Stacked with former NFL players, Omaha hopes to make noise in the UFL

The second UFL season debuts in a week, and the league’s newest team looks the most like an NFL team of any of them.

The Omaha Nighthawks, with a roster compiled by former Broncos G.M. Ted Sundquist, have added more and more former NFL players to the roster.  Earlier this week, former Colts and Bucs linebacker Cato June joined a squad that features quarterback Jeff Garcia, running backs Ahman Green and Maurice Clarett, cornerback Ricardo Colclough, defensive tackle Dusty Dvoracek, receivers Robert Ferguson and Devard Darling, tackle George Foster, linebacker Morlon Greenwood, receiver David Kircus, tight end Jeb Putzier, safety Stuart Schweigert, linebacker Gary Stills, linebacker Nick Greisen, and defensive tackle Wendell Bryant. 

Other new UFL arrivals with NFL experience include linebacker Edgerton Hartwell (Las Vegas), running backs Dominic Rhodes, Aveion Cason, and Maurice Hicks (Florida), quarterback Daunte Culpepper (Sacramento), and quarterback Josh McCown (Hartford).

One guy who’d have an interest in jumping to the UFL and getting some game reps is quarterback Pat White, who as we reported on Friday will sign with the Kansas City Royals.  It’s unclear whether any UFL team currently has interest.

15 responses to “Stacked with former NFL players, Omaha hopes to make noise in the UFL

  1. You conveniently also forgot to mention that it is unclear if Pat White himself has any interest in going to the UFL….dumbass!

  2. Yawn. So Ted Dumbquist is doing exactly what he did while he was “G.M.” of the Broncos: collecting cast-offs, has-beens, and never-weres.
    I see several of his ex-Broncos prizes – including former first- and a third-round picks – among the group listed.

  3. You just had to throw Pat White in there. Hoping your buddy Ted picks him up so your dream stays alive. Pretty pitiful Mike.

  4. A lot of good players and good people don’t make it in the NFL. We all have had our favorites, Mike.
    Every year there is a Pat White story.

  5. DeluxeReverb says:
    September 11, 2010 11:06 AM
    The Pat White fascination is beyond creepy.
    No shit. This man crush is out of control.

  6. I’d like to see a UFL team in DC. I have no desire to go out to the terrible gameday experience at FedEx field to spend $400 to watch the Deadskins.

  7. It’s not a man crush you troglodytes.
    You are forgetting a simple piece of information. Florio is/was an attorney which means he has an ego the size of the Superdome.
    So when Pat White was a QB I’m pretty much guessing that Florio guaranteed and promised to anyone who listened that this guy was going to be huge in the NFL and now that the guy turns out to be a bust he’s simply trying to save face.

  8. Give it up. Pat White will never play a down of professional football ever again (unless it’s Arena ball).

  9. Sundquist did a good job, but Rick Mueller deserves some credit as well.
    A lot of these guys basically stopped playing in the UFL due to injuries and age, but are healthy again and have massive chips on their shoulders. There are a lot of young players trying to get their first shot as well.

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