Chiefs president resigns

After 36 years with the Kansas City Chiefs, team president Denny Thum has resigned. 

The team announced the move today.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working for the best franchise in the NFL,” Thum said in a team-issued release.  “I appreciate every opportunity the Hunt family has afforded me and my family and I wish the Kansas City Chiefs all the success they deserve in the future.”

Thum began working for the team as an accountant, way back in 1974.  Team chairman Clark Hunt has added the title of CEO to his office door, and Hunt “will continue” to lead the football and business operations of the Chiefs.

As we understand the division of authority in Kansas City, the duties held by former G.M. and president Carl Peterson were split between G.M. Scott Pioli (who took over the football operation) and Thum (who ran the business side of the franchise).

Hunt said that there are no immediate plans to fill the position held by Thum and that no outside search will take place.

In our view, the move has no impact on the football operations.  If anything, it’s a sign of Pioli’s growing influence.  And we wouldn’t be surprised if the “president” title is painted onto his office door at some point, if the Chiefs continue to show improvement over the next year or so.

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  1. Robert Eathen your an idiot pioli is not an asshole he is a winner period if anyone is an asshole i’ll give u carl cuz i agree he was a complete prick
    but pioli uis far from an asshole infact he is vary likeable and is a winner so in other words your the asshole ok asshole

  2. Please God. Let me live long enough to see the resignation of Al Davis….
    Being a Raider fan liveing in Al Davis hell is as bad as it gets…..

  3. I am a Steeler fan living in Columbus Ohio. The KC Chiefs are one of the best organizations in the NFL, despite the on field troubles in recent years. Kansas City is an underrated football town and that atmosphere last night was electric in the elements.
    The Hunt family also owns the Columbus Crew franchise, which has been a solid franchise, operationally and fiscally. The Hunt family is right up there w/ some of the best in the business including the Rooneys, Richardsons (Panthers) and Adams (Titans).

  4. @# ChiefsFan4Life says: September 14, 2010 8:06 PM
    “Robert Eathen your an idiot pioli is not an asshole he is a winner period if anyone is an asshole i’ll give u carl cuz i agree he was a complete prick
    but pioli uis far from an asshole infact he is vary likeable and is a winner so in other words your the asshole ok asshole”
    Dude, do Chiefs fans a favor and change your handle.

  5. As a Pats fan, I can tell you Chiefs fans that you are going to love Pioli. He’s smart, solid, and above all else, hard working… Sets an example for the entire organization. You’ll see. Crennel and Weiss were not accidents or lucky coincidences. The Man has a Plan.

  6. Another GREAT move by the Chiefs! If Pioli is behind this, then I hope he gets in front of it. Pioli, El Presidente. Viva Pioli!

  7. Timing is a bit unusual. If your retiring from an NFL Franchise you have been with for 36 years then just after the season ends makes more sense. Could be a health problem, he would be near 60 and it could also be a family member instead of him…
    Or he could have been pushed

  8. Looking like Parcells got a heads-up on this one. He stepped away first so it would not look as bad as swapping teams mid season. If true, that is only slightly better than what Saban did.

  9. Thum’s ‘legacy’ project was to manage the Arrowhead Stadium renovations, that was his baby, and now that it’s done, it’s time to ride off into the sunset. He had a job as long as he wanted one, this was on his own terms . . . .

  10. I’m glad to see another one of Carl Peterson’s cronies gone.
    I’m not 100% sold on Pioli and Haley, but Lamar Hunt turned into a terrible, absentee owner in the last decade of his life, and I really hated how he kept sticking with Carl Peterson through all the mediocrity and outright failure. Clark Peterson has demonstrated a commitment to winning, and Pioli and Haley are definitely a better direction. Thum was a holdover from Peterson’s era, and while I don’t have the animosity toward him that I had for Peterson, I do wish he had found comfortable retirement a little earlier. Happy trails, and best wishes.

  11. @Terry
    Why would you say Pioli is a twit? The guys done nothing but help build an elite championship franchise in New England. He’ll do the same in KC.

  12. It is amazing that in the current NFL environment, a high level employee can stay with the same organization for 36 years. Thum is a class act and always conducts himself in a respectful manner as to not tarnish the image of the Chiefs or his family, a quality lacking in many people within the NFL today. The Chiefs organization and Kansas City will miss having a positive role model and leader for the city as well as the young people who enter the organization. My hat goes off to Thum. I am sure he was offered many different positions throughout the NFL during his tenure with the Chiefs but he chose to stick by the Chiefs and Kansas City.
    @burntorangehorn: You do realize that Peterson was hired in 1989. Denny had been the organization for 15 years previous. Denny was one of, if not the last Lamar guy around organization.

  13. Beating the Chargers on MNF opening night at home is not necessarily “Continuing to show improvement”.
    One game and the Chiefs are a force. Geez. If you ask me the Chiefs are one of the franchises in the worst trouble.
    Their offense was ridiculously poor and if not for a couple kick returns, would have lost a very stale game against another weak opponent.

  14. Does anybody realize these “great Chiefs fans” couldn’t even sellout their stadium last year?
    Myth protects reality….
    Thum was let go because the tickets aren’t selling – ads on TV/ Radio every day in KC.

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