Revis holdout is hurting the Jets tonight

Before Monday night’s game between the Ravens and the Jets, Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News explained that Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis won’t be following his usual approach of covering by himself the best receiver on the opposing roster.

“It’s a tough first assignment for Revis,” Mehta wrote.  “Boldin’s physical style and
crisp intermediate route running will surely test Revis’ ability.  The
more likely scenario is that the Jets All-Pro cornerback will cover
Derrick Mason and T.J. Houshmanzadeh too.”

And that’s how it has played out, with Boldin repeatedly victimizing the non-Revis defender who has been covering him.

If Revis had been present for training camp, he presumably would have been matched up on Boldin all night.  And Boldin likely would have fewer than five catches for 93 yards through three quarters, including two passes that (as ESPN pointed out) covered more than 21 yards in the air, double the amount Boldin caught that sailed that far for all of 2009.

120 responses to “Revis holdout is hurting the Jets tonight

  1. that’s a stretch. the refs are hurting the jets tonight. probably goodell punishing them for sexually harassing that reporter.

  2. Jets defense is impressive but that offense sucks big time……whoever thinks sanchez is an nfl qb doesn’t know football. He is worthless!!!!

  3. Sanchez….greene…..LT……receivers that have had one decent year in their entire careers……this offense isn’t going to scare anyone and they better hope their defense can score some td’s. This offense has got to be one of the worst in the nfl.

  4. this makes no sense why spew this crap before the game is over and they haven’t even been throwing his way a better article would be about out first pick Wilson getting bombed all night and all the flags being thrown

  5. I think the Jet’s putrid offense is hurting more than the holdout seeing as the Jet’s D has forced turnovers and held Baltimore to only 10 points, further the Jet’s D has repeatedly handed Sanchez and the “O” the ball deep in Baltimore territory with horrific results.

  6. Florio you when you are right, you are right! However, this is not one of those times. What is killing the Jets is they have no offense. Let Tom Jones go was BIG MISTAKE!

  7. So tired of hearing about the Jets….if it wasn’t obvious before it certainly is obvious now. The Jets suck. Period. Defense is good but their offense is horrendous. They are not even close to a Super Bowl team….I don’t care how close they got last year. That was a gift and a fluke.

  8. I’d be more worried about how awful Cromartie looks. If he’s not holding his man, hes getting burned left and right.
    Also, you have to question the judgement of sexy rexy when hes calling blitzs every play, and hanging his rookie out to dry, letting him get burned.

  9. Garbage. Here’s what’s hurting the Jesters:
    – stupid coach who successfully brainwashed the media into thinking this was a good team
    – stupid coach who painted a bullseye on his teams forehead with all that noise spewed this offseason
    – stupid front office for thinking a team of undisciplined neanderthals (including the coach) can be great without having any leadership qualities whatsoever
    – stupid media for trying to convince the gullible public that this team is anything other than a middle of the road team with an excellent defense and one of the five worst offenses in the league

  10. What about the inability of Mark Sanchez to throw the ball downfield?
    Mark Sanchez = Brady Quinn = Matt Leinart

  11. yeah? you know whats hurting the Jets tonight? how about the fact that Schottenheimer doesnt even attempt a pass play? jesus, Sanchez looks fine the 5 times they let him throw. they clearly cant do anything on the ground…their only offense is their freaking kicker. thats embarassing.

  12. Revis could have covered Boldin but Rex Ryan would rather Cro get victimized than his adopted son Revis… God forbid Revis gets beat a little bit– Rex can’t have that

  13. This jets offense is laughable… of every other team tried to tell jets fans all summer that sanchez was not a qb, greene was all hype, LT was over the hill, and cotchery,edwards and holmes weren’t worth a bag of peanuts. the jets could have andre johnson or l. fitzgerald and it would do them no good with sanchez as qb. and no running game. best offensive line in football couldn’t open big enough holes and sustain the blocks long enough for LT or Greene.

  14. The last sentence is a little confusing… but anyway I can’t say I’m surprised about Revis. Nobody can come back after that long and tear it up. Revis will not be as good this year, just a prediction

  15. eh the real issue in this game is that mark sanchez is playing like mark sanchez, a problem that no doubt will continue to plague the jets all season.

  16. Five…count ’em, five freakin’ first downs the entire game and ZERO first downs on third down…..this has got to be an NFL record for futility by a pro team………get use to it Jet’s fans…..your team will implode by mid-season and how many of you will keep drinking Rex’s kool-aid.

  17. Mark Sanchez is gawd awful. Do you Jets fans really think you will make the playoffs? This is a 4th place team in the AFC East.

  18. LMAO…..Keller wide open and runs out of bounds……really had his head in the game didn’t he. Guess this should show Rex the Mouth that the game is played and won on the field, not from what comes out of his big mouth.

  19. Hey Rex, keep on calling for the blitz. Your db’s were constanly burned including Mr. Revis.
    Just win BABY!!!!!!!!

  20. Ray Lewis on the Jets final drive. I believe it was right before the snap on 3rd-10. “You fear me, 5-2!” Classic.

  21. Oh, so you are blaming Revis for the pathetic performance of the Jets offense. Maybe he could have played WR if he was in camp?

  22. The Ravens squeaked by thanks only to a bogus pass interference call. They should’ve lost.
    Joe Flacco shows why he’s going to enjoy yet another totally adequate year!
    Wouldn’t be too encouraged if I were a Ravens fan. That division title just might be in jeopardy.
    All in all, the most painful game I’ve watched in years.

  23. The jets just lose, I guess there big mouth fans who blog on this site will perhaps keep there big mouth shut, don’t you just love it? What they need is another QB, the dude ain’t got it. Bill

  24. Jets have taken the image of their coach. Undisciplined loud mouths…some dumb plays tonight. Well done J-E-T-S!

  25. That would be Ray Lewis hurting them.
    The Jets D got the job done. The Ravens did too. Flacco is better than Sanchez and the WRs/TEs were better. Jets ran more than I thuoght but Sanchez got his chin strap checked.

  26. Revis holdout is hurting the Jets tonight???
    i like to see another jets fan talk about henne?
    we the jets don’t have a QB, i don’t buy rex big mouth of SB team! where is that team????

  27. Actually, what’s hurting the Jets is their totally impotent offense led by a QB that the coaching staff has absolutely no confidence in. Now shut the f*ck up you fat f*ck. Super Bowl? Jets will be lucky to be a wild card.

  28. It didn’t matter, they could have lined up Ditka on the rookie Kyle Wilson and the Ravens would have still won the game.
    I’ll give the Ravens credit for coming out with a win, but this game was truly lost by the Jets offense.
    Shottenheimer had better revise this gameplan or else it will be a long year.

  29. Maybe the Jet’s can trade for Favre.
    Jet’s will go 4-12, mark me down and feel free to slam me later.
    Revis will get injured in the next 3 weeks.
    J_E_T_S Jets Jets Jets

  30. Maybe the sorry ass offense is hurting them. Ask Dustin Keller when he wakes up who hit him.

  31. Wait a minute…… I thought he kept himself in shape during the holdout. You mean to tell me they finally fork over all that money, and this douchebag can’t even EARN IT right away????

  32. a lot of people said revis should have got defensive player of the year last year, well maybe??? but he definately should get turd jr of the year this year! haynesworth was turd sr!

  33. Are you kidding me?? This is a joke, Florio you are a joke. The Jets offense lost this game, not Revis having a week of practice under his belt. Brutal post.

  34. OMG, look at the game stats, did we had a offense playing tonight???????
    What it means: The Ravens picked up a huge road victory against another AFC contender. It’s just one game. But considering the hype and trash talk — most of it coming from the Jets — it was a nice statement for Baltimore to start its 2010 season.
    and i agree!
    and we have the patzys next week???

  35. That was a disgusting display of offense.
    Jets offense couldn’t generate yards, which kept the defense tired and they STILL held a stacked Baltimore team to 10 points.
    Not only was the offense bad, when it was actually good, we killed ourselves with penalties. On defense, we handed out first downs like candy on halloween.

  36. Reviss hold out had nothing to do with the loss tonight. Not taking anything away from the Ravens D but the Jets O didn’t just suck tonight it also blew. Five first downs? WTF?!?!

  37. Thanks Mevis for not being ready to play. At least you got a big raise to go along with the loss.
    Thanks Rex for not having the team ready to play. And thanks again for having a girl play QB.

  38. I really just thought that the Rex Ryan mouth would be big enough to cover everything. I was wrong. Rex and the Jets are just not good enough!

  39. The Jets offense is terrible.
    The defense is good, but that offense is downright offensive………
    At least talk of the Cowboys vs. Jets Superbowl will have to wait another week. Thank God!

  40. Oh shut up Florio! You Revis ass muncher! Even if what you say was true then Mason would be tearing up Wilson and Cro-baby! Or I should say he would have been held and pulled down all night! You need a good smack to the face! I’m thinking of something along the lines of what Johnny Tyler got from Wyatt Earp.

  41. The Jets defense won’t suck …. Sanchez will suck.
    Is anybody unclear on this?
    Dennis Dixon >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Matt Leinart >>>>>>>>> John David Booty >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Mark Sanchez.

  42. Go ravens it was not pretty but if that was the best d and we had 3 fumbles and won game on come and get it boys!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Here is what I saw tonight.
    The Jets offence is offensive to say the least. Stenchez is horrible….downright embarassing!
    The Ravens offence is offensive as well. Flacco has absolutely no zip on his throws at all.
    Yea yea I know both teams have great defences, but jeez man both teams knew that going in and never made any adjustments at all…brutal.
    The Jets are going to get a serious ass kicking next week. 0-2 Jets fans.

  44. Bottom line, Mark Sanchez is the worst starting qb in the league hands down. It was painfully obvious that he cannot or flat out refuses to read a defense and checks down every time. Thats why they lost. The playbook is a joke. I don’t care how good your d is, if you run a high school offense against men, you won’t win many games.

  45. The Jets have bigger problems, like getting a first down or a few points on offense. God, that was painful to watch.
    Sanchez looked like a scared high school kid out there. I know the Ravens have a good defense, but geez throw the ball more than 5 yards down field.

  46. Two teams that spent the preseason yapping about how good they were, just played a mess of a game decided by one point on a phantom roughing the kicker call.
    There went three hours of my life that I’ll never get back.

  47. Now all you stupid jets fan can fall to reality. Jets suck. Sanchez is not the answer. You couldn’t cash the check the rex wrote you losers.

  48. how u dont switch revis onto boldin at the end of that game honestly boggles my mind….rex ryan and the rest of the most overrated team and coaching staff in football exposed how bad their game planning and offense is to the world tonight

  49. “Revis Island” was okay tonight. Too bad the rest of the secondary was playing like Shutter Island.

  50. HARD KNOCKS…….The story of the Jets offense………man, that was PATHETIC…..The Ravens D is good but they ain’t that good…..I see the waiver wire in Sanchez’s future…..NEAR FUTURE

  51. ahahahhhhhhahaa…the jests…superbowl team!!??
    cant win the superbowl kickin field goals all year. the sanchise checked down all night. guy is a joke. .500 team at best.
    go phins

  52. So!
    Revis had to take care of Revis.
    Besides, Revis did his Job and his man DID NOT CATCH NOTHING.

  53. Mark Sanchez was ineffective, but Dustin Keller’s “play” to end the game was one of the worst I’ve ever seen. He makes the catch and scurries out of bounds….. SHY OF THE FIRST DOWN MARKER!

  54. @frankbollo – just admit that you are Frank Burns and you changed your name because you were embarrassed that it was found out that your mother was a hermaphrodite and your father was actually your brother.

  55. # NYJALLFINGDAY says: September 13, 2010 10:58 PM
    That was a disgusting display of offense.
    Jets offense couldn’t generate yards, which kept the defense tired and they STILL held a stacked Baltimore team to 10 points.
    Not only was the offense bad, when it was actually good, we killed ourselves with penalties. On defense, we handed out first downs like candy on halloween.
    So much for all of the smack you talked during the off season. Welcome back to reality Yet fan.

  56. # NYJALLFINGDAY says: September 13, 2010 10:58 PM
    Your Team Sucks. All F’ing day.
    # AttackRaven says: September 13, 2010 11:22 PM
    The JESTS are just that…A JOKE.
    Their big mouth coach is just a bag of hot air and….TACO BREATH SUCKS.
    Shut up, you child minded bigot, and use your head for something other than keeping rain out of your neck.

  57. @mumakata – the jest fans have been talking smack for the last two weeks. and now you want to take the Ravens fans to task for talking smack after winning. How funny is that?

  58. Wow… What a brutal game for the New Yaps Jets. Mark Sanchez is confirming everything I ever suspected about a qb coming from a talent loaded program playing against mediocre defenses. To say he can’t make decisions under pressure is wrong though. He just doesnt make the right ones. Now I see why the Jets were actually considering working out Jamarbust Russel in the offseason. Qb is a position of confidence. The Jets coaches just set Mark Sanchez back even further. They didnt want Sanchez to throw the ball downfield. They were afraid of it. They are doing all they can to protect him in his second year. Props to the Ravens D and somewhat to the O. If you guys want to win a superbowl you’ll need to get some more points though. To dominate a game in yardage like that and only put up 10 points is not going to cut it. See ya next week Jets. We may not play D like the Ravens but you can bet your ass it’ll take more than 10 points to get a W against the Patriots.

  59. # ppdoc13 says: September 14, 2010 12:28 AM
    @mumakata – the jest fans have been talking smack for the last two weeks. and now you want to take the Ravens fans to task for talking smack after winning. How funny is that?
    I love all the trash talk aimed at the JESTS, cuz they suck and they laid an egg after talking about going to the super bowl. What I don’t love is bullshit bigoted comments like the one I quoted. It’s one thing to go after the JESTS fans, because they are ignorant douches. It’s a whole other thing to call someone of Mexican decent “Taco Breath”. You gonna defend that kind of crap, ppdoc?
    Oh yeah, Jets fans. Your team sucks, 6-10 seems like a reach for that squad.

  60. the ravens left 13 points on the feild , they hurt them self’s with turnovers , and still beat the bums . they got lucky last year when the colts , and bengals laid down , that won’t happen this year bums , bums bums who talking shit now

  61. yeah we left 13 points on the feild you don’t have no room to talk we stomped you pats and did’nt even throw the ball haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaa haa

  62. Tannenbaum and Ryan made a bad choice in releasing Alan Faneca. That is what messed up tonight at offense. Sanchez had no time to throw and there was no whole to run through either. What a nice gift to the Cardinals. Those two idiots will be lucky to have their jobs next year. Way to protect your quarterback by getting rid of your all-pro, 9 time probowler for free. Now Schotty and the other offensive coaches are going to have to fix what Tann and Ryan screwed up. I feel sorry for them. I’m sure LT was surprised as well when #66 got his papers. I know he didn’t sign up for this crap. One game away and way to go and screw it up. After all of these years this is totally typical!

  63. ppdoc13 says:
    September 14, 2010 12:03 AM
    @frankbollo – just admit that you are Frank Burns and you changed your name because you were embarrassed that it was found out that your mother was a hermaphrodite and your father was actually your brother.
    Again, chum, and I’ve posted it before… I “changed” handles because some little girly-girl ran crying to the mod because of something I said. (Actually I assumed that girly-girl was you.) Next thing ya know, classic Frank name is gone.
    So pardon me while I laugh at the hilariousness of your claim! Oh the irony.

  64. apparently Revis isn’t the best…..
    The best would not need help,
    the best wouldn’t hurt his team like that.
    Revis is an over rated Douche. He going to pull an Albert Hayneworth on your green asses.

  65. You guys are missing the critical assets that Sanchez brings to the team: uh… he’s good looking? And they can pull pranks on him! Honestly I was waiting the whole game for someone to fill his helmet with shaving cream or something. Maybe if they had spent less time in the offseason pulling Sanchez pranks and more time, I don’t know, creating some sort of offense they would have won the game. Actually, I they probably wouldn’t have, not with Sanchez. He’s the new Brady Quinn.
    They should’ve benched Sanchez and had him call plays.

  66. This was the game of the classless thugs. They both played crappy. What a joke these teams are. Flacco? Gimme a break.

  67. C’mon PFTiswhatitis, Joe Flacco is already an all-time great! Why, he must be, ‘cuz he sleeps on his mama’s couch. The Ravens fans told me so.

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