Bucs quarterback had a car wreck last week, too

As it turns out, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady isn’t the only NFL quarterback who was involved last week in a car accident.  A vehicle that Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman was driving was struck from behind on Friday, two days before a Week One win over the Browns.

According to Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune, Freeman was stopped at a traffic light when his vehicle was rear-ended.  Freeman reportedly was “shaken up” by the accident, but he was not injured.

On Monday, Bucs offensive coordinator Greg Olson also disclosed that, after aggravating an injured thumb while taking a snap at practice on Tuesday, and he “didn’t really take another snap until Sunday morning.”

After participating in practice on a limited basis on Wednesday, Freeman fully participated on Thursday and Friday.  He completed 17 of 28 passes for 182 yards and two touchdowns with one interception in leading the Bucs back from a 14-3 deficit against Cleveland. 

Coincidentally, the two quarterbacks involved in car accidents went on to win the games in which they played.

Hopefully, neither guy will develop any associated superstitions.

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  1. Police were stunned by the amount of damage to the van which struck Freeman, but discovered that most of it was previously incurred. The van with Mass. plates later fled the scene toward the Mexican border.

  2. “Hopefully, neither guy will develop any associated superstitions.”
    I was almost waiting for this one. Your jokes have become predictable old man.

  3. “Coincidentally, the two quarterbacks involved in car accidents went on to win the games in which they played.”
    Consequently, Rex Ryan was observed strapping Dirty Sanchez to the hood of his Lincoln, and blasting recklessly down the New Jersey Turnpike with his human hood ornament.
    “I’m not gonna kill ya, kid, it’ll only hurt a little bit!”

  4. Broken thumb, car wreck, almost no practice, only his 10th NFL game. Still, he threw a perfect strike to a no-name receiver to win that game after clearly struggling in the first half. He can self-correct and rebound from mistakes better than other young QB’s I’ve seen. Dude’s gonna be way better than Stafford or Sanchez.
    Once the thumb’s healed and he’s shaken off all the rust, the Bucs will be a competitive team on a weekly basis.

  5. Van that struck Freeman fled the scene toward the Mexican border? How does that work from Tampa, FL? Was the van actually a hydrofoil?

  6. NoRingForYou:
    How special you must feel to be just like everybody else. Go Cowboys & Steelers! My boyz!

  7. @cailte…….if it was me, I’d head a bit north, then west. But if you want to try the water route, go ahead.

  8. “Buc’s Quarterback” in the title?
    His name is Josh Freeman, he’s a 2nd year starter with better completion percentage, TD/Int ratio, less sacks, 3rd down proficiency, and more rushing yards then both Stafford and Sanchez since entering the league. Not to mention he doesn’t have the team support those other two media darlings have.
    Give the man some credit Florio.

  9. “NoRingForYou says:
    September 14, 2010 2:30 PM
    Nobody cares about the Bucs.”
    People will care and notice after this season is over,
    its a race to 10

  10. “In unrelated news, the Pennsylvania Highway Patrol confirmed reports that a green Cadillac Escalade was spotted traveling backwards at a high rate of speed on the eastbound side of the Delaware Expressway . . . “

  11. Brady is the golden boy with the model wife while Freeman is an understated young stud with a curly fro…..hmmmmm
    Wonder why that didnt get covered as much??? (sarcasm with undertones)

  12. Makes no sense why the Bucs moved up to draft Freeman. The kid would have been available in the 2nd round or later. Another big strong-armed QB with absolutely no accuracy. If (big if) Freeman plays 16 games, the over/under on INTs is set at 26 and I am taking the over.
    People are drinking the kool-aid down in Tampa. The Bucs beat the Browns… WOW. The offense still looked pathetic. But hey, at least the Head Coach can pull off a mean chest bump and murder the English language like no other.

  13. Gruber….. Freeman has a better completion percentage then both Stafford and Sanchez since entering the league…….

  14. Took Florio 45 hrs to begrudgingly acknowledge the Bucs victory. The “injured” thumb (throwing hand) is what we in the business call a fracture. That means the bone is broken.
    Florio must be getting nervous, his prediction of 6 Bucs wins in the next 3 years is in serious jeopardy of being proven wrong this very season alone. Unless Carolina, Arizona, Detroit and the other cellar dwellers on the schedule suddenly find quarterbacks.

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