Michael Vick does his part to ignite quarterback controversy

The sports cover of the Philadelphia Daily News wasn’t subtle Monday morning.

“Vick Era Begins?” the headline reads.

Eagles coach Andy Reid says no; Kevin Kolb will start if he’s cleared for Sunday’s game against Detroit.  Of course, that’s a big if.  And Michael Vick’s post-game comments won’t stop the phones from burning up in Philadelphia on Monday.

“I still feel like I can play at a high level. I feel like if I had been out there for four quarters, maybe we would have had a chance to win the game,” Vick said.

Vick didn’t say anything about Kolb; he was just trying to make a point about how he proved his value in an uneven, but ultimately impressive performance as Kolb’s replacement.

Complicating matters for Reid: The Eagles play the Lions this week.  In theory, that’s a good week to get Kolb time off following his concussion. In reality, another big offensive performance from Vick could only make it tougher on Kolb when he gets back his starting job.

95 responses to “Michael Vick does his part to ignite quarterback controversy

  1. Yikes. “Vick didn’t say anything about Kolb”? I think saying that if you were in for the first quarter, you would have one implies that Kolb’s presence as the starting QB had a factor in losing the game.
    Then again…was Kolb stuffed on 4th and 1 at the 2 minute warning? Oh…wait….nope, that was Vick…

  2. I don’t think vick can take the eagles anywhere McNabb couldn’t but he could lead them to one or two more wins this season than Kolb might. I mentioned this before but the Packers have never played well against vick and I think they made him look better than he is. Be patient and let Kolb play and develop. If not now, when?

  3. Why doesn’t it surprise me that Vick would contribute to causing problems for his team. He knows he was brought in to be a backup and he should fulfill his role and shut his mouth. I can’t stand the Eagles but I hope Andy Reid stands his ground and keeps Kolb as the starting quarterback even if he has to let Vick play next week because of Kolb’s concussion.

  4. This bum should still be in prison. He electrocuted and drowned defenseless animals. I’m so pleased with his failure yesterday.

  5. He played a hell of a game. It looks like he was going to get 10-15 snaps a game give or take, either way it should be an absolutely hilarious situation. Somewhere Mc5 is smiling.

  6. Reid has seen Vick for 2 training camps and knows what he has with him. And obviously it is not starting QB skills.
    Vick is 31 and unless I was misinformed, Philly is into a youth movement. Kolb will be the starter come heck or high water….

  7. You can’t just hand the team over to Vick after 1/2 a game with Kolb. He deserves better than that. We all knew that this would be a learning experience for him this year. Kolb is the future. Vick is the backup QB and he did exactly what a backup QB is suppose to do. Yes he plays well but Kolb needs to play to gain experience. I don’t think it would matter who starts next week..eagles should be able to beat the lions.

  8. VICK looked sharp and well conditioned, Kolb will be ok in a few weeks. The O-line is trash……

  9. Here’s the problem- Vick just flat out played better than kolb, and the eagles are 0-1. Gotta go with the hot hand ’til it’s cooled down, as a coach. But Reid will NEVER 9this yr anyway) bench kevin kolb and open himself up to that media circus af blame, imo. I think Kolb starts asap, and I don’t like it. I also don’t like vick cuz I’m a dog lover, but DAMMMMN that dude is tough to defend with the right playcalls.
    You know who was good? McNabb.

  10. Regardless how people perceive #7, he gives the Eagles the best chance to win.. Did he miss some throws? yes(name one qb who didnt). Should he have run when he could have walked in the end zone? yes. But, honestly guys/gals, #7 should be the QB in Philly.

  11. “I feel like if I had been out there for four quarters, maybe we would have had a chance to win the game”
    You DID have a chance to win the game, dummy, and you couldn’t get it done.

  12. Let Vick take the reigns of this offense! He clearly gave them a spark when he got in the game. He looks faster than last season. The best chance to win is with Vick!

  13. Good thing everyone ran McNabb out of town. Now you morons are stuck with Bobby Hoying part 2… Ty Detmer part 2 if your lucky.

  14. If your QB has to scramble 75% of the plays anyway cause of your pathetic O line your better off with my dog Vick.

  15. Vick at his best just means an uneven performance from week to week. He looked good this week, but is quite capable of 7-22 140 yards 1 TD and 3 INT the week after.

  16. Interesting to see how Vick would faire against a team that prepared for him. Way different game plan required for Vick than for the more conventional Kolb.

  17. Vick still looked like trash throwing the ball it seemed like every other pass was low or behind anyone he threw at not to mention all the passes to wide open receivers that went over their heads

  18. I’m very happy the packers won that game but I think Vick is right. Had he been out there for four quarters they might have won the game. Then again, if he was going to be the starter then the packers would have actually gameplanned to see him.

  19. Still has bad accuracy with any throw over 5 yards. Consistently overthrew, underthrew or threw behind the receivers.
    Aikman hyped his accuracy and was silent at the many bad throws.

  20. So say he’s still dizzy and go with Vic. If Vic earns it then run with him and if he doesn’t…poof, Kolb is ready to go again. Teams really should (wink) take extra time with even small consusions

  21. With the O-Line playing that bad Vick is a better fit for the offense right now, until the Eagles get the O-Line issues fixed. Vick as the starter don’t seem like such a bad idea right now, for crying out loud Andy Reid, Kolb almost got killed out there.

  22. 2 years back and majority of passes he did were dump offs and screens. He can play at a high level just nit at QB in the NFL.
    Love to see how he playa when a team has a full week to prepare for him. We’ll see the turnover machine we saw in preseason.

  23. I support Kolb but with that weak o line, a mobile Vick may end up being the birds beast choice and with the loses of center Jackson and FB Weaver protecting the quarterback just took a big hit !

  24. How was his performance uneven? 66% of his passes complete for 175 plus over 100 rushing. It was impressive all the through.

  25. Pervy H…. would you like to talk about overrated teams? How’d that second consecutive loss in New Orleans feel? Was BRENT able to stand up at the baptism the next day?

  26. Did anyone of you Iggle fans notice that the Redskins beat the Cowboys? Say what you will but McNabb lead the team, the coaching made good calls, the d played well and the o line was good. You can call it luck but the Skins are on the way back and this Eagle team have 4-12 written all over it.

  27. How do you not start Vick after that performance? Kolb was tentative and uncertain, and had just 25 yards of total offense in a half. By comparison, Vick put up 270+ yards of total offense in a half – and against a defense that is one of the best in the league. He was in command, unlike the unsure Kolb, and he threw some great passes (and no, not all of them were dumpoffs and screens – did youd miss the TD pass??)
    Andy Reid did as much as anyone to lose that game for them, using his last timeout needlessly, and then calling an idiotic running play up the middle, starting from the shotgun. Vick can outrun anyone going wide, but he isn’t a big enough body to move that Green Bay defense off the line.

  28. Vick looked good, but the defense did not scheme for him. His last few years in Atlanta, he was mediocre at best when defenses were set up to stop him (See TB). Should be interesting next week.

  29. Before anyone runs out and declares the dog killer the best QB on the Eagles, consider the following:
    Pre-game, the Packers choose to dress only 4 D lineman.
    During the game, the Packers lost two D lineman to injuries with only one returning later on so they were down to just 3 for a good part of the game. Two out of the three were 330lb + nose tackles, hardly a good strategy for containing a mobile QB.
    Look closely at Vick’s throws and tell me he has solved his accuracy issues. Eventually, the Packers keyed on Vick and stopped him to win the game.
    Vick’s same issues that limited the Falcons are still there. A mobile, yet inaccurate QB is not going to get you too far in the NFL.
    And lastly, ignore Pervy, his last place Vikings are the true source of his anger.

  30. Allliiieee says:
    September 13, 2010 9:20 AM
    Pervy H…. would you like to talk about overrated teams? How’d that second consecutive loss in New Orleans feel? Was BRENT able to stand up at the baptism the next day?
    Brett danced at the baptism,said the Mississippi mosquitoes hit harder than the Saints in the rematch….
    As we speek Brett is ordering Chilly and Spielman to go grab Vincent Jackson. Rice and Jackson will be the new Twin Towers…with Shank,Harvin,AD and Cam….offensive powerhouse…be scared

  31. Kold needs to come a LONG way from what I saw yesterday….and previously.
    That O-line in Philly is horrendous and if Vick starts the next 3 or 4 weeks, he’ll be switching sides with Kolb in the bell rung department.

  32. Kolb sucks plan and simple. Yes Vick is not a great passer, but dont act like Kolb was any better. The O looked confused when Kolb was out there. Im saying it now Kolb will “NEVER EVVVER” be a #1 QB. Log it killa.

  33. If Reid is smart he’ll milk the concussion for a few weeks and give Vick a chance to establish himself.

  34. I am streaming Philadelphia sports radio from work. Pretty entertaining, gotta say the fans don’t lack passion. I will be in Warminister PA in early December and am trying to get tix to the Hou @ Phil game.

  35. CLEG,
    mcnabb sure did a great job of driving the skins down the field for all those TDs. oh wait, he didn’t score an offensive TD, just 2 FGs.

  36. lmfao….I hate Philly and they both suck. Kolb is just below average, Vick is…well he’s what you saw yesterday. And Mike Holmgren, I mean Andy Reid…(silly me they’re both fat a$$es) is done.

  37. This team is going nowhere with either QB, so you may as well start Vick- at least he’ll be fun to watch.
    Sure, he’ll have a 50% completion rate for the season, a dozen or so interceptions, and the Eagles will go 8-8, but there will be enough jaw dropping athletic plays to ease the pain.
    As far as the Karma factor of having someone like Vick as the face of your franchise Eagles fans, I give up. I tried. I posted all of the graphic grotesque specifics of the things this man is (still) capable of doing, enjoyed doing, and only stopped doing because he got caught.
    I won’t do it again. If the rest of the world can live in denial of what a souless monster this man is, I guess I have to give it a try too.
    And then next year, when he is wearing some other team’s uniform, Eagles fans can go back to hating him again, which they all did before the Eagles signed him.

  38. Vick sucked as he could not find receivers and was flushed from the pocket constantly by that great Packers pass rush.
    The Packers had a tremendous lead and just stayed back in coverage of a prevent defense at the tail end of a blowout win.
    Picking up some yardage in garbage time of a blowout does not a good QB make.
    Vick constantly missed receivers when throwing. He was constantly running like a scared rabbit or felon from the police.
    Kolb will prove to be the far superior QB if Andy Reid would just give him a chance.

  39. As a Detroit Lions fan, I’d much rather see Kolb under center than Vick. Vick is a nightmare running and from that game yesterday, it looks like he may have learned how to pass too. Yikes!

  40. Kolb never stood a chance to either get into a rhythm or develop any confidence, what with Reid pulling him willy-nilly for Vick. Now there’s a controversy and Reid has no one to blame but himself for this stupid mess.
    And while I’m on Reid’s prodigious backside, what the *ell kind of stupid call was *that* on the 4th and 1. Who in their right mind puts their QB in shotgun and makes him gain five yards instead of one? Just have him burrow in behind his line for one stinking yard for god’s sake. He has to overthink everything.

  41. I’m taking Lions over Eagles next week.
    Full disclosure, I’m a Bears fan who hates Vick. I have to say the Detroit defense was a lot better than I expected. Detroit’s got a week to gameplan for Vick, and there’s an upset brewing here.

  42. I do not like Mike Vick but he is an explosive player. He looked like the older version of Mike Vick. He was erratic on his throws, but he runs like a gazelle. He should have run for that TD but his decision to throw is likely due to coaching criticism about running all the time. He is still one of the most dynamic players in the NFL and he should be on the field as much as possible. You can’t coach speed or agility and he has both. He is not as good on straight-up running plays but there is none better when the pocket breaks down and defenders are spread out in coverage. The Eagles have a huge problem. Kolb is a better QB, but Vick is a bigger weapon.

  43. @sdffa11 – 1-0 baby. you lose. eagles lose. redskins win. keep celebrating that championship from 50 years ago.

  44. Eagles spread out the WR’s and vick made plays with his legs when nothing else was available. Why did they pack it in and have his scrawny arse go up the middle. Go with what had been working all game!!

  45. awdlmd thats exactly what i was thinking, he’s got nothing to lose by going that route. milk it and if vick does good, really good, no one will even remember kolb. and vick looked a hell of a lot better and more poised than kolb

  46. sdffa11
    QB is about leadership, wins and scoring more than the other guy in any way possible.
    Its not about geek stats and fantasy nerds. It doesn’t matter how many TD passes he did or didnt throw. McNabb is a winner and you philadelphia dirtbags never appreciated that.
    congratulations philadelphia youre going to get a higher draft pick than washington

  47. If they start Kolb then Panthers, AZ, and 49ers better think about sending a 2nd rounder to Eagles for Vick right now as their current QB situation is horrible. This is ridiculous to see that much talent sit on the bench when he is the most exciting player to watch in Sports….

  48. @ Cleg – Simmer down big boy. The girls HANDED you that game. McNabb didn’t do anything to distinguish himself so don’t go getting on the Eagles. At least we scored an offensive touchdown.

  49. I am not a Vick fan, but one more minute and he might have beaten the Super Bowl bound Packers. He was better than Rodgers with his two INTs and three sacks.

  50. I am pretty sure Vick was coming out on third downs because Kolb can’t throw the ball over 20 yards with any kind of accuracy and makes bad decisions.

  51. Seriously though, the game was an embarrassment before Vick came into the game. A complete embarrassment. Vick actually saved the team from being blown out badly at home. Good Job Mike. Corn fed Kolb needs more work I see. But how much more work can he get? He was waiting for years to become a starter.

  52. if the eagles win in detroit and vick has a hellava game the philly area wont want kolb back,andy might want him but this will be a even bigger issue, philly fans just wants to win

  53. Im a EAGLES fan and never belived in Kolb. We had a good QB. He was not Manning or Brady, but he is alot better then what we have now. Now I will sit back and let the Kolb lovers tell me he had no time, Andy kept pulling him, and anything else they can think of. If your in the NFL for 3 years as a QB and your the number 1, I dont plan on you getting a bunch of TDs, but at least move the ball.

  54. I just had to come in here to see what people thought about Vick and his performance. First of all, the biggest contributor of the controversy was Kolb not looking good and Vick did. That’s it.
    And here’s the bigger issue: The O-line for the Eagles are TERRIBLE! Kolb has no real chance because of the terrible O-line. But Vick? He have experience taking a team with a bad, undersized O-line and took them to the playoffs.
    See, that’s the enigma with Vick. Because he got a rocket arm, he spreads the field. Because he can run, he spreads the field. The Eagles are going to love the excitement and the big-play ability. But boy are they going to get sick with his lack of touch and some decision-making. He’s a gunslinger and he believes that his arm is Superman. He will get some interceptions.
    Oh, and he carries the ball like a microphone. But Net-Net, he can take the Eagles to the playoffs with the holes the they have on offense. With Kolb, the holes will only be magnified.

  55. Vick fans who want Vick must remember this, HE COULD NOT GET 1 YARD ON 4TH AND 1!! HE LOST THE GAME!!

  56. How’s that trade to Washington looking right about now?
    What will the headlines look like in 3 weeks when Donavan spanks you guys in your own house?

  57. What took you so long to post THE MOST talked about scenario of week 1?
    Vick showed up and showed out. Kolb does not- I REPEAT Kolb does not have the team’s confidence. The ONLY thing i dislike about Micheal Vick is that all he TALK ABOUT IS HIMSELF.
    If he ever begin to align his conversation with a Team First element – I will get back on his bandwagon. But for now, Mike Vick is a ME FIRST kinda guy- just like Brett Farve.
    A quarterback cannot behave in this fashion – everybody else can.
    It is NOT about YOU Mike. It is about the TEAM.

  58. I do find it funny people saying Kolb deserves more than 1/2 half a game as starter. Vick played extremely well. Most of you are the same guys that said Leinert didn’t even deserve a start in Arizona as the man after waiting for 5 seasons (like Kolb).
    Bottom line is the coach will play whomever he thinks will get him the most wins. Reid thinks it’s Kolb, but yesterday had to make him rethink Vick’s role. I am betting we see more Vick formations this year, like half.

  59. Kolb only played 3 games last season and the Eagles were ready to call him a Franchise QB! Lots of backup QB’s can fill in and look good for a few weeks until the other teams get them on film and learn their capabilities & tendencies.
    Vick should be the starter in Philly he gets a bad rap of not being a good passer but the fact is in Atlanta he had no WR’s! His #1 & #2 WR’s were Peerless Price & Brian Fineran. Besides that Jim Mora came in and tried to make him into a West Coast QB which doesn’t best fit his skillset.
    I don’t like Philly anyway so I hope that they continue to stick with Kolb!

  60. I’d like to be the first to point out that BlondEyedDevils or whatever his name was 100% correct.
    Vick looked great out there and Kolb… Not so much, maybe he should stick to wrestling boars

  61. While Vick DID pretty much throw Kolb under the bus… the funny thing is, if you know Michael Vick… he didn’t MEAN it how it sounded. But he simply doesn’t know how to speak properly.
    But we all already knew that he FELT that way.

  62. Damn you people are retarded. So far, the trade to Washington is fine. You jacktards are calling it a season after a half of a game. Kolb is a first time starter. You’d be remis to think that he’s going to come in and play like an all-pro in his first season.

  63. “Vick didn’t say anything about Kolb; he was just trying to make a point about how he proved his value in an uneven, but ultimately impressive performance as Kolb’s replacement”
    Uneven I dont get that. 175 yards passing and a td and a 103 yards rushing in a half seems as even as it gets.
    Vick looked and played great. Hes just as fast and elusive as he ever was and was able to find and connect with his wrs. Anyone who argues that he didnt play great is just doing it out of hate. Vick played as good or better then any qb this week, and hes right if he did play all 4 quarters the Eagles probably would have won.
    And to everyone who said he was a shadow of himself last year this game proved you wrong. Like I said back then its not that Vick lost a step its that hes being used in a different way. What made Vick such a threat with the Falcons is his ability to escape from the pocket and pick up huge gains on passing plays. The way he was being used last year took that away from him. Vick was basically being used as a running back who could throw the ball. Thats not what makes him so good. Defenses knew when Vick was coming in more times then not it would be a running play. Which let them just key in on Vick and take away his ability to run effectively. Yesterday how ever the defense had to worry more about him throwing the ball then running with it. So once they started playing the pass it gave Vick the room to run.
    What makes him good is his ability to run out of a passing play not him just running.

  64. drumbug71 says:
    September 13, 2010 8:31 AM
    Then again…was Kolb stuffed on 4th and 1 at the 2 minute warning? Oh…wait….nope, that was Vick…
    your an idiot that wasnt Vicks fault. Did you even watch the play? It was a 4th and 1 and they ran a lead qb sneak out of the shotgun right into the center of the Packers deffense. Do you understand how long it takes just to make it to the line of scrimmage? By the time Vick got the snap and had to wait for McCoy to hit the hole the o lines intial burst was gone and the Packers had a chance to clog up the holes.
    You dont run a lead qb draw out of the shotgun on 4 and 1. There was such lil space as it was but then to send McCoy infront was asinine. It was just 1 more body that blocked Vick from getting the 1st.
    All day Vick was getting huge runs b/c he was doing it from a pass play. Reid and Mornigwhegs decision to handcuff Vick and take away his opition to throw was the reason why that play failed. Even if they wanted Vick just to run the ball the could have atleast made it seem like he had the opition to throw. But they didnt so the Packers knew it was a run and all they had to do was clog up the middle . Which isnt that hard when you have 350lb nose tackles in the middle.

  65. Give Vick a chance. The Eagles kept him around here all offseason instead of unloading him for a 7th round pick. Maybe the Vikings in a week or two might come calling or the Arizona Cardinals but I feel Vick can still play and he showed the world what he can still do. It is ridiculous to think that Kevin Kolb is a better QB than Mcnabb or Vick. He isn’t even a pimple on their rear’s.

  66. clintcooper says:
    September 13, 2010 8:40 AM
    This bum should still be in prison. He electrocuted and drowned defenseless animals. I’m so pleased with his failure yesterday.
    His failure are you nuts? He was great yesterday.
    Vick was giving CPR to a team that was already dead for an hour and he still almost brought them back to life.
    You people are blind I bet you cant name 5 qbs that played better in 1 half yesterday then Vick did. Did the Eagles lose yes but by no means was that Vicks fault he was the only reason the game was even close.

  67. its a shame that people still wanna see Vick being punished after the guy paid his debt. give me a break, he looked good and should get the start over that bum Kolb. and granted he is a moron for having a dog fighting empire and ill even throw in Ron mexico; but i have no problem with his football career. none at all, leave the personal stuff outta the sundays. you all sound like Goodell’s vanilla ass. *yawn*

  68. For those saying Kolb shouldn’t be expected to do good right away?
    Umm Flacco, Ryan, Bradford all looked good the first time out there. Stafford looked capable his first time out… Oh yeah, Kolb already started last year.

  69. Kolb is not a better QB, he has not proven himself and when he had the chance against a good team, the Packers hammered him, not to mention their were several interceptable balls thrown by Kolb that the Packers dropped. I’m a huge Packer fan, I’m glad Vick didn’t play the entire game, but he gives Philly a better chance to win, is more explosive, more unpredictable and more exciting. Philly fans and management, you wanted McNabb gone, you got your wish!!
    Well said tian…

  70. well coming from an ex-con’s point of view. I like to see a fellow inmate try to do something with his life. I’m not to sure about why a coach would have two starting quarterbacks. Reid said his man was Kolb. A quarterback should lead. And a coach should lead also. I’m sure Kolb could improve. (given time??) He’s not Tom Brady. But, look at Vick. And again. I think he could improve. Look at Drew Brees. I really don’t think Philly’s going anywhere this year. But, they could surprize alot of people. Reid just needs to follow through with his decisions and lead his team. And he’s not going to do that by making useless timeouts. But, everybody’s talking about who’s going to quarterback. After last night’s game, if I was the owner I would start talking about who’s going to coach!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Everyone who is saying the Packers didnt game plan for Vick is being naive. Everyone knew he was going to touch the ball 10-15 times. Reid said it Vick said everyone said it. If the Packers really went into that game without a game plan for Vick then they have a horrible coaching staff, no chance of winning a superbowl, and are extremely lucky they got away with a win.
    I dont believe thats what happened. The Packers have a great coaching staff, so there is no way that they went into that game unprepared for Vick to get the ball. Yes if they knew he was going to play for a full half they might have put in a little more time. But I have faith in the Packers coaches that they had there team ready for that possibility.
    The fact that its mostly Packers fans who are questioning McCarthy is scary. How can you seriously believe that the packers have a superbowl caliber team when you dont even think your head coach has the where-with-all to have a game plan ready for a player who has the ability to change the momentum and the outcome of a game in a blink of an eye who you know is going to touch the ball 10-15 times. You guys either have no faith in your coach or have no clue how a team prepares for game during the week.
    Anyway its not like Vick was a 1st time player. He was a starting qb for many years and teams game planned for him every week and he still ran all over them. Every team has tried to contain Vick and it never worked. Actually the only team that ever really came close to containing him was the Eagles when they beat him in the NFCCG. And Im sorry but I dont think they will be sharing information with the rest of the league on how to stop him from taking off.

  72. The Packers didn’t gameplan to stop Vick.
    Once ANY team has the chance to do so, I would bet you’ll see Vick’s numbers go significantly down. Vick wasn’t *that* impressive considering he brings a completely different element to the offense and the Packers had zero gameplanning to stop him.

  73. @ Route36West
    Of course everyone is an idiot but you. If Vick is so great, he doesn’t need you posting 4 times in an hour telling everyone how great he is.
    Running is what makes him great? Running is what makes him a threat, it’s not what makes an NFL QB great. He took off a lot more than he threw, any QB with speed can do that. It’s Falcons north, take a quick look, you cannot figure out what they are doing, take off. Without his speed, he would totally suck.
    He’s still an inaccurate passing, fast QB, but you don’t need anyone elses opinion, it’s a lot easier to call others names. Forget how many horrible passes he threw. Mike Vick had no authority to change the 4th & 1 play? He had to run into the 350 lb player? On the plays he was back to pass he improvised, he couldn’t do that on the 4th & 1? Easy to blame others than the one that made the decision to run into the line. Vick is the best ever!! It was Mora’s fault in Atlanta. Reid’s fault now. It certainly isn’t ever Vick’s fault.

  74. I Love It!
    Philly and its fans didn’t appreciate a consistent pro bowl qb that never had a solid rushing attack and now that pro qb is winning in DC. Ha Ha Ha, what a joke that organization and its fans are, they didn’t appreciate McNabb and now they have very little. Kolb may end up being decent but not a consistent pro bowl, especially without a real rushing attack. McNabb had to do too much in Philly and now that he doesn’t in DC he will be successful even with the pass droppers he has in DC. He has two guys that can catch, one really well(Cooley) and one most of the time(Moss) and when they get another weapon or two they will be scary. They need another wide out and another rb, either a big one or a fast one. If they make another trade and get another weapon they’ll finish second or better. They already have a better coach than the Cowboys.
    Go McNabb!

  75. With this controversy the Skins just became the automatic 3rd best team in the NFC East ….
    Anytime now Kolb struggles or throws an INT the city of brotherly love will come down on Reid ….

  76. You guys who want to play Vick are nuts. Sure he provided a spark, but look at the bigger picture. The Eagles traded McNabb because they knew he’d never get them over the hump at this point in his career. His inability to score a TD against Dallas in the 4th quarter proved them right. Does anybody really believe that Vick is the guy who’ll take them to a Super Bowl? If so, go back to your fantasy team or watch replays of the Arena league. The Eagles have to stick with Kolb and see where he’s at at the end of the year – then decide if he’s their guy.

  77. I as a eagles fan was (am) prepared for growing pains as the offense is young as a whole. To play kolb as the starter may hurt in some games this year, but overall its the best way to go for the young team to grow together. I dont see how vick being the starter helps the team in the long run.

  78. Dawgkilla may be elusive, but his horrific passing skills are what will keep him on the bench. Most of the balls he threw would have hit the ground if the reciever didn’t dive for them.
    The Kittens will have an entire week to gameplan for Vick, and I have a feeling that he is not going to be anywhere as successful as he was against the Pack. With the Eagle’s porous oline, I’ll be surprised if he isn’t sitting beside Kolb on the bench wondering what year it is by halftime. The only thing between Dawgkilla and the end of his career is one miscalculation while scrambling for yardage in the open field. Believe me, it’s coming.

  79. I told you fools that Mike Vick would be the starter by week 3.
    Okay I was wrong, didn’t know the “great hope” would be this bad…… ha ha ha
    The new breed of qb is here to stay – story dudes….. ha ha ha.
    Mike Vick takes 4 years off and puts up a 101 qb rating in his first chance…………
    ha ha ha.
    Pryor and Robinson at Michigan and Ohio State will continue to mold of Vick.

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