Rumors fly of a season-ending injury for Bob Sanders

There are unconfirmed (for now) rumors in league circles that Colts safety Bob Sanders’ elbow injury may in fact be a season-ending biceps injury. 

What we know for now is that no one is saying anything yet.  The team is quiet and the player is quiet.  Indeed, the player is so quiet that some folks with whom he ordinarily would be communicating have yet to hear from him.

Stay tuned on this one.  Sanders played only two games last year, and for now there’s a chance that he’ll play in one less this year.

63 responses to “Rumors fly of a season-ending injury for Bob Sanders

  1. LOL I didnt understand why they didnt cut the guy in the offseason. Cant spend that kind of money on a safety who plays in half of your games

  2. i’m shocked, SHOCKED that Bob Sanders got hurt again. He’s just gotten his consecutive games played streak up to 1.

  3. I look forward to Bob Sanders season ending injury announcements almost as much as I look forward to the annual Favre retirement announcements.

  4. The Colts just need to suck it up and cut bait with Sanders. He’s a great player when he’s on the field, but he’s also made of glass.

  5. dude needs to throw in the towel while he can still move his arm. its always some shoulder/arm thing it seems like

  6. Well,
    Now Polian can get the rules changed where there is no tackling.
    It will be like laser-tag with a football somehow included.

  7. Dude always gets hurt. They might as well just choose three starting safeties at the beginning of every year so that they’re prepared when he inevitably goes down. A Bob Sanders built purely out of Legos would be more durable than this guy. Sucks for the Colts. He’s a good football talent when he’s out there. He’s just never out there.

  8. Color me completely and utterly shocked. Bob Sanders is admired league wide for his toughness and not being injury prone!

  9. Always thought him and Kenny Easley played a lot alike — looks like his style of play might mirror Easely’s brief domination and time in the league as well.
    That’s too bad, he’s fun to watch.

  10. And Florio, you looked like a natural on TV tonight. Been coming to this site since the beginning, it’s nice to see you get your props. Has PFT allowed you to retire as an attorney yet?

  11. most overrated dude in the nfl. he made $8 million this year for one quarter of one game. a scrub who is an ok player, but cannot stay on the field is not the guy we need in indy. that money could have better used in another position.

  12. Tough day for the Colts. I, for one, do not see them getting back to the superbowl. They have peyton though, and he will get them to the playoffs but lose.

  13. When bob plays he is better than any safety in the league. thats why its such a bummer that hes always hurt. I bet if you tallied who RB’s dont want to meet on the field, sanders would top it.

  14. FrankZappa says: September 13, 2010 12:40 AM
    “the colts dynasty is over”
    Dynasty? When were the Colts ever a dynasty?
    I think you’re confusing them with the Steelers.

  15. Pretty sure that if you googled the name “Bob Sanders” it would take you straight to the American Medical Association website…

  16. I’m kinda glad the Colts are now losing these games that they should have lost last year. They should have lost against Miami, New England, Houston collectively last year and Manning barely squeaked out those victories. The Colts have this dillusion that other teams seem not to have and that is when they win games by the skin of their teeth they think their are no problems and everything is ho-hums business as usual we won, we have work to do. But really this group of coaching staff is far worse in lackadaisical approaches then the Dungy era every was and I thought Dungy was a great coach but lacked the certain on the fly decisions that made other coaches more so called geniuses in big game situations. The Colts are just like their uniforms. Very blah, don’t change nothing, who cares what how it looks. Realistically though, the Colts will get a streak of wins together to make the playoffs for sure. But Polian’s biggest blunder in his lifetime with not ever stabilizing an offensive line who was at its best from 2004. Not keeping a unit together, choosing to sign or resign older players like Harrison, banged up players like Sanders, overrated players like Corey Simon, completely messed up the last 3 drafts on players who are not even on the team has FINALLY caught up with this team. It could get his quarterback killed, it maybe why Manning hasn’t whined about a new contract. Manning could go to the Jets, Falcons, Jacksonville, Philadelpia and get Superbowl wins and JUST maybe its HE who chooses to not sign a long term deal just yet……..

  17. league circles
    you mean you Florio right?
    Is this like the time Gary Brackett was rumored to have broken his forearm?
    Or the time Terry Bradshaw was pronounced dead on this site?
    The funny thing is people don’t catch on to the simple fact that all you do is throw multiple lines in the water and are bound to occasionally get a bite.
    Oh well… until someone invents this is what we gotta go with.

  18. Reminds me of Willie Buchanon. Could have been one of the all time greats but for this same problem (injury prone)

  19. “J. Clayton says:
    September 13, 2010 12:50 AM
    Now Polian can get the rules changed where there is no tackling. ”
    I know you are joking but I would not put this past Lord Polian.

  20. simon – i’m pretty sure florio retired from law a while ago. i am 99% sure he has casually mentioned here and there.
    i think bob sanders is remarkable when he plays his annual 3 or 4 quarters, but the colts have bigger problems along that frontline.
    when i saw florio and rosenthal taking the texans i thought it was a little silly at the time – but the analysis was spot on. i have never seen peyton abused so thoroughly.

  21. great player, if the season was one game long….shame, a good player, but like someone said, made of GLASS

  22. Say what you will the guy is a game changer. Difficult when injuries hurt not only the player but the team who counts on the player.

  23. This is unfortunate for Sanders, when healthy he is a top safety in the league with the ranks of Ed Reed and Troy Polomalu.

  24. There is glass that doesn’t break as easy as this guy. Dude should find a new career. Although, this one pays well for never playing.

  25. uhhh…never mention sanders in the same sentence as ed reed or polomalu. he’s not even in the same solar sysytem. he’s easily the most overrated player i’ve seen in a long time.

  26. I love all the talk online this am about the demise of the Colts….All of it after just one game. We might as well just pack-it-in in Indy and turn off the lights. The season is over according to you geniuses.
    While I’m sick and tired of seeing Sanders go down season after season, the fact is the Colts have been just fine without him. Bullit is a fine safety and will carry the load. This will be the final season for Sanders in Indy, but for the idiots out there that don’t understand the business end of football, his cap number was very friendly this season, and it made no sense to let him go this year.
    This team is will be in the thick of things come January, just like they always are. So unless your team was won more than one playoff game over the last five years, shut the $%#@ up. You bash the Colts because you wish your team was as successful and well run as Indy is.

  27. Ed Reed sucks in run support and when he does get a pick he routinely coughs it up due to holding the ball one handed. He HAS single handedly handed games to the Colts due to this. P.S. Ed Reed isn’t playing right now either.
    Sanders excels in it
    They are different players
    Troy is able to do both pretty well.

  28. WINDAWG:
    Every year I can’t wait to figure what your log on is. Obviously you are the Colts payroll. Calling the Colts ‘Well Run”, that is a joke. If you call dictatorship, well run? Dictatorships never last…. As others have said in this post, the drafts have gone downhill the last several years. You have had a huge change in scouting and it shows. It was funny how someone mentioned the Corey Simon pick up. That was all Chris Polian. I wanted to give credit were credit is due.

  29. The same thing happened with the Chicago Bears and Mike Brown (another safety, to boot). Really talented player, but he could just never stay healthy.

  30. PFT, considering that I have posted on this site probably less than 10 times, and had not even heard of the site until last season, I don’t see how you could have possibly each season anticipating my posts. LOL
    Yes, you are right, the Colts are have horrible leadership, and have no clue what they are doing!! Thats why they have have won at least 12 games in each of the last 7 seasons, and have been to 2 of the last 4 Super Bowls!!
    As far as the draft goes, please cite some specifics on draft failures?? Considering that they rarely are players in the free agent market, they are always reloading through the draft, as well as undrafted free agents.
    Also, and I’m sure you would have no experience with this, because you are probably a Buffalo, Tennessee, Atlanta, Chicago, or Detroit fan( or some other middle of the road or turd team), drafting at the end of the line is much tougher than having top 10’s.

  31. …. at least we do not have to go through the sitting the starters for an undefeated team in week 16 anymore … oh and sorry for Sanders, just don’t bring him back anymore … if you did this to a horse you would have the humane society on your a$$ …

  32. windawg
    If I need to educate you on your own team, then you are new and that is why you sound so ridiculous.

  33. PFT,
    I’ve followed the Colts since they arrived in Indy. I’m well educated on the team, which is why I’m asking you to cite some examples of how the Colts have drafted so much worse than their peers.

  34. windawg says:
    September 13, 2010 1:22 PM
    As far as the draft goes, please cite some specifics on draft failures??
    Uh, Tony Ugoh? And that’s just off the top of my head.
    That OL that is made up of Saturday, Diem and a bunch of low round draft picks/free-agents is going to get Manning injured. Indy simply has not invested draft picks on the OL to protect Manning. After yesterday, I bet Peyton misses Tarik Glenn.

  35. Excuse me “windawg” you are NOW saying that Polian is no longer drafting better than his peers??? That is the whole point, his whole claim is he is BETTER than everyone else.

  36. Ravenschick
    Tony Ugoh was a 2nd rounder!!!! Not like they took him with a top 10. Take a look at the Ravens 2nd rounders the last 10 years. Not exactly a who’s who of the NFL.
    By the way, that pathetic OL kicked your @$$ last January.

  37. PFT,
    No, what I’m saying is that I would like you to cite examples of how the Colts draft so much worse than their peers.
    The fact is that the Colts very rarely play big on the free agent market, so they must be doing something right in the draft to keep winning in such a big way.

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