Bill Polian's weekly radio show disappears from the Internet

From our friends at comes one of the most entertaining news nuggets of a busy first football Monday of the year.

Colts president Bill Polian does a radio show every Monday during the season.  In the past, the show streamed over the Internet.  Today, Polian’s show was treated like an NFL game, which routinely are blocked from streaming on a radio station’s website.

“The play-by-play currently airing is subject to blackout rules, and cannot
be heard on this stream.  Regular programming will resume after the
game,” the message reads, per

Big Blue Shoe’s instincts likely are on the money.  There’s no “play-by-play” to black out.  But Polian surely realizes that the Internet audience is far more likely to include those who may transcribe and repeat his words in a manner that may expose inconsistencies or express criticism of Polian. 

On terrestrial radio, the audience is most likely to include folks inclined to nod along with Polian, including a local media that the team does a nice job of keeping under its thumb.

14 responses to “Bill Polian's weekly radio show disappears from the Internet

  1. Uh oh, the Polian show “disappeared from the Internet”.
    “Our next caller is from east of the Rockies. Mike in W. Va. go ahead…… Mike what is your theory on the Polian mystery? Extraterrestrial or secret Government plot?”.

  2. Absoulutely incredible!! He (Polian) gets whatever he wants, whenever he wants it. He definitely belongs on the Turd watch!!!

  3. I care as much about his opinion as that of the Great and Wise Tony Dungy. Blowhard. Maybe he will throw his offensive line.

  4. You guys just need to get a little more sophisticated with your approach to the internet. Nothing is unavailable “due to location” when you are dealing with IP addresses.

  5. Whose radio show is streamed over the internet or not is somehow NFL news ? Talk about an article with no relevance to anything an NFL fan cars about.
    And yes, I’m still pissed about not being inducted into the Florio Family Fued Fantasy Football League (has as many F’s as a Rex Ryan soundbite and Florio Sr.’s report cards; the “L” would be for “lazy” …).

  6. Hey, the Colts just lost yesterday so that don’t have to deal with the hassle of losing in week 15 – 16, when the pressure really builds on an undefeated season.
    What a bunch of losers. Haven’t been the same team since they quit during the Jets game last year. YOU PLAY THE GAME TO WIN!!!!!

  7. Give Polian a break. I’ve never seen a GM better at assembling teams so adept at losing the Super Bowl.

  8. For a guy who makes his living off of collecting stories from other media, Florio sure does take a lot of pot shots at that very same media.
    Talk about biting the hand that feeds ya!

  9. if someone COULD care less, they actually care.
    if they COULD NOT care less, then they dont care.
    learn the language, folks.
    NaPolian just doesnt want the aggravation. the colts remind me of the bills of 18-22 years ago.

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