Bills lose Paul Posluszny again

The coach is new.  The scheme is new.  But the injury bug won’t leave the Bills defense alone.

The team’s best linebacker Paul Posluszny will miss 2-3 weeks with a knee sprain, according to the team.  It could have been worse, so this actually qualifies as good news.

Still, it leaves the Bills very thin in their new 3-4 defense.  They already lost Kawika Mitchell of the season, and newly signed pickup Akin Ayodele will have to play Sunday against the Packers.  The team was also without Reggie Torbor in the season opener.

“Give us a couple of days to work on the game plan and see how that all pans out,” coach Chan Gailey said.

The Bills are relying on stop-gap veterans to fill many of their linebacker spots, so the loss of one of their homegrown talents is disappointing.  “Poz” missed four games last year.

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  1. I wish Poz would stay healthy. Not only is he a great player but he’s one of the most humble and down to earth players I ever met. Not a Bills fan but I’m pulling for them and Poz. Hopefully he’s back in 2 weeks and ready to bust some heads

  2. Well, look at it this way Buffalo – it was gonna be tough to compete with the rest of your division this year anyway… best to write off this season and not tease the fans
    Still, Buffalo’s injury list is epic, and it’s sad to see Posluszy sidelined yet again
    I think a lot of football fans are sympathetic to Buffalo fans this year

  3. Poz needs to start taking glucosamine and calcium at every meal and snack. He’s hurt every year. It drives me nuts because when he is playing he reminds me of London Fletcher when he was a Bill.
    The Bills need to replace their RT (Green) and get Pos healthy again……if they accomplish both of these by week 4 I think we could still have a decent season.
    I don’t see a point to addressing the QB situation right now. Edwards is playing to keep his job next year from now on. Let’s see if we can give him a little protection. Until he has mediocre protection (and not the worst in the league), it will continue to be difficult to label him a lemon. I’ve said it a million times already, but the guy led the Bills to 4-0 until a dirty hit by the Cardinals left him with a concussion. He isn’t comfortable without protection anymore.

  4. i saw Posluzny go down on a couple of dudes after a party at Penn State. One of them was a beast below the belt

  5. I’ve met Poz and he’s a great kid. I’m not a Bills fan but I wish this kid would get a little luck on his side and stay healthy for a while. He’s a hell of a football player, I just wish he’d get an extended chance to show it.
    Good luck and health from a Pats fan.

  6. He may be able to beat people up, golly gee, but he runs as slow as a piece of whale crap dropping to the bottom of the sea and couldn’t tackle Betty White in the open field..
    TOTAL waste of a second round draft pick…

  7. There aren’t many things in sports more overrated than Penn State as “Linebacker U”. Aside from Jack Ham, who led them to get that moniker? Matt Millen? Shane Conlan? Wow.

  8. GEORGE C. you are dead on. POZ is overrated and a waste of 2nd rounder. He is not good im sorry. Very slow, terrible in coverage, and its not like the rest of his play makes up for it. I bought a POZ jersey when he was a rookie and i haven’t worn it since that year out of embarrasment. If he had half the skill of Matthews he’d be someone to keep around, but this is his last year on the contract. I’d cut him today.

  9. What is this crap about Poz being decent? Do we watch the same games here? He’s just as tragic as the rest of them out there, when he’s out there.
    Enough is enough though, really. If the NFL wants to go on strike I think right about now would be a great time, because I don’t know how I’m expected to watch these guys for 16 more weeks. This squad of NFL rejects should just go ahead and throw in the towel becasue it’s going to be too painful to play it out.

  10. Mike McCarthy’s Moobs says:
    September 14, 2010 12:21 PM
    Good luck defending the Packers with scrubs off the street, Buffalo.
    The Defense isn’t the problem, they actually did ok this past weekend. It’s the offense that is truly HORRIBLE. Look for your D to have a decent day on Sunday.

  11. POZ needs to go. Anyone with any sense of football IQ that watches the bills will realize the same thing. he is MEDIOCRE. which means pheonmenal to buffalos coaching staff. can’t really blame them tho, not one free agent/coach/draft propspect in the entire football universe would choose to come to buffalo. shannahan didnt want it, holgrem, cowher, mcnabb, tony gonzalaez a few years back, on and on and on. Gailey needs to grow a sac and cut POZ.

  12. Trent Edwards is going to get his man-gina busted vs. the Pack this Sunday. Doesn’t really matter that Poz is out and that our Deffense is actually decent to good. Bad QB = No ‘W’ plain and simple…

  13. as a Bills fan going to Lambeau this week, i am counting on a drubbing. buffalo is gonna get WRECKED…
    but, i will say, the packers o-line is mediocre at best. that coupled with ryan grant out… maybe our mediocre pass rush can take advantage… coupled with our supior defensive backfield…. sunday may not be so easy for the packers…
    oh wait, i forgot about capt check down and our joke of an offensive line…. nevermind, LOL!

  14. Poz isn’t terrible. He is a fairly good linebacker when it comes to the run. But it is true that he is not that great of a coverage linebacker. Maybe that’s why he’s ILB?

  15. byrdman: poz is to slow. plain and simple. he is terrible. look at other LB’s around the league. he’s supposed to be a top player on the bills, a standout. he is a nothing

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