Reporter sends mixed messages about conduct at Jets practice

On Saturday, multiple reporters contacted us regarding the events that transpired at the Jets facility when Ines Sainz of TV Azteca visited practice.  We were told that the players behaved like “frat boys” in her presence.  Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post chronicled some of the on-field behavior on Twitter and in a subsequent column; we shared some of the details of the treatment she received in the locker room.  ( has reported some of the same details.)

Kevin Armstrong of the New York Daily News, in a Monday appearance with yours truly on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, was present for the practice, and Armstrong said that the players’ conduct in his view was not appropriate.

And so the league is investigating, the team is investigating, the team will interview players on Tuesday, owner Woody Johnson has apologized to Sainz, and a complaint has been filed by the Association for Women in Sports Media.

The problem is that Sainz has provided mixed messages regarding the question of whether she was disturbed or offended by the behavior.  As chronicled by, Sainz posted Twitter messages suggesting that she was embarrassed and/or offended.  

“I die of embarrassment!” she said in one tweet, which was translated from Spanish. “I am in the locker room of the Jets waiting for Mark Sanchez while trying not to look to anywhere!”  She later posted, “Thanks all for your support and
concern.  I already testified before the NFL, and now is up to them to
decide whether or not there will be consequences!”

Per the New York Post, Sainz added, “I can say that at the time I didn’t want to pay attention to what was
happening but the rest of the media heard clearly and in solidarity have
denounced what happened, hoping that there is always a respectful

In other statements and messages she said that she was never offended nor threatened.  John Sutcliffe of ESPN Deportes said that Sainz told him that she was surprised by the fact that “the print media had made a big fuss about it,” and she said that she “never felt harassed.”

The disconnect comes from the apparent fact that the behavior, even if objectively not appropriate, apparently was not unwelcome by Sainz.  She admits that she wasn’t offended, and the Post subtly has been playing the “she asked for it” card by pointing out her attire at the practice and other facts suggesting that she intentionally tries to attract the kind of attention she received.

From a legal standpoint, the zone of harassment in cases like this expands to include reporters who witnessed the conduct and who were offended by it.  It’s a common phenomenon in many workplaces.  If the male employees are saying objectively inappropriate things to a female employee who invites the comments and never complains, other employees who witnessed the conduct legitimately can be offended, and they can become victims of actionable sexual harassment.

That’s why the NFL and the Jets have moved so quickly.  The first task for the lawyers in a situation of this nature is to ensure that the person who was the target of the conduct was not offended — and thus is not inclined to file suit.  Then the question becomes whether the behavior triggered collateral issues, such as other reporters (female or male) being offended by the behavior.

And even if Sainz enjoyed the attention and secretly relishes the publicity that she has received in the wake of the incident, the Jets know that they can’t allow this kind of stuff to happen at all because, eventually, someone will sue over it.  Even without a lawsuit, the notion that players are subjecting females to inappropriate conduct — even if it’s welcome — is not the kind of message that the NFL ever wants to send, especially at a time when the NFL is trying to attract more and more female fans.

85 responses to “Reporter sends mixed messages about conduct at Jets practice

  1. She was asking for it! They all are! When they dress like that, you know they want it!
    Mel Gibson

  2. Seems to me that if our media had a better grasp of the Spanish language, this would not have been so overblown.
    Lazy, Ignorant Americans.

  3. I’m not so sure about mixed messages. She said she never felt threatened or harassed. Neither one of those are the same as embarrassed. So maybe none of the Jets’ players were doing anything toward her, in a threatening way, but they still could be doing things to embarrass her. She said she was trying not to look anywhere. She used the word embarrassed. The next time around, she used the words harassed and threatened. Again – she’s not changing her stories.

  4. This delayed posting of comments is for the birds. This is the twitter age!! You need to allow frequent decent posters immediate blog response action, and suspend/warn those that you think are crossing the line. Uhm, what was this blog about anyway?

  5. Well…….! What did Dungy have to say about it?!? (UGH…Note to Tony: Nobody wants your take on this one)
    This whole thing seems stupid. I’m no fan of allowing women into the locker rooms (for this very reason) but I get the discrimination argument. The thing is, it was a practice, why the hell did she need to be in the locker room to begin with? There was no reason. If she wanted an interview or had one scheduled why not avoid any potential issues and do it on the field? They were wrong if they harassed her but she has some culpability as well.

  6. Doesn’t surprise me if she played the “doesn’t bother me” card. If she intends to report on the NFL and if its one of her first times in the locker room, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if she figured it might be detrimental to her career to make a big deal about it.

  7. If she works for ESPN Deportes and she’s a latina, then she is used to it. I’ve taught Mexican students for years and almost all of the males objectify women and the women NEVER say a thing about it. It is in their culture.
    Have you ever watched Univision? It’s all about some old fat Latino guy acting stupid while a scantily clad Latina shakes her stuff and is the butt of the joke. Try watching Sabado Gigante for an hour and you will see what I’m talking about… as a non-chauvinist but horny male, I love it! Too bad the US would never allow that type of programming, it’s AWESOME!
    But still, the Latino men, for the most part, are chauvinist pigs… and the women are used to it. I’m sure this woman has been subjected to far worse being around the tiny midget men of the Latino futbol leagues.

  8. I finally saw a picture of her today on Deadspin for the first time. I take back everything bad I said about the Jets being low class, etc, etc. That girl is HOT!!! WOOOWOOOOWOOOOO! You see that body?? DAMNNNNNNN!!!

  9. These Association for Women in Sports Media might want to watch out on this one. The solution could very well end with less women in Sports Media.

  10. look this women up… look at the pictures of her she is all over soccer fields dressed like a skank. Her outfits are extremely unprofessional and the fact that she is taken aback that 60 testosterone filled young men were acting like frat boys is the even bigger issue. This a non story.. in mexico she is relatively famous and now watch how popular she becomes in the states. Just another non talent with a pretty body taking us up on her 15 mins of fame.

  11. I’m offended by the fact that Ms Sainz hasn’t yet had her breasts enhanced!
    Is she gay or something?

  12. I don’t know if she really wanted the attention or not but in situations like this there can be two parties in the wrong. There’s no excuse for the players acting like that while they are supposed to be representing their team in front of the media. If the reporter was dressed inappropriately then maybe the solution is to implement a dress code for reporters.

  13. what a load of chorizo. google image her. they are all skanky pics. she dresses like a sorority girl soooo where’s the beef?

  14. she has youtube videos and other sites of pics…
    maybe it was “too much attention”…
    now everyone knows who she is.
    methinks she doth complain too much.

  15. dboom92 says:
    September 13, 2010 5:36 PM
    Seems to me that if our media had a better grasp of the Spanish language, this would not have been so overblown.
    Lazy, Ignorant Americans.
    Poor stupid non-American. I speak Spanish fairly well and have a great understandting of Spanish culture… and our culture is 10X more civilized and advanced than that of our Central and South American neighbors. Why don’t you go move there? Or are you too lazy to move, or too ignorant to know where to move?

  16. lil flo…your continuing drivel about this and other fluff garbage has you lined up nicely for a TMZ gig

  17. …”We were told that the players behaved like “frat boys” in her presence. ”
    So I guess we need to shut down all the frat houses?

  18. FrankoBollo, uh so I think what has taken place here is a little bit different then ben. Guess you have never seen apretty girl.

  19. She uses her assets to be noticed (i.e. painted on jeans to work), but these dumb asses (the players) played into it.
    Idiots. Never seen a hot chick before? And Coach Ryan too?

  20. Umm, I know that Florio likes to make a big deal out of being an attorney and all, but I’m just not sure what legal world he is living in. This reporter is not an EMPLOYEE of the Jets, thus cannot bring a lawsuit against them for sexual harassment or inappopriate work environment. This is NOT a legal issue – it’s just a bad PR issue. Florio, you already quit your day job – keep it that way.

  21. She probably felt flattered at first, then felt offended when it made a big scene. Welcome to the jungle.

  22. Dude, I’m sure everyone would commit a “Big Ben” if she walked into the same room as you.

  23. Without pictures, it’s difficult to assess the wrongness of the Jets’ conduct.
    However, just looking at one of these things makes me think they didn’t overreact.

  24. It is a cultural difference. In Mexico she expects to get howled at by all the Rico Suaves. In the USA we pretend we have no nards.
    She wasn’t bothered but any American chick would have been. Therefore the overly PC American media played it up before she even knew it was an issue.

  25. The Jets players in question shouldn’t have acted as they did, but that “woman” obviously has no respect for herself. Dressing the way she did she was no doubt welcoming the attention and that is probaly how she got her job. I can’t think of any professional female journalist who would go out on a job dressed like that. This however is probaly a good thing for her, she’ll probaly host a reality show on E where she can showcase her only ‘talent’.

  26. Well I guess we have a replacement for the Self Righteous Jay Marriotti. Florio your self righteousness will come back to bite you is the a$$.

  27. They are all members of the Belchin Scratchin Slime Fraternity and apologised if their time honored traditional “female stranger greeting” rituals were misinterpreted.

  28. She dressed like that because she was asking for it, specifically from the african american players. She knows that they like big butts and that is why she was wearing those pants that were so tight you could see the outline of her g-string. I wonder how many of those players had to take an extended shower after practice?
    She is one hot p.o.a. though and I’m sure she gets the pick of the litter. I’m wondering when the sex tape will surface involving her and the Jets’ D-Line.

  29. i don’t give a shit what she was dressed like (and yes i have seen the pictures and yes she is gorgeous) there is no reason for these jackasses to be behaving that way and regardless of how she now says she felt about it this was harassment. like a few other people are saying, she probably played it off because she didn’t want to cause a rift, likes her job and wants to continue to work her way up. i hope the league takes action against the jets organization.

  30. Cracks me up that people are playing the “she asked for it” card. Which of those Jets decided it was therefore a good idea for them to give it to her? In front of a bunch of reporters , no less? At least some of whom (and mostly males, I’m guessing) apparently were the ones who thought it was inappropriate, enough to where the owner has to apologize and the league has to investigate?

  31. Hmmm, now that I see the pics, we might have to give the Jets a pass on this one. They are human after all…

  32. This woman flaunts herself by dressing provocatively in an industry that’s inundated with testosterone. While it’s inappropriate for professionals (yes, even in sports) to perform catcalls, how can anyone take a reporter, or anyone for that matter, seriously when they don’t dress professionally. There’s a difference between TMZ and ESPN (well, ESPN at least attempts to maintain the semblance of professionalism). Whatever. Our country continues its assault of the male gender.
    “She was asking for it?” No.
    “Don’t take me seriously.” Yes.

  33. Ines was so busy trying to avoid noticing the guys flapping their sausages at her she missed text messages from Santonio Holmes, Darnell Dockett, Visanthe Shiancoe, and Brett Favre.

  34. Female reporters should not be allowed in a mens locker room , you dont see men in a ladies locker room

  35. Even with all the mixed messages something went on or it would not have left the dressing room. What kind of mixed message will the comish and his office send this time. Remember the boat trip in Minnesota.

  36. Our content filter at work flags her as “Pornography”.
    Wonder if they know something we don’t.

  37. dboom92 says:
    September 13, 2010 5:36 PM
    Seems to me that if our media had a better grasp of the Spanish language, this would not have been so overblown. Lazy, Ignorant Americans.
    Sigh… Ignorant libtard moron!

  38. Well whats a lady doing in a mens locker room can a male reporter go into a ladies locker room NO. What did she think wearing painted on pants with that ass omg

  39. What the “mixed messages” mean is that the Jets treated her like a Tijuana stripper, but she still wants to have a career in sports reporting.

  40. Personally, I think the Jets planted this “story” to distract from Practice-Gate. Since having extra practices is clearly more of an advantage for an NFL team than having tape of another team’s hand signals after you’ve played them (taped from the wrong location!!), I assume we will see the Jets forfeit their 2011 first-round draft pick, right?
    I will not let Practice-gate die. And if it goes unpunished or under-punished, it will simply be a sign that the league is in cahoots with the Jets, and I will not let that die, either.

  41. isn’t this the same female that asked tom brady to marry her a few years ago during media day at the super bowl??

  42. If she can’t speak English what is she doing in the Jets locker room?
    Don’t the Jets speak Ebonics or English and not Spanish?

  43. Well, my Spanish is a bit better than average, and I’ve said my fair share of stupid things. Some of them have to so with words that in one language mean one thing, and a ver, very similar word in another language means something completely different. This falls into one of them.
    Embarrassed sounds something akin to “embarazada” which doesn’t mean embarrassed but pregnant; This may mean that after a ‘menage á trois complete defensive line’ in the locker room, she may have felt so utterly, completely shagged that she may believe that she’s expectant…
    Didn’t think so… 😀

  44. I totally agree with you clown, “she was asking for it”, I hear she was walking around in a G-String Bikini lol.
    You are nothing but an idiot. Because you sleep at night with the dreams of having your nose up some Lineman’s &^%, does not mean she did.
    You might try wearing a miniskirt and heels out to practice on your next Jets visit, I have a feeling they would like you.

  45. Where is Stillerz?
    Shouldn’t he be in here talking about how the Jets have a bunch of mental rapists and how unacceptable it is?

  46. At least they could have lined up in an orderly fashion. I mean, there’s enough for everyone there.

  47. Jet players were acting like that because their wives are probably fat and homely looking! To show how idiotic Jet fans are, they say women not allowwd in locker room, what if Ben was there, she deserved it..then Ben was NEVER CHARGED and all they say is She said No!?? Makes no sence! Jet fans should worry about filling up there new stadium if they are TRUE FANS!

  48. se18a29 says: September 13, 2010 6:44 PM
    dboom92 says:
    September 13, 2010 5:36 PM
    Seems to me that if our media had a better grasp of the Spanish language, this would not have been so overblown. Lazy, Ignorant Americans.
    Sigh… Ignorant libtard moron!
    Sigh….Ignorant overly political moron!

  49. I am so grateful for this story. Before this broke I had no idea who this girl is. She is probably the hottest girl I have ever seen. I don’t know why more of you aren’t acting like the Jets. I expected nothing but “man-like” remarks and links to pictures of her when I looked at these comments.
    But, many of you seem to care about the legal ramifications and ethics of this story for some reason (OldDominionRedskins for example)…. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

  50. COMMON SENSE. She is a woman wanting to get in the mens looker room. There is no journalizim about it. Thats just a reason. She is a woman like all that are able to go in the mens looker room. They are human first. NOT second. Men cannot go in the womans looker room for the same reason. If the story was that important, she would wait for them to come out of the looker room. But then she could not see them naked. Give me a break. She is not blind and she is not going to look away. She is a woman wanting to look at naked men, just like all of them that do the same. Period!

  51. In a belated public relations gesture, former Jet Joe Namath has offered to “keesh” her. On both cheeks.

  52. Inez was quite taken with the Hispanic-American feature of her article, QB Mark Sanchez, but considered all the other Jets “Dirty”.

  53. Why is TV Azteca at Jets practice? Oh that’s right its New York aka immigrantville. I hate that place.

  54. What did she have on, maybe she was asking for it like that girl in Milledgeville? I heard she was wearing a “DTI” (Down To Interview) pin on her chest…

  55. You don’t call your mother a moth, you don’t call your country a c(o)unt, don’t call your fraternity a frat.

  56. dboom92 says:
    September 13, 2010 5:36 PM
    Seems to me that if our media had a better grasp of the Spanish language, this would not have been so overblown.
    Lazy, Ignorant Americans.
    last time i checked english was still the language of this country.
    people like you give lefties a bad name.

  57. this woman is a joke. I dont condone men acting like children around women but come on. She says she was dressed appropriately? Did you see the jeans she was wearing in the pics that the NY post had? she might as well have been naked and she’s shocked that she got attention from a bunch of male athletes? The fact is that she got exactly what she wanted, which is attention!! This is no old-school journalist who happens to be female. She’s a covergirl who has declared herself the “hottest journalist in mexico”. Yeah, that sounds like a gal looking for respect. Again, dont get me wrong. The players were wrong, but this girl acting like an innocent lamb who is shocked at what happened is a total joke. She dressed like a whore and was treated like one. end of story.

  58. Roethlisberger basically got 4 games for behaving like a buffoon (remember he was not charged nor convicted of anything). Given that multiple members of the Jets, as well as a coach (allegedly), shouldn’t they receive equal punishment?

  59. Just googled pictures of her and I am pretty sure she has been around and seen and heard off color behavior.
    She is all grown up – if she was pissed she should have just kicked them in the ding ding.
    I ‘m just sayin’ i think the women can handle herself.
    Now excuse me I’ve got another window open.

  60. On her return trip Inez was held up at customs while officers investigated a report of a Hispanic woman wearing an oversized fanny pack, with what appeared to be “two medium to large sized animals wrestling inside of it”. None were found.

  61. “Hey, is that Ines Sainz up ahead, or someone trying to smuggle a pair of pot bellied pigs into the country?”.

  62. This quote is simply mind-blowing:
    “I am in the locker room of the Jets waiting for Mark Sanchez while trying not to look to anywhere!”
    Someone should tell this ditz that it is called a locker room because the team changes and showers in it. If she is offended by seeing a naked man or hearing a cat call, maybe she should wait outside to get her interview.
    As for the ridiculous “equality” argument, let me ask you this: If this was a male reporter and a female sports team, would anyone worry if he were offended by similar behaviour?

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