The Lions make a stand

Playing without Matthew Stafford, the Lions aren’t rolling over in the second half against Chicago.

The team’s rebuilt defensive line stuffed the Bears on four straight plays from the one-yard line early in the quarter while playing with a 14-13 lead.

Matt Forte was stuffed three times out of four, and Jay Cutler threw an incomplete pass.  The Bears struggled earlier in the game on the goal line too.

Many folks will question Lovie Smith’s decision to go for it on fourth down.  We’d rather question the team’s inability to develop any offensive linemen that can run block.

The Bears have about four minutes left to stop the Lions and save Smith from hitting the hot seat rather early.

28 responses to “The Lions make a stand

  1. Yes, many folks will question Lovie Smith’s decision not to take a chip shot field goal to take the lead and give his defense a chance to hold on to win the game.
    Only idiots like Rosenthal will disagree.

  2. Ref just gave the bears the game. Most F’ed up crap all season. The refs need to get bent and the NFL needs to do something about it.

  3. Calvin Johnson/Detroit ROBBED of a win. I don’t even care about the Lions, but a crime and a shame by the NFL.

  4. I’m a bears fan, but we just won on a bullshit call. Florio will be writing about this one…Megatron had a clear TD called back.

  5. the NFL is dead to me
    moronic call at the end of that game simply f’n moronic.
    WTF does Calvin have to do ? hold on the the ball until he hits the showers ??

  6. That catch in the endzone rule is retarded. When the player makes the catch the play should be over. How is it still a catch when it is caught and then spiked?

  7. the NFL is dead to me
    moronic call at the end of that game simply f’n moronic.
    WTF does Calvin have to do ? hold on the the ball until he hits the showers ??

  8. Absolutely horrible ending because of the ref’s. Calvin puts two feet down, lands on his ass, then rolls over and lets go of the ball and its not a TD. The world knows Detroit and their 2nd string QB just beat your sorry asses.

  9. They got screwed. How is a TD not a TD if the guy has the ball and both feet and his butt hit the turf?!!?
    The NFL needs to simplify some rules. Way too many stupid rules that ruin the game.

  10. The Lions just got the shaft.
    The “process” of the catch was complete. Johnson was just pushing himself up off the ground, to stand up!
    What a joke

  11. The Lions got robbed on that TD to Calvin Johnson in the closing moments. I appreciate the game needs rules, but both his feet were down, he had control of the ball, his knee was down, his hand was down…and somehow that is not a touchdown? The Lions probably lost Stafford for the season, so this was their only shot at a win this year. I don’t think I can live through an 0-16 season again. I think after 19 years of watching the NFL that this was the last straw. I’m done.

  12. Let me just say I will miss the days of watching NFL football. The nail biting last minute stands, the unbelievable last second plays.. I have been an avide fan for many years. However, the last several years of NFL football have left no dought in my mind that it is Indeed fixed.. I have only one thing to say to anyone who has a dought. The game between Chicago and Detroit 9-12-10. The final seconds Detroits receiver caught a perfect pass and scored a touch down.. There is no disputing it.. I dont care who you are I and tens of thousands saw it.. And for the NFL to overturn what was completely obvious to everyone in the stadium and watching on TV just shows the power and the total disconnect between what was once a sport , and now a fixed and corrupted mass money making corperation.

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