Jets belt Joe Flacco early

It’s fitting that, as Bruce Jacobs of Sporting News Radio and I were discussing the theory that the Jets don’t have a smash-mouth defense, the Jets defense smashed Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco hard in the mouth.

On the first offensive snap taken by the Ravens, Jets defensive end Shaun Ellis applied to Flacco the most violent hit we’ve seen on a Monday night since Cardinals cornerback Aeneas Williams ended Steve Young’s career.

Florio Jr. thought Flacco wouldn’t be getting up after taking the top of a helmet to his chin.  But get up Flacco did, and he was back on the field on the very next drive.

Meanwhile, the Ravens defense stiffened after the Flacco fumble, and the Jets converted a field goal to take a 3-0 lead.

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  1. No florio it is not fitting that you give us play by play updates on the NEW YORK JETS, wait until halftime at least

  2. Bruce Jacobs is on SNR now? He quit sports talk radio in Phoenix a few years ago very suddenly, went to be a Republicain radio talk show host and now back in sports? That guy is a complete New York homer!

  3. why does Flacco CONSTANTLY throw the ball off his back foot? Look for this INT problem to be a factor until its corrected

  4. Blame the Ravens mgmt. Why did they want to change who they are…play strong def., run the ball and dont have Flacco do too much. They go out and get big name guys and put pressure on him to throw the ball more. He was never a great QB.

  5. Wow antonio cromartie is getting smoked…besides the Int hes getting beat and getting penalties left and right better blieve the pats are all over that next week!!!haha J_E_T_S suck suck suck

  6. penaltys are killin us…. but i love how all the jet haters are saying its flacco playing shitty ummm no its good D

  7. LOL JESTS FAT REX 4-12.
    Oh wait, we kick ass.
    Nah, give em credit…Jesters will definitely have 6, maybe even 7 wins.

  8. flacco is about as overrated as young qbs get (see kevin kolb). Kevin kolb at least has the defense that he has never really been a starter, but flacco is a guy who has that permanent deer in the headlights look, like he just saw the ghost of that guy ray lewis stabbed.

  9. Not sure that either of these teams are playoff caliber.
    Check that, I know the Jesters aren’t, but the Ravens aren’t showing me much thus far.

  10. U guys are playin strong D, but he just overthrew a wide open McLain by like 10 yards in the endzone. He was 5 yards away.

  11. Actually, I would say that was the hardest hit since Merriam hit Grossman a few years back in a game at San Diego.

  12. Let me start by saying I am a Carolina fan (I know this will not be a playoff year for us) and do not care for either of these teams but after watching the penalty get called on Edwards for running into the kicker and watching the Calvin Johnson touchdown get called back I think some of these rules need to be looked at. LET THESE GUYS PLAY BALL!!!! I understand running into the kicker but that was far from it! Calvin Johnson obviously had control of that ball so that rule needs to get a double look. I love watching this game but it is changing to fast in the wrong direction.

  13. Flacco can play as shitty as he wants, they have already scored enough to win. Sanchez can’t get a first down, never mind put them into position for a fg. Rex should have the defense play both sides. Jets are toast next week.

  14. joe flacco is passing all over the jets. JOE FLACCO! can you imagine what a good qb like brady could do next week

  15. Jets really suck. 3 and out, Lacrycry Thomlinson sucks, can’t wait for all the Jests fans in here tomorrow with thier excuses.

  16. Crobabydaddy is really having a hard time keeping up with the Ravens recievers. What is it now, 3 pelaties on him?

  17. I have been saying for YEARS, the NFL is having officials help determine the outcome of the game. Its wek one……..Detroit gets screwed, Dallas had some questionables, and this game is the worst….how many times are they going to let the Ravens hang in there? Its just obvious, is it just to bolster stats? Some of the penalties are legit, but then you see Baltimore get away with more obvious or hainous actions, and not get called.
    Its getting old.

  18. Man, that Jets offense is really offensive. I thought they were just kidding on Hard Knocks. Make room for the Texans, biznitches.

  19. we are not a SB team (jets) our defense is ok our offense SUCK with sanches there! he will never take us to the big house! I’m not buying rex diarrhea mouth! oh well!

  20. If the Jets REALLY had a quarterback the Black Birds would be 0-1.
    And they still might anyway.
    At least the Steelers defense shut down a potent offense with Ryan, Turner, White and Gonzalez.

  21. Flacco converted on almost 10 3rd downs of 5+ and double digit yards against the Jets defense, which young QB is better??????

  22. Everybody including media off the jets band wagon yet? well if not you should be! next sunday jets 0-2 pats 2-0

  23. ROFLMAO!!!! A wide open Keller catches the ball on 4th down and runs out of bounds a half yard short of the the 1st down marker with NO DEFENDER on him! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

  24. Go ahead and tell me how great the ravens defense is. The freaking Jets offense couldn’t score against Hofstra. LMFAO!!!

  25. Geez, THE J E T S SUCK!
    A QB that can’t hit a dartboard with a sniper rifle.
    Receivers that girl-up when they come over the middle, drop the damn ball, and pee their pants when they see Ray Lewis bearing down on them. If you’re gonna be Ray’s crybaby bitch at least hold onto the ball.
    the retard receiver runs out of bounds a yard short on 4th down. Rex, tell the F’kin guy to catch the F’kin ball and get the F’kin first down for F’cks sake.

  26. That shot probably woke Flacco up. He always looks a bit dazed until his first shot. So the Ravens beat the Jets 10 to 9. Thanks in part to one disorganized offensive effort by the Jets. This is one of those Smack Talk losses for the Jets. To put it simply, the Ravens fed Crow to the Jets. Ryan’s post game news conference should be interesting.

  27. Poo Flinging Monkey:
    “Cromartie has almost as many penalties tonight as he does illegitimate children.”
    Are any of his children named “Defensive Holding”? He has that one down pat.

  28. Flacco had 250 passing yards and 1 INT. Heap dropped a TD, and Flacco over threw McClain in the end zone. Not sure where all this ” Flacco is trash ” talk is coming from. He went up against the #1 defense from last year and most likely a top 3 D this year. He picked up blitzes and beat the Jets on them time and time again, he converted 3rd downs of 8+ Yards i think 9 times. Sorry but I am not convinced he is trash, actually far from it! He played about as well as you could as ANY QB in football to play against that Defense. Heap holds onto the TD and he does not over throw McClain ( because there was pressure in his face, not like he had all day to throw ) and the INT never happens and he has about 300 yards and 2 TD’s ….. Just sayin’!

  29. Flacco can just send a message back to the guys at the lab under the castle in Transylvania for a new head, if the one he has malfunctions. Maybe next time they can make the stitches smaller.

  30. All you nuckle heads talking smack that the Ravens not a playoff team, let just wait and see, 1st game, IMO any team that has the ravens will play 60 minutes, on bith side of the ball i only seen 2 other teams play half way decents ball, when ray ray get hold of your team don’t you whine and don’t you cry if you can’t score for ravens fan its no surprise, but keep talking smack, it just wk 1, Cincy up next let see what happen, in oder to get to the playoffs you got to go up in the lions den and snatch the got dam teeth out his mouth
    GO RAVENS, hater beware

  31. Flacco still put up 250 on this so called ‘unbelievable secondary’ on the so called ‘best D in the NFL.’ The pick was route confusion, the fumble was a bone head play call to start the game when you know damn well Rex was dialing up a blitz to open, and Wilson and Cro looked worse than Carr and Washington! WOW… If Joe put up 250 on the best D out there, can’t wait til we play Cincy who gave up 38 last week!

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