Sponsored post: Florio Family Feud gets rolling today

The Florio Family Feud fantasy football league is off and running, with two lucky (or perhaps unlucky) PFT readers included in the 12-team league.

We’re running the league through the new and much-improved fantasy offering of NFL.com.  You can set up a league or join one right now.  Just click here.  Or here.  Or here

Today, I square off against my niece, Kelly, a Patriots fan who has dubbed her squad, “I Hate the Jets.”

I’ve got Carson Palmer, Frank Gore, Steven Jackson, Greg Jennings, Mike Williams (Seattle’s Mike Williams), Rob Gronkowski, Sebastian Janikowski, and the Browns defense.  (Percy Harvin already has chipped in a whopping 1.40 points.)

She’s got Drew Brees (12.88 points), Jamaal Charles, Cadillac Williams, Johnny Knox, Brandon Marshall, Santana Moss, Vernon Davis, Garrett Hartley (2.0 points), and the Bears defense.

If you’re not in a league or if you haven’t set your lineup, get crack-a-lacking.  The games start in two hours.