Jets "floored" by Revis comments on his contract

On Saturday, NBC’s Peter King shared with the Michigan-Notre Dame audience an ominous quote from Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis as to whether he’ll hold out again in 2012, after earning $32.5 million in 2010 and 2011.

“That’s a great question,” Revis told King.  “If I continue to play ball like I usually do,
we’ll probably be back at that same position we were this year.”

The comment left the Jets “floored,” according to Chris Mortensen of ESPN.

They shouldn’t be, frankly.  And it’ll be interesting to see whether the comment places a dark cloud over the relationship between player and team going forward.

31 responses to “Jets "floored" by Revis comments on his contract

  1. HA, HA, HA!!! Serves the dumb Jets management right. He’ll Revis will clean out their pocket books and destroy the locker room.
    We’re pretty much getting to the point where we could put together a whole team of self absorbed pinheads. It would also star BrINT at qb and Fat Albert at D line.

  2. The contract wording suggests they both knew it would be possible. Mevis makes top CB money for 2 years and the the salary drops off. Seems like it is merely a band-aid until they agree on a “retirement” contract.

  3. You know what…. Revis’ agents – Same guy’s that have V Jackson sitting at home are ###### ######’s I think the whole league is catching on to that.
    Give the Jets 2 good seasons to use Revis and prepare by drafting a couple more CB’s and maybe they just trade him before that……
    …And Never deal with Schwartz and Co. ever again…
    Better for this to come out now!
    I said this was reality months ago: “Why doesn’t Revis just sign ANY deal and just hold out again in 2 years” 5/11/10 ME.

  4. Why wouldn’t he hold out again? He made a few million by doing it once already.
    They handled this situation poorly, and it’s going to come back and bite them in the ass when any of their name players has a great season.

  5. Comments like that only feed the owners as we head towards a lockout and non-agreement. NFLPA should consider muzzling some for the sake of everyone.

  6. This guy is a punk.
    The Patriots are basically doing to Mankins what the Jets should have done to this guy. Put him in his place.
    Jets have fun with this guy if he actually does what you are paying him to do. Have fun watching the NFL from your couch, Logan. And not playing next year either.

  7. Florio getting played again.
    Face it: both parties know this is a 2-year deal designed the bridge the gap until there’s a new CBA.
    keep stirring the pot — maybe something will eventually stick

  8. Revis took far less than the guy in L.A., so while I actually wouldn’t blame him if he did hold out 2 years from now, he shouldn’t have said it.

  9. Revis held out because he felt he was “out-performing” his original contract. While the “right” thing to do would be to simply honor the contract, one can at least see where he’s going with that.
    Now, he’s being paid TOP dollar. Gonna be pretty hard for him to “out-perform” THAT contract, so I see this as a non-issue in two years. The bigger issue in two years is if he doesn’t perform UP to the contract and the Jets want him to take a pay CUT.
    Either way, the Jets suck and who really cares anyhow?

  10. What are the Patriots doing to Mankins that is so smart? Demanding a public apology was stupid. Revis will be on the field for the Jets. Mankins won’t be in the lineup anytime soon.

  11. If there is any Karma out there he’ll break his leg (or worse) his 1st game! This guy is such a piece of crap and the Jets were so foolish for giving in to him! I hate players like him (doesn’t matter what sport they are in) that pull this crap! Too bad the Jets couldn’t void his new contract and make him honor his previous contract.

  12. TEAM REVIS!!!!
    If Darrell is playing like a Stud in 2 years he SHOULD ask for more money.
    Revis job is to PROVIDE for his future AFTER football.
    He would be STUPID not to cash in while he still have his SUPERIOR ability to shut down corners.
    Stop hating posters. if you were him – you would MILK the GREEDY OWNERS out of their money too.
    then again, I suspect this board is filled with a bunch of POT BELLY fat bastards that used to be fit or Fat A@@es that NEVER exercised. Either way, it IS NOT your life

  13. Wonder how much money the Jets/NFL will make just selling Revis jerseys?
    Revis is the best corner in the league..can shut down a teams top WR..and he’s only 25.I would get every penny I could too..just like EVERYONE does in every job around the world.

  14. What are the Patriots doing to Mankins that is so smart? Demanding a public apology was stupid
    He made his derisive comments about the team in public, didn’t he?
    Why should the apology be otherwise.

  15. And they expected anything else from the greedy little turd ? That’s what they deserve for pandering to his outrageous demands in the first place.

  16. The Jets and Revis deserve each other. I can’t believe they think he would be grateful…they should have let him sit, let him sit and let him sit…
    Now…the tail is wagging the dog
    Good for my team.

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