Bucs-Browns one-liners

Bucs QB Josh Freeman conceded that his preseason thumb injury was still not fully healed in time for Sunday’s 17-14 win over Cleveland.

Coach Raheem Morris, however, confirmed that Freeman had “no setbacks” while throwing for 182 yards and two touchdowns.
Bucs offensive coordinator Greg Olson revealed that Freeman was involved in a car accident just days before Sunday’s opener.

With CB Aqib Talib suspended for the opener, the Bucs started E.J. Biggers at left cornerback, opposite veteran Ronde Barber.
The Browns started usual FB Peyton Hillis at tailback over Jerome Harrison.
Browns rookie S T.J. Ward was active in his NFL debut, leading Cleveland with 10 tackles.
Browns QB Jake Delhomme admitted that he’s “got to be smarter” after throwing two crucial picks in the defeat.

19 responses to “Bucs-Browns one-liners

  1. Roethlisberger gets four game suspension for offending the league’s reputation, why can’t they suspend the Browns for four games for the same thing?

  2. Freeman was not as sharp as I thought he would be with all the time he spent in the off season. Have to account for the last 3 weeks he missed with the injured thumb though. He did enough to get the job done. Good job BUCS! Gonna need a better performance for carolina next week!

  3. What happened is what always happens. The Browns sucked. I’m sick of excuses. The faces change but the song remains the same. Don’t use Delhommes foot as an excuse. It falls cleanly on poor coaching. If he was hurt fine. Your do what a coach should do and make the best choice for your team to give them the opportunity to win. Basically if he was hurt why keep him out there? Put Wallace in and let him play and we could have won the game. Loss is Manginis fault.

  4. The Bucs are horrible! If the Browns didn’t repeatedly shoot themselves in the foot they would have won by 20! The Browns beat the Browns, the Bucs just stood there, looked stupid, and the win fell right in their laps. Enjoy your only win of the season Bucs fans – you didn’t really do anything to get it, but sometimes it’s better to be lucky.

  5. Did anybody notice ol’ Porkchop Womack getting blown up like a slappy?
    Was it just bad execution or did the Browns’ offense go from dynamic [in regard to playcalling] to boring by design?
    They had success running the ball but they went away from it.
    Also, in the second to last offensive series for Cleveland, why did they go for a homerun when they really needed only a first down. I wonder who it was that got desperate: Daboll, Delhomme, or both?

  6. Oh, it’s gonna be a long season!
    I agree with the fact that Cleveland’s coaching simply sucks. What did the Browns do in the 2nd half? Meanwhile, the Bucs go in at halftime, study the photos and completely disect the Browns offense in the 2nd half.
    You cannot blame the players for this loss. Yes, Jake made a bone-headed play with that interception but, overall he looked pretty good.
    I think Mangenius and his crew better catch on to NFL play pretty soon, or…. (tick, tock) !

  7. Wow you bitter bitter browns fans. Your lucky the Buc’s didn’t beat you by 3 touchdowns. Mike Williams was 2 inches away from an 83 yard TD in the 2nd quarter and if EG keeps that ball in his hands at the goal line it would have been a blow out. I’m just saying you should be tankful we had some injuries and young players who allowed you to keep it close.
    Your best player is a special team’s player who by the way the Bucs completely smothered. You play in a division where your miles away from being remotely competitive and you think your the better team.
    I got an idea lets take our two football teams put them on the field and have them play for 60 minutes and who ever wins can claim the title of the better team. We will even have neutral people officiate it. OHHHH wait we did that yesterday and you guys got beat. We out rushed you, beat you in the turnover battle, smoked you on special teams and most of that was done by rookies. Get used to hearing the names, Gerald McCoy, Mike Williams, and Josh freeman. Yea the Bucs had a couple of rough years hanging on to an old team, we saw the writing on the wall and decided to rebuild the correct way something the Browns have never learned how to do.
    We used this method in 95 and became a playoff contender for a decade and won the Superbowl and were doing it again now.
    The Browns in my sons diapers are less offensive then your organization.

  8. Until your players start taking responsibility for a playing bad and being out schemed, out played, and over matched in every phase of the game they will continue to be the laughing stock of the NFL. Did you see those guy’s making so many excuses after the game? wow almost worse then the fans.
    17-13 SHHHHHHH

  9. highjak78- Really, you mean if the Browns made absolutely no mistakes they would have won? Quit hating on my Bucs! This is a young team that shut you out after they made half time adjustments.
    Browns organization, Please stop! You used up all your excuses after just one game. You’re going to need to reuse some because, like always you’re going to lose a ton more.
    Bucs fans, time to back your team! The 41,000 that showed up were loud and crazy and these young kids need to see this week after week! Support your team and quit trashing the owners, coaches and the little bit of confidence this young team has.

  10. USMC-BUC You’re a moron. Lets keep in touch as the year progresses. Credit to your team for winning, but take off the pewter glasses. We kicked your ass for three quarters and gave away the game. And yes, we were outcoached in the second half. My prediction is the butt pirates win 4 games or less. Score was 17-14…..moron

  11. outofexcuses- Last time I checked you need to play 4 quarters not 3 to complete a game, let alone win one! If the Browns keep playing 3 quarter games you clowns will win less than 4.

  12. Seriously I did the same thing with my brother when the Dolphins beat the the Bucs in preseason….well my starters beat your starters…blahblahblah. In the end the Browns lost and the Bucs won, so the better team on the field was the Bucs. Deal with it and try to get a win next week. My whole ohio family are Browns fans, so I hope they do get a ton of wins.
    Note:The Bucs are better!!

  13. It’s not looking good for Penguini and cronies. Delhomme reverted back to his typical 2 ints game. And this is just the calm before the storm. The Chiefs will most likely beat the Browns and then the pressure will be really be on. I have been saying since the schedule came out that Mangini will be gone at during the bye week and I am sticking to it. We could well be in for another 1-11 start.

  14. highjak78 says:
    September 13, 2010 2:57 PM
    The Bucs are horrible! If the Browns didn’t repeatedly shoot themselves in the foot they would have won by 20! The Browns beat the Browns, the Bucs just stood there, looked stupid, and the win fell right in their laps. Enjoy your only win of the season Bucs fans – you didn’t really do anything to get it, but sometimes it’s better to be lucky.
    Cool story, bro.
    Someone is a little bitter, eh? I would be too if my team squandered a two score lead and watched an injured QB get not one but several shots downfield on your pathetic defense on EVERY DRIVE. I’m not saying we’ll be the best, but dammit, we’re not the browns and I feel damn good about that.

  15. Delhomme sucks. Those INTs were his fault. He had good protection most of the game and made poor decisions. This team won games with power running and creative schemes using Cribbs. Where was Harrison? Hillis is great in short yardage but he is not a home run hitter. Jake needs to work play action and NOT try to force inaccurate throws between defenders.

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