Ravens show Jets how it's done

The Baltimore Ravens played the style of football on Monday night that Jets coach Rex Ryan dreams about.

The Ravens were more physical than the Jets, knocking them around in the second half.  Baltimore had the opposing quarterback confused.  They possessed the ball 38 minutes.

Baltimore only won 10-9, but the game didn’t feel that close.  The Ravens had 20 first downs; the Jets had six.  Joe Flacco threw for 248 yards, including 110 to Anquan Boldin. 

Mark Sanchez, on the other hand, completed 10-of-21 passes for 74 yards.  He completed one pass over ten yards and looked just as overwhelmed as he did all preseason. 

Sanchez looks like he’s regressed since his rookie year. An attempted two-minute drive at the end of the game was unprofessional.  (Dustin Keller’s game-ending brain fart was an appropriate finish to the game.  He stepped out of bounds half a yard before the first down marker on fourth down.)

“We got beat by a point by the heck of a football team,” Ryan said after the game.  “They beat us probably in every statistical category there is except turnovers.”

The Jets should have taken a big first half lead after forcing three turnovers, but the inept Jets offense couldn’t take advantage.  Darrelle Revis his did thing, but Antonio Cromartie and rookie Kyle Wilson were victimized on a number of mistakes.  The Jets had 14 penalties for 125 yards.

The Jets defense had sloppy moments, but any team with an NFL-quality passing attack wins this game.  Ryan still blamed his defense.

“I was alarmed that we couldn’t get off the field on defense than that we struggled a little offensively,” Ryan said.  “That’s a pretty good team over there, a good defense. An excellent defense.”

The Jets have an excellent defense too.  Sanchez wasted it Monday night.

112 responses to “Ravens show Jets how it's done

  1. Ravens had way more first downs, way less penalties and a much much much better QB, so why did they only win by 1? Jets will get revenge come playoffs. Probably a blowout.

  2. Sanchez is simply not very good. Their defense may be great, but the the Jets won’t score many points this year.

  3. Wait! You mean Nacho Libre Sanchez isn’t the second coming of Christ??? No way ! I thought they were Superbowl bound , maybe even 18-0. At least you’d think so with all the trash talk and hype coming from the Jet’s camp..

  4. MARK SANCHEZ= KYLE BOLLER. You can switch teams Rex, but the terrible QBs follow…
    Meet the REAL #1 Defense!

  5. 1st game for the ravens and tougher than I thought it would be, before all the foolish comments come just remember a win is a win, no matter how it was won its still a (W), one thing for certain say what you will but the ravens will not be a push over for anyteam.

  6. HAHAHAHA, 74 yards passing. Couldnt happen to a better bunch of loud mouths in the NFL. Glad to see the J-E-T-S lay a giant T-U-R-D

  7. that garbage roughing the kicker call cost the jets. braylon barely touched his shoe.
    i did think marty not brian was calling those awful plays though.

  8. Joe Flacco likes his new toys. Despite the close score that was a very impressive win. Overcame 3 turnovers on the road, and moved the ball against the 2nd best defense in the league (behind us, of course). Nice job Ravens!!!!
    PS- Anquan Boldin is an absolute MONSTER. He plays like a Raven. Thanks Ozzie!!!

  9. I predict that tonight’s undisciplined performance by the New York Jets will not be repeated next week. Belichick & Co. will, no doubt, game plan accordingly. Keys to the game are: (1) keep Brady upright to allow him to stretch the field vertically; and, (2) formulate a front-seven defensive scheme to stop the run. If the Pats do both, they win convincingly. If they accomplish one of two, the score will be tight. If they accomplish neither, or if Mark Sanchez stuns everyone and stretches the field vertically, then the Pats will be routed.

  10. Sanchez right now is the most over hyped QB in this league. His new name should be Captain Checkdown. He looks like Brady Quinn with darker hair. Rex had his old team shove the ball down his throat today. It is the only way you can shut his mouth. If not for poor ball control the Ravens would have had two more TD’s. One fumble while in the red zone and one INT in the red zone. I was really wondering if the Jest were real or Memorex (who else remember those commercials). Guess what – they ain’t for real. Not as long as they got the Latino version of the twink Brady as their QB. Their annoying fans have been talking trash for weeks about how they are going to kick our ass and how they have the better head coach and how they are going to the SB. Well, if they are going to the SB it will be as fans, because with that offensive they sure as hell aren’t going as the AFC champion.

  11. What’s a matter Yet fans? Sanchez, LMAO!!! Greene, LMAO!!! WR’s, LMAO!!!! Cro and WIlson, LMAO!!! You Yet fans are stupid to believe Rex Ryan and all the jibber jabber he did during the off season. Kris Jenkins possibly out for the season, WOW have fun in NY JT you deserve to be with all those classless bums. Yets got 6-10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. @Rangenuis – They won by only one because the Jest have a good defense (not as good as the Ravens, but good). Bottom line is we tried to hand you the game with a stupid fumble and an ill advised pass while we were driving to score. Otherwise the score was more like 21 to 6. There was no way in hell your team was scoring a TD tonight. Stop smoking dope. Your team offense SUCKED tonight. Admit it. You got beat by a more talented team. As far as blowouts, the only blowouts you will be seeing is losses. Your offense will keep your opponents in the game for the rest of the season.

  13. Does anyone have any idea how twisted I feel cheering for the Ravens?
    Oh my gracious does Sanchez suck! Oh, and L.T. in a jet’s uniform. Ahhh. The hatred keeps me warm inside.
    What a team. What a coach. This is going to be fun to watch.
    Chatter like baby birds, then try to fly.
    Is 74 passing yards good?
    How did Brady do yesterday?
    My goodness, next Sunday can’t get here fast enough.

  14. Brian Shottenhiemer should return his game check to all the PSL owners and hopefully Mark Sanchez’s balls will drop so he can throw a pass downfield like a real NFL quarterback….

  15. What’s a matter Yet fans? Sanchez, LMAO!!! Greene, LMAO!!! WR’s, LMAO!!!! Cro and WIlson, LMAO!!! You Yet fans are stupid to believe Rex Ryan and all the jibber jabber he did during the off season. Kris Jenkins possibly out for the season, WOW have fun in NY JT you deserve to be with all those classless bums. Yets got 6-10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Sanchez didn’t regress, he’s just not that good in general. He strung together a few good games in the playoffs (granted, the right time to do it) but ESPN hyped him up too much. He’s young and he could get better but he’s far from a franchise quarterback at this point in his career.
    That being said, remember he DID play Baltimore. He won’t play that bad all season.

  17. Rangenius,
    jets couldn’t score a TD (or a FG) to save their life and you want to keep talking trash? Typical jet fan.
    Pats will own the jets next week.

  18. Sanchez will be fine J.E.T.S. fans.
    He is a solid talent. Be kind, give him a chance, every sports fan in North America knows New York City Fans can kill a kid at this fragile moment in his NFL Career.
    Hold Mark to your bosom and let him suckle on the nipple of your sympathy, allow him to build confidence with your faith and motherly love..

  19. Olbermanisadouche says:
    September 13, 2010 11:53 PM
    I don’t know which one I dislike more…Rex Ryan or NYC.
    I’m not sure how you can dislike NYC, but Rex Ryan certainly is a legitimately hateable fat-ass piece of crap.
    I hope that this helps you with your big decision.

  20. “I sure hope that his team can cash the check that his mouth is writing.”
    Ray Lewis, about Rex Ryan’s comments.
    Hey Rexy, it bounced!

  21. Loved Sanchez & Schottenheimer screaming @ each other when Sanchez was on field. Rex thought he could will his team to victory, not. You can talk all you want, but you have to walk the walk & like Ray said strap it up!! Ray showed everyone in the NFL he is still the best. & to the guy who thinks these 2 will meet again, you have to win to make it to the playoffs. How long till Rex has a revolt in the locker room between the offense & defense go @ it? Talk all you want Jets fans, all I have to say is SCOREBOARD! GO RAVENS!!!

  22. Y-E-T-S SUCK SUCK SUCK…………Where are all the big mouth Jet fans tonight? That’s right they are curled up with there mommy sucking on her sand dollar nipple for comfort.

  23. Another bust of a quarterback from Southern Cal. The Jets’ Super Bowl XLV hopes are over. They need to draft a new QB or sign a competent veteran one in the offseason.

  24. Sanchez blows. He probably was the one who told on the other players who were hooting and hollaring at that reporter.

  25. The Jets’ offense was so mind bogglingly atrocious that it defies credulity.
    Keller not having a clue where the first down marker was on the game’s dispositive play???? Are you kidding me? What a phvkking moron.
    Then you have Braylon Edwards and all of his dumb ass penalties. Edwards should be less cocky — it’s clear he overestimates his worth.
    Shonn Greene – another sack of shit who wilted out there.
    And finally, you have Sanchise —- the master of the checkdown.
    Aside from all the P.I. from Cromartie and Wilson – the Jets’ defense played like champions. Their offense was so amateurish and lame that it’s hard to liken it to another NFL offense in this millenium.

  26. Best part of tonight is that maybe we all will have some peace and quiet from those jackasses calling themselves Jets fans. Key word of this article is “inept”… Just as so many were expecting.
    As for the Jets defense, Ravens offense had great play calling and shitty execution. Thanks for laying the game plan, Ravens. Imagine what will happen next week, Jets fans. Oh, that’s if some of you aren’t worried about discipline from the league… Lots to worry about Jets fans. And we will enjoy every second of it, losers.

  27. How does that taste, fatboy? Rex Ryan is just a blowhard off the old block. The Jets ownership will get what they deserve – a spanking from the Hoodie. I hate Belichick, but he will own this bunch. Perhaps HBO can film a documentary on the lost art of the forward pass starring Mark Sanchez. Hail!

  28. By the end of the season, Schottenheimer will have a new title: FORMER offensive coordinator. That was one of the worst called games that I’ve seen in a while. He put the Jets in too many long yardage situations with his calls He should have called more first down passes instead of playing into Baltimore’s hands by trying to run the ball as much as he did on first down. The Jason Garrett of the AFC.

  29. watching the demolition of the jets next week by the pats is going to be the highlight of the year…i could never understand all the trash talk with dirty sanchez at QB

  30. Two teams that should stick to what they do best – talking.
    The Jets offense was an embarrasment and the Ravens weren’t much better with their two scores handed to them as a result of 125 yards in Jet’s penalties.
    What a mess.

  31. Too bad you have to play the game Jets, otherwise you would go undefeated with just your trash talk.
    I’m sure the Miami Heat of the NBA won’t put up 30 points in total which is equivalent to Sanchez’s 74 yds. Even Trent Edwards put up a better fight and they blow.

  32. ill settle for a 18 – 1 season
    its one game folks, lets not get carried away. if they jets had a cupcake like carolina they’d be 1 and 0 like the giants

  33. Apparently, Baltimore didn’t get the memo that the jets are the baddest m-fers to walk on the field. Interesting that the jets stopped chirping about halfway through the 2nd quarter. By the time Ray Ray crushed dustin keller, the jets were about as intimidating as a beaten puppy. Watch out New England, here comes the bad m-fers….hahahahahahahha
    P.S. sanchez

  34. Sanchez completed a pass of over 30yds. It just got nullified by Braylon’s illegal shift penalty. I understand it doesn’t count for the game, but it should definitely be taken into account when you pull that judgmental “he completed only 1 pass over 10yds” BS.

  35. As bad as the Jets looked offensively… SO DID THE RAVENS !! Both teams stunk it up on offense and I wouldnt be bragging about either one playing well at all….A win is a win and Congrats to Balt but it wasnt a very good game offensively by either team

  36. ganggreenguido says:
    “ill settle for a 18 – 1 season”
    Better find another team to root for in a hurry because that ain’t happening with that offense.
    “its one game folks, lets not get carried away. if they jets had a cupcake like carolina they’d be 1 and 0 like the giants”
    Actually, Matt Moore had a 19 yard TD pass. How many did Sanchez throw again? Did he even throw one pass that went over 10 yards? He checked down so many times that I fell asleep. Since he only completed ten passes the entire game, I’m guessing you saw them all. Matt Moore looks like Dan Mario compared to “check down” Sanchez. BTW – That Greene kid really looks like a keeper.

  37. pretty sure Sanchez played less like the ‘Sanchize’ and more like the ‘Dirty Sanchez’ tonight… just sayin

  38. “Sanchez right now is the most overhyped QB in this
    league. His new name should be Captain Checkdown.”
    Matt Leinart has 1st rights to that name, but its fitting that they’re both USC qbs.
    USC QBs = vastly overrated (and I’m tempted to throw Carson Palmer in there too since Cincy hasn’t done anything under him)

  39. This was a terrible performance by the Jets in so many ways. I was not impressed with Baltimore.
    Braylon Edwards might have gotten screwed on that rouging the kicker thing, but his penalty where he was lined up in the wrong spot was a killer and nullified a big play.
    Cromartie was crap. The talent is there but the guy has no brain in his head. Too many killer penalties and the Ravens were smart enough to consistently pick on him. Dont blame Revis, wherever he was, they threw it to the guy he wasnt on.
    Coaching staff called some awful plays as well. Whoever thought LaDanian Tomlinson would look like their best player on offense?
    Sanchez is going to ruin this team. He isnt capable of getting the ball downfield to Edwards. His below average game is going to cause this team to be one of the biggest flops in recent memory

  40. The Ravens needed two bad calls in a row to beat the Jets, atrocious offense and all. Not sure what was worse, the ticky tack running into kicker call, or the sketchy PI call that gave their offense their only TD.
    Joe Flacco continues to be the Man… of Mediocrity.
    But keep on penciling in the Ravens to take the division.

  41. “Sanchez completed a pass of over 30yds. It just got nullified by Braylon’s illegal shift penalty. I understand it doesn’t count for the game, but it should definitely be taken into account when you pull that judgmental “he completed only 1 pass over 10yds” BS.”
    Adding another completion takes it from pathetic to dismal. Thank god you clarified that.

  42. Darrelle Revis did thing
    WOW! Did thing come out of his box for this? I guess this is what you would call a hand job??
    Come to think of it, Rex does look a bit like Uncle Fester on roids…..Were Morticia and Gomez there too?
    Weather delay and lightning probably caused by all the hot air coming out of Ryan’s mouth meeting cold upper atmosphere winds.

  43. Not sure who was worse, Sanchez or the officials. Both really stunk up the joint.
    Still, the fact is, the Ravens needed two phantom calls to score the “winning” TD. Yep, Joe Flacco is back and average as ever!
    Hey, keep on penciling in the Ravens to win the division…

  44. Nobody seems to be mentioning the Jets’ secondary. As much as I would love to believe our passing game has been totally transformed (glad as I am to have Boldin on the team), Flacco wasn’t that accurate tonight, and still had a pretty easy time passing all over them. Jets did a great job at shutting down the run, but passing was left pretty wide open.

  45. I’m with Rex, man… I honestly was pretty pissed off in a few situations where the Jets had them pinned, it was like OK, here we go, 3rd and 20+ we’re getting off the field… next thing you know, the Ravens are on the goal line. that’s not good enough… the offense was terrible though. the thing about it is Sanchez was blitzed from all different angles by probably the best front 7 anywhere in the league right now. his O line didn’t pick it up well AT ALL… everyone knew he was gonna have a hard time, come on Slauson, make a block buddy. I guess if you watched the left guard battle this preseason, you’d know that’s the weak link. Should’ve kept Faneca, we could be talking about a different game right now. Ngata probably should’ve been doubled by Mangold or a FULLBACK like T-RICH in that situation. If you need protection, you have a pro-bowler. let him smack someone up. they’re gonna need to use the Terminator more too. I was waiting for the moment when he’d come out and pop Ray Lewis real quick hahah. I guess we know LT is the man in clutch situations, like when Greene dropped that pass that LT probably would’ve picked up the 1st and 10 on. defense IS top notch once again. granted Wilson gets some experience and stops holding and interfering with every other pass thrown at him, he’ll be alright. I think that’ll stop when they’re not playing against three real solid receivers on the same team. ravens are definitely for real though

  46. The game was delayed 30 minutes.
    The Jets offense was delayed (30+60 or) 90 minutes. And counting….
    9-7 last year.
    0-1 this year, with the Pats coming to town next week.
    Are we still supposed to believe this team is going to play in SB XLV?

  47. This was a hard hitting contest. The Ravens QB Joe Flacco has been given a new nickname BL Cool J No. 5. Its an acronym that means “B-More Loves Cool Joe No. 5” If last nights game was to given an album title it would be “Ray’s Gonna Knock You Out NYJ Remix Volume 1”

  48. Both teams looked pathetic. The Ravens can’t execute worth crap and only won because of 2 very questionable calls in their favor. The first on Edwards “running into the kicker” BS. The second on the ball thrown way over Housh’s head in the end zone and since he had no play on the ball, he dives like a pansyass soccer player and gets the ticky tack PI which gives the Ravens the ball on the goal line.
    The Jets do suck though and Sanchez deserves every bit of criticism thrown his way. Easily the worst starting QB in the league. Yes, even worse than Derek Anderson, Trent Edwards, Matt Moore, Alex Smith, and Kyle Orton. Pete Carroll was absolutely right about him.

  49. gangreenguido says “it’s only one game. let’s not get carried away”. Hmmmm … well isn’t that just a little ironic, isn’t it. After all, the Jets and their fans have done nothing but get carried away. And tonight they got blown away.
    And let me get this straight, by the twisted logic of the average Jets fan, only losing by one point to the Ravens is a good thing? Ah, folks, with the field position the Jets had they should have won by 30. Thsi wasn’t a hard fought contest between two equals. The Ravens did everything they could in the first quarter to give the Jets the game and still won.
    6 first downs. 74 yards passing. Yeah, that’s Super Bowl worthy material right there.
    Buckle up boys. It is going to be a long, long fall from grace.
    The Jets are not winning the SB this year. Or next year. Or the year after. Or the year after that …

  50. # Rangenius says: September 13, 2010 11:44 PM
    Ravens had way more first downs, way less penalties and a much much much better QB, so why did they only win by 1? Jets will get revenge come playoffs. Probably a blowout.
    Too bad the Jests won’t be IN the playoffs.
    7-9 isn’t gonna cut it

  51. The Perfect Storm will happen in 2 more weeks when the Jets are 0-3. Yep, I’m sayin’ it now. Miami will upset Minn. next week and the Jets will obviously lose to NE.
    Let’s see what Rex has to say then.

  52. Seriously, wouldn’t the Jets be better off with Brunell as their QB? It seems pretty clear that Sanchez is their weak link.

  53. Laxer…keep trying to make yourself feel better….your team scored its only TD on a fluke run play in OT.
    Jets fans can take comfort in the fact that Cromartie has more kids that their team had first downs……
    That was a tough game. 2 of the best defenses in the NFL…Bart Scott and Jim Leohnard are still awesome.

  54. Great defensive game and a W is a W. Congrats to the Ravens. But the Jets offense was like the guys in that Allstate commercial who get lost in the tunnel and can’t find the field. And still the Ravens only beat them by a point. The birds had some offensive mistakes of their own, so I wouldn’t say they necessarily showed the Jets how it’s done. But Boldin was a great pickup.
    As for the Jets. Oh my. That offensive mess was too big to blame entirely on Sanchez. Good grief.

  55. The media started this sh*tstorm, and made it so much fun to hate the Jets. You had them shoved down your throats every day, and now the “har har har’s” are good fun at the water cooler and on the message boards.
    The Jets defense is incredible, and everything they promised they’d be. Sanchez and the offense need to get their act together if this team is going to get anywhere. Way too many penalties on each side, but in the end, two very similar-style teams played and ended their game only 1 point away from each other. Sanchez choked on throwing when they had a chance to do something with less than 2 minutes left.
    No excuses, no whining…Ravens and Jets aren’t cupcake teams, my friends. And I believe Rex is one of the best defensive coaches out there.
    Mob mentality will probably prevail on this story’s postings, but I am looking forward to where this season takes them. I’ve always loved good defense, and this game was a great showing.

  56. LMFAO!!! I hate the Jets! The true SoCal QB westcoast bitch showed up last night. And all you loud mouth bitches from “aaayyyeee….NEW YOK” can shut the hell up. …..wait, I hate the Baltimorons too! Joe Sack-o coudn’t get td’s with those recievers!? And against a rookie CB who got lit up? Two good defenses…I think not. Two TERRIBLE offenses.
    Pittsburgh is licking their chops.

  57. The Jets will finish no better than 500 and third in their division.
    Mark Snachez will never be a good QB.
    I love Rex but his mouth gets him fired next year.
    He has built the expectations too high and has instilled no discipline on that team as evidence by the 14 penalities, harrassing women in the locker room, shooting off their mouths etc…..
    Get used to what you watched last night jets fans. It will get no better…

  58. @ganggreenguido says:
    September 14, 2010 12:29 AM
    ill settle for a 18 – 1 season
    Tough to accomplish after an 0-2 start!
    Watch the Pats torch the Jets 42-6. The horror! The horror!

  59. Talking big and acting confident doesn’t win games. The jets defense is very good but every team with a decent qb and competent offensive play caller will be able to exploit their blitz for a few big plays. I just don’t understand how sanchez has gotten so much hype in his career. I realize its mostly because of NY media bias but still

  60. Why aren’t the Jets getting 4-6 game suspensions for harassing that woman? There’s evidence they did this!!! NO JUSTICE from GODdell. Bitch.

  61. i wont rag on the jets, but to the people thinking their D is still incredible, the game last night is not indicative of that at all.
    i’m not saying they wont be – or even that they are not great.
    but last night the two corners were eaten alive.
    were the ravens something like 9 of 11 on 3rd down? i do think that D will make a good many offenses look silly, but the strong ones could pose a world of problems.
    no championship D will allow any offense to go 9 of 11 on 3rd down.

  62. Congratulations overhyped team for beating the other overhyped team in your overhyped Monday night Superbowl.

  63. The Jets just don’t have the horses to run with anybody in the upper-tier of the NFL. I’d consider them a decent 2nd tier team or the top of the 3rd tier. It’s hard to win games when you can’t score points, and that defense is going to be exposed by the middle of the season.

  64. Baltimore could’ve easily racked up points on offense. How many inaccurate balls did Flacco throw? He was terrible – both on short and long passes.

  65. Where is that ass clown Jets fan that thought Belichick was a dumbass for taking McCourty over Wilson?? Because “McCourty’s skills wont translate to the NFL, but Wilson will be a beast”….
    After 1 week, McCourty (and his cohort Butler) did a very good job on Ochocinco/TO, mean while Wilson couldnt cover the goal post….

  66. Maybe now you’ll shut your fat mouth you giant tub of goo. And where did Braylon Edwards get his false sense of entitlement? He has always sucked! Go be a model you feminine bitch!

  67. Ravens played the game they needed to play to win. Both teams walked on the field and the Ravens got the win, and the Jets lost.
    For a week one against a very aggressive defense, Flacco showed that he trusts his receivers, while not connecting on everything, he showed that he will get the ball down the field to WR’s, that is something Sanchez did not do, he didn’t trust himself(unless that was the plan to keep it simple, because the entire off season the Ravens DB’s were the weak link and the Jets didn’t test them at all).
    Cam Cameron called a good game, he exposed Cromartie (yes he made an INT,but he gave up big plays) and the rookie DB.

  68. I was reading all the above comments, Just wondering where all the loud mouth Jets fans are that siad they were going to win ? As i recall most of you loud mouths PROMISED you would destory the Ravens…… Guess you cannot talk now eh ? I am sure by week 6 or 7 when you finally get a win you all will be on here talking about how you will win the last 10 in a row to dominate the NFL lol

  69. I’m not very big on “this is what’s gonna happen” posts, but this is as sure-fire certain as anything in football:
    With the incredible protection he got from the Mankins-less O-line this week, Tom Brady is literally going to shred that inept Jets secondary. And without a doubt, TB will do Moss a huge favor by burning the crap out of “Holdout at Halftime” Revis just for good measure. Meanwhile, “Deer in the Headlights” Sanchez is going to get several mouthfulls of turf from a Patriots defense that shut out a pretty decent quarterback with two “All World” receivers for a half last week. 10 for 21 @ 74 didn’t get it done this week, and it sure as hell won’t get it done against the NE offense next week.
    This game is going to be fun for virtually every fan outside of NYC, and we can’t wait to hear the blather that will be coming out of gangreenguido and Rangenius.
    By the way, the 2007 Patriots DID go 18-1, and all we heard from Jets fans was trash talk.

  70. Flacco completed 20 passes for 240 yards against the number one defense showing the most blitzes of any team on opening weekend. Rivers did not look better against the Chefs.
    Steelers showed nothing that would make anybody think that Dixon would look much different against the Baltimore D.
    Did Cincy just get steam rolled by the Pats who got gutted by the Ravens in the first round of the playoffs???
    I think the Ravens are going to be just fine with their “mediocre” QB … just chugging away … better than having the highly praised QB who once had a good year and we are all waiting since to deliver to Batman and Robin ….

  71. I love the people bitching about the huge penalties the Jets gave up. The pass interference calls were dead-on. Hell, even the running into the kicker call was a good call. Yes, it was pretty cheap, but it was called according to the rule (unlike Calvin Johnson’s catch). In fact, I’d say the officiating was actually pretty damn good in this game, for once.
    Why did the Ravens win by only 1 point? Because they screwed up, a lot, at the beginning of the game. If Joe Flacco pays attention on the first play of the game (or if Cam Cameron calls a sensible run play instead), and if McGahee doesn’t dance around for a couple yard loss only to cough the ball up, then the score would have been something like 21-6. The Baltimore offense gave the Jets repeated free tries and all they could walk away with was a couple of field goals.
    The biggest difference between the two teams was the fact that the Ravens were able to settle in and start playing smart, while the Jets weren’t.
    Jets run defense looked like the best in the league (better than the Ravens, definitely). The pass defense didn’t. Of course, with Rex throwing us so many blitzes, it made passing the ball a really easy choice. That fact alone helped the Ravens move the ball down the field.

  72. The idiots are out in full force already – just like I knew they would be. Danwhitmer says that he remembers most of the loud mouths promising that the Jets would destroy the Ravens. Funny, I remember them all saying the Ravens would win by 20 or 30 points.
    Regardless, with no offense the Jets had the opportunity to beat a super bowl contender in the final two minutes. Clean up the pass interference calls, and the Jets remind me of the Ravens team that went to the big game. Not a lot of offense, but always good field position.
    With that said, there were a lot of teams that won that were not picked, and half the league lost their first game. Many of the “experts” picked the Jets to lose 2 or 3 of their first four games and still win the division.

  73. I said it here before. Sanchez is the right-handed USC QB bust. Leinhart, rev. 2. At least he gets Santonio Holmes soon. He is instantly the 2nd best player on the team behind Revis. Sanchez will never be more than Carr.

  74. I don’t think either team should be too happy with thier offenses. Ravens only scored 10 points and there were at least 3 very questionable penalties called at critical times against the Jets and still only 10 points. Wish the NFL would do something with the offiicials, too many flags and no flow to the games. You can’t touch the QB, kickers, or WR or there is a flag. I don’t blame Sanchez, I blame Shotty and lack of any pass plays down the field. They take big risks on defense and none on offense. If they can’t run the ball, they are done. Ravens couldn’t run the ball but at least they weren’t afraid to throw it down the field.

  75. somesome says:
    Steelers showed nothing that would make anybody think that Dixon would look much different against the Baltimore D.
    And Flacco showed nothing last night to make us think he’d look much different against the Steeler D than he did when Dixon nearly toppled you last season.
    @HughJordan …
    What … you couldn’t have said that in one pithy sentence? Come on–this is a football blog! 😉
    I’m all for blaming the media, but they didn’t drag him to the podium and use a cattle prod to make him talk. This one’s on Rex–and it’s not a bad thing. He’s building up his guys, not putting down everyone else. He’s given the team personality and serious MOJO. Too bad he forgot to order offense to go along with it. Too soon to throw Sanchez off the train–he has promise. But might be time to dump Shottenheimer.

  76. Ummm Ok, so the won by one point and the “Ravens” show the Jets how defense is done.. what a joke… They both stunk… As for Ray Lewis being the best LB ever… Ya, I DON’T think so…. He SHOULD however be in jail… He’s a POOR excuse for an athelete…
    Not a Jet fan but ppplllleeassse… Ravens were lucky..

  77. Wow, did Cromartie just get abused last night or what? With Revis back on the field, Cro is gonna get picked apart all year. He’ll make some nice picks and returns like he did last night, but he shies away from tackles like it’s a trojan ribbed for her pleasure.

  78. Its great to be right. I said it before that Sanchez is the most overrated player ad I was right! I also said over confidence is a way for people to cover up insecurity and I was right! As in the words of the not so great Dennis Green……They are who we thought they were….or something like that..lol

  79. Ripp says:
    Its great to be right. I said it before that Sanche
    First of all, this was his 16th start in the NFL. Really, after 16 starts, you’re ready to declare him the most overrated player? Was it his fault that a couple of his passes were dropped because his receivers got alligator arms? Was it his fault that his receiver cut his route short and ended up out of bounds short of the first down? Was it his fault that Green fumbled away a golden opportunity? Was it his fault that Schottenheimer called plays as if he were a 15 year old OC who was afraid to do anything against the Ravens?

  80. # Rangenius says: September 13, 2010 11:44 PM
    Ravens had way more first downs, way less penalties and a much much much better QB, so why did they only win by 1? Jets will get revenge come playoffs. Probably a blowout.
    PLAYOFFS!! YOU WANA TALK ABOUT PLAYOFFS!! PLAYOFFS!! Leave it to a New Jersey fan to say their team is going to the playoffs after they lay an egg at home on a Monday night no less.PLAYOFFS???!!

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