Haynesworth trade market could heat up, again

With one game in the books and another one six days away, the Redskins reportedly may once again explore the possibility of trading defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth, according to Chris Mortensen of ESPN.

Mort reports that the Redskins “could try” to trade Haynesworth through Tuesday, and that the Titans remain the top potential trade partner.

The price had been a second-round draft pick; Mort believes that the Redskins may take less than that.  He says that Haynesworth hasn’t learned the Redskins’ 3-4 defense and that he doesn’t care to learn it.

Meanwhile, coach Mike Shanahan did his best to preserve leverage by projecting a sense that Haynesworth is going nowhere.  “We had most of our linemen play between 15 and 30 plays and they rotated,” Shanahan said Monday, explaining the limited snaps Haynesworth received on Sunday night against the Cowboys.  “We had six lineman up for the game.  Talking about Albert, Albert played hard.  He’s getting more comfortable with the 3-4 scheme every time he takes a rep.  Hopefully, he keeps on getting better and better, but he did play extremely hard.”

Possible translation?  “If you trade for him, you won’t be getting a head case who only plays hard when he’s chasing a pot of gold.”

As we pointed out in the Week One Monday 10-pack, the Titans should not risk adding to the locker room a head case who only plays hard when he’s chasing a pot of gold.

29 responses to “Haynesworth trade market could heat up, again

  1. A second round pick? Wow. Even after paying him all that money. Fat Albert needs some perspective. What a P.O.S.

  2. Guy was a hack until his contract year, then played lights out. Got franschised (contract year redux) and played lights out. Signed for big bucks and went right back to being a hack. Let him rot on the bench. Play him enough to make him earn his money(which would be every play on O and D in the NFL, the UFL and the CFL and the Arena League)

  3. So in other words, Mort is reporting something that may happen, but hasn’t happened, and there’s no indication that it may be any more likely to happen than when he first made the whole story up 4 weeks ago……
    In other news, I heard Fox Sports is (might someday try to) hire Mortensen away from ESPN so they can make up better news stories without any facts too.

  4. great post florio. now go take a rope and wrap it around your neck and balls and go hang yourself in the closet

  5. Just wait until the injuries start piling up from the season and someone will offer more than Tennessee. At a certain point, if Tennessee keeps lowballing the Redskins, I would just not deal with them.

  6. # Pack83 says: September 13, 2010 9:43 PM
    Put him in the Packers’ rotation.
    That’s an interesting thought. Not TT’s style but never say never.

  7. Brother AL did stuff the run when he was in there. If I was Shanahan I would play AL till his tounge hangs out on the point on the 34. That way when he is spending that 21 mil roster pay back in March his legs, arms, gut, back and chest would feel like he was earning his keep.

  8. Just goes to show you what happens when a meddling know it all owner and hack of a personnel man, neither of which understands pro football, are put in charge of acquiring and developing pro football talent. I hope this lesson stings Dan Snyder for the rest of his life. Maybe, just maybe, he will learn from this and continue to allow football professionals to build, manage, and coach the team. I am a redskins fan and have absolutely no sysmpathy for them on this. This is a problem they made.
    At the same time, how can this fat lazy slob poor excuse of a professional football player look at himself in a mirror? He has absolutley no pride. This man got paid way more than he deserves and he has the gaul to demand that the Redskins change their system to suit his desires? This ego maniac needs to get a job in the real world.
    And finally, there needs to be some remedy available to recover payments when players purposely sabotogue a team after getting paid these huge bonuses. It is pretty pathetic that this insubordinate selfish slug cannot be disciplined or be forced to return some of the paid he was paid. I am thinking there has to be a creative lawyer out there who can make a viable breach of contract case out these facts.

  9. Viking go 5-11. Brett will not finish the season.
    Minnesota cries as the Viking’s piss it down their legs….again.
    Just sold my $200 autographed Brett Print to a Viking fan for $600! LOL

  10. Errr why would any team want to pick up fat Alberts contract? You do realize that the contract stays with the player after a trade??
    Or maybe you don’t.

  11. Fat Albert is just about done. Now, watch Weird Al Davis swoop in and get him. Wouldn’t he look just awesome in that silver & black???

  12. The turd gets flushed back to Titans before the week is out. Get your plungers cause he’s a biggin!!

  13. Admiral Obvious….Do you know what’s remaining on Fat Alberts contract? He’s already received $32 million from the Skins. His contract is pretty affordable now at about $3 mill per season.
    Maybe you need to do a little homework yourself before you try to make someone else look stupid….Just saying….

  14. My Titans have the best D-Line coach in the business. I’ll take all my young guys instead of Haynesworthless.
    I’ve said it before the Titans are laughing all the way to the bank on this one.

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