The 49ers' awful Sunday lasted late into the evening

You don’t want to overreact to Week One.

That’s why I tried not to go overboard when discussing the 49ers’ meltdown and finger-pointing on Sunday.  It’s just one game, even it helped expose some of the organizational faults that also showed up when former G.M. Scot McCloughan was mysteriously dumped before the draft.

Here’s a sign that the leadership in San Francisco saw Sunday’s collapse as more than just another loss:  Mike Singletary called for a mandatory team meeting after the squad arrived back from Seattle, according to Raj Mathai of NBC Bay Area.

Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News says the 49ers are in legitimate “0-1 crisis mode.”

San Francisco has a ton of time to fix their on-field problems, although it won’t be easy against the Saints this week.  First, we sense they have to correct some off field issues and playcalling problems.

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  1. singletary will just take a page out of carroll’s playbook, call for a “pantsless monday”, that will fix everything in frisco.

  2. as long as Alex Smith is the QB, the Niners will never get to the playoffs… he is awful. I’d take Shaun Hill any day.

  3. While the loss in Seattle was absolutely horrible, I think the Saints game will be closer than people think. Niners always play poorly at Quest and usually play much better at home.
    Still, as a Niner fan, that loss yesterday was painful. Smith looked bad, but I can’t believe more hasn’t been made about how horrendously Crabtree played. Two drops and a missed route on routine play (basically accounting for two interceptions) are inexcusable when you are supposed to be one of the Niners main weapons. For a second, I thought his name was Michael Heyward-Bey.

  4. Man Qwest Field was rockin yesterday. That was a much needed 49er ass whoopin. I can’t even begin to imagine how hectic it must for the 49er coaches to calmly get the personel and plays out on to the field. Big Seahawk win. They might actually win half of their games this season and that just might be enough to win the NFC West.

  5. It was Scot McCloughans fault. Mike Singletary is a great head Coach. Jimmy Raye is and has been a great OC. Alex Smith is a great QB. Crabtree is not a Diva…..
    What a JOKE whiner fans!

  6. @newj27 ; At least Heyward-Bey has’nt dropped a pass preseason or game one.Most importantly he does’nt act like a bitch.However acting like a bunch of girls is what Sanfan butminers are known for.LMAO!!!!the Hawks…

  7. If they’re going to do anything, the gloves need to come off the passing game. We need to see SPREAD offense, and SPREAD the ball around. Get the linebackers and safeties on their heels, so Frank Gore can run them over! New Orleans’ safeties can’t run with Vernon Davis, so SEND HIM DEEP! OPEN IT UP FOR GOD’S SAKE.
    They’ll probably continue the same conservative, archaic nonsense next week, though. Until they’re down a few scores, that is. Then they’ll throw out of desperation, get a “pick 6” or two, and embarrass themselves more thoroughly!

  8. Shaun Hill… Yeah, there’s a joke. He was 9 of 19, ran five three-and-outs and made up for it with a fumble and an INT.The ONLY reason the game got close was the Bears going into “prevent win” defense.
    If Stafford hadn’t have gotten hurt, I think the Lions win that game.
    As for his time with the 49ers… Dude, the offense scored just over 14 points a game with him at QB. If it weren’t for defense and special teams, we’d have lost most of those games.
    Hate Smith if you want, but loving Hill shows the world what a joke you are…
    As for the 49ers, they’re never going to win with this mickey-mouse coaching. If we brought a 28-year-old Montana back, we’d still lose.

  9. Nobody cares what the mouth-breathing Raider fans think… Not even the four or five old-school fans who’ve hung around since before the move to LA…

  10. Coach Dinglebary thanked Pete Carroll for the lesson and the following agenda will now be installed:
    Manmeat Monday
    Testicle Tuesday
    Weiner Wednesday
    Thong Thursday
    Fondle Friday
    Salad-Tossin Saturday
    Sunday = Lose another game

  11. Why is Singletary walking around with a big Black Sabbath cross hanging off of his neck??? I mean, who does that at work?

  12. so as usual with the national media, the dominating win has nothing to do with the Seahawks being better then anyone thought, it only has to do with how bad the 49’s played.
    The 12th man was in full force yesterday. Way to go PC!

  13. 1. Spread offense, you say? Whatever happened to, “We’re gonna hit you in the mouth”?
    Now updated to: “We’re gonna try a few times to hit you in the mouth, but if you hit us back, we’ll immediately change everything.”
    2. Singletary never a head coach. ‘Nuff said.
    3. I thought Crabtree was supposed to be one of the greatest receivers of all-time. Bust. Coward. Slow. Scared. Prima donna. LOL.
    4. SF’s DB’s can’t cover. OIC. Maybe Crabtree looks good in practice against those scrubs.
    5. Seattle beat you by 25? LOL.

  14. Amen 12TimeWorldChamps (pardon the pun lol)
    I had the same question. Apparantly God does not love Mike Singletary because he can’t make him a better coach enough to save his job. Maybe he can pull his pants down in the unemployment line and see what kind of offers he gets.

  15. The difference is that the Raiders lost one game to a playoff team while the Niners lost one game to a 7 – 9 team and had a complete team meltdown on top of it. The coaches calling out the players, the players calling out the coaches, the divas not making much effort. The Niners trainwreck is going to be a fun one to watch. Dinglebary is supposed to be a hard nosed coach who strives on discipline? Also, the difference is that the Raiders were supposed to be bad and the Niners had all these high hopes with Kurt Warner retiring. It was their year to win the division and then this happened. LOL.

  16. Big difference losing to TEN, keeping CJ down for 3/4 the game, and competing against VY rather than laying down to one of the worst teams in the NFL last, with a new headcoach and 30 new players. and not being able to keep Mike Williams down.

  17. God imagine that a underdog beat a better team.
    Wonder why we play16 games versus everything is decided on paper? I will hand to the Seahawks and the fans they were loud and did what they had to do. The 49ers looked horrible. That being said with a few different plays this is a whole other game… I cant believe all the crap about the niners are a mess… It is one game and I still pick the Niners to win the west even after starting 0-2
    Seatle cannot play like that every week and have all the bounces and mysterious headsets happen everyweek in Seattle.. Seasquawks fans are obviously over optimistic and will quickly be put in place

  18. We go out and people hit us in the mouth.
    Singletary is in over his head. Not his fault though as he was never qualified to coach a NFL team anyway. The fish rots from the head and this fish stinks of Yorks. The York’s are the ones creating an org where GM’s get fired a week before the draft, a HC gets hired two weeks before 4 HOF candidates come available, but they hire Singletary anyway. Young players quit or retire in training camp. They spend their time and energy on a faux move to a fantasy stadium, and their money on Ted Ginn and David Carr. I could go on, but I need to keep it under a couple pages here. You get the point.
    This is the most consistant organization in the NFL, in making consistantly BAD moves.

  19. Spicoli and Stevie Mo… rip away all you can. I bet you are in some fantasty pools with Frank Gore as your number 1 back and are looking to trade him for Darren Mcfadden. Wish you were in my league but you ain’t.( see if u can read between the lines with that one)
    Bad decisions hmm Detroit, Raiders,Vikings, Seahawks,browns,cincy,texans,packers, giants,saints,patriots even. They have all made bad mistakes on players. Shoulda woould coulda? Why do you think they are asking players if there mom’s are hookers? Because whores like you will sell their kids up ther river after the first week. God you probably only buy jerseys after the superbowl. Shmuck

  20. Kawakami is an idiot that has been proven wrong so many times over the years that it became a joke in Oakland. This is the same guy that couldn’t understand why he was kicked out of the press room when he was told to not run an article for a week or he wouldn’t be allowed back in the press room. Ignorant and arrogant, such a lovely combination from a person who doesn’t register as a top 10 writer in a regional discussion.
    It’s why he was removed from the paper’s site for awhile when he covered Oakland. That and I’m sure for a guy who gets minimal hits they don’t want to encourage that he loves to bite the hand that feeds.

  21. @raiderfankirk
    Are you kidding me? DHB has no drops?…I don’t know about yesterday, but I personally watched him drop at least one ball in the preseason game against the niners because I remember laughing about it with my friends.
    Crabtree is a diva, but there’s a reason DHB is know as “Drops Hella Balls” in the bay area. Look up his drops from last year, I guarantee they outnumber his catches. Raiders fans are delusional if they still think he is a better receiver than Crabtree after last year, even with all of the problems Crabtree has.
    At least niner fans recognize how ugly the game was yesterday…Raider fans believe all of the hype that Al gives them…Jason Campbell the next Jim Plunkett? DHB the next Tim Brown? Really? Ted Ginn is a better receiver than DHB at this point, and he’s the niners # 3.

  22. What the hell is so mysterious about McC being canned? Do your homework. The guy was drunk more than half the time at the Combine in Indy. Do you allow your GM to show up drunk at work? I thought that the Niners’ management showed very good judgement and a good deal of compassion by simply letting it be a mutual parting. Can you suggest a better way of handling it? Get a clue!

  23. That was the saddest excuse for a football game I have watched in awhile. As a 49er fan I was so pissed off the whole game. We dominated the first quarter and couldn’t put it in the endzone, then we looked like a bunch of clowns out there the final 3 quarters.
    It’s not time to panic though. This team needed a reality check. No matter how good we are supposed to be it still has to be done on the field. Now that the seachickens bitch slapped us, maybe we will wake up and get ready to play some football next week. I still say 9ers go 10-6, but they better get their head out of their ass real quick!

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