Lions fear that Stafford will miss as little as 2-3 weeks, as many as 4-6 weeks

With Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford suffering an injury to his throwing shoulder in the regular-season opener, the early word filtering out of the Detroit organization is that the team believes Stafford will miss two-to-three weeks, at a minimum.

Depending on the results of the MRI, the team fears that Stafford will miss up to four-to-six weeks.

The Lions’ next six games includes games against the Eagles, Vikings, Packers, Rams, and Giants.  Detroit’s bye comes in Week Seven.

UPDATE:  A source close to Stafford describes the team’s concern as “all speculation at this point.”  X-rays were not taken at the game because the Lions had no access to a machine at Soldier Field.  X-rays and an MRI will be performed in the morning.

26 responses to “Lions fear that Stafford will miss as little as 2-3 weeks, as many as 4-6 weeks

  1. Seriously, this is all on Jeff Backus (Sackus) and those who have defended him as a pro-bowl type LT all these years can KMA and tell Stafford how good you still think he is!

  2. Well, thanks to the Pettigrew pick, they have to draft a tackle next year instead of a corner. Backus got owned..
    PS: Refs stole the game from the Lions. It hurt to watch that, as a fan of the NFL in general.

  3. The Bears dont have a machine for the visiting team? What a joke just like the refs call at the end of the game

  4. Florio, you’re doing a bad job.
    U always find axes to grind.
    How ’bout grinding on the inconsistency in place for how running backs merely have to break the plane with the ball, yet wide receivers have to seemingly have to have the ball past the plane, and then get up and take pictures and sign autographs, before giving the ball up. The inconsistency sucks.

  5. I’m a big Stafford fan…but it’s looking like his body cannot hold up to the brutal hits a QB takes. He has played 11 games and has been knocked out of 3 of them. He will never be anything if he is getting hurt on a regular basis like this.
    AND….BACKUS is Terrible!!!

  6. Another SOFT SEC player! Only tough guy from SEC is Hines Ward!
    Hines Ward? I remember that guy missing a ton of games.

  7. So in other words, he’ll miss 2-6 weeks. What is this at least 2-3 but no more than 4-6 crap? Did Rosenthal write that headline?

  8. I like what stafford brings and but he strikes me as a tough guy who’s body can’t match his mindset.

  9. I said it before, in these boards, but I have a bad feeling about this NFL season, in general. Look at the craziness already – Sanders, Kolb, Stafford, the Lions non-catch, that Twilight-Zone second half of Saints-Vikings, etc. – there’s some kind of bad mojo going on here.

  10. Who cares who is playing QB when your OC forgets Calvin Johnson is in the game until it’s Hail Mary time? Pretty sure Detroit drafts a LT with their top 5 pick this year…

  11. @JaggedMark –
    I understand your frustration, but there is a difference between the two situations.
    Scoring a touchdown is a player with possession of the ball crossing the goal line. A runner, pretty much by definition, already has possession of the ball from the moment the play starts. So by the time they get to the plane of the goal, their possession has already been established.
    But a receiver who catches the ball in the end zone doesn’t have any possession of the ball before that instant, and has to completely take possession to meet the criteria for a score.
    If a runner bobbles the handoff and never gets the ball under control, they fail to score as well. And if a receiver catches the ball outside the end zone and then runs or dives in, they get the same benefit of the doubt that runners do.
    It does seem like more of a burden is put on receivers in end zone passes, but if it was any easier to rule catches touchdowns, teams would fling anything they could at the end zone. I can’t see a better solution, as much as situations like today’s stink.

  12. steelers rule says:
    September 12, 2010 5:30 PM
    Another SOFT SEC player! Only tough guy from SEC is Hines Ward!
    Dumbass Steeler fan, obviously he doesn’t remember Matt Stafford vs the Browns.
    This kid should be great if he can get some protection and a running game.

  13. So in other words…knowing Stafford…he’ll be back in a week or 2.
    Thanks for the reassurance PFT.

  14. A couple of points for the Detroit fans….
    1) Don’t give up on Pettigrew yet. While Oher would be of more immediate benefit, there are always a couple of good LTs in the draft. Don’t worry, you’ll get one. But if I’m right about Petti, you will be glad to have him for the next 10 years. Good TEs are very hard to come by, and he will be a favorite of Stafford for years.
    2) The rule sucks, but Johnson will learn from it, as well as everyone else in the league. All he had to do is tuck the ball in when he hit the ground. Everyone knows he had control of it in that huge mitt, but that is the rule. Just like every player in the league knows better than to jump on a blocked FG (thank you Leon Lett), now everyone knows to tuck that ball away. You won’t see this play again.
    3) As much as I like seeing those two easy games on the schedule every year, have faith in this staff. They are on the right track, but it is a long climb for them. And a couple more top-10 picks will only make you better. You’re time is coming!!

  15. If I’m sitting in a room , with ten hardcore football fans, and everyone of them says it’s a touchdown (even the Bears fan) then it’s a f-ing touchdown. This isn’t college football , Mr Goddell. The referee crew cannot allow the supposed better teams to win games . Fix this mess or start losing fans. Lions got jobbed. True NFL fans got jobbed.

  16. I’m confused, who is this rookie QB Stafford the link refers to? Try as I may I can find nothing on his background, just on the Matthew Stafford they drafted last year. Pretty amazing though to find rookie QBs two years in a row and both have the same name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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