Raiders-Titans one-liners

Ten penalties, four fumbles and an interception only scratch the surface of the sloppy play that helped the Raiders to a 38-13 loss to the Titans.

Said QB Jason Campbell, who was sacked four times in his Raiders debut, “Obviously,
we’re not proud of how we played today. We take our
hats off to Tennessee. They came out, and they did what they had to do
to beat us. I thought they were more detailed today than we were and
more physical.

Raiders RB Darren McFadden was a bright spot with 95 yards rushing and added 55 yards receiving.

Raiders rookie LB Rolando McClain had six tackles in his regular season debut.

G Robert Gallery and DE Richard Seymour were among the six Raiders who didn’t finish the game because of injury.

RB Chris Johnson was, as usual, a beast, but he had plenty of company as the Titans fired on all cylinders Sunday. 

Titans LB Will Witherspoon had six tackles and a sack in an effort he dedicated to the memory of his late mother.

Titans RB Javon Ringer scored his first NFL touchdown but forgot to hold onto the ball as a souvenir.

Safeties Michael Griffin and Chris Hope both came up with turnovers that led to Titans touchdowns. 

Titans QB Vince Young finished the game with a 142.8 passer rating, the second-highest rating of his NFL career.

43 responses to “Raiders-Titans one-liners

  1. As a Steeler fan, I’d be lying if I said I wasnt worried.
    I just hope we get out of there with limited injuries.

  2. This was horrible game!! Can someone send a message to cable and tell him to put somebody in the line-up that want to block

  3. … By the end of the year , The Tennessee Titans will simply be known as ” Cheers ” – ‘Cause everyone will know our name .

  4. Aside from the fumble at the beginning of the game, VY pretty much took control of this game from the beginning and never let go. With Vince in the driver’s seat, the unreal CJ turbocharge running threat, and what appears to be an improving receiver corps, this is a potentially high octane offensive machine that ready to make some serious noise.

  5. I’ll tell ya what, i watched that pathetic game and it looked like the whole Titans defense was on roids. Those are some fast dudes. So fast, that on that Campbell fumble, the guy on the defenses right side was halfway in the backfield before the ball was snapped and no flag. At least the refs realized that after the fumble the guy that fell on it and returned it for a TD was actually down when he recovered it. The Raiders OL looked out of sync, but the defense seemed ok. Chris Johnson was not a beast by any means. Half of his yards came on 1 play only because whoever #33 is on the Raiders just flat out blew a tackle. I think the best thing you can take away from that game for the Titans is that Vince looked sharp throwing and running. He had a nice touch all day. If they go far this year, it’s going to be because of VY not CJ. But, as a Raiders fan with CJ on 2 of my 3 FFL teams it was a painful way to win in my leagues. Oh, and one more thing…..The Big Gradkowski needs to start now! yeah, i said it.

  6. Tennessee will fold in the stretch because they have silly, pop warner league uniforms with a namby pamby color scheme and a schlock helmut logo.
    Dress your team like men.
    The Steelers do it right. Even the Raiders.

  7. …VY pretty much took control of this game from the beginning and never let go. With Vince in the driver’s seat,…
    Vince threw for 158 yards. Almost half of it on one play. Let’s not go crowning him MVP just yet….

  8. I for one think that the Raiders are very soft and cuddly.. That is just the way I like it.. This Raider team brings new meaning to the word…

  9. Gradkowski needs to start. I am on record saying that for two weeks now. Still no media whispers of the obvious.

  10. ..VY pretty much took control of this game from the beginning and never let go. With Vince in the driver’s seat,…
    Vince threw for 158 yards. Almost half of it on one play. Let’s not go crowning him MVP just yet….
    Alright. And peyton threw for 433 yards. One quarterback won, the other lost. As has been said a crapload of times, vy isn’t going to be a guy who consistently throws for 300 yards. but he doesn’t need to be to win the games or to be considered effective. if you know the titans offense, they basically run it first and second down. if they can get into a 3rd and short from the first two runs, they’ll run it on 3rd too. occasionally on first down they’ll run a play-action with vince. now, when the running game fails to get close to a first down, then the third and long situation becomes vince’s main throwing down. and he was effective in that role. so lay off the guy. he was able to take advantage on play-action of a defense all too willing to sell out to stop cj and the titans blew out the raiders.

  11. raiders o-line has been an area of concern for the past 3 years, but it seems as if we are committed to drafting db’s, and wr’s every year.
    I guess we did draft the two fastest o-lineman in this years draft. I am just hoping there is a a 6’2, 305lb centet that can run a 4.2 forty. it seems that will be thew only way we will get one..
    C’mon moving a 6’8 tackle to center is a concern.

  12. “Vince threw for 158 yards. Almost half of it on one play. Let’s not go crowning him MVP just yet….”
    Not crowning him anything. He is still a work in progress. My point was that the combination the Titans have on offense right now is looking pretty lethal, and VY is a major factor. He was very effective Sunday – 143 rating, two touchdown throws, no interceptions, and he has been looking very accurate and poised since the start of the pre-season. He may not be MVP material yet, but no one can question his ability to win games. I believe he has an intangible that few quarterbacks have when it comes to the drive to win.
    You can’t compare him to QBs like Peyton, Brees, Brady and company (and yes, those guys are the best in the league – not going to debate that). But VY is what the Titans need, and I believe he may well be capable of leading that team to a super bowl one day soon.

  13. “Chris Johnson was, as usual, a beast”
    Take away his 76 yd TD run and what do we have?
    26 carries, 66 yds, 2.53 avg per carry.

  14. Competent OL are hard to come by. Even serviceable OL are not easy to find. It is clear that you can’t win when you are only playing 8.5 men against 11. The players in the lockerroom KNOW that Henderson & Walker suck, & no WAAAAY should Veldheer have been starting at C. The rookie was over matched, & appeared to get sodomized by the Titans’ DL.
    Henderson could not have been abused any worse if he were in Shawshank Prison. He was absolutely PWNED.

  15. People who rip CJ2.5K for having dozens of carries and one 80 yard run to “pad the stats” got is wrong. The fact is he runs for 50 yard or more than any NFL player in history. As I sit and watch him week in and week out, it is simply a matter of time for him. When he hits the “open hole” he is gone. He did it once this game. Wait till he runs all over the Steelers on Sunday. Hate all you want. He’s the best players in the NFL, hands down. No bet!
    Go Titans!

  16. JPPHX – it helped the Titans blow it open, didn’t it?
    Vince Young may never be Steve McNair, but he’s now won 27 of his 41 career games and in this one he looked more in command of the offense than usual.
    Jeff Fisher has a history of fixing roster issues and it sure looks like he’s got one here that can go far in the playoffs.

  17. Overall, the Raiders didn’t play as bad as the media or the final score made it look. They got bull rushed by a team at home, that was hyped and more prepared. And most would have said, before the game, they got beat by a better team. That said, if you look at the stats…. they were actually pretty even, with the Raiders actually having more first downs. McFadden played his tail off, and proved what is possible. And that was against a pretty damned good no name defense. The people that are calling for Campbell to be benched on account of one performance, when his oline was 5hit in the first quarter, are stupid. Gradkowski wouldn’t fair any better behind that line. That said, the defense is still gives up the big play too easily. They played their butts off otherwise, but the 2 big plays killed them. So far, in the preseason, they had the same problem. This offense is going to be good enough to keep them in most games, but it won’t be good enough to come back from way down, especially on the road. Everyone is worried about Campbell becoming Mr. Checkdown again, but it seemed to work, and finally got the Titans on their heels a little bit. As long as it works for something, I don’t mind Mr. Checkdown. The sack and fumble was a bogus noncall for roughing… the dude almost decapitated Campbell. That said, I’m not happy about the performance, but would rather have that performance in September, and at least have a chance to prove its a fluke. Lets see what they do at home against the Rams before we give up on Oakland for the year.

  18. # JDPHX says: September 13, 2010 6:08 PM
    “Chris Johnson was, as usual, a beast”
    Take away his 76 yd TD run and what do we have?
    26 carries, 66 yds, 2.53 avg per carry.
    Very true. Sadly we can’t take that run away, but anyone calling his performance “beasty”, obviously didn’t watch the game. For the most part he was held in check, and if the Raiders could have mustered up the least little bit of offense, the defense may not have tired out so quickly. This may have resulted in a sub-par day for CJ.
    It’s the titans defense that should be making the headlines. Sure, CJ got his yards, and Young did very well, but the defense won them the game. They set the tone right off the bat from play one.
    It would have been nice if Campbell changed the snap count. The Titans looked like they knew it better than the Raiders did. Either that, or Campbell has a tell.

  19. Raiders757:
    I agree we need to eliminate those big plays on defense and find a way to protect the quarterback. And rushing for 142 yards on 27-28 carries isn’t that big of an accomplishment especially when you bust one off for 76 yards on a broken play and tired defense but that all starts with protecting to qb and keeping their offense off the field. They have alot of work to do and it’d be a start to get some left tackle help or improvement.
    Go Raiders!!

  20. Jason Campbell is not the guy I thought he’d be. He doesn’t have the will to win. He lost me when we needed a first down and he pulled up a yard short and did the please don’t hurt me slide instead of that’s my firstdown head first slide. He might’ve already lost the locker room with that kinda effort. Give Grad his spot back and we will win.

  21. To:aldvaisisapersonelwizard: My apologies. dead al did an awesome job assembling that Raider O line. Mario Henderson, is such a stud. The DB’s did not look confused at all. McFadden, who was on dead als ” bust list ” was the only bright light. Spicoli, I agree. Gradkowski needs to be the guy.

  22. @ bwisnasky: Glad someone here saw the game for what it was. The Raiders have a new QB with a new system and new playcaller with a rookie at center with an o-line that has barely played as a group in a different blocking scheme. They were also missing their #1 RB and #1 WR.
    They are a west coast team with a 10am PST kickoff in Tennessee where the weather is hot and extremely humid and the stadium is currently the most difficult place to play in the NFL for opposing teams. The Titans are a physical, playoff caliber team with core players that have spent 2 or more seasons together in the same system.
    Almost any team in the NFL would have lost in Tennessee Sunday, much less a young team from the West Coast with new personnel at key positions and on the staff.

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