deal done behind closed doors, and just play the game we love to watch.

  34. The players have done a great job of now making every fan think they are the cause of the labor problems. Fans in general, agree with Golic from this morning’s M&M show, don’t care about the labor deal more than “will I get to watch football on Sunday?” This action by the players now makes it seem like they are the ones in the driver’s seat (i.e., a strike) rather than the owners (i.e., a lockout).
    So, as I said during the 1994 baseball strike: a pox on both your houses. Go explain to the concession stand guy working five jobs to support his family why this is a good idea.

  35. “…both teams walked onto the field after the National Anthem and held a single finger into the air as a show of labor solidarity. ”
    I hope the greedy bastards all have to play next year for what I earn. THEN maybe they’d have something to complain about.

  36. I can’t believe how many people are blaming the players in this… The owners are the ones trying to take a piece of the pie that they had previously agreed to give to the players. They claim that it is so they can invest in “new sources of revenue” (read: excuses to try to extract even higher prices from us fans) to increase the pie. Of course there’s nothing to keep them from just pocketing it either.
    Neither side is ever blameless in this sort of thing, but really, this time around it is almost entirely being driven by the owners. Jerruh and his ilk want every city to build billion dollar stadiums (whether the local economy can support it or not) so they can all charge us even more than they already do. And he wants the players to pay for it by taking a lower cut instead of spending his own equity.
    The owners are working both ends – get the players to subsidize the investments that will justify them extracting more money from the fans. No risk, big rewards and everyone but the owners pays for it in the end.

  37. If they want to show their union solidarity I’d like to see a few of them refuse to cross a picket line the next time the food workers or ushers are on strike.

  38. Yeah, I support the owners in this one, and not only because I loathe unions (they’ve done more to destroy manufacturing in this country moreso than any other factor). Players were born with an ability to run fast, jump high, throw a football, etc. Granted they do put in a lot of work, but they were born with certain skills that others were not. Big deal.
    The owners, while some of them were either born into or married into substantial money, have become successful and made the league successful off their business acumen and skill. That’s something I can respect and something we should all be striving for. If we were willing to work hard enough, had a little luck, and made good decisions, anyone COULD possibly be an owner of an NFL team. Not everyone could be a player. It’s easier to identify with the owners and appreciate what they’ve done moreso than the players.

  39. Florio, PFT people,
    I have a question… I notice that posts like this do not get many comments posted. It is clear that judging by the ones that are allowed through that the majority of fans are against the players on this one. Do you purposely not post the rest? I see over 200 comments on some useless posts within an hour but for something like this we see 55? We all understand that you are a big time union guy and that is ok, we are entitled to our own opinions. I would think though that this is the biggest concern for all fans and that there are far more comments coming in and would judge by the ones allowed, most are against you. Just because they are against you, doesn’t mean you can hide them.
    Chapnasty, PFT Hall of Famer (thanks Kra-von)

  40. How do you side with the owners? I can assure you if you helped grow the company you work for into one of the most succesful companies on the planet and the owner told you they wanted to cut your pay you and your fellow employees would be doing the same thing the players are. I dont care if you make $200 per week or per hour.

  41. I’m having trouble understanding how the players holding their fingers in the air prior to the game has a significant impact on the situation. It’s easy to do that. Let’s see players lose paychecks and see how many will be united.

  42. I don’t understand how holding fingers in the air will get anything accomplished.
    Well you’re all players, of course you support the union. Waving fingers in the air doesn’t force the hand of the other side of negotiations….

  43. Maybe we the fans should show our solidarity by not attending games, or watching on TV.
    Nah, it’ll never happen.

  44. RedLeg15 says:
    September 10, 2010 3:49 AM
    Raider Pride,
    The NFLPA is not a representation of Coal Miners or Steelworkers. This is not even up for debate.
    This is the Owners vs The Workers(players).
    Dollar to Dollar… the players are @ the minimum wage while the owner is pullin it in hand over fist.
    Just because the player is making 6 to 7 figures for and average of 4-6 years does not make him a rich man.
    that is one of the most uninformed comments I have seen on this issue. Trying to equate the players with earning minimum wage?!? MORON.
    Unions were founded to help the helpless and abused workers of the past. These players are neither helpless nor abused. They ALL make more than 97% of American workers. They collectively make more money than the ownership and actually have the biggest piece of the pie already, yet, suffer no consequences when revenue drops. To side with the union on this issue is lunacy. Fans are fans of their teams rather than the players…did Packer fans root for the Vikings when Favre took over as their QB? No. Players come and go, they are not really the product as many have stated. Every team has different players on the roster every year. Bring on the scabs and pay them a decent wage, use the savings for the betterment of the game. Those scabs will soon become stars while the highly paid ingrates dissolve into obscurity. they will be talked about like many players of the past…as former players only.

  45. Glad to know players stand united amongst themselves. As I watched their “statement” I had to wonder why they didn’t make a statement of unity with the country after 9/11. Why no such statement after Katrina upon the reopening of football in NO. Those would have been statements that indicated a far bigger unity. A unity with the fans who ultimately buy the tickets (in shrinking numbers), and tshirts and all things NFL. The fans are the ones who pay the salaries.
    We are in a time when much of the viewing audience and folks in the stands are out of work or worrying about their financial future and survival. This is the year which saw Sam Bradford, before making a play get a, $50 million contract. This was the day that Tom Brady signed a $72 million contract for 4 years work. Granted most players will never touch that kind of money and yes most careers are short.
    An NFL union guy on TV this morning said he doesn’t care if the fans understand. Really? You should, because without the fans, there is no NFL. If there is a lockout, everyone loses. For football to survive, fan support is needed on every level. The intent may have been good but I think it was short sighted and amounted to a finger at the fans and didn’t help their cause.

  46. wow… why can’t people understand that the reason these athletes make so much money is because WE WATCH THE GAMES and buy memorabilia and go to the games and advertise amongst each other about the games. Guys, maybe the NFL players don’t do the most benefiting job toward society, but they earn their paychecks just as much as you and I do. When there is as much demand for an industry as there is for pro sports, the people who provide it and control it have the capitalistic, American rights to charge money for it. a LOT of money for it. then those people pay those who bring in the revenue (THE PLAYERS!). quit getting your panties in a bunch for something that you, the football fans of America, have done! I know this post isn’t right on topic with the article, but i see so many of u bashing the “rich players” for being rich and it makes me realize how stupid Americans really are! If you don’t like how much the players are making, simply stop watching and cheering them on and put yourself at risk of being left out of conversations at work or whatever. I don’t think that will ever happen, though. not with Americans as proud and stuck up as we are. So God bless those rich football players, God bless true capitalism, and God bless America!

  47. I hope this is not a trend. I didn’t like it and don’t want to see it. Don’t think for one minute most fans would understand, sympathize or relate to rich men crying because the boss is screwing them out of more money.

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