"Loud" Randy Moss says some in New England "don't want to see me do good"

The Randy Moss post-game press conference has been described with many different adjectives.  Since we’ve yet to see the video, we’ll defer application of our own term.

Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald says that Moss was “loud” and “strong” and that it was “his most extensive statement regarding his desire for a new contract.”

“I’ve been here for three years and this is my fourth season,” Moss said.  “When it comes to football, I take my business seriously.  I think there are some people are, I don’t want to say the organization, but I think around here in the New England area, there are some people who don’t want to see me do good. . . .

“Any thing I say will probably be blown out of proportion,” Moss said, giving us all more stuff that can be blown out of proportion.  “Earlier in the week, I was asked a question about being unhappy and being unhappy doesn’t have anything to do with toning my game down.  I’m here and I understand my role is to take the ball deep and take the top off the defense.”

Moss doesn’t seem to be worried about the possibility of getting into trouble for his remarks.  Asked whether he thinks he’ll be called into coach Bill Belichick’s office to discuss the comments, Moss said, “If I do, I do.”

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  1. know what I can’t stand athletes that always want more money, but if anyone deserves it it’s Moss. The Patriots aren’t better without him, he’s been a professional his entire time in New England, and they just took care of Tom Brady. I’d like to see Welkers numbers without Moss on the other side.

  2. “Any thing I say will probably be blown out of proportion,” Moss said

    He’s talking about you Florio.

  3. “Feckin’ Florio is bein’ a wicked hahd on to Randy Moss. He bettah be caffle.”-Every Pats Fan that reads PFT including Myself

  4. Moss is pissed with the media again, not the team. “If I do, I do” … Isn’t that the same as “it is what it is”? Brady, then Mankins, then Moss. Mankins will be back shortly. Moss’ contract is next. Not a story.

  5. In the 21st century, this is how players get new deals.
    Whine at the media because they’ll run with the story, as evidenced by this one.

  6. Everybody get’s pissed when players aren’t honest, but when they tell the public what they honestly think, people railroad them and run them through the dirt… ESPN will spend 3 weeks on this story now

  7. Hey Moss, you’re a good football player and you’re getting paid top 10 WR money so STFU and play.

  8. Randy Moss is not Terrell Owens. Moreover, he still has a motor and is among the smartest players in the NFL. If, for whatever reason, the Patriots elect not to offer him a contract extension at year end, they sure as hell better find someone in the draft even remotely similar to him. Otherwise, the “top of the defense” he was referring to in the press conference will likely be in Brady’s face mask on the field.
    P.S. Was there a subliminal message to the cap he wore at the podium? It looked like San Fran to me.

  9. I think what Randy was attempting to say was that certain media figures (Felger being one) have been vocal developing negative stories about his past performances . Randy Moss doesn’t want to have a negative atmosphere in this environment, this being his last contract year.
    Unfortunately, Randy Moss dragged himself down a path he probably didn’t want to go and ended up talking about “contract”.
    No one in the organization will be happy about how this turned out as it takes away from the win and the differcult task of facing the J-E-T-S next week.
    I feel bad for Moss actually, emotion and his inability to convey the message he wanted will make it differcult for him. we’ll see next week if his focus will allow him to have a good game against the JETS or if he goes down in flames.

  10. Mike….I usually have zero problems with you and basically regard you as a quality reporter, but this headline is just shameful. Is there really a need to point out his poor grammar when the entirety of his press conference speaks for itself?
    It’s pretty adolescent and disrespectful to Moss and honestly, you should be ashamed.
    Carry on.

  11. I saw that absurd rant, this guy comes off as jealous that other pats got a contract extension and he didn’t. this crap of an extension BEFORE their last year starts has to stop, thanks for four good years randy bob kraft doesn’t have a teat for you to nurse on so you’ll feel loved………………..

  12. Here is a guy that comes out and speaks from the heart, a strong contrast to the bland footballese generic talk that 95% of coaches and players constantly recycle.
    I wish the press would try a little harder to appreciate the sincere approach that Randy takes, appreciate him for not necessarily being a button down company man. But I don’t think too many of the sports scribes out there are going to highlight that aspect of Randy’s personality. Now that he is breaking with the Foxborough omerta a little bit, all the sports writers will pile on him for being selfish and egotistical. Too bad that’s how it comes across when a guy is being honest, and saying out loud what lots of other players are thinking. I think Randy has a legitimate gripe with the sports media which has persistently portayed him as a cariacature or stereotype, because that is the easy way to generate a story that will draw superficial (click!) interest from casual fans.

  13. If you listened to talk radio in Boston, you’d know he’s right – there are sports morons who don’t want him to be successful.

  14. I think you guys are misinterpreting this – Moss is basically saying he WANTS TO STAY in NE. He’s upset with some of the media-holes who think its their job to create stories, rather than just reporting them.
    Moss is in the last year of his contract, and he’s unhappy that he hasn’t been offered an extension. Basically, the Pats are saying “We don’t want you around after this year.” Which is a huge mistake – Moss is good for 1K yards / 10+ TDs a year, even today; how do you give up a guy like that?
    As a Pats fan, I want to see Brady stand up for his guy – tell Kraft to pay the man.

  15. It was great while it lasted Randy. Sorry to see you go, but you’re not gonna last long around here.
    Randy, unless he apologizes, will be benched next week.
    No player, especially a WR, is above the Team.

  16. The future success of the Patriots doesn’t rest on the status of Randy Moss.
    He seems to know this better than many of you.

  17. Bob Kraft is a cheap bastard.
    Aside from paying the largest salary in the history of the NFL a few days ago, what has he done lately to show that he’s not cheap?
    It’s odd but it almost seems like the Patriots want to make sure that Moss has a financial incentive to have a big 2010 season.
    Strange strategy, huh?
    Perhaps Moss has realized that if he doesn’t get a contract extension and guaranteed money now, the next chance he has for a payday is probably in 2012 after the 2011 lockout when he’s 35 years old.

  18. All right as a business person, Moss called in sick for most of the week. (Things that make ya go Hmmm) Now that Brady has his contract, he’s boo hooing! First, Mr. Moss, although I trully think you are a great player and should be compensated!!! Complaining will only make B.B. say “see ya later” Randy you the patriots love you and you will probably be signed within the week. Stop crying bout it.

  19. If he wants to stay in NE then he should act like an adult and shut his mouth. Nothing he has said since last year has done anything but make the situation worse and lower his chances of being resigned in NE.

  20. @thumper/
    If you have a job/career, how would you feel if you knew you just worked your ass off preparing to do that job, and are about to do that dangerous job for the next 6 months without knowing if you’re going to be doing it again in the same place when those six months conclude.
    He just wants some job security, and he’s more than earned it.
    Even if they tell him “You’re next” after Mankins, he’ll be satisfied. The guy just wants to know if he needs to start preparing for a job search.

  21. I’am sick and tired of these guys crying about money and contracts, randy if you read this be DAMN THANKFULL you can catch a football cause if not you’d be the guy in car wash drying off the car roof………………….3 yrs 27 mil and I don’t feel the love…..SCREW YOU……………

  22. Moss gets hammered for not talking to the press and now he is getting hammered for talking. I find his honesty refreshing. But I have to wonder
    if his new agent is behind this?

  23. DiamondDave13 says: September 12, 2010 6:07 PM
    Mike….I usually have zero problems with you and basically regard you as a quality reporter, but this headline is just shameful.
    LOL Anyone who would confuse Florio as a “qulity reporter”, must have the IQ of a gnat. Florio is a copy and paste artist who then applies his snarky comments as if it’s some sort of humor at the end. In reality, Florio runs a good NFL site, but he’s hardly a good reporter. All he’s doing is passing the message onto us in a convenient single location.
    That’s hilarious. Qulaity reporter. i’m tearing up i’m laughing so hard. What a moron.

  24. I can’t stand how athletes always want more money but can’t speak English. It drives me crazy when I hear/see athletes (although I should say ‘football players’ because we never hear about this in other sports) stand behind the podium, who “went to college,” sound like idiots. Randy Moss essentially wants more money and doesn’t like the fact that the organization will not talk to him about it. At the same time, he plays a children’s game and is getting paid for catching a ball. Randy Moss is living the dream and continually fails to appreciate the fact that he makes more money in one Sunday than most people make in one year.
    I am a huge fan of Randy Moss and love how he always plays 100% every Sunday. But if he wants more money then he needs to understand that standing in front of a podium with a hat hanging off his head and speaking like a kid in fifth grade will never get him there. If athletes would just learn how to invest and save their money (instead of becoming one of the approximately 80% who are bankrupt within two years of retirement, per Colin Cowherd), maybe they wouldn’t need to demand more money when they are already under contact.

  25. The drain continues in NE.
    I guess it’s harder to win when Bellecheat is no longer allowed to, well, cheat.

  26. Some Points To Consider
    1. I saw the press conference and Moss wasn’t loud, wonder why Ian would say that?
    2. Plus, just because one person says something doesn’t mean its okay to repeat it, Mike are you listening? Have credibility!
    3. The Pats routinely let people go when they want more money, thats why they haven’t won the SB again, remember Asante Samuel?
    4. Moss should play out his contract and let his play do his talking!
    5. Boston is known to be a racist area, (I’ve seen it in person.) an its possible there is a group of people that wants Moss gone.
    6. He is still a game changer.
    7. I’m a lifelong Viking fan and I don’t want any player that takes plays off and walks off the field without his teammates whenever he wants to.
    8. Mike, you took one little piece of the press conference and used it make Moss sound bad, not cool, epecially when the gist of the press/c was lot more meaningful than the part you used. I don’t expect pro athletes to be 100% accurate when it comes to public speaking but I do expect journalists to write meaningful and accurate portrayals of events.
    Thank you

  27. That quote about him getting called into Bill’s office was incorrect. It should have said, “If I do I’ll shake my **** at him”.

  28. Come back home, Randy. Some of your best seasons were with the Vikings. We were all upset that Red decided to save money by trading you to the Raiders.
    It pained us to see you do well in New England.
    All I want as a Vikings fan is to see you catch a touchdown pass from Brett Favre. All Brett Favre wants is to throw you one.
    The Vikings’ receiving corps is a mess right now – we need you.
    Come back home, man.

  29. some people who don’t want to see me do good. . . .
    Like your high school English teacher? I realize the meter maid hitting WR who likes to squirt ref’s with water bottles is not a Rhodes Scholar but come on, try to speak like you at least went to college.

  30. Hey morons,
    Moss was talking about the boston media, specifically michael felger of 98.5, who compared him to a stripper. He is one of many media members who would like to see Moss “dog it” because it will give the media blowhards something to talk about. Felger’s analogy was stupid and nonsense. His constant contrarian positioning serves only to create listeners. Basically he is a fool.

  31. Yeah I listened to the whole interview after the game.
    1) Randy said he intends to play out the entire contract to the best of his ability.
    2) If he is offered a new deal he would like to stay in New England.
    3) He said if he isn’t resigned he will play for another team.
    stupid media blowing things out of proportion. The guy has been nothing but a professional in New England.

  32. Most of the morons here who are knocking Moss aren’t from New England. Every Pat’s fan knows what Moss has meant to this team, knows what he’s worth, and knows he hasn’t been half the problem child that the media has made him out to be.
    Moss has watched “cheap” Robert Kraft take care of the key players, and without a doubt knows his turn will come. last week all you idiots were talking $hit about how they weren’t stepping up to take care of Brady, and what did they do? Kraft will take care of Moss and Moss knows it. Media people – and idiot fans – are making waaaay too much out of this because of the national “anti-Patriot” mentality, which infects even some of the idiots in the Boston media who carry personal grudges that have no place in reporting.
    Moss will perform, as he always does, and will get his contract in due time and, like Brady, he knows this. Bank on it.

  33. Bring him back to Minnesota! So he can play at least four more seasons and retire as a Viking. He could be mooning cheeseheads with Brett.

  34. As a Raider Fan, reading ths Moss Post on P.F.T.
    All I can say is…..
    Been There, Done That, Got The T-Shirt.
    Next Post please Mr. Florio.

  35. That may be the “old randy” from MN, but as a Vikings fan, I would gladly trade any reciever on our roster for Randy in the last year of his contract to be catching passes from Brett Favre.
    Hey New England, want Percy Harvin?

  36. The guy has been nothing but a professional during his time in New England. He’s looking for a new contract… what’s the big deal? The guy understands the business of the NFL, do you?
    By the way Mike, I still haven’t seen any consumption of “crow” from you after your season-long bashing of Moss last year after it was revealed he played through a large number of injuries.
    It’s time for you to pull up a chair to the table and take a big bite… although, your little axe to grind and newly inflated ego will continue to taint your “subjective” reporting and I doubt you will be able to admit that you were wrong about Moss last season.
    First game of the new season is in the book and you’ve again climbed right onboard.

  37. CE11 says:
    September 12, 2010 5:54 PM
    The Patriots will be a completely different offense if they don’t have Moss…hope they realize this.
    Yeah I forgot how many superbowls the pats have won since signing him and throwing bombs..
    MNFANINAZ says:
    September 12, 2010 5:42 PM
    YES!!!…more more more!!! Get em outta there… and get him here… in Sota!!!!
    I love all the MN vans that have been clamoring to get a 34 year old mess, best part is, by the time he’d get there jackson amd webb will be the ones throwing to him and I’m sure he’s really enthusiastic about that thought.

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