Vince Young wants Reggie's Heisman

In July, Joe Schad of reported that Titans quarterback Vince Young doesn’t want the Heisman Trophy that may be stripped from Saints tailback Reggie Bush.

On Monday, Vince Young told ESPN that, to the contrary, the former Longhorn wants to hook the hardware.

I definitely want it, I definitely want it,”
Young said, via CFT.  “But he won it fair and square definitely, and it’s much
respect to Reggie, man.  He had a great career and he’s already won a
Super Bowl before me.  I’m already mad about that.
“But at the same time I am definitely happy for him, man, and he is
definitely the Heisman Trophy winner for that year.  But if they send it
over to me I am not going to say no to it.”

It’s unlikely that this ever will occur.  Yahoo! Sports reported last week that the Heisman Trophy Trust is expect to strip the trophy from Bush and to not award it to anyone else.

Vince Young’s mother recently said that the Young family doesn’t want Reggie’s Heisman.  So, basically, it’s good to know that Florio Jr. isn’t the only kid who doesn’t listen to his parents.

38 responses to “Vince Young wants Reggie's Heisman

  1. He’s really feeling full of himself after beating the mighty Raiders.
    Next week Young will be vastly outplayed by Dennis Dixon.

  2. So VY did the classy thing: not turning down the Trophy, but at the same time saying Bush won it and its his.
    Florio’s write up: OMG YOUNG DEMANDS TO HAVE THE HEISMAN RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!
    Way to spin the story.

  3. Why would he want something that he didn’t earn outright? The voting tally wasn’t even close. It was a landslide victory. Reggie had 750 something and Young had 79 first place votes.

  4. Why does the media seek family comments on matters that don’t really concern them? Should we get a take on what his momma thinks about the repositioning of refs on the field while we’re at it?

  5. Vince Young is a class act with this statement here. He said all the right things, personally, if they do take it away from Bush it should be vacated.

  6. Jesus Christ Vince, grow a sack and some pride! Accepting that would be the same as munching on a chick after she left the bathroom with Ben Rapesagirl…..

  7. Bush had a Heisman Trophy year. Punish the system not the player.
    That is his trophy period. Taking it back now and giving it to someone else is BS and does nothing to the system that created these types of violations.

  8. “But at the same time I am definitely happy for him, man, and he is definitely the Heisman Trophy winner for that year. But if they send it over to me I am not going to say no to it.”
    What part of that quote at all has vince saying he wants the trophy? Jesus florio, this might be your most asinine “article” yet. Probably the most misleading title i’ve ever come across.

  9. a true “Pants On The Ground” kind of guy …
    Tennessee can have him ….
    Ya know what I’m sayin’ man ….

  10. Misleading headline…. to be expected. If only they did the voting after the bowl games. VY totally deserved it after his Rose Bowl performance

  11. Bush knew he was cheating and needs to be punished.
    He needs to return the trophy and it need to be left vacant so everyone will always know that if you cheat and are caught, you will be stripped of awards and accolades.
    [Not like in real world were bankers screw everyone and get bailed out by taxpayers].
    This should be punishment with teeth.

  12. What a piece of shit. How could you even accept something you didn’t earn? This is typical for his type of people.

  13. # Pervy H. says: September 13, 2010 7:28 PM
    [ edit out stupid shit ]
    So, how many Lombardi’s do the Vikings have again?

  14. why would anyone want an award they did not earn?getting paid did not make bush run harder on saturdays that year and he earned it.vince you had a nice carrer at texas and a great game for the national championship but you did not earn the award bush did. worry about getting yourself a superbowl trophy instead of a bush hand me down.

  15. What a no story here. Nothing to see folks move along. Yeah good question about OJ’s Heisman. Oh guess you can kill your wife and boyfriend and even hold men in a hotel room hostage, but dont you have your parents accept money from a wanna be sports market scumbag. Word to the wise never trust a man with 2 first names. Or a perv.

  16. OK. I know I will not be in the majority with this opinion, but one could actually make a case that Vince Young should have won it INSTEAD of Reggie. Think about it, the mighty USC came in the biggest college stage and game of the year with Reggie, LenDale White and the recently departed matt Leinart a heavy favorite, and were handed their asses in a barrel by VY and the Longhorns. Quite possibly, if the voting were done after the National Championship game, VY may have pulled an upset, just the way he did on leading his team to an improbable victory over the vaunted Trojans. He ran for 2 and threw for 3 (TDs) by my recollection. It was an impressive display.

  17. @CaptainObvious
    Since you like to live in the past, I’ll give you a heads up on a band that’s going to rock your world.. Nirvana. Once it finally reaches your neck of the woods in bum F@ck nowhere, listen to it as much as you can…. I won’t spoil the ending for you
    I’m not even a Vikings fan, but man, you Packer fans are completely classless and disgusting

  18. Heisman Trophy Trust Representative:
    “Reggie we want your Heisman Trophy back.”
    “It is sitting in a display case above the mantle to my fireplace. Just come over and pick it up.”
    “OK, Thanks.”
    “Just watch out for the armed guards with machine guns, the laser security system and the barbed wire in the living room. Have a nice day.”…….click

  19. WHY are people bashing Vince Young????? Did you read the article!!!!!! He said if offered it he would accept it, BUT he didnt say he wanted it at the expense of Bush losing it!!! he believes that Bush should keep it, so in my book, he showed class. Basically what he said is what many young players would say, i want the Heisman and to be honest who doesnt??? but he did NOT say, take the Heisman from Bush and give it to me.

  20. “I don’t want it. Oh yeah I’ll take it if you offer it to me.” This is the same guy before the draft said he didn’t want to be drafted by the Saints. Thank GOD we didn’t draft him!! Reggie has a chance to get another one before you to clown.

  21. straightup says:
    September 13, 2010 8:11 PM
    What a piece of shit. How could you even accept something you didn’t earn? This is typical for his type of people.
    hey straight up wtf is that supposed to mean, black people read this sht too. dont get it twisted man, this racist crap your spewing from your sick mind is childish and doesnt have anything to do with sports, you dont have to like VY but dont come on here with that racists crap fewl. its people like you that have the U.S. all divided, but you sit in your living room on Sunday and watch black people play football, you hypocrite, if you hate our type of people then stop watching football cause we are not going anywhere, you are a fake football fan, Real football fans dont make statements like that. grow up and dont be like your parents, cause i know they taught you that hate crap..

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