Bettis, Faulk, Martin, Roaf, Sanders among Hall of Fame nominees

The Pro Football Hall of Fame has released its preliminary list of 113 modern-era nominees for enshrinement in 2011, and a trio of running backs are among the most notable names.

Jerome Bettis, Marshall Faulk and Curtis Martin are all eligible for the first time in 2011. Three different running backs on the ballot could cancel each other out with some voters, but I’d bet on Faulk to make it this year and Bettis to have a very good chance, while Martin is probably a long shot for enshrinement in 2011.

Also eligible for the first time are offensive tackle Willie Roaf and cornerback Deion Sanders, both of whom had brilliant careers and are unquestionably worthy of a bust in Canton.

Dick Vermeil, who retired from coaching after the 2005 season, is also eligible. He’s technically not eligible for the first time because he had previously been eligible in the 1980s and 1990s after retiring from the Philadelphia Eagles, but he was never considered a strong candidate based purely on what he had done in Philadelphia. He now has a much stronger case, having won a Super Bowl with the Rams and a division title with the Chiefs.

In November the Hall of Fame selectors will vote choose 25 semifinalists from the list of 113 nominees, and in January that list of 25 will be whittled down to 15. On the day before the Super Bowl, the selection committee will choose the class of 2011 from that list of 15, along with the two senior nominees, Chris Hanburger and Les Richter.

41 responses to “Bettis, Faulk, Martin, Roaf, Sanders among Hall of Fame nominees

  1. Curtis Martin should be the first one in…
    His carrer stats (# carries per year and ypc) were very consistent and impressive.

  2. Martin and Faulk over Bettis on this ballot. Martin is 4th all time in rushing. I believe Bettis is 5th. All three should be in honestly. Sanders is one of the best cover corners we have ever seen. No matter how full of himself he was/is. He was that good.

  3. I have always liked and respected Martin because as a true football fan I am aware of all that he accomplished. Faulk should be a no brainer. This is the first year in a long time that of all the football I know I haven’t heard of the senior members and I remember the point-a-minute Rams of the 50’s (from NFL Films of course). Good luck to them Cris Carter and Shannon Sharpe.

  4. Faulk & Sanders for sure. Zero doubt they both go in now. The committee would have to be smoking crack to not put either in.

  5. Deion, Faulk, Bettis and two left overs make it, but I think Roaf is worthy of getting in on the first ballot.

  6. Bettis is the most overrated running back of all time.
    He’s the Drew Bledsoe of running backs: compiled a ton of yards over the years, but nothing real special when it came to playing football.

  7. Roaf should get in on the first ballot. That will be two years in a row for players who played the majority of their careers with the Saints being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. About time……..
    Next up, Morten Anderson.
    All three RB’s should get into the hall, but it will be interesting to see who makes it on the first ballot, Deion is a sure bet first ballot HOF player.

  8. I think Bettis getting in will take a few years. I’d love to see him get in on the first ballot, but there are a lot of sports writers who think he’s over-rated. Besides, there’s a huge backlog of deserving players right now.
    Curtis Martin not winning a Super Bowl will delay his entrance by a good four or five years, but he will get in.

  9. OtisTaylor89,
    Glad there is someone out there that knows just how great Otis Taylor was.
    He should be in the HOF, regardless of stats.

  10. Its Cris Carters time, He has been passed over too many times already. The guy finished his career second in Receptions, Yards and recieving TDs and he has to wait four years to get in. Thats crazy.

  11. Adre Reed and Cris Carter should be locks before any of them, except maybe Faulf who had a fantastic career.

  12. Dermontti Dawson should have made it last year and I hope the hall will rectify that mistake. No matter how deserving, I doubt all three backs will make it. Faulk will definitely go in, and I’d guess Bettis. Love the Bus. Really like Martin. Can’t stand Faulk, but he’s earned it. Sanders should be a shoe-in as well. So many other worthy players are on that board. Both Chris Carter and Timmy Brown. Tasker as one of the best special teams players ever. If you’re going to let kickers in, you have to make a place for Gary Anderson. Donnie Shell has been overlooked far too long.
    And the more you see of Daniel Snyder, the more it seems the hall should honor Jack Kent Cooke.

  13. “He now has a much stronger case, having won a Super Bowl with the Rams and a division title with the Chiefs.” – is this a serious line? give me a break, those rams teams was all mike martz. brian billick won a division and a super bowl, so did jon gruden, and barry switzer.

  14. Dion, Faulk, and Roaf all have first ballot credentials and are some of the all time greats at their respected positions. Im not so sure I can say that about the others…

  15. If Vermeil makes it in, the first three rows will need plastic ala Gallagher to prevent them from being soaked…

  16. Eddie Debartolo is a a convicted felon and got his team taken away from him. His organization, under him, was convicted of salary cap cheating, and he once paid off a waitress named Gina Baross so she wouldn’t press sexual assault charges (while he owned the team). Little Eddie also got into a fist fight with a GB fan and in general is a putz. Fired a man in a press conference (Trestman), without telling him or his agent first = classless sob.
    Other than that, sure, I’m with you on the shoe in for the HOF thingy.

  17. Jackass or no, the only for sure, shoe in, first ballor guy, this year, is Deion.
    Worst oversight is still Ken Stabler. This alone shows what a bunch of inept grudge-keepers we have for voters.

  18. Dion, Faulk, and Roaf all have first ballot credentials and are some of the all time greats at their respected positions. Im not so sure I can say that about the others…

  19. There is no bus stop in Canton.
    Prime Time couldn’t tackle – he’s not getting my vote – ever
    There’s no crying in Canton
    Faulk, Roaf and my favorite – Martin…

  20. Martin in for sure, Bettis yes, but maybe not fist ballot. I’m ok with Roaf too.
    Faulk is highly questionable, but Sanders doesn’t make it in my book.

  21. faulk and dion are no brainers, martin and bettis can both wait in my opinion. been said on here a couple times already, but chris carter really needs to be put in there…it is ridiculous that he is not already, attitude or not.

  22. Everyone saying Bettis shouldn’t be in is either new to football or a Steelers hater. Honestly all three running backs should be first balloters. Faulk was a crucial member of the greatest show on turf and won 2 sb’s. However, his career numbers don’t really stack up with Martin and Bettis, numbers 4 and 5 on the all-time rushing list respectively. Martin is the least likely to make it in my opinion because his career was so quiet. Bettis redefined the power running back with his quick feet and bowling ball like hits on anyone in his path.

  23. W.Roaf should go first ballot. D.Sanders should go first ballot. All 3 running backs should go first ballot as well. I know the NFL writers/HOF voters are limited in how they can vote, but all 5 of these guys should be first ballot.
    Bettis has 13,662 career rushing yards at 3.9 yards a carry, 15,111 total yards from scrim, and 94 total tds.Thats first ballot.
    Martin should be an even bigger lock as he has 14,101 career rushing yards at 4.0 yards a carry, 17,430 total yards from scrim, and 100 total tds. If Martin doesn’t make it then the system is f-up.
    Faulk has 12,279 career rushing yards at 4.3 a carry, 19,154 career total yards, and 136 total tds. Thats a lock as well.
    I also feel T.Davis should be in. If not for a bad series of knee injuries he would have ended up a lock as well. If G.Sayers is in so should TD. T.Davis had 7,607 career rushing yards at 4.6 yards a carry, 8,887 total yards from scrim, and 65 total tds scored. He did that in 7 seasons, really it was more like 4 seasons as he was injured or coming off injury his last 3 seasons. Him and Sayers are clear examples of guys whose career stats would have been mind blowing if injuries didn’t derail them both.
    Just to pay my respects to an all time great here is Sayers stats. G.Sayers had 4,956 career rushing yards at 5.0 yards a carry, 6,263 total yards from scrim, over 9,000 all purpose yards when you factor in kick off and punt returns. He did that in 7 seasons, and they only played 14 games back then a season. He missed most of his last 2 seasons.
    I also would like to say that C.Carter, T.Brown and A.Reed should all go in asap as well.

  24. Igottz5onit is right: Those saying Bettis hasn’t earned it are either football infants or totally focused on fan hatred … which makes them football infantile. PFT has many of both: infants and the infantile.
    Agree with JSpicoli on Kenny Stabler. As sasquash69 points out, it’s not all about the numbers. You can’t compare the numbers a back picked up playing eight years in a 12-game season to those picked up by a back playing 13 years in a 16-game season. Or the numbers accrued by a receiver in a West Coast offense with those accrued by receivers on old-school teams that ran almost every down. You have to look at how the player affected his team and influenced the game during HIS era.
    Unfortunately, votes are cast by fools like Peter King who are too busy power-tripping to consider some of these finer points.

  25. Anybody who thinks Faulk isn’t first ballot… well, the numbers have been pointed out (although he WENT to 2 SBs, but only WON 1 of them), but in addition, he was the league MVP for the 2000 season, and he has a couple NFL records for # of games with 200+/250+ yards from scrimmage, as well as several other similar achievements (e.g., 1000+ rushing and 1000+ receiving yards in the same season).

  26. Bettis will make it based on longevity, eventhough he was a joke the last few years. He is definitely deserving, but will not and should not get in until Faulk and Martin do. Dermonti Dawson should have gone in last year.

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