Giants will do "Hard Knocks" over John Mara's dead body

The Giants and the Jets share a stadium, but they don’t share an organizational philosophy.

Mike Lupica of the New York Daily News has a column today about Giants co-owner John Mara, and the most colorful quote comes when Lupica asks Mara when the Giants will announce that they’re doing Hard Knocks next year.

“That announcement will come,” he said, “when I’m next to my father in Gates of Heaven cemetery.”

The Giants do business differently than the Jets, and Mara says he finds it “amusing” that people view them as rivals.

“We really have to be more concerned with what Dallas and Philly and Washington do than what our neighbors do,” Mara said. “We each have our own brand.”

And you won’t see the Giants brand on HBO any time soon.

35 responses to “Giants will do "Hard Knocks" over John Mara's dead body

  1. Therein lies the difference between the Giants and the Jests. The owners of the house are more elevated and classy. Let the tenants run wild and look stupid. Thats how it’s been for decades, and it’ll never change. They still can’t pay the rent on time, but that comes as no surprise. They can’t even sell their own tickets.
    Sorry, Jests…ca$h only.

  2. Giants are a class organization. Heroes like LT have repeatedly made me proud with their community awareness and contribution to society.

  3. Giants have class.
    Jets do not.
    Most Giants fans have class
    Jets fans do not
    Giants know how to conduct themselves in a locker room
    Jets A-holes do not
    Giants have a respected coach
    Jets have a “pay attention to me” coach
    Must be very difficult to be a Jets fan knowing you will always be regarded as second class citizens in the same area as Giants fans, and that all the women are finer in Giants land while Jets fans get sloppy seconds

  4. Really……no one wanted see the Giants on Hard Knocks in the first place.
    Its time for an NFC North team to be there…….even if it was the Lions (gasp).

  5. That’s right – the NFC East is full of 3.5 Real NFL teams. I count the Eagles as half because they have never won anything and would probably be better served in the NFC South like when the Cardnals were moved out of the division because they just can’t compete.

  6. The Jets view the Giants as rivals. The Giants view the Jets as white noise. The Jets are not the Giants rival. Until they win a couple Super Bowls (and sell all of their tickets) they will never be the Giants rival. The Jets need every outlet possible to remind people they are still around.
    The loudest guy in the room, is also the weakest.

  7. Love it.
    The difference between the Giants and Jets comes down to class. One team has it, one doesn’t.

  8. That’s right, the Giants are a truly classy organization. While the rest of the league goes to hell, good citizens like Tiki Barber are out doing the Giants proud. The truth is that this is a cover up — the Giants wanted to do Hard Knocks a few years ago, but HBO didn’t have the budget for bulletproof vests for the cameramen brave enough to be around Plaxico for an entire month.

  9. I have a feeling that with the Tuna gone, my Dolphins will be doing Hard Knocks next year. Ross wants exposure for his circus.

  10. Sorry but the idea of Giants or Jets fans having class is like saying an Eagle fan knows how to read or a Cowboy fan can tie his shoes.

  11. PLEASE FLORIO!…….enough of this “Hard Knocks” CRAP……you like reality TV so much, go watch the REAL WORLD

  12. Give me a break… this Giants have class Jets don’t crap? You kidding?
    Every team has it’s character… if you’re a angry New Jersey living middle manager – who likes to pay attention when your team is winning – you go for the Giants. If you love football, cut yourself frequently and are willing to follow your team through a ton of pain like you love it – you’re a Jets fan. If you’ve been arrested or served time, you are a Raiders fan.
    All the teams have their story. Ain’t no thang.

  13. Who in the hell would want to watch Eliza’s mother change his diapers, feed him and calm him when he throws a pick in camp? I know I would.

  14. The Giants are boring. You ever go to a Giant game? It’s about as exciting as a 21 hour plane ride to China.

  15. @max
    LT was probably the worst example you could have given to demonstrate class. He was addicted to coke and he had sex with a 16 year old prostitute… but in general I agree. As an Eagles fan, I can honestly say that the Giants have a much better organization than the Jets. The Giants don’t splurge on free agents without taking care of their more important players. They understand the business and football sides of running a franchise.

  16. As if anyone would want to see the boring, old ass giants. I’m sure there’s 500 posts about the “jests” calling them all sorts of absurd names and hating on sanchez, etc. Bottom line: Hard Knocks got the highest rating this year in the history of the show. Jets had a better record than the Giants last year. Jets will have a better record this year. End of story.

  17. This website is hilarious….everyone is concerned about class.
    Giants are a class organization. That’s why they smoke crack with children and then rape them….or shoot themselves in the legs.
    For shits and giggles….how many ex Giants are currently in prison?
    A couple quotes from Mondays Daily News:
    Jets fans have higher educations:
    “A majority (52%) of non-college graduates foresee better things for the Giants this season, while those who have earned a four-year degree are more inclined to bet on the Jets”
    Jets fans make more money:
    “if you make less than 50 grand a year, chances are the Giants will be your pick”
    Enough with the class bullshit.

  18. The NY Jets have ALWAYS been the working man’s team in the NY / NJ area. Everyone knows that.
    Dentists, doctors and real estate agents make up the bulk of the Giant fans.
    Class? Giants best player is a drug addict and solicits whores. Jets best player likes to drink and kiss sideline reporters.
    What world are you living in???? Giants – Classy not a chance in the world, trashy yes.

  19. You have the Maras and the Tisches then you have Woody Johnson
    Yes the Giants have had players who they are not proud of Plex gets butst Plex gets cut
    Yes LT has done some silly stuff since he is out of the NFL again out of the NFL I guess everyone forgets that after Namath was done what an ass he was and Gastino another class act after he was done playing.
    I was at todays game and Harry Carson and George Martin and Frank Gifford were the faces from the past
    The Giants did not have a concert to kick off opening day they had NYC PD and FD on the turf to remember what is truly important
    The fine men and women that lost there lifes protecting america.
    No players raised there fingers they know that today was about heros not pay checks.
    And for the record the Giants are 1-0 and are now and always will be the class of NY NJ football

  20. stopandchat says:
    September 12, 2010 9:31 AM
    That’s right, the Giants are a truly classy organization. While the rest of the league goes to hell, good citizens like Tiki Barber are out doing the Giants proud. The truth is that this is a cover up — the Giants wanted to do Hard Knocks a few years ago, but HBO didn’t have the budget for bulletproof vests for the cameramen brave enough to be around Plaxico for an entire month.
    terrible joke ….
    and i mean terrible as in you are not funny at all

  21. @Bigbluefan
    “Forget facts, I’m a clueless Giants fan posting on PFT! LT may be a rapist, but the Jets are having a concert!”
    The only true difference when it comes to class in regards to the Jets and Giants is that while the Giants try to pretend that they’ve never had an incident in the history of the organization, the Jets simply embrace it.

  22. hey cunning,
    When did class and having money equal the same thing? you upper crust snob!
    The truth is yes we do things differently, but no it has nothing to do with class. Every organization is different. Rex is brash and wants to have his team in the spotlight, nothing wrong with that. However, whoever thinks the Giants wanted to be on Hard Knocks does not realize that Coughlin came off the Parcells lineage of Coaching. He doesnt let his assistant coaches do interviews, but once a year. The Injury reports are vague. Kind of like Bill Bellicheck who also comes from Parcells coaching tree. With those types leading any team there is no way in hell they want to be on hard knocks. I wish you guys would do a little research before spewing needless venom at one another. Also, for all you non new yorkers this is normal Giants hate Jets and vice versa, Yankees hate Mets, etc…. Usually when it boils down though they still root for the NY team regardless.

  23. Bigbluefan, you can make anyone hate the Giants…even a lukewarm, sunny-day Giants fan. I had to read your post twice and still didn’t understand more than half of it. You are really reaching with your arguments, though.
    And this “Giants fans have class, Jets fans don’t” thing is a media-invented stereotype and just meant to stir up posts.
    I have been to Jets games and I have been to Giants games. I have tailgated both beforehand, I have sat in upper and lower level seats at each, and the only difference in the fanbase I’ve seen is the color of the jerseys.

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