Chiefs close out opening week in style

The Chiefs are all alone in first place in the AFC West.

Kansas City stopped Philip Rivers on four straight plays inside the six-yard line with under two minutes left to hold on for a 21-14 victory over the Chargers.  The game was played in driving rain, and ended on Tuesday morning.

The Chiefs got the win with defense, special teams, a big running play from Jamaal Charles, and a raucous home crowd at the new Arrowhead Stadium. The Chargers outgained Kansas City 389-197, but the Chargers failed to capitalize on two long fourth quarter drives.

We’ve got a lot more to say about this one, but it can wait for the morning.  For now, we thank the Chiefs for providing a fun end to a great Week One slate.  When the Chiefs are eminently watchable again, you know it’s a brand new season.

37 responses to “Chiefs close out opening week in style

  1. Packers almost lost, and Karen Rodgers had a bad game. Cowboys lost. Jets lost. Chargers lost. Looks like all the trendy Super Bowl picks aren’t living up to the early hype.

  2. Scott Pioli, Charlie Weis, Romeo Crennel and Matt Cassel were formerly associated with which NFL team?
    Enjoy Chiefs fans, and congrats to your team on a noteworthy victory.
    P.S. I’m still savoring tonight’s Jets loss… .

  3. Chiefs are turning the corner…and us fans have been waiting years for a game like this. Hats off to the team & entire organization for a great night!

  4. The Raiders had better get the memo, and deliver a message next week against the Rams. I know the Chargers will recover and it shouldnt have been this close the way Rivers outplayed Cassell (68 yds passing?!)

  5. C’mon Norv, you have downhill runners and you still send Sproles up the middle? Tolbert was more than KC could handle. Go easy on Sproles in the RB rotation.

  6. I was at the stadium so I have no idea how loud it was on the broadcast, but forcing Rivers to call a timeout on his first possession of the game really fired the crowd up. I’ve never yelled as much at an NFL game as I did tonight.
    A few fans filtered out as it began raining, but for whatever reason the rain made it that much more of an awesome experience for those who remained- especially since the home team was winning.
    Some idiot at my work scheduled an 8:00 meeting tomorrow… I can’t talk now, so it’s safe to say my only contributions will be nonverbal.

  7. There are other US time zones where it didn’t end on Tuesday morning you jackass.
    /hates east coast sports writers

  8. “When the Chiefs are eminently watchable again, you know it’s a brand new season.”
    Yeah, the fact that they won was a surprise, but the highlight of the game was actually wanting to watch it because the Chiefs looked pretty decent. It was also pretty satisfying to watch Phillip Rivers throw a temper tantrum on the field.

  9. Until you get a West Coast writer on your site you are never going to be able to refute this sites East Coast bias.
    Let me say it another way.
    Biased Schmiest.
    We all know it is East Coast bias but how is it that with all your smarts you have not gotten a West Coast writer for Economic Reasons.
    I am a football geek and I have been checking this site multiple times a day since its first year. But I know that there is no need to check it “after hours” East Coast time.
    Imagine how many more hit, ad clicks you would get if you eliminated that bias?
    This site is about football but its foundation is economic. How can you Mike, your current writers or NBC not see or demand this?

  10. The guy sitting next to me in class today, just before the game was starting, assured me that the Chargers would blow out the Chiefs. He said “they might not get into field goal range.” I respectfully disagreed, saying that I believed the Chiefs to be capable of pulling off an upset, or at the very least, keeping it close. I hope he remembers this conversation next monday.

  11. Jamaal Charles is the most talented back on that team. He will continue to shine and slowly become the lead back throughout the season. Talent like that can only be held back for so long.

  12. Dear NFL …
    Could you PLEASE arrange for ALL the nationally televised night games to be relevant match-ups that go down to the wire like the ones this weekend?
    Thank you,
    the fans

  13. I missed most of the second half(had to get to bed. East Coast), but what I did get to see, provided for an exciting foul weather game. I find it hilarious the Chargers lost while only giving up 197yds. on defense while gaining nearly 400yds. on offense. That seems almost impossible to do. Either the Chargers are really bad, or they played down to the Chiefs level.

  14. “Great Week One slate?”
    This weekend was by far the worst weekend of football in quite some time. Nearly every game was marred by poor play and a massive amount of turnovers.

  15. As a Chiefs fan I am really excited about this win. But, the passing game needs alot of help. And only 1 for 11 on third downs aint good, but a win is a win..

  16. Do these teams actually practice in training camp? Almost every team looked terrible. They need to study who does the best(usually just on offense) and how they handle pre-season. Is it worth giving away at least one game of good offense to not play your starters in pre-season? I know injuries happen, but dialing it back to the point it significantly impacts your offense in game one just seems too much

  17. “This weekend was by far the worst weekend of football in quite some time. Nearly every game was marred by poor play and a massive amount of turnovers.”

    You mean like most week ones?

  18. G-man is correct. This weekend actually bolstered the case for an extended regular season. It seems that the starters aren’t playing enough in the pre-season to get in to playing mode, anyway, so why not start early? Just go 2 pre-season and 18 regular season, but don’t force final roster cuts until after week 2 of the regular season.

  19. The Chiefs have some good young talent on offense for the first time in a long time and the crowd was terrific. Cassel will hold them back though.

  20. Good game by the offense and defense..
    We actually had penetration inside and good contain for the most part.. It’s nice to see some talent and speed again..

  21. week 1 dosent count, still a pre season game, ALL FLUKE WINS. I hate the cheifs but I did like their crowed last night, it looked like a college game or something. Nice stadium cant wait for when the raiders to go there and whooped their asses.. but iam happy they beat the chargers… i dont hate the cheifs as much as broncos and chargers. atleast cheifs fans are fun to party with

  22. The crowd was as much as a factor in this game as I’ve seen in a long time. The Chargers C not being able to hear Phillip’s snap count, and the following fit throwing was awesome. Way to bring it Chiefs Fans!
    Outside of Charles and Jones the Chiefs Offense is terrible. The Jets had 44 plays the previous game and lost. The Chiefs only had 49.
    The Chiefs D was on the field the whole night, and still had enough left in the tank to stop the Chargers when it counted. Last years team wouldn’t have done that.
    I don’t know if the Chiefs will win the division or even have a winning record, but at least they have players you can be excited to watch.
    ..and I would also like to point out that the game did finish Tuesday morning where the game was played.

  23. “I was at the stadium so I have no idea how loud it was on the broadcast”
    Really loud. It made the game that much more exciting. Glad to see you Chiefs fans have something to cheer about.

  24. @raidersteve413
    “cant wait for when the raiders to go there and whooped their asses”
    What?! I think you meant to say, cant wait for when the raiders go there and get their asses whooped.
    Chiefs 1-0 in the division. Raiders…. 0-1. Chiefs on the rise, Raiders still division cellar dweller with the Dolts and Donkeys.

  25. Chiefs played with a lot of heart and the crowd was insane.
    Don’t understand why the Chargers had Sproles in every down on the 4th and goal. Why not go with Tolbert in those elements? He was running over people.
    Chargers really miss VJ and Kassim Osgood. Special teams was atrocious although you have to give a lot of credit to KC’s returners.

  26. Chiefs did play defense last night. Yards mean nothing in the grand scheme of things. You can give up 700 yards of offense but if the D keeps points off the board that’s all that matters. Turnovers and stops at key points in the game are part of defense. San Diego had almost 40 mins of possession and came out with only 14 points. That’s a good defensive performance good enough for a win. If anything, the quarterback and offense played poorly by converting on 1 3rd down the whole night and keeping the D on the field so much.

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