Steve Breaston carries Cardinals to victory

Derek Anderson threw the ball to Larry Fitzgerald 15 times on Sunday.  Fitz caught three passes.

With Fitzgerald not looking quite like himself and Anderson struggling with his accuracy, it was up to Steve Breaston to take over in Arizona’s 17-13 win.  Breaston caught seven passes for 132 yards and made a handful of terrific grabs.  He also made the key play of the game — as a defender.

Rams defensive tackle Clifton Ryan was set to score a backbreaking touchdown on a fumble return, but Breaston made a great hustle play to catch up to Ryan from behind and force a fumble that the Cardinals recovered for a touchback.

Anderson took a beating in the game, but played very well in the fourth quarter. (Cardinals wideout Max Komar fumbled away a chance for another score.)

Beating the Rams may not sound like much, but getting a road division win in Anderson’s first start could wind up meaning a lot down the road in what figures to be a tight division race.

8 responses to “Steve Breaston carries Cardinals to victory

  1. Both teams looked horrible, but so did the 49ers. Seahawks always look good at home to start the season, have to see how they do down the road.
    Sammy looks like the real deal if he can stay healthy. He looked lost in the 2 minute drill, but he is a rookie.

  2. first of all I knew before I even clicked on this story that lil flo could not have written it…with Fitz at 70% it will take some time for he and Anderson to click…Anderson is one tough mother, the Rams got him good, more than a few times today…Road win in the division is good.

  3. What it means is that Anderson is still trash as a QB…he’s not going to morph into a frontline starting QB all of a sudden. He is what he is…talentwise.

  4. OK, obviously the author of this story did not actually watch the game.
    Derek Anderson played his usual crappy game, he has never been accurate more than 1 in 7 passes.
    Maybe Fitz’s injury kept him from adjusting to the ball the way Breaston did but, against a real defense this team is gonna get shredded.
    Start Max Hall now while you still have a chance.
    Otherwise we are gonna have to change the coaches name to Ken Pissandpunt.

  5. Cards better start giving Max Hall more reps in practice. Anderson had the WORST looking 300 yard game I’ve ever seen, he was constantly throwing behind receivers. He’s going to get somebody killed………

  6. DA may work out for AZ. If he had Larry Fitz in cleveland he would still be there.
    But… Edwards drops more balls than he catches.
    DA needs someone who can GO get the ball AND catch it!!

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