The full Randy Moss transcript

By all accounts, Patriots receiver Randy Moss put on a show after his team’s win over the Bengals on Sunday.  We’ve posted a couple of items with portions of his comments.  The Patriots have just circulated the full comments.  Here they are, unedited and presented as distributed by the Patriots.  (It’s rather long so we’ll put most of the transcript after the jump.)

RM: Before I get to questions, I’d like to say something. I’ve been here
for three years. This is my fourth season. I understand the business
and the nature and I understand that you all have a job to do. When it
comes to football, I take my job seriously, I say [that] time and time
again. But I think there is, I don’t really want to say here in the
organization, but I think around here in the New England area, a lot of
people don’t want to see me do good. And the reason why, I don’t know. I
really don’t care. But I just want to let you all know, you all [are]
the ones that are doing all the writing, all the pen, the pad and ink. I
don’t have any. So, anything that I may say will get blown out of

RM: (continued) Earlier in the week, I got asked a question about me being
here and me being unhappy. And me being unhappy doesn’t have anything to
do with me toning my game down. I’m here, and I understand my role. My
role is to take the ball deep and take the top off the defense. I think
earlier in the week, a lot of people were coming at me wrong about me
being unhappy. That’s like, for instance, if you worked for somebody,
everybody in here you work for somebody, unless you are independent, and
if you’re boss comes to you, sometimes you want your boss to tell you
you’re doing a good job. That’s every man or woman who works for
somebody. You want your boss to come through and be able to say he read
your column last night or this morning. He liked your column. And that’s
just the way [it is] with football. If you do a good job and think that
you’re doing a good job, you want to be appreciated. I really don’t
think that, me personally, that I’m appreciated. I don’t want you all to
take anything out of context that I’m saying because I am a man and
this is a job. I take my job very seriously, to heart. I want to let you
all now and I want to let the fans, the real fans of the New England
Patriots know, I’m not here to start any trouble. I’m here to play my
last year out of my contract. And I’ve said time and time again, before I
signed my first contract here, I want to be here in New England.
There’s a great group of guys here. Well coached group here. And I never
said that I wanted to leave New England. But I think that a lot of
things that have been written or been said are looking at me in a
negative light. And I don’t want it to be in a negative light. I just
want everybody to understand, you can print it. I don’t care how you put
it on your ink, I want to be here as a Patriot. I love being here. But I
just think from a business standpoint, this probably will be my last
year here as a Patriot. And I’m not retiring. I’m still going to play
some football. I just want to get that off my chest and let you all
understand that this is a business. Now I’ll open it up for questions.

Q: Why do you think that people don’t want to see you succeed?

RM: I’ve got a long history. My history has nothing to do with
anything too, too bad. Everybody has a certain mystique about them. I
guess that people just don’t like the way that I carry myself. If that’s
what it is, then that’s what it is.

Q: What people are you talking about?

RM: I don’t know. I read. You might not be one. You could be
one. But I’m not pointing fingers at any man or woman. I’m just telling
you straight up. We’re football players. Everybody’s not going to write
in their column today everything’s going to be positive. There’s going
to be some negatives. I’m just thinking that the journey that I’ve taken
to get to where I’m at, 13 years, I don’t really feel that I’m very
liked. And I’m not saying from you all. I don’t really give a damn if
you like me to be honest with you.

Q: Do you mean the fans?

RM: Listen here, what I’m trying to say is, I get a lot of
negative publicity on any word that I say. For instance, the word that I
used this week was ‘unhappy.’ And I don’t know who took it, but word
got back to me that that started a domino [effect] about me being
unhappy. But then I just told you all about you working for somebody and
you having a boss, you would like to feel appreciated. I’m not saying
that I’m not appreciated here. But I would like to feel that sometimes.
This is the last year of my contract. Nothing has been discussed.
There’s not been anything said. Not a letter. Nothing. I’m not saying
that I want to stay here, but I love playing here. If the future of my
job let’s me go to another team, then that’s what it’s going to be. But
for right now, I’m still in a contract for the New England Patriots, and
I have a job to do. So I’m going to play my year out and do the best of
my ability.

Q: Do you understand how bad this looks after a 38-24 win to stand up here and talk about the contract?

RM: I can honestly say this, ‘I don’t really talk much.’ And I
don’t want to take away from the win. But I think that before this
season gets started, I don’t want it to be week 10, week 11, week 12,
and we’re sitting here talking about a contract. What I want to let you
all know is, I know this is the last year of my contract and I’m here to
play it out. And I want to play some damn good football. That’s
basically what I’m trying to tell you. I don’t want to wait until week
12 or 13. Every week is not going to be good for me. I have two and
three guys on me sometimes. I don’t wait until week 9, 10 or 11 that I
have a bad game, and now the tables turn on me. ‘Oh he doesn’t want to
be here.’ That’s what I don’t want to happen. I’m not disrespecting the
organization. I’m not disrespecting my teammates for the victory that we
had today against the Cincinnati Bengals. But I think that this is my
first time talking this year, and I want to get it out there. I’m
definitely not being disgruntled or disrespectful. Like I said, this is
my first time talking.

Q: But it’s going to get spun that way.

RM: Somebody’s going to spin it. Anything that I say is going to
get spun around. I’m not trying to take away from the victory that we
had today. It’s been a long offseason for us. Bill [Belichick] put us
through a lot of hard work. From a physical standpoint, I’m paying for
it. The victory today that we had against the Cincinnati Bengals was
definitely well deserved because we prepared for it. By me ramping off
for me as an individual, like I said, I don’t want to take away from
what we did. I just want to get it off my chest because this is my first
time talking this year. You’re not going to hear much from me this
year. That’s basically what I’m trying to tell you. So I’m getting it
out of the way now.

Q: So if the organization comes to you and offers you a contract extension, would you sign it?

RM: I don’t want to talk about contracts. I just want to let you
all know that I’m here to play my last season out. If an opportunity
later on in the season presents itself for me to be a New England
Patriot, I will accept that. But if it doesn’t, I must move on. That’s
basically what I’m trying to tell you. Like I say, week 9, 10 or 11 down
the road, I don’t want things to fall back on my lap. This is week one,
so I’m trying to get it out there right now. Everybody can print it
however you copy it.

Q: What if that opportunity presents itself this offseason?

RM: This offseason? I don’t really want to get to that. I’m 33
years old. I think that when you’re brought into this league earlier,
you’re played off what you’re capable of doing. I’ve already showed that
I can play still at a high level at age 33. For me to be offered a
contract after this season is over, I think that would be a smack in my
face. So I don’t even really want to get into that.

Q: So do you think it’s time to go somewhere else?

RM: Regardless of what I’m sitting here saying, you all are
going to write what you want to write. All I’m saying is I’m not here to
start any trouble. I’m going to play my year out to the best of my
ability and try to play some damn good football. That’s what I trained
myself to do this offseason to play some damn good football and help
this team win. And that’s what I want to do.

Q: What did you mean that this offseason Bill Belichick put you through a lot and you’re paying for it physically?

RM: He never let up. We started out from OTAs. You local writers
know that [in the past] Bill has given me maybe a day here or there
off. I haven’t [had] any. From a physical standpoint, I’m kind of
feeling [it]. It’s nothing bad, it’s just old age, I guess.

Q: What part of your old age body is feeling it?

RM: Probably legs. Low back, legs. That’s nothing that a massage
and a cold tub won’t cure. I’m not young. I’m old. For us to go out and
play on this grass and pound on this turf, doesn’t really feel good.
I’m happy to be in this position. I’m very blessed, as I say time and
time again. I just want to make the best of this. I don’t want this to
be a negative. I want this to be a positive. Win or lose, I still want
to come out and play some good football.

Q: Tom Brady has gone out of his way to say that he wants you and he appreciates you. How much does that mean?

RM: It means a lot coming from Tom. He’s the face and the leader
of this team. We do a lot of talking daily. Tom knows how I feel about
this being my last year. Bill might call me into his office tomorrow,
but then again, you all know that this is my first time talking this
season. I’m not going to be up here talking every week. And you’re not
going to find me in the locker room. Well you’re going to find me, but
you’re not going to get me to talk because I’m not here to talk. I’m
here to play. It’s definitely very, very helpful for Tom to come to my
defense saying that he wants me here because I love playing here. I
don’t want to leave here. I don’t. But the business aspect of it, I’ve
got to look out for me and my family. So that’s where I’m coming from.

Q: Do you feel like you were misunderstood after the team charity event when you had headphones on?

RM: I really don’t want to get into it. That’s more in-house. So
we just take it. Whoever wrote what they wanted to write, and my music
was playing whatever I wanted to listen to.

Q: From our perspective, it looks like you just came off your best camp in New England. Would you agree with that?

RM: Since I’ve been here, yes. And that’s why I’m very excited
about this season. The Cincinnati Bengals are a good football team. They
won their division. They’re a playoff team. So for us to be able to
come out and play some good football, we can hang our hats on today. But
we have a great task next week with the Jets. Hopefully, Baltimore will
beat them up pretty good. Or beat each other up Monday. So we can get a
good game on Sunday. I’ve definitely been up and down just because I
don’t know what to except. The only thing I can do is take care of me.
And that’s to go out here and prepare each day, work hard, and do
whatever I can to help this team win.

Q: Are you excited to see Darrelle Revis next week?

RM: Am I excited to see Revis? I think I am because there was a
lot of talk last year. And I’m not taking anything from him. He did do
some good things last year to be the shutdown corner that he is. And I’m
not scared to say this–I prided my offseason on Revis. Like I said, I
take pride in what I do, but what he did last year was something that
even opened my eyes up as a wide receiver; that there’s a cornerback out
here that I really have to be on my A game. So I prided my offseason on
staying off of Revis Island.

Q: If you would talk more frequently, do you think you could
resolve some of the issues and misconceptions about what people write
about you?

RM: If I honestly cared about what you all write, I think I
would be up here talking to you every day, every single day. I probably
[would] have a couple of [your] phone numbers in my phone and vice
versa. But I really don’t care.

Q: You seem upset.

RM: I’m not upset. No, I’m not upset. This is my 13th year. This
isn’t my 2nd or 3rd year. You know what I’m saying. My 13th year in the
league, anything that I might say might most of the time get blown out
of context or get blown out of proportion. By the word that I used, me
being ‘unhappy,’ it’s not that I’m mad or trying to be disgruntled. I’m
hurt. You give me a word.

Q: You said not being wanted.

RM: That’s a good way to put it. I don’t want anything negative
to come out of this like it usually does. You know what I’m talking
about. I don’t really care about a lot of the extracurricular stuff that
you write. I know me. I know what I’m here for. I’m definitely excited
about this season. I don’t want people to take away from that. So that’s
why I said I wanted to get it out week one and not wait to week 11, 12
or 13 down the road to get it out.

Q: Do you expect to get called into Bill Belichick’s office tomorrow?

RM: If I do, then I’m just going to have to explain to Bill how I
feel. Put it like this: it’s already going to be headlines anyway about
me talking about my contract. Then again, I really don’t care. It’s a
job. This is a business. If you understand the business, then you’ll
understand where I’m coming from. But if you don’t understand the
business, this is not football. Football leaves you in college and high
school. This is a job. If you understand the nature of this job, then
you understand where I’m coming from. That’s all I’m saying. I’m old.
I’m not ready to leave the league yet, but I still have a family to
provide for. All I’m saying is, if I’m wanted here, I want to be here.
If I’m not going to be here, then that’s it. It’s as simple as that.
That’s all I’m saying.

Q: Do you have a good relationship with Robert Kraft?

RM: It’s fair. Mr. Kraft is a busy man, and he’s not seen around
here a lot during the week. But on the weekends, he’s here. We have a
relationship. Is it where I want to be or where he wants it to be? I
don’t know. I really don’t know how busy his schedule is, but as a
owner, we have a fair relationship.

66 responses to “The full Randy Moss transcript

  1. Only a matter of time before you get stuck on Florio Island with all of the bridges off burned.
    Maybe Tony Dungy can keep you company.
    Then again being a blogger you don’t really need access anywhere outside your office. Can just leach off everyone else’s.

  2. This is good news. I would like to see Randy and T.O for a Miami Heat like “player corp”.
    If you want to win. These two bookends can handle their respective postions

  3. W.
    This cry-baby is NOT worth this kind of press (seriously — who’s going to read his rant ?)
    I read the first, whiny sentence — and said: NO MAS.
    (maybe it’s Bus Cook ?)

  4. Hey Florio where is the post about TO’s twitter post
    Yes!! WE played bad!! No excuses!! There, u happy? I said it! Batman sucked & so did Robin! Nt how u start but how u Finish!
    that has to be worth a post

  5. Disturbed individual.
    How can you complain about a contract on one hand, and confess to being sore cause your old on the other hand. Who wants to pay this guy long term?
    Hello Dan Snyder and Jerry Jones.

  6. Obviously he knows the vikings are trying to trade for either him or vincent jackson and is trying to reduce the pats asking price to fulfill his lifelong dream of playing with Favre.
    Maybe Joel Segal was a good hire.

  7. Oh, man, Randy, please come back to Minnesota! You never should have left!
    Who doesnt want to feel appreciated?
    I see what your saying, “either way your going to be villified.”
    The guy just can’t win.

  8. So I am old but pay me I am a bitch but pay me
    I hurt all over but pay me
    Your done Moss finished you want money in NE STFU and catch the ball

  9. This guy has to be dealt with. He claims he’s not mad, but he sure sounds it. Maybe it’s time for BB to give the pass that Gruden gave Keyshawn Johnson. The younger players do not need this at all. Especially after an opening day win. I think Moss has issues that go well beyond the field.
    Say bye Randy. It’s been nice. Still no rings huh?

  10. How about the Jets being investigated twice, by the NFL, at the same time? One for being “frat boys” in the locker room and one for violating the off-season policy and visiting Sanchez’s Jets West Camp?

  11. I have great respect for Moss in this matter. The media needs to understand that irresponsible reporting is the reason Moss doesn’t talk much anyway. Wes Welker and the much of the success of the Patriot offense is due to the Randy Moss threat. I think they would be wise to extend the man.

  12. I started reading then (yawn) then read a little more then … ZZZzzzzzz.
    Now I have to clean up the puddle of drool on the keyboard.

  13. Moss comes across as an emotional guy who really dislikes the media. Can’t blame him, since the local media up there is such a disgrace to the great fans.
    Oh, and he MIGHT want a new contract with the Patriots. That part was a little hazy.

  14. Yes!! WE played bad!! No excuses!! There, u happy? I said it! Batman sucked & so did Robin! Nt how u start but how u Finish!
    oh cmon TO…you didnt play bad….tha Pats played awesome and kicked your asses. Nice padding of yours and Chads stats though after the Pats put it in cruise.
    AFC East Champs….Again!

  15. Randy Moss is not a bad guy. He is needy and hates to hear bad things said about him read bad things written about him. That may make him a diva. But it is also a licencse for many in the Boston media to go after him JUST for a story. Usual suspects are Borges, Felger, and Tanguay. It’s easy and cheap and those three thrive on easy and cheap.

  16. He’s making about $9 mil this year, right?
    Randy, let your game do the talking for you. People write about you because you feed them stuff to print.

  17. When Moss was in junior high school — eighth grade, I think — scouts were already attending his games. His coach even wanted his autograph!
    What does that do to his expectations of being appreciated? When, from junior high school, everyone tells you you’ll be the greatest player ever, when everyone sucks up to you because of your football skills, when you even call yourself the “Freak”, I imagine you expect to be treated with respect.
    What he’s trying to say makes perfect sense. He expects to be appreciated more than he feels he has been appreciated (by the media, I think — vampires always looking for blood). He wants to be paid like one of the top receivers in the game because he is one of the top receivers, and he feels he’s been a good citizen.
    Yet everyone dogs him every time he says anything.
    The press wants stories. Moss makes himself the story (even when he wants to be left alone) because he thinks he’s one of the best in the game. Still people think he’s trying to finagle a new contract (like Brady did) and he doesn’t expect to get it.

  18. Sounds like a guy who desperately wants to remain w/NE..and is bummed they haven’t reached out to him.
    Just a thought, but he’s @ $9 mill/year…and the franchise tag is approx $9.5…Franchise him for 2 years & by then, he’ll only able to get $3mill or so.
    Guy can play…and can play well.

  19. Nothing new here. He wants security and is letting it be known now before a bunch of crap towards the end of the season. If he leaves, Minnesota will gladly welcome him back. But I think he’d rather play for the Patriots.

  20. He’s probably a half-way decent guy in his older age, but you can see how athletes are often good at one thing and nothing else. He plays like a HOFer, but he has no idea how to make his point without contradicting messages, and he has no concept of how outsiders view this unclear nonsense.

  21. Bravo Randy. During his entire career the media has been trying to make him into some kind of bad guy, and he’s just the opposite. Glad the guy finally got out there to defend himself. I’m sure the usual suspects in the media will find a way to pit a negative spin on this.

  22. To clarify, something he does poorly, his message wasn’t good. Because it is confusing. It’s confusing because he doesn’t have an agent working for him. He needs someone in his ear, tell him to stay silent, and making bland statements for him.

  23. Randy;
    Rule #1. Never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never talk to the media.
    Rule #2. Never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never read, watch or listen to anything the media has to report about you.
    If you follow these two simple rules, I promise you this: You will never, never, never be unhappy with the media’s opinions about you.

  24. While begging for a contract extension once the season has started is somewhat tasteless, it seems to have dawned on Moss what his situation is.
    He’s 33 years old and in the last year of his contract. Previously he was content to talk about moving on into free agency.
    Now he’s realized that with a probable lockout in 2011 by the time he’s actually on the free agent market he will be 35.
    Seems like he’s only just realizing what that means in terms of guaranteed money – I’d think that his asking price with the Patriots may have dropped signficantly now that he understands this.
    Even so, the Patriots would probably be wise to let Moss earn his next contract rather than allowing him to go on autopilot with a multi-yar signing bonus in his bank account.

  25. He’s been a pretty good guy and a very good player in NE, all things considered. Most great wide receivers are a little out there anyway, and all this guy is really doing is SPEAKING FROM THE HEART. Just because he makes a lot of money playing football doesn’t mean he has to have no heart. He’s right when he says we all want to be appreciated, and what he hasn;t said, and would probably help, is that all players that ARE WANTED are generally extended before their final contract year. Now that Logan Mankins appears gone for good, they may be able to address Moss. I don’t like to see any disharmony after a great start, but the man has a number of points about both the organization (they should extend him for what he has done) and the media, which never misses an opportunity to demonize this guy. Randy’s worst antics pale in comparison to most others. He’s been a stand up guy in NE. I lived in NE for 12 years in the 70’s and 80’s and I can say without reservation that the media there is very very dark. Sadistic. You get a glimpse of that with the direction the line of questioning took. They couldn;t take him at his word. They had to ask leading questions……….that were designed to lead to a negative outcome. They repeat questions, to try and catch you in a contradiction, over the minutest details. They do this because they believe negative stories sell. Even when things are going well, there are guys in the media there that just can’t enjoy it. A prime example is Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe. That guy is ALWAYS the turd in the punch bowl. It’s hard for me to believe that joker is still on staff. His dad must own the newspaper.
    Anyway, the bottom line is Moss is a great wide receiver that happens to like where he works, wants to stay employed there, and his feelings are hurt because his affections aren’t being returned. He’s not doing anything radical. He’s just getting it off his chest so he can go out and play like he can. Sounds human to me. Who cares if some guys would never say a word. Most guys have no where near the negative media attention he gets and he wants to set the record straight before the massive negative media spin begins the moment the media decides his facial expressions say he isn’t “engaged” or some other nonsense they need to create to sell papers.
    I would gladly beat the living crap out of just about every Boston sports writer. They are largely a bunch of d-bags and a-holes.
    I hope Moss has a great season. I hope the Patriots extend him. If they don’t, I hope he gets a nice contract somewhere in the NFC. I think he’s going to have a good year, because Brady looks like he is about to tear off an MVP season, and Moss will be a big part of that.

  26. Pats would be nuts not to resign Moss..the great ones and Moss IS a great one can last..look at Rice in Oakland…Tom Brady, Wes Welker, and Randy Moss is the top QB-WR1-WR2 combo in the league.
    Moss basically took two years off in Oakland, he’s got a few more good to great seasons in him.

  27. I hate the media about as much as you Randy. They will try to make a big deal out of everything. Then the fans get all riled up. Then the media makes it into an even bigger story hoping for the team to implode and make some good stories.
    What I don’t understand is how players and teams let the BS affect them. Don’t worry about what the media writes. Just do your job. They only have an effect on you if you let them.

  28. Moss was trying to call out the media for the “doom and gloom” reporting style they have in the boston media. After the 2 preseason loses and some injuries, the Boston media has claimed the Pats will burn and crash pretty much. Reporters have claimed Moss will dog it and the D will not be able to stop the run or cover any receiver. The Boston media has a very negative style of reporting lately when it comes to the Pats.

  29. This dude is disturbed. He is a great talent but he has no idea what he is talking about. Just a rambling incoherent statement about not getting a contract but he doesn’t want to talk about contracts when asked directly. Seems like a public bitch session…couldn’t read it all. He is good but an ingrate

  30. What kind of questions were those??? All they kept asking him about was his contract… therefore he had to keep repeating himself…i want the last 5 min of my life back! GO STEELERS!!!!

  31. Cicero, one of ancient Rome’s greatest orators, can rest easy tonight, as Randy Moss is not in his league. But his inarticulate way is endearing for one reason: it’s genuine. The guy speaks from the heart.
    Unlike Terrell Owens, Moss rarely grants media interviews. He is not a publicity hound, choosing instead to be seen and heard publicly on the field Sunday afternoons, rather than on a reality show.
    My observation is this: he’s hurt. Now, before the piling on starts, no one is suggesting that NFL fans—many of whom are unemployed, fighting tooth and nail to put a meal on the table or keep their house—should feel sorry for this guy, a multi-millionaire. That’s crazy.
    But I watched his post-game interview. I saw the emotion not conveyed by the transcript above. And I asked one question: Why does Moss, a multi-millionaire with a first-ballot Hall of Fame career, feel hurt? It’s not just about money. He’s FINALLY found a home—a quarterback that he truly respects, and a team that was one Asante Samuel-dropped interception from becoming the greatest in NFL history—without cheating. But like Asante Samuel, he feels—rightly or wrongly—underappreciated.

  32. It’s too bad because he probably just ruined his chances of signing an extension in NE. Belichick wouldn’t do it now based on principle alone. It’s not the way they do business in the media. Moss should have used Brady as an example – Show up, do your job, keep quiet, say the right thing…..and we’ll pay you.
    If they paid him now……it would be sending a message: Wine, piss and moan about your contract…..then we’ll sit down and negotiate. They won’t do it now. I’m a NE fan and I can’ t believe this. He had done such a good job at separating himself from the crap in the past and the other diva WR’s by just going out and producing. What a shtstorm he just created now…..

  33. He’s right about on thing; there are people (like Michael Felger) who want to see him fail and use their 4 hour daily show on the Patriot’s “Flagship Station.” to carry out their vendettas that date back to Randy’s days as a Viking when he regularly broke poor Felger’s heart (he’s from WI and is a Packers fan). So everyday him and his sidekick Tony Mazzarotti berate Randy. Then Felger gets on Comcast Sportsnet where he and Captain Shamrock Gary Tang-gay continue the vendetta. It’s vile. Just tune into Boston’s 98.5 from 2 to 6 to hear it and judge for yourself.
    Look at it from Randy’s perspective. They guy is in the last year of his contract with a potential lockout coming and at his age, that makes him vulnerable. The guy is concerned and he has every right to be. He’s done everything asked of him and more and he feels like he’s being hung out to dry unnecessarily.
    I admire the Krafts and what they have accomplished in business and in sports. But, too often they are guilty of being inconsiderate when it comes to communicating with their employees (i.e., their players). Too often I hear players complaining they’ve heard nothing from the team in the final year of their contracts and that leaves them feeling disrespected. The Krafts need to learn that a little common courtesy will go a long way to avoiding situations like this.

  34. This reminds me of when Wayne Chrebet would outplay Keyshawn Johnson and Keyshawn would whine and complain in a fit of ego.
    Seems like Wes Welker had a great game, the gameplan focused on Welker, bruised Randy’s gigantic ego and this is the brunt of it
    Grow up.

  35. What’s he bitchin’ about? He’s got a 9 million dollar contract for this season … which means they are paying him to participate in 16 regular season, one-hour contests.
    Next year? Good grief … EARN IT by doing well this year.
    Child Please! Even after all these years … he still has a little Viking in him …

  36. Poor Randy, I guess making millions and doing a job you love–is just not good enough for you.
    We sincerely sympathize………..
    The American People

  37. Look at what the guy is saying. As a life-long Patriots fan I definately hope he gets an extension and a nice paycheck.
    Many people totally forget about all the injuries he played through last year and the 100% effort he gave to take the top off the defense on nearly every play.
    You line-up for 80% of your snaps knowing that you are a decoy and that you need to go 15-20yds. to sell it everytime and that you will constantly be doubled-up. Do you think that would get frustrating?
    The guy is a star and he wants to get the ball just as much as every other offensive player. For everyone to bash him like this because he totally understands the business side of the NFL is, frankly, quite foolish.
    The media will feed on this because they are always searching for a story and all the lemmings out there that refuse to read the entire transcript will blindly accept what is regurgitated to them in short form.

  38. This is the kind of thing that kills any sympathy the players have against the owners. The owners are stinking rich, it’s true, but the players can point their fingers in the air all they want, this is what the fan sees: Moss, Haynesworth, Revis, and all the guys making asses of themselves when they say the millions aren’t enough. The owners (except for Jerry Jones) know enough to keep low profiles and their mouths shut.

  39. Fact #1- no NE super bowl wins with Moss!
    And i think he knows great teams stay great by cutting bait.
    He has lost all leverage and seems to know it and even if they can make a good run this year he knows he is not part of the future.
    Go quietly Randy just like many of past patriot vetrans…..oh thats right…they got rings and hence were appreciated.

  40. Favre wants Moss, Moss wants Favre and the Vikings want both of them.
    Once Favre has Moss, he’ll likely sign 2 year extension with no talk of retirement.

  41. Moss’ comments grow, in part, out of the Patriot’s treatment of Logan Mankins. Moss doesn’t believe the dutiful soldier act works.
    The Mankins’ saga is almost surreal. Why couldn’t the Patriots live with press reports saying Mankins apologized to Bob Kraft? Why can’t Mankins understand that his public statements harmed the team’s “goodwill value” and the public image of Kraft that that the Kraft family has spent years to construct? For all of us who live under our corporate masters understand, owners want the best employees, even the independent-minded ones, but you can’t spit in their eye and damage their brand. I respect Mankins’ stand but question if it is worth both deferring and impairing his ability to collect $35MM.

  42. moss seems to have a good image of the “big picture”. he has learned alot in his career thru dealing with the media. he seems to be a general good guy. a few incidents and many things blown out of proportion and he gets a bad rap. we all have our own pride and one can see where randy is coming from. would you be upset if you gave your body and time to a league year in and year out and you had no security of next year? the man feels hurt. when he came to ne he had doubters and he markedly proved every one of them wrong. gave his every effort to the patsies. he isn’t even holding out, he’s just saying he feels hurt.
    guys who’ve held out to get that financial security….
    revis island
    lady quinn
    javon walker
    v jax
    logan mankins
    sean gilbert
    im sure there are many many more but these guys all wanted long term security. rand maw didn’t even say he wants a raise, he just wants a commitment.

  43. NFL: Randy, you have to make yourself available to the media, or face fines.
    Randy: Blah blah blah (Randy being Randy)
    NFL: ok, no more interviews.
    Randy: Thanks.
    He’s not the most polished public speaker but I love the guy. Go Randy!!
    Screw you Felger and Tanguay (dark lining for every silver cloud).

  44. Ya know, if this weren’t just a game an’ all, I’d care. I’d be in here every day, talking to you. But it’s just a game. So I don’t care. I mean, I’m older, and I just have to take care of myself and my family. And I love this site, if that means I’m posting here I’m OK with that. But here or somewhere else, I plan to be posting somewhere next year. It’s just a game. So I don’t care, really. (repeat 12x)

  45. say what you will about randy, his play and his attitude but being from MN, i can confidently say that %90 of vikings fans would take him back in a heartbeat.

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