Rodney Harrison and Florio talk Randy Moss fallout

In case you missed it, Florio was part of Sunday Night Football’s post-game show with Bob Costas and Tony Dungy.  They grow up so fast.

That was a new experience for PFT’s grand poobah, as was the video below with Rodney Harrison. 

Watch Florio in the “Joe Brocato” role, asking questions instead of answering as the guys break down the fallout from Randy Moss’ post-game rant and Pittsburgh’s win.


21 responses to “Rodney Harrison and Florio talk Randy Moss fallout

  1. Randy Moss clearly spoke out yesterday for one reason, which he laid out clearly: he is going to talk once, and just once, about his contract, to get it out of the way……. and yesterday was that one time. People are making way too much over what he said, and the fact that he said anything at all.
    And to Harrison’s comment that Moss needs to realize that with the CBA situation in turmoil, his contract isn’t going to get done, Moss has to only say “how come that didn’t apply to Tom Brady’s contract?”
    Bob Kraft needs to get his word to Moss that his contract is New England’s next priority. The man has said that he will ball hard all this season, but don’t offer me a contract AFTER I’ve proven myself once again, offer it to me NOW. And frankly, Randy Moss has nothing left to prove to the Krafts or Bellichick.
    Pay the man.

  2. Randy being Randy, that’s all.
    Boston media loves the fabricated drama but that’s all it is. Now do reporters wonder why Randy doesn’t like to speak to them? Question answered.
    Randy is an awesome teammate and player and like most of us, likes to have his value appreciated from time to time by the owner. Unfortunately, he just doesn’t have the skills or relationship with his agent to help him to articulate the message and his feelings in a productive fashion.
    At least he wasn’t in a crazy car accident last week.
    If this was a bad day for him, I can’t wait for the good ones and there are certainly better ones ahead for him this season. They have a bullseye on Revis, just wait and see.

  3. @richm2257
    I’m not attacking you, just asking. How much do you pay a 34(he’ll be in the first year of new contract) receiver? How long of a deal do you do? What will Moss be when he loses speed? Which he will, everyone does. I love Randy but I understand the teams position. Unlike Florio, the white west virginian, I have no axe to grind against Randy. I take the time to listen to what he says in it’s entirety. He is not the most loquacious man and he doesn’t care that he isn’t. If you listen to what he said , it was directed at the Florios of the “media” world. I would like a new contract but if I have a bad game in week 10, 11 or 12 do not say that I am dogging it because I want a new contract. That is what he said. No matter what spin the “people who don’t want to see him play well” put on it.

  4. Rodney Harrison is very, very good at this. He’s insightful, candid, fairly articulate and often entertaining. And he mops the floor with Tony Dungier-than-thou.

  5. Moss is making $9m per year now. The Patriots have to pay a younger Welker. Without knowing what the CBA will do to the salary cap, the team has to know whether Moss is a luxury they can afford. When WRs hit 33 like Moss, his performance will not stay the same. Moss says it’s a slap in the face if the team waits. But it’s a business decision. Moss himself said this is a business and that’s the way he’s treating the situation. He should expect the same from the Patriots rather than saying that the team is hurting his feelings and he’s treating not being signed as a “slap in the face”. Moss is not a bad guy here. But for someone who claims this is all about business, he is a diva who needs to be validated by people saying nice things about him. He is still productive and the Patriots would love to keep him. But at what price?

  6. RM needs to shut up and play, just like TO and CO. Look at TO and CO, running their mouths off and everyone hyping that the Bengals are the team to beat and they looked exactly like they did when they played the Jets in the playoff game last year. They looked like deer in headlights who couldn’t get anything done. There’s no doubt RM doesn’t go off like TO and CO and he’s got lots of talent, but what is up with the WR syndrome. They are all crazy. They all have “me” syndrome. RM should be lucky he’s still not with the Raiders.

  7. I know this is about randy moss and the Patriots but is it me or did anyone saw Logan Mankins leverage slowly evaporating with every second Tom Brady stood in that pocket and patted that football has he scanned the field for open receivers

  8. Bottom line with Randy Moss is that he plans on playing some “DAMN GOOD FOOTBALL”
    Thats all i care about.
    show mr. money island who the real slouch is next week baby!!!!!!

  9. Note please, that Moss isn’t asking for more money; he is asking for a new contract now that his existing one is almost done. He’s not pulling a Revis, he’s performed to his contract without holding out for more money. He simply wants the security of a contract beyond the one that is almost finished.
    He’s still damn good, one of the best, and he knows it, just as every Patriot’s fans knows it, and so does the management. He deserves an extention, and he’s worth it. peace of mind and a little security is all the man wants.
    The media loves to hate this guy, loves to create drama around him, and this will be no exception.
    What do you pay a 34 year old receiver, you ask? How long do you sign him for? You pay him what he is worth TODAY, and Moss today is damn good. He keeps himself in fantastic shape, so you give him three years.

  10. To respond to several comments here regarding Moss’ age, while it’s true that for most receivers, 33 and 34 is an age when they start losing production, Jerry Rice played for the Raiders at age 40-42 and was extremely productive, leading the Raiders in receiving with over 75 catches in two years.
    Moss is not going to slow down like most receivers. My problem with Moss is that he doesn’t like to block downfield and quits on passes, leaving his QB out to dry.
    He only plays hard when he feels like it. Harrison can say what he wants about “how hard Moss practices”. In games, you can see him jogging down the field when he’s not the primary receiver. And he quit on two franchises before NE. Only a matter of time before he quits again.

  11. Sorry I missed this Florio. But when Bob Costas comes on, the channel changes or the TV goes off! Costas brings nothing to the table…

  12. ha! what a joke- now all of a sudden Florio and Harrison are best friends- these so called “journalists” are nothing but a bunch of FAKE robots- thats why Moss doesn’t talk to the media- b/c he’s smart enough to know what a bunch of manipulative lowlifes they are

  13. Ughh, Florio you gotta stop this Dixon BS. He played well enough to win, but anyone watching that game could tell you with Ben in it is a blowout. There is no question who gets the snap in Week 6 against the Browns. Unless Dixon performs feats of super human prowess over the next 3 weeks, he will be on the bench.

  14. svenhoek says:
    September 14, 2010 9:21 PM
    Ughh, Florio you gotta stop this Dixon BS. He played well enough to win, but anyone watching that game could tell you with Ben in it is a blowout. There is no question who gets the snap in Week 6 against the Browns. Unless Dixon performs feats of super human prowess over the next 3 weeks, he will be on the bench.
    Or if Squeeler brass finally decide a rapist shouldn’t represent their team.

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