Eagles' Kevin Kolb, Stewart Bradley out with concussions

Two Philadelphia Eagles players have left today’s game against the Packers with concussions — but only after first trying to play through the concussions.

Quarterback Kevin Kolb and middle linebacker Stewart Bradley both stayed in the locker room after halftime after suffering concussions in the first half.

Where this story could become a major issue is that both players were first hurt in the first half and returned to the game after the plays on which they appeared to suffer the concussions. Allowing both players to play after sustaining concussions violates the league’s guidelines on best practices for dealing with concussions.

The loss of Kolb and Bradley is just one reason that this is an ugly game for the Eagles. They’re losing to the Packers in the third quarter, 20-3.

45 responses to “Eagles' Kevin Kolb, Stewart Bradley out with concussions

  1. Bradley couldn’t even stand up on his own and they put him back in there. This sorry excuse for an organization should be disbanded. Atleast we get to watch Vick one hop passes the rest of the game

  2. Dog killler karma at full force today!
    Eagles receivers better grow hands on their feet with Vick throwing.
    More penalties than first downs.

  3. Bradley was all messed up.I missed Kolb’s hit, but that Bradley fella certainly got his skull rung up.

  4. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side maybe number 5 wasn’t that bad after all 5-10 24 yds what a joke!

  5. Kolb looked TERRIBLE, i said it all along that you can’t judge him by those two games last year
    can’t believe i’m saying this, but they’d be better off with Vick starting the rest of the season

  6. cbrianwatkins says:
    September 12, 2010 6:30 PM
    Kolb looked TERRIBLE, i said it all along that you can’t judge him by those two games last year
    ——————————————————— yet you can judge how he is on one bad game???

  7. Vick looks like a Pro Bowler in there right now. He’s playing like a pit bull fighting for his life. Kolb looked like crap before he got concussed…GO VICK! ARF, ARFF!!!

  8. Sniff…sniff… do ya smell a quarterback controversy brewing yet?? I do. Eagles trainers\doctors screwed the pooch with their “evaluations” twice. Speaking of pooch screwing…eagles might have gotten rid of wrong QB.

  9. Kolb looked TERRIBLE, i said it all along that you can’t judge him by those two games last year
    But you sure can judge him after 1/2 of a game this year. I guess.

  10. Lol, Vick is about to pull out the win from a game they were being embarrassed in. Someone needs to start Vick, he still has better tools than probably half of the starting QBs in this league. And he has experience. Not sure why the Eagles got rid of McNabb but its looking like Vick will be the Eagle’s starting QB in 2010.

  11. “Lol, Vick is about to pull out the win”
    Not even close. WTG Andy Reid for some more crappy game management, as will be his lasting legacy. BRB using all of my timeouts with 5 minutes left in a one-score game.

  12. The dog killer choked the egals are once again talking about next year
    3 Major injuries and convick looks like his arm is shot
    Die Egals Die

  13. 5-11 if they stay healthy the rest of the way.
    No leadership was evident. The bottom may fall out on this group.

  14. Andy Reid cost the Eagles the game by wasting 3 timeouts….. Also the play calling on 4 and 1 for the game was horrible.
    Vick was great absolutely great when running out of a passing play. The Packers had no answer. But instead of dropping him back with the opition to run or throw Moreniwheg and Reid decide to take an opition away from him and run a sneak. Not only that but they run right where the defense is stacked up no adjustments. Also instead of doing a traditional sneak they run one with McCoy as the lead. He is not a lead blocker hes a runner. If McCoy wasnt the lead Vick would have converted. But no they ran McCoy infront of Vick and he clogged up the hole and killed the game.
    Reid lost that game by play calling and clock mangement with in the last 5 minutes. Also Buckley lost the game with that fumble on Vicks first drive. He was marching up the field and Buckley killed it. It killed the momentum demoralized the defense and led to an easy Packers score.
    Reid needs to take control of his team. The penalties and missed tackles are unacceptable. That is Reids problem to fix no one elses. Also I dont get the Hype of Bobby April he has done nothign for this team. The punt and kick return game has gotten worse which was a strong suit before him. The coverage teams are just as bad as last year. In huge parts of the game they killed the defense and April did nothing. He gets 1 game after that no excuses.
    Vick and Jaqua Parker really shown there age in a good way. They were the 2 bright spots in this game and that shouldnt be overlooked. Right now in my opinion they deserve to start. Kolb was horrible and Graham is always the last guy off the line of scrimmage. They should lose there jobs.

  15. I can’t believe you are not talking about how Bradley went back in after he fell (not like the just tripped over something, but fell like he was crazy ass drunk) and was put back in the game. I know you are a crazy PA/VA Tech Fan but seriously. This should have been addressed earlier.

  16. Tough way to start the season, but the Eagles even with all the injurys and back up quarterback hung with the packers, who is already in the superbowl apparently
    Dont sleep on them

  17. And so the Kolb era has begun…. o wait the Vick era ( u kno that guy yall wish would hang?) has begun
    Actually we figure we’re gonna wait and he’s gonna hang himself, given enough time.

  18. I should say (which you should already know) I HATE the Eagles. I did love watching the second half with him playing though. I love football; therefore if a great exhibition is put on I enjoy watching. What a game because of Vick. WOW! Vick was making me pull the team I hate most.

  19. as an Eagles fan let me be the first to say….SEASON IS OVER!!!! Draft O-Line next year with high pick Andy

  20. Pervy, your team lost assclown. Green Bay won, your team lost. As for “almost losing” your team “almost won” it’s last two games…almost is all your team will ever have.

  21. The Eagles Need to be fined by the league BIG TIME for letting these two guys back in the game.
    ESPECIALLY BRADLEY! That guy looked like glass Joe trying to get up off the canvas.
    FINE THE PISS OUT OF THE EAGLES. They endangerd these guys’ careers/long term health

  22. Vick’s comment after the loss:
    “I feel like if I had been out there for four quarters, maybe we would’ve had a chance to win the game.”
    Now THERE’s some loyalty to your starting QB. Another example of why no one wanted Vick – he’s only out for himself, he has no sense of team or his role in the grand scheme.
    His flashy stuff gets the headlines, but he’s always undercutting himself with mistakes, penalties, or, as we see in the quote above, glimpses into his fundamentally egocentric/sociopathic nature.
    The Eagles’ division rivals are already familiar with Vick, so don’t look for those flashy highlight reels in the 6 games that matter most in the Eagles’ schedule. Dallas, NY, and Washington defenses look rock-solid.

  23. Also, you guys claiming this is some kind of miracle performance by Vick – keep in mind your Eagles scored less than half the points against the Packers that the Cardinals scored on them to end last season.
    In fact, last season the 49ers, Bengals, Vikings, Bucs, and Steelers also scored more than 20 against the Packers. So this result – coming at home, no less – is far from special.
    You act like they scored 20 against the Giants…or Cowboys…or Washington… ha!

  24. Seriously, some of you people are fockin clueless. the season isnt over when you go 0-1. kolb will not lose his job after 1 1/2 quarters. mcnabb looked like sh&t today too, as did a bunch of qbs. the packers surprised the eagles today and came out in the nickel the entire game. reid kept trying to throw against it. he shouldve adjusted and forced them out of the nickel on 1st and 2nd downs. despite the injuries, i still think the birds played the pack tough today.

  25. Fire Ted says:
    September 12, 2010 11:08 PM
    Pervy, your team lost assclown. Green Bay won, your team lost. As for “almost losing” your team “almost won” it’s last two games…almost is all your team will ever have.
    Most of your Packer brethren have wisely chosen to keep their mouths shut.
    There was a mass pants unloading going on in Wisconsin at about 630 pm last night.
    This is the NFC superbowl team? Riiiiiight.
    Yep the packers won and the Vikes lost…it’s 1 game tool.
    What we learned?
    The o line is NOT fixed…3 sacks and the “fixes” were responsible for all 3.
    The defense against a good or great QB looks like swiss cheese. Woodson and Matthews are the only good players,
    Barnett still likes to do his lil dance after a 2 yard GAIN.
    Rodgers has a cute little skip dance celebration that is even gayer than the belt thing he does.
    What we really learned?
    The packers, based on this performance, scare no one.

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