Anthony Gonzalez is injured again

One week after Colts receiver Anthony Gonzalez complained his lack of opportunity to start, he showed why the team doesn’t trust him quite yet.

Despite playing a limited amount of snaps behind Pierre Garcon, Gonzalez couldn’t finish Sunday’s game because of an ankle injury.  He had one catch for 12 yards before departing.

Garcon, meanwhile, had a series of mental errors and drops before making a few oustanding catches.  He finished with four catches for 75 yards, while Austin Collie led all Colts receivers with 131 yards on ten catches.

9 responses to “Anthony Gonzalez is injured again

  1. It seems like every year for him and Bob Sanders that they either live on the injured list before games or on the IR. Colts should cut ties with both as they are draining money.

  2. Another Polian first round pick….that he could have drafted much later and it now turns out all of the pundits were right on scratching their heads when he picked Anthony so early late in the first round. He was never good enough to start ahead of Ted Ginn who turned out to be a bust too. Polian’s excuse was he was trying to find an adequate replacement for Brandon Stokely, but for some unknown reason to the rest of the relevant world he couldn’t find that replacement value in Sidney Rice, Steve Breaston, Steve Smith, Mike Sims Walker and Jacoby Jones who were all taken after his beloved Anthony Gonzales. He even took Roy Hall later and he turned out to a bust along with Quin Pitock defensive tackle who was yet another bust……We are all led to beleive that “build through the draft” is the way to go. It seems that the last 3 drafts the Colts have gotten 2 proven players with Garcon and Collie but not much else and your seeing the team’s president sinking his own ship by not swallowing a little pride and checking his own ego at the door and picking up some available free agents whom in part could help prevent your quarterback getting killed. I’m going to say this….Bill Polian can’t evaluate talent anymore period….Yes, show me a good reason to think that his decisions aren’t the lone cause of the Colts problems along with his decisions on the entire coaching staff at this time. He’s lost it. Time for Polian to go, before the quarterback gets killed. Maybe, its Manning choosing to pull a Lebron James soon…..Anyone wondering why he hasn’t re-signed…Colts are good at covering up things aren’t they? I have reason to believe on evidence that I know that Manning is choosing to wait people, choosing to wait because the talent is piss poor. People change thier minds especially when their getting knocked around like he did Sunday.

  3. @jay16
    you seem to have missed out on the two rookie CBs last year… Polian cannot do anything if you choose to look at offensive players only
    if he’s bad at something, it is building the offensive line

  4. Jay16 – nice post.
    ijr213 – you beat me too it. I was going to comment on Gonzalez and Sanders both being held together by flour and water.

  5. @Jay16
    Ginn Jr. didn’t start ahead of Gonzalez. Gonzalez’s role was as the underneath guy because he was really good at running routes. Ginn Jr. was the speed threat that needed to create distance because of his lack of height. The concept of #1 & #2 Wide receiver are more about roles and far less about talent level.

  6. In response to above…
    Anthony was the 3rd reciever on that Buckeys team. If you want to believe in terms of philosohpy that he was SUPPOSED to be the 3rd then fine, hopefully that justification makes Colts fans feel better for picking him in the first round…It doesn’t for me, or it doesn’t matter to me if he was a first round pick, better then Ted Ginn or better then Chris friggin Carter, he’s not justified the first round. I would have felt better if he was taken in the late second round or third round where he was projected though. Anthony Gonzales was another “no name” Polian tried to draft to make himself feel like a “genius” and he got burned. Thats really the case with all his draft picks except Ugoh……Ugoh isn’t even the biggest bust of the 2000’s….Quin Pitock is the biggest bust ever that he’s made, what a joke for the so called “genius”.
    Polian has crippled the offensive line, the very thing he vowed to make better and its going to get Manning killed. He’ll continue to cripple it because he’s been exposed on how not to fix it. Its starts with the line period and they guys he has brought in were very questionable at best after releasing Jake Scott and Lilja in the previous years…..Horrible mistakes. 18 can make any receiver that is great at route running look good, no need to re-sign or over pay for a reciever ever again, its the line….line,line, line,line,line. I hope Wayne is listening, Marvin too. Nothing personal. 34 year old receivers can’t get huge contracts.
    I’ve had it with Polian. I’ve sat and watched him re-sign the wrong players, hiring an inadequate and undeserving coaching staff mis manage a superbowl and never adequatly replacing the very players he cannedor retire. Ryan Lilja, Jake Scott, Adam Meadows, Tarik Glenn, Cato June, Edgerin James, Marcus Pollard, Quin Pittock, Booger Macfarland were either all victims of circumstance or failures to re-sign. If your going to walk the walk about being the best then talk the talk and get replacements, thats a Gm’s job isn’t it?
    I understand that Polian lately has drafted guys that start on a weak overrated defense but so what. This defense sucks and relies on an 18 led offense to be perfect, lets be real. Lacey, Jennings, Bullet, Freeney, Mathis I guess if you guys are praising Polian for picking these players then fine, but it doesn’t help that these guys make millions on a bad defense that can’t stop average running backs from going 200 yards on them. You may as well have all rookies back there and save your money pal.
    I need more from an overrated GM who likes to be called a “genius”. I need more from the top rated so called Gm in the league who can hold his offensive line accountable and then makes it worse by not even really finding replacements for guys he’s banished. With the “genuis” status that Polian has, you expect him to atleast, from the previous 5 drafts find a home run at left tackle, defensive tackle and running back. When it was clear to the rest of the world that Ugoh, Addai, Gonzales, shouldn’t have been taken so high, instead of swallowing a little bit of pride and going against his own laws, be on the safe side and venture a backup plan in free agency especially at left tackle. He chose to stick to his own set of stubborn rules, believed his own hype and it really turns out the guy has just been overrated and riding on coattails of 18 all along.

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