Where does Brett Favre stand on union solidarity?

Almost every player on both the Vikings and the Saints stepped onto the field and held a finger in the air just before kickoff of Thursday night’s opener, in a sign of solidarity within the players’ union.

But in this video of that gesture at NFL.com, one thing stands out: Vikings quarterback Brett Favre stayed on the sideline with his back turned while his teammates walked on the field.

So after Favre stood apart from his teammates during that gesture, it will be interesting to see whether Favre has anything to say about where he stands on union solidarity.

If Favre is telling the truth when he says 2010 will be his final season, there’s not much reason for him to care what happens in 2011 and beyond — except, you know, if he cares about the welfare of his fellow players. For that matter, if Favre does play in 2011 and beyond, there’s not much reason for him to care about labor issues. One way or the other, he’s set for life many times over.

But while the other star quarterback in Thursday night’s game, Drew Brees, is a vocal proponent of union solidarity, Favre sat Thursday night’s gesture out. His fellow union members may be interested in knowing where he stands.

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  1. Ehhh….MAybe he was getting ready for a FOOTBALL GAME??!!?!???
    Just like #74 was sitting on the bench and praying in the same video!

  2. I’m not a big union guy, but if you’re in the union, you need to support each other. Otherwise how could common goals be achieved. Each of over 1700 players cannot negotiate for himself.
    Why would BrINT change now? He’s always been only about himself. His actions over the years prove what a self absorbed jerk he is.

  3. Wow…really looking to stir things up eh?
    It doesn’t look good – but come on…next!
    More important things are out there I’m sure

  4. Bah! Now I have to have some measure of respect for Favre. Damn you, MDS.
    Guy’s still a choke artist diva.

  5. I was ar the game..(didnt watch the video) brett quickly did an “oh shit” and tried to head to the field.. they were actually a bunch of vikings (guessing 8?) not out on the field for the show of solidarity.
    also, the nflpa had workers canvassing burbon st on wednesday night getting people to fill out survey cards on their opinions on the looming lockout. the workers were wearing jerseys that read NO LOCKOUT with the number 11.

  6. Is Michael Davide Smyth a high school student?
    This is possibly the dumbst thing I have evr read.
    Doesn’t NBC monitor this site??
    PLEASE =–

  7. It’s possible that no one told him about it, especially if the rumors are true that he distances himself from the team when they’re not on the field…

  8. The season starts last night with an NFC title game rematch, and you’re talking about this? It’s six months before the labor deal expires. Multiple posts on this is akin to navel-gazing. How about we talk about football?

  9. Just another post only designed to inflame the Favre haters. Move along, nothing to see here unless you are into reading innuendos and stupidity!

  10. Oh c’mon……….at least look for the smoke before screaming FIRE!
    Besides, the only onpinion that matters is “Saint Tony” Dungy’s.

  11. “But while the other star quarterback in Thursday night’s game, Drew Brees, is a vocal proponent of union solidarity”
    Yeah, but he’s also anti alumni:
    January 2009: “There’s some guys out there that have made bad business decisions. They took their pensions early because they never went out and got a job. They’ve had a couple divorces and they’re making payments to this place and that place. And that’s why they don’t have money. And they’re coming to us to basically say, Please make up for my bad judgment.”
    Not everyone who played in the NFL was fortunate enough to make the kind of money and get the kind of medical treatment, attention and forgiveness that Brees gets.
    I like him, and he’s Texas Tuff. And I don’t think he’s any worse a man than, say, Peyton Manning, but I don’t like this guy being propped as Saint Drew: a hero to all mankind (not saying MDS did that in his piece…just looked like a good excuse to remind folks).

  12. Are we positive Favre didn’t turn around and walk out? It isn’t like everyone walked out in a single line with their arms interlocked. Many guys had a “oh yeah, I forgot” look when they turned and walked out later than other guys that were out there….maybe I am wrong, but if we are just going off that one video, then I would say the evidence is lacking

  13. Wow, talk about a reach. About 25 players came onto the field at different times in a 12 second span and Favre wasn’t one of them because he was going over something with two of the coaches. He clearly, without a shadow of a doubt, is anti-union, and most likely anti-dentite to boot.

  14. Does Florio have you guys on a quota system–at least one bash Favre post per day? What’s next? Favre didn’t wash his hands after using the bathroom? This story is not news, it’s not a rumor, it’s just stirring things to generate hits. Next year, if Favre does retire, you or Rosenthal will have to be laid-off. We’ll see how labor solidarity works then.

  15. You may be right about Favre’s non support of the solidarity display – but it’s not proven by that video. He may have his back to the field as the captains first come out, but a lot of players aren’t involved at that point, and continue to come out as the camera’s shift from sideline to sideline, and scan both sides of the field. When Favre is shown with his back to the field, he is talking with someone on the sideline. If one believed that every player who participated was shown on TV, it wasn’t much of a solidarity sign. I’m not a Favre fan by any means, but I’m not an antagonist either.

  16. because he’s a football player…period! you think the powers-that -be are moved by a bunch of guys out on the field with their finger in the air? Its game-time, save the “we are the world” moments for the off-season.

  17. That video doesn’t show anything but 7 seconds of Favre. The video shows plenty of players arriving late to the show of unity. I don’t know the Favre wasn’t one of them.

  18. Is Michael Davide Smyth a high school student?
    This is possibly the dumbst thing I have evr read.
    Doesn’t NBC monitor this site??
    PLEASE =–
    OR stop visiting a site you can’t stand!

  19. Yawn, why even write this article aside from an attempt to stir the pot. If Dan Carpenter stood where Favre was for that gesture would you still write this lame article… oh yeah and it can clearly be seen that not every player was on the field for that

  20. @UrMomToldMe2TellUHi
    When you see her again, please ask my mom what time we’re having dinner on Sunday.

  21. As a fan, I pay so much money to this league. I go to games, buy jerseys, buy the Sunday Ticket, and watch a lot of games. I am obviously not alone and, as a result, have made a lot of players rich. Is this gesture they made necessary to be completed in front of the fans? Why not send a petition signed by every player to every owner? Doesn’t their gesture have the intended or unintended consequence of letting the fans know that unless they get their way that they are willing to not show up and play the game that we have funded for them? It pi.sed me off, especially with 10% of the nation unemployed and having to take work for a substantial amount of less money.

  22. This reminds me of a story I witnessed and made me hate this guy even more as being self centered:
    After unretiring from the Packers and signing with the Jets, there next game was a preseason affair in Cleveland. Brett was in street clothes but on the sideline with his new “teammates”. In I think the second quarter a Jets player got hit around the 10 yard line and lay motionless for 15 minutes and eventually got immobilized and carted off. The WHOLE browns team and Jets teams and coaches lined up around the 20 and watched, paryed and took a deep “we’re all breatheren” moment.
    EXCEPT ONE GUY- 30 yards away from everyone at the 50 yard line was Brett yuckking it up with either what was a reporter, his caddy or Jets guy with a sideline pass (not dressed as a coach). He was laughing and gesturing about some story showing him how he ducked and weaved and threw the ball up. UNBELIEVABLE.
    I only wish I had a camera with me to record his cluelessness to the situation, which being the first day with a new team would have probably helped bond and make some connections. But that’s just not Brett to think of anyoine else.

  23. Totally forgot about Brees, the hypocrite…….
    I’m wondering if the networks have the balls NOT to show this goofy “number one” gesture?
    After all, thats why they are doing it……..

  24. Brett Favre only cares about himself. Because stabbing all of Green Bay in the back wasnt clue enough for you already right?
    I hate labor unions, they’ve bankrupted cities and companies with their greed. Theres no use for them in todays day and age, they were obsolete 50 years ago.

  25. You’re missing the point people. It doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree with the idea. The whole point of the gesture was to make a statement to the owners that the players are united. The players are relying on big name guys that the fans and media will empathize with to sell the player’s side of the dispute. You know, guys like Drew Brees, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.
    Those guys understand that they have more pull with the public than the average player so they try to utilize that power for the greater good of the players. Favre will do no such thing. He doesn’t give a shit about the league, it’s players, or his teammates even.
    Brett doesn’t even bother showing up to training camp because he doesn’t want to and he doesn’t think he needs it. I would say last night’s performance says otherwise. If the Vikings ever had a chance at winning the game last night, Brett took a big shit on that effort. His timing with his WRs looked so horrible he absolutely could not move the offense without AP.
    Viking’s defense held the Saints to less than 20 points. I wonder how many player on the team were pissed off about how casual and half-assed Brett played in a game that was very important to the team.

  26. I cant believe you chose this to write about of all things (and I am faaaaar from a Favre fanboy).
    If you wanted to mention Favre then how about those photos of his bruises and ankle that they showed during the game last night? I mean c’mon MDS, this is low even for you.

  27. “Doesn’t their gesture have the intended or unintended consequence of letting the fans know that unless they get their way that they are willing to not show up and play the game that we have funded for them?”
    Actually, it’s the owners that voided the contract and are threatening to lock them out and not ALLOW them to “play the game we funded for them”. They have stated numerous times they have no intention of going on strike and they want to settle the labor issue as soon as possible. But don’t let facts get in the way of your rants.

  28. I wonder if these tools actually look at these responses and think; damn, I thought that would stick? On second thought, they get paid on hits, so they don’t give a damn and know that they have absolutely no merit with the ones that have them figured out.

  29. Those dozens of millionaire players, demonstrating a touching unity of purpose to make more millions, are truly an inspiration to us all. Those selfless, rich bastards.
    I think Favre’s absence only serves to highlight how pathetic the gesture was in the first place. Record unemployment in this country, and we’re supposed to worry about rich pro athletes maybe, possibly having to take a year off or not getting quite as much money as they possibly can?
    Come on. *Not* participating in that nonsense was the only unselfish gesture possible at that moment. I support unions, but give me a break with these guys. NFL players are rich, Katrina was 5 years ago, the stands are full of rich, fat, white people – let’s get some perspective.

  30. Sorry, haters – Brett’s not a communist.
    If you expect sympathy for union shenanigans, Brett’s certainly not the type. He’s old school and a man like men used to be.
    Unions are a complete sham.

  31. If Favre did not show union solidarity then I applaud him. I hate unions, especially professional sports ones. These guys are hardly “the little guy”.

  32. This is a garbage “news” item. What does it matter to anyone readnig this where Favre stands on union issues? Screw Favre and screw the union.
    We don’t need to see their low-rent solidarity gesture when we tune in to watch a game. I don’t want to hear owners or players negotiating the CBA in public. Get the damn CBA done in private; on the field just play football.
    (Sorry if this is a repost; I submitted one earlier but the page never loaded.)

  33. Here is a better question…..who the hell cares? I am so sick of Brett Favre, I used to be a huge fan of his but his act is old. So sick of all the cliches used on this guy. Way not to show up to training camp….again. It showed last night, they easily could have won that game had he been more sharp.

  34. You’re reaching, MDS. The soon-to-be 41-year-old gramps was out of the labor talks all summer, and he was mentally prepping to face the guys who repeatedly slammed him to the carpet in his last game. As the guy who was in the stands posted, he wasn’t the only player focused on his pregame ritual–and he tried to get on the field when the lightbulb went off.

  35. Nosredna says:
    Just another post only designed to inflame the Favre haters. Move along, nothing to see here unless you are into reading innuendos and stupidity!
    Good grief, Rednose, you may just be the BIGGEST HYPOCRITE on PFT–an amazing jackass accomplishment. Nothing to see unless you are into reading innuendos and stupidity??????? Baby, you’ve made it abundantly clear that’s your favorite activity.
    (Brett fans: I’ve already posted supporting Favre–this is just a personal message to an idiot).

  36. one more thing…can you fellas at pft monitor all of the other ” union gestures” at the start of the games this weekend…let us know the other players that, like Farve as no time for such cr@p…I would like to root for each of those players for the upcoming season…

  37. I tend to fall on the players side of the arguement but I say screw soladarity. All that will do is make them more willing to stick to there guns which would make a lock out more of a certiantity.
    If soladarity means they are all willing to force a lockout for the right to make 2 million dollars instead of 1.8 million dollars for example I dont support that. All I care about is there being NFL games on in 2011 if the players have to make a couple 100 thousand dollars less for that to happen so be it.

  38. There is Brett Farve…and then their is the NFL and then their are the Players.
    Brett Farve ONLY gives a Sh..T about Brett Farve. He is NOT good for the Players, because he does not respect them.
    Therefore the PLAYERS on the Defensive side of every team that Plays the Vikings SHOULD cream him.

  39. Give me a friggin break. If you’re going to pounce on players who the lockout will not affect in the slightest than let’s bash Joe Montana for not running out on the field either.
    Favre said this is his last year and the lockout won’t be until next year. Are you going to attack Brett because he’s not going to spend his first year of retirement battling the Owners in a Player Union strike?
    Brett doesn’t care, nor should he.

  40. A lockout is the end of Brett Favre’s career, even if he’d toy with the idea of coming back next year.

  41. Brett will sit this one out. He doesn’t care if they shut down until 2050. It’ll help keep his records intact.

  42. Route36West makes a great point. The players showing solidarity makes them look foolish and unreasonable because they’re going to make more money pretty much regardless of what the new CBA does – the reality of economics and competition dictates that the players make money, but it also dictates that the owners don’t LOSE money, and the reality is the revenue streams are starting to dry up and with the 59.4% deal it has begun to affect how much the teams make.
    The fact is the players will ALWAYS make hefty profits – what needs to be reasonable is the percentage, and the players association needs to work with the owners to make the percentage work. They don’t need to give the finger out of misguided solidarity – their solidarity needs to be with THE GAME ITSELF, not just the union.

  43. here’s my impressionation of brett favre in the second half last night talking with Childress and offensive coord.(don’t know the name)
    coaches: try the toss sweep
    favre: you sent three players to come get me, you actually ammended my contract from 16 million to 20 million and you want me to hand it off to adrian peterson?
    coaches: he’s one of the five best backs in football and you are struggling
    favre: I AM BRETT FAVRE, i don’t mind handing it off early to set up play action, but this is my time biatches, now i can go back to mississippi if you feel differently, actually i don’t care if you feel differently, i am throwing it anyways

  44. If the players get locked out in August of 2011 does that mean Brent Farve gets a pass and won’t have to report to training camp?

  45. The memo about the player solidarity demonstration probably came out while Brett was still riding his tractor in Mississippi and his team was preparing for the season in a little thing called training camp…..

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