49ers make Vernon Davis NFL's highest-paid tight end

In the days before the start of the regular season a number of big-time players have received big-time contracts, and 49ers tight end Vernon Davis is the latest player to cash in.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Davis signed a five-year, $37 million contract extension with $23 million guaranteed, making him the highest-paid tight end in football.

Davis had one year left on the deal he signed after the 49ers made him the sixth overall pick in the 2006 NFL draft, and the five-year extension means he’s now locked in with the 49ers through the 2016 season.

Despite getting off to a rocky start with coach Mike Singletary, Davis emerged last season as one of the league’s best receiving tight ends, with 78 catches for 965 yards and 13 touchdowns. Now he’s been handsomely rewarded.

UPDATE:  We’re told that the $23 million is guaranteed for injury, and that $14.5 million is guaranteed for injury and skill.  The six-year value of the deal exceeds $42 million.

25 responses to “49ers make Vernon Davis NFL's highest-paid tight end

  1. Not to be pedantic, but Davis was already one of the best blocking TEs..so he’s pretty much the total package.

  2. Are u serious? Make a play in a big game to be the highest piad TE! Now he got paid, I would not be surprised if he tanks it!

  3. I’d be worried about Davis being the sort of dude who will get his guaranteed money and then quit on his team. He’s shown that he’s immensely talented but that he also has an attitude issue.

  4. Q. what happens when you pay a PITA player a huge amount after one good season?
    A. typically they become even more of a PITA and you have trouble getting production until their new contract is running out.

  5. he is a flat out stud and deserves all the money plus more, can’t play with em, can’t win with em, I want winners, Thank you,
    Mike Singletary

  6. Wasn’t he the highest paid tight end with his rookie contract as well?
    I wouldn’t think it’s common that you get 2 contracts in your career that make you the highest paid at your position.

  7. Smart move for the Whiners. However I dont think hes the best TE in the NFL, so I’m sure there will be others cashing in soon.

  8. good for VD! this team’s core will be playing together for a long time. Good consistency makes good teams.. just ask the steelers.

  9. nobody cares about this big face idiot !!! he plays on a sorry ass team in a sorry ass division !! he’s no Witten !! yeeeee

  10. PirateFreedom says:
    September 11, 2010 3:31 PM
    Q. what happens when you pay a PITA player a huge amount after one good season?
    A. typically they become even more of a PITA and you have trouble getting production until their new contract is running out.
    Vernon will only be a Pain In The Ass to 49er opponents. Great extension for the team!

  11. Those who still think Vernon is a problem child need to get up on their current events. He has always been an extremely hard worker. Did not complain when he was essentially forced into being a blocking TE under Martz. He instead became one of, if not the best blocking TE in the league. Even when Sing blew up at him two years ago it wasn’t because he was a bad guy. He just needed to learn to channel his emotion.
    Anyway, this is a huge signing. It means we don’t have to waste our franchise tag on him and can potentially use it elsewhere at the end of the season after Goldson, Franklin or, dare I say, Lawson have probowl seasons.

  12. # NinerNation says: September 11, 2010 3:31 PM
    Fantastic news, he’s the best TE in the league, and he’s only going to get better!
    Come talk at the end of the season. Finley will be considered the best TE in the league. Book it.

  13. VD tied an NFL record for most TD’s in a season(13) last year, with Shaun Hill, Alex Smith, and no O-line last year. He’s the fastest, strongest, and best blocker of all the TE’s. Finley? Please, he’s not in Davis’ realm. It’s been fun reading all these comments from people who know nothing about Vernon Davis but give their opinion like it matters.

  14. Can we all agree to never say the phrase “book it” again? It just makes you sound like a high school kid with nothing better to do in his life than imitate his favorite Sports Center pundits.

  15. Vernon Davis earned this contract. He has steadily improved and I’m glad the 49ers backed up the Brinks truck to keep this guy in San Francisco.
    But here’s the real kicker here ladies and gentleman.
    Zach Miller, Oakland’s tight end — who is quite a good one — is in his contract year I believe this season. Come next year, or even this season, Al Davis will probably make him the highest paid tight end ever.

  16. davis is a beast!!! until finley’s potential started to show up on the field, i was pissed at the packers for getting hawk over this guy. it softens the blow of the fact that we could have hid this guy over the overrated buckeye with finley coming on last year. i think dallas clark is the best te in the game…… (yeah peyton has alot to do with that) but davis is in the next tier of tight ends with gates, gonzo, witten, skankhoe and finley. his speed and hands are hopefully going to make crabtree a fantasy stud this year. i’d look for davis’ statistics to drop a little this year but it should be to the benefit of the other guys catching balls from smith. niners have alot of young talent across the board with gore, davis, crab, ginn (if he ever can find his hands actually catching balls consistently), willis, franklin, t mays, lawson and that young o line and should be good for the forseeable future.

  17. Wait a minute. Doesn’t Davis basically have just one really good year to his credit? Nine TD’s total in 38 starts prior to last season. Where is the outcry to make him have at least two good seasons before he gets paid? I’ve read that in reference to other players signing extensions.

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