Andy Reid reiterates: Kevin Kolb is the starter, Mike Vick is the backup

There’s a quarterback controversy in Philadelphia, but Eagles coach Andy Reid says that the controversy exists entirely outside the confines of the Eagles’ locker room.

Reid is the decider, and he’s unwavering in his decision: Kevin Kolb is his starter and Michael Vick is Kolb’s backup.

“That’s now what’s happening,” Reid said today when asked about the budding quarterback controversy, per Jordan Raanan of “Kevin Kolb is the No. 1 quarterback.”

But Reid acknowledged that Kolb is still feeling the effects of the concussion he suffered Sunday, and he was sent home without watching film today after he failed a neurological test. That would seem to suggest that Vick will be the starter Week Two against the Lions.

And if Vick plays against the Lions like he did against the Packers, the quarterback controversy will just get more, um, controversial. This issue isn’t going away, no matter how emphatic Reid is about labeling Kolb as the starter.

71 responses to “Andy Reid reiterates: Kevin Kolb is the starter, Mike Vick is the backup

  1. “and he was sent home without watching film today after he failed a neurological test”
    Good grief. THE MAN HAS A CONCUSSION REID, Vick is going to start!
    Get over it.
    Why is Andy Reid being such a fag about this?

  2. I don’t understand why you keep harping on this.
    Media: “QB controversy”
    Reid: “Kolb is the QB”
    Media: “QB controversy”
    Reid: “Kolb is still the QB”
    unfair to judge Vick vs Kolb because Vick has had much more real game experience, whereas Kolb has had 3 full games experience now, 1 bad half against the Ravens, 1 bad half against the Packers, and 2 great games against the Saints/Chiefs.
    Kolb might in fact suck, but when you trade a franchise QB to start a new guy, you have to at least see what he’s got over more than a half. Especially when he gets pulled out every 3 plays for some wildcat crap.
    Vick did play well, I think he would not have had the Packers gameplanned to play against only him.
    People say Vick gives us best chance to win now, but if it’s a choice between Vick and 9-7 (face it, we don’t have the superbowl squad this season) and Kolb and 6-10, while our young quarterback can develop, I choose 6-10.

  3. Vick should be the Starter. No one has more Motivation to prove himself and a New Contract next year either with Eagles or somewhere else than Vick. If they would have called a better play on a 4th and 1 in a Shotgun Formation for a QB sneak then they would have actually tied this game. Who knows what would have happened in OT. Look for Vick to have a total of 450 plus yards on the ground and through the air against Detroit just to make Eagle Nation more Pissed Off.

  4. Nice to see Andy fully supporting his players…except the punch-drunk ones, which he just re-inserts into the game.

  5. Why are you fanning the flames Florio?
    Let me get this straight, the backup QB played average in a Week 1 loss so now theres a QB controversy?? What world are we living in?
    The real unanswered question here is: How does Andy Reid have such a good win loss record despite being THE WORST CLOCK MANAGER IN THE ENTIRE LEAGUE?
    Nah, QB controversy is much jucier…

  6. 49er’s, Panther’s, and Cardinals should make a run for Vick now. Too much talent to be sitting on the Bench if Kolb is starting. 49ner’s can trade Alex Smith and a 3rd or 2nd for Vick and that would solve Reid’s controversy. Unless he is scared as hell to play against him.

  7. Control freaks like Reid think if they say it, it is so. Kolb stunk out loud yesterday….one game a season does not make, but Vick sure as hell made the game more interesting and closer than Kolb was going to. I give Kolb 4 starts max and you’ll see Vick in there full time.

  8. Andy Reid would also like to go ahead and immediately use up all six of his timeouts for next week’s game.

  9. Whether Andy likes it or not, Vick is the starting QB when Kolb is failing neurological tests.

  10. Courious..
    If Kolb is the starter, why yank him out every third play and to go with Vick in the “Wildcat”? Show Kolb soon confidence and let him develop. He needs to be given the opportunity to lead the team, get into the flow of the game and establish himself. He’ll play better knowing he’s your QB rather than looking over his shoulder on the way back to the huddle. Damn, you’re wearing his ass out running on and off the field.
    Make up your mind on who you want at QB, then let him play. The Wildcat is ineffective when you use it every fouth offensive play.

  11. Enjoyed watching Andy Reid go for the Waffle House menu to place his postgame order as the clock ran out. Martha, I’ll take my Eagles slathered, smothered and scattered. Hail!

  12. This week could not have gone any worse for the Eagle brass.
    (1) Kevin Kolb stinks it up in his first game- He had the deer in head lights look the entire half. He should have had two picks, but both times packer defenders couldnt hold on to the ball
    (2)Kevin Kolb gets hurt and gives Michael Vick an opportunity to light it up and almost single handedly lead them to a come back to beat the packers
    (3) Kolb is more than likely going to be out for the next game against the Lions. I repeat the LIONS. Which is going to give M. Vick another opportunity against an inferior team at that to make a even bigger QB controversy
    (4) They take a home field divisional loss
    (5) To top it off Donovan McNabb and the Redskins beat the Dallas Cowboys
    The football Gods have served a huge egg on the Eagles upper management, that I think is going to take this entire year to wipe off.

  13. Good for you Vick. As a Skins fan it’s hard for me to like them dirty birds, but I was mad my team didn’t get you on the cheap like they did. Philly’s No. 4 is out the door with Andy and company if Donovan comes back to bite that A$$. Too much talent to hold back and lose, i.e. Where’s Leinart ? And wait until them boo’s come raining down in the city of “brotherly love”. They’re like the Jet’s of the NFC, one good QB away from playin’ in Jerry Jones’ palace. They were sayin’ Vick would take Donovan’s job last year after Donovan told Andy to take a chance on No. 7, he wasn’t ready then but he sure as hell is ready now. Put him in coach, it’s not fair to all football fans, personally I don’t think Kolb can last in the NFC East anyways. Osi & Tuck, Ratliff &Ware, Orakpo, and you thought Clay Mathews put a hurtin’ on him, try play all of the above twice a year and be thankful Trent Cole wears the same colors.

  14. Wasn’t Reid defending McNabb and saying he was the Eagles starter until about 5 minutes after the trade? He is just trying to defend a poor decision. Kolb looked bad and got knocked out. I can’t stand Vick but the entire Eagles team looked different (better) when he took the field. It seems the team itself lacks confidence in Kolb.

  15. Vick may have more motivation to prove himself because it’s a contract year, but you can’t be so short sighted – Reid & co don’t think he’s the starter of the future, or else they would consider it/extend his contract
    even if he has one good season which won’t win a championship – especially when people get used to playing him – you would further stunt the growth of a young qb you expect to take control.
    and if Kolb does in fact suck, at least we’ll get a high enough draft pick to take a highly rated rookie QB
    Vick started for a long time, single handled got his team to an NFC championship and did nothing else of note…it’s insanity to think that if McNabb couldn’t do it in Andy’s system that Vick could

  16. C’mon Kolb why did you have to stink up the joint? Doesnt Andy already have enough on his plate?
    PFT Folk Hero

  17. “And if Vick plays against the Lions like he did against the Packers, the quarterback controversy will just get more, um, controversial.”
    What game were you watching, MDS? Vick blew several chances to come back in that game. He played some mediocre football, but not well enough to win. In what universe should that invite controversy?

  18. philly fans you should be ashamed of yourselves. you had a great qb and booed him every chance you got. fatboy ran him out of town and now look at what you got going on. Makes me laugh.

  19. Reid’s ego is bigger than his waistline. Benching Kolb would be admitting a huge mistake. Plus benching Kolb would totally destroy Kolb’s confidence. That said, I’m all for the Vick era

  20. If Bradley or Kolb play the Eagles should be fined. They were both knocked out cold.
    @ KolbFan
    Vick played great, Kolb sucked, and Andy Reid is the WORST clock manager in the history of the NFL.

  21. McNabb didn’t get his team in the end zone either…let’s not crown his ass…
    The trade was made for the future of the franchise, and though Kolb looked TERRIBLE yesterday, he deserves a shot to prove himself.
    Any football fan has to admit that watching 7 run around the field was pretty fun…It looked like Tecmo Bowl…like he was Marcus Allen or Bo Jackson…AWESOME

  22. Vick was going to be the starter all along.
    I used to live outside of Philly, and the fans there are quick to hang any player. Most people were pretty upset about the idea of Vick coming to town – it was all over the local radio stations when it happened.
    Reid can’t just go and make Vick the starter without enraging the city, so, knowing that everyone would want to see Kolb run out of town once they lost their first few games, Reid is sitting back and letting the city make the call for Vick.
    Reid saying “Kolb is the starter” when he knows Kolb can’t start is just Reid covering his ass to the portion of the public that still hates Vick.
    While I’m not comparing the crimes, Pittsburgh will forgive anything Roethlisberger allegedly did once he comes back and wins some games. Reid is hoping Philly will do the same once Vick delivers a winning streak.
    Kolb getting concussed is icing on the cake for Reid. Now he does not have to wait for him to fail.

  23. I watched that whole game and honestly it was Philly’s Oline that played like crap the difference was Vick was able to scramble and make plays on the run where as kolb wasn’t.
    If Im Philly fan I’d live and die with Kolb there and pray he gets some time in the pocket to throw to those receivers….
    Vick benefited from not being gameplanned for (Dom Capers said as much saying he had several good play calls he had to throw out when Vick entered the game) and being behind by 17 points in the third quarter. The packers Pass rush was still getting to him he just was able to narrowly avoid it on several occasions.
    Not to mention he is a scum bag he kills dogs for sport.

  24. Why????? Kolb has more career INT’s than TD’s!! He’s unproven….Vick still got it and is ready to move on…I hope Kolb goes on IR, or retires with Glen Coffee.

  25. For the Dmac supporters – total of 6 points last night against a dallas team who did everything it could to lose.
    For the m vick supporters – first off if you support him you’re a POS anyway, but from a football standpoint he played ok against a tired defense who didn’t plan for a game full of him. He IS NOT and never will be a starter again for a real team.
    For the poster who wants to trade alex smith and a pick for vick – DONE! eagles couldn’t get anything for him in the offseason only reason he is still here.
    As for Andy – pulling out your new starting qb every third play to try some gadget wildcat bull is asinine. The guy out-thinks himself constantly.

  26. FireJerryJones says:
    September 13, 2010 2:46 PM
    Who’s fatter… Reid or Rex?
    Reid in the belly, Rex in the chin

  27. Vick is one dimensional and I am not talking about his dog killing expertise. Big deal, he lead a comeback against a defense that was playing soft with a 17 point lead and still came up short, am I suppose to be impressed?
    Watch what happens when a team gets to game plan against him, the same thing that happened when he was with Atlanta, can’t win in the big spot.
    Go back to passing STD’s and waking and baking, Vick will never be a playoff winning QB.

  28. can guys please stop crying for mcWine -he does enough himself. He got more than fair treatment here.
    I can’t wait for the first public criticism of dmac by Shanahan. All-Pro pouting for three weeks.

  29. There is no QB controversy in Philly despite your attempts to drum one up. We already know what Vick can do and we know it’s not good enough. The team did not give Kolb a multi-year extension just to bench him after one bad half.

  30. @the stan
    “Any football fan has to admit that watching 7 run around the field was pretty fun…It looked like Tecmo Bowl…like he was Marcus Allen or Bo Jackson…AWESOME”
    And any human being would vomit at that sight.

  31. While the QB controversy may now be Kolb vs. Vick, I didn’t see anything, watching Donovan McNabb’s performance Sunday night, to suggest that the Eagles made the wrong decision in sending Donovan packing. Even though the Redskins won the game (largely because of a bonehead play by Dallas on the last play of the 1st half) I thought that McNabb played pretty mediocre. Certainly nothing to suggest that the outcome of the Packers game would have been any different if he would have been back there instead of Kolb/Vick.

  32. did Vick play well, absolutely, but the fact of the matter is that GB had game planned for Kolb, not Vick. Vick is a supreme athlete but with appropriate game planning it may have been a different outcome…besides, philly, you didn’t see enough of him short hopping and throwing behind receivers down the stretch? He’ll get one more chance to show it this weekend though as Kolb most likely doesn’t play.

  33. lol at people talking about Vick’s missed throws and ‘botched’. could he have played better? sure? but did you see the other guy????

  34. @ mycokecan – Relax big guy. No one booed McNabb except for 30 idiots led by a dumb radio host. The city liked and supported McNabb but over the course of 11 years without a Superbowl, the relationship did geet strained. Maybe us fans did over react in some cases but McNabb NEVER took responsibility for anything so before you go saying that we booed him, learn the facts clown.

  35. With the horrible offensive line that Philly has, starting Vick makes sense.
    But that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a better QB. It just means he can run away better.

  36. to you bums that say vick played ok or the defense was tired. lol your stupid. he played a half and tore it up! If he starts we win that game easy! face it kolbs garbage! I love philly but dudes not impressing me 1 bit. 25 yards in the 1st half thats garbage. i’d rather have bobby hoying ty detmer or rodney peete back! vick played extremely well for just stepping in and taking over like he did good for him. i was a reid supporter but man hes wearing out his welcome fast! sign vick 3 yrs look to groom someone else that slips in the draft. imagine if we had a coach that new what hes doing… and boy i miss JIM JOHNSON BIG TIME!!!

  37. and letting bradley go in after he collapsed like that is down right stupid. i dont care what tests he passed that was flat out stupid. the league should get involved.

  38. Look I like Kevin Kolb and I think he is going to be a good pocket QB. The problem is it’s very tough to win games when you don’t have a pocket to pass from. The O-Line is nothing short of a disaster; Clay Mathews isn’t gona be the only one chasing Kolb down.
    Vick forces a D to keep that one extra guy back so you don’t have a rover looking to come on that late blitz after the hole opens. Now even if that guy comes Vick is going to have a lane to run. We can neutralize the O-Line poor play just by having him in the game.
    Beyond that if the team truly believes that Kolb is the future why get him killed his first year? Vick has a one and done deal with the Eagles, if he gets hurt what do you lose it’s a win win! I say use Vick now, rebuild the O-Line in the draft, put the FT on Vick get a high draft pick 4 him, and welcome the Kevin Kolb era on better terms!
    The only reason not to do that is to save face in the league so people don’t say we shouldn’t have let DMAC go! Anyway you cut it if Kolb fails we will hear that criticism. Kolb is the future, but we need to make him that starter on our terms, favorable terms, at a time he can shine!
    That isn’t a QB controversy it’s common sense and good coaching!

  39. McNabb sucks….hail to the Redskins!…bask in his ineptitude and choke-a-rific sensibilities. have fun with him DC folks…you’ll love him.
    The Redskins offense did absolutely nothing in that game except dink and dunk here and there. McNabb has no targets and a questionable O-line. He stinks, ta boot. You saw what he gives you against a decent defense with a 3-4 scheme….nothing.
    Vick stinks, too, but when your O-line cant get out of its own way, his wheels come in handy. McNabb cant run anymore, and Kolb just cant run.
    Now, gameplan accordingly with Vick and the Iggles can win some ballgames. We’ll just have to deal with pick’o plenties and balls thrown behind receivers…again.

  40. Sadly, Vick is the better QB. Kolb has not thrown a TD yet since being named the starter. He looked like a 3rd stringer yesterday. Thankfully Reid lost the game for the Eagles because had they won, Vick would be the new hero in Philly. It seems like the players respond to Vick better as well. But without your C and FB, it’s pretty much moot as its over for Philly already in all likely hood.
    and the worst part for Philly fans has to be the fact MCNABB IS LAUGHING ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK NOW.

  41. How about playing the guy who gives you the best chance at winning, all this QB of the future stuff is garbage how did that work out for Arizona, San Fran it’s not rocket science it’s football. Right now Michael Vick is the best chance at getting back to the playoffs anyone can see that.

  42. They didn’t let Kolb watch the film because they don’t want him to know that he didn’t finish the game and his team lost. They’re waiting for a better time to break the news to him.

  43. Funny how a lot of these posts are trying to bash McNabb and the Skins. Don’t you guys think you should probably stick to worrying about your own team? McNabb is in a new system and wasn’t able to practice until the week of the game, and the Dallas D is no joke. Que the “McNabb will miss games” comments. That’s fine, I’d rather have Grossman than either of your QB’s. Good luck to you Eagles! You will need it.

  44. Reid is maybe the worst in game manager in the NFL. His calling of timeouts yesterday should result in suspension from the league.. Thank goodness Vick comes in and ad libs

  45. Man, it has to be killing some people here that Vick is part of the conversation as a football player.
    Hell, the readers here comprise sports “moral majority” and to have a guy who at one time killed dogs ( which from what I can gather, is apparently a crime far worse than any perpetuated against human beings) actually playing again, and performing well, must drive them absolutely crazy.
    Not to worry though. Im sure you guys will find some other people in which to feel superior. Or at least try…

  46. Does nobody else think that after the game Vick just hasd… that it’s the PERFECT time to trade him?
    Carolina? Perhaps even INDY would like a back-up to Peyton? Just think, a team goes from gameplanning against the most immobile QB of all time, to the most mobile QB of all time. You put Vick in for a couple packages… and watch the other team’s heads spin.
    Or uh, Miami to run wild with Ronnie and Ricky. And throw to Brandon Marshall. Minnesota to be the starter once Favre is injured or finally finished playing. Arizona once they realize barely beating the Rams does NOT mean he’s their answer.

  47. Yeah, Vick could get us to 8-8 and maybe the 8th spot with a lot of help from other teams collapsing.
    Kind of like with McNabb the last two years, but the decision was that that wasn’t enough.
    Super Bowl or bust.
    And, dazzling as Vick was yesterday, I wonder if a team that prepares for him all week gives up that kind of production. I hope he will keep it up, but I cannot recall who won with a gimmicky QB like this.

  48. Dear Andy,
    Once again, we would like to thank you for reiterating that Kevin Kolb is the starting QB for the Eagles
    The rest of the NFC East

  49. I absolutely dislike Mike Vick as a human being. But as an avid football fan (DALLAS COWBOYS) I must say Mike Vick suprised the hell out of me how well he played yesterday.

  50. Running quarterback = no SuperBowl
    Kolb is the future, people.
    Or some other pocket passer, if they want to win.
    Wait til the defenses start preparing for Vick and see the result.

  51. Reid may become this year’s Jeff Fisher – his starter may leave him no choice but to play the backup all season.

  52. The Eagles need a guy who charges up the team and changes the course of the game, and that guy right now is obviously Michael Vick.
    When he’s in the game, nothing’s guaranteed, but you can bet on some fireworks – why else watch football, anyway?

  53. Mooch says:
    September 13, 2010 5:07 PM
    Yeah, Vick could get us to 8-8 and maybe the 8th spot with a lot of help from other teams collapsing.
    Kind of like with McNabb the last two years, but the decision was that that wasn’t enough.
    Super Bowl or bust.
    did you read that BS? Super Bowl or bust huhn? with Kolb huhn? Nobody seems to remember preseason 2009 Celek speaking to a reporter regarding Kolb ” all he does is throw INT’s”.
    Kolb is garbage those to games he had last year were Rob Johnson Smoke and mirrors. UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON people. Ware, Klingler, and now this dude here.
    TheWizard says:
    September 13, 2010 6:27 PM
    Running quarterback = no SuperBowl
    Kolb is the future, people.
    Or some other pocket passer, if they want to win.
    Wait til the defenses start preparing for Vick and see the result.
    I seem to remember a few games in January of 2002 and 2004 that teams were game planning for Vick and still did not stop him. Name a Pro bowl WR Vick ever played with……….I thought so. Vcik only started 4 season with the Falcons 2 of which they went deep in the playoffs. One he was injured and the other the team just sucked. But he had his team in the playoffs 50% of the time he was there. And did you ever hear of a guy named Steve Young, how bout John Elway? Roger Staubach? Len Dawson? Sammy Baugh? How bout that little short son ofa gun that never won a Superbowl but went to four straight Fran Tarkenton? Don’t let your bias cloud your judgment.
    People the #1 purpose of playing a profession football game is to WIN THE GAME. Allowing a team with as much offensive talent as this to wait for backup QB to get up to speed with them is a waste of time and money. Why not trade Maclin, Mccoy, and Jackson for draft picks 3 years from now so that when Kolb is actually ready to start playing like a FRANCHISE QB the Eagles will have the draft picks in place to reload the talent again. But, here is another scenerio why not let teh best option at QB on the team play with the young talent a gel and WIN NOW.

  54. Also the whole “half his throws were in the ground” 15-24 175 TD in one half. Here lets split that in half and he is still 7-12 88. That’s still better than Kolb. And now last add that up and assume this would be his stat line for he game. 22-36 262.5 1TD 150 yards rushing. Think the Eagles still lose that game?

  55. Do these people who cry dog killer over and over notice noone cares??? As long as vick gets yards for the Eagles I dont care if he kills my dog.

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