Randy Moss reiterates his belief that he won't be back in New England

The Patriots got off to a great start on Sunday, with a 38-24 win over the Bengals.  But after a game in which receiver Randy Moss caught five passes for 59 yards, Moss mooned the franchise by ranting — again — about his status in New England.”Everybody wants to be appreciated, to be told you’re
doing a good job.  I just don’t think
I’m appreciated here
,” Moss said in a post-game press conference, per NECN.com.

Moss has previously campaigned for a new contract.  He’s in the final season of a three-year deal signed in 2008, after he set the single-season touchdown reception record.

“I’m not here to
start any trouble,” Moss said, despite obviously starting trouble.  “I’m going to play my year out and play some damn
good football . . . “I want to be here, I
love being here, but I think this will be my last year with the New
England Patriots.  I’m not retiring.  I will be playing somewhere next
year . . .

“I’m not disrespecting the organization . . . I’m
definitely not being disruptive or disrespectable. I’m not trying to
take away from the victory we had today . . .  I just wanted to get it
off my chest, my first time talking . . . .

“If the opportunity
arises to [stay with the Patriots].  I’ll accept that.  If not, I’ll move

So what is Moss up to?  When he made similar remarks to CBSSports.com on Monday, we thought that perhaps he was hoping to ensure that, if the Patriots won’t be paying him, they’ll at least be dialing him up often in the passing game, so that he can hit the market on the heels of a huge year.  But now we’re starting to think he’s trying to be disruptive in the hopes of being traded now to a team that will give him a huge contract.

Regardless of the motivation, this is precisely the kind of behavior the Patriots hoped to avoid when trading for Moss three-plus years ago.  Not that they’re experiencing it, the question becomes what they’ll do about it.

33 responses to “Randy Moss reiterates his belief that he won't be back in New England

  1. Moss has always been a self-centered ass. He’s never happy unless he’s the center of the universe. That’s been the story since Marshall, if not before.

  2. If he’s trying to push Belichick into taking an action, this might be the one that does it.
    Total selfish move to talk about it after a victory.

  3. Randy has started lobbying for his new contract in public and that is not the way to get it done under the Kraft/Bellicheck regime.
    Unfortunately he is a dumb as a stump, so just keep putting up the numbers, keep your mouth shut, and you’ll get paid.

  4. Traded?
    Did you even hear what was said?
    You’re making things up out of thin air.
    It’s no wonder people hate the media. Or in your case a gossip columnist.

  5. Moss is a self absorbed kook who will not be back with the Patriots next year. The Pats will sign Wes Welker, who is wildly underpaid but never bitches and moans. Wes just plays.

  6. ummm – forgive me if I’m missing something obvious, but don’t the Patriots WANT to put Moss in a situation where he has an incentive to play hard in 2010?
    It’s doubtful there will even BE a football season in 2011 and by the start of the 2012 season Moss will be 35
    Seeing as Moss was phoning it in for Oakland when they were already paying him @ $10 million a season, what possible incentive could the Patriots have for satiating Moss’ hunger for a big payday rather than making him work for it with a big 2010 season?
    Am I missing something here? Moss has a HUGE financial incentive to have HUGE year.
    I’d be more concerned about Moss’ play and attitude had the Patriots decided to extend him to a lucrative contract.

  7. Yeah, maybe he is angling to get traded to Minnesota. *eyeroll*
    Nothing to see here. He’ll be wearing 81 for the Patriots next year. I am as positive about this as I am that the Jets don’t finish over .500 this year.

  8. They will do with what they do with everyone else who ain’t TB, wait until the end of his contract and go from there,
    That being said, he needs to play and play hard. He’ll get an opportunity to stay if he does that.

  9. Come home Randy… we’ve never stopped loving you! Super Bowl homeboy! Str8 cash homey…

  10. Come back to MN Randy…you know you want me to take you bass fishing twice a week..and I’ll pencil you in!

  11. I hate Moss, and the Patriots…But the dude easily has 3-4 good years left in the tank, most likely 3. Patriots are stupid if they don’t resign him after resigning Brady. Brady needs him.

  12. Give me a break, Florio. The guy is merely answering a question with honesty. Just because the Patriots don’t want to talk in public about anything and don’t want to pay veterans big money, doesn’t mean he has to sit there quietly in a contract year and be marginalized the way the Patriots love to do to veterans looking for big contracts.

  13. Minnesota is where Moss began, he should end his career in purple. The Vikes need him now! Forget Vincent Jackson, Favre + AP + Moss = Minnesota Super Bowl victory!

  14. Sounding and acting like Oakland Randy Moss just makes it tougher to trade him. If that is his logic then it is flawed. Moss has the emotional stability of an abused child.

  15. Boy, New England is really falling apart.
    I guess that’s what happens when the Pats can no longer cheat.

  16. He may get his wish and be else where by the end of the week
    The Pats do not put up with this BS your not a viqueen any more grow up

  17. I’m not here to start any trouble,” Moss said,
    whomever wrote this part is a “He Beyotch”
    [despite obviously starting trouble.]

  18. Except for Jerry Rice, Randy is the best to play the game. He has been in NE for2 yrs and never did anything but excel. No complaints no problems(even after they quit throwing him the ball in favor of Welker) now he’s in his final year and he wants what he deserves,contract extention. I don’t see a problem with that.

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