Clinton Portis apologizes, Redskins issue statement

Within hours of saying that female reporters in NFL locker rooms “get to go and look at 53 men’s packages,” Redskins running back Clinton Portis issued a formal apology.

“I was wrong to make the comments I did, and I apologize,” Portis said in a statement issued by the team. “I respect the job that all reporters do. It is a tough job and we all have to work and act in a professional manner. I understand and support the team on these issues.”

Redskins spokesman Tony Wyllie said, “The Washington Redskins have a clear and unambiguous policy about being professional on these issues and we will take the necessary steps to remind everyone about it.”

Portis made the comments after he was asked about Ines Sainz, the TV Azteca reporter who may have been mistreated at a Jets practice last week. Although Portis said he didn’t know the details of the situation regarding Sainz, he questioned whether it was appropriate for women to be in an NFL locker room. The NFL, however, has a longstanding policy of allowing female reporters the same access that male reporters get, and that policy is not going away.

129 responses to “Clinton Portis apologizes, Redskins issue statement

  1. Seems the only ones that think she was mistreated in any way are CornFlorio and the minions at PFT.

  2. Its a sad state when in the world we live in people have to apologize for telling the truth. This PC crap makes me sick.

  3. in portis defense: he meant that a female, reporter or not, would love to go into a locker room with 53 strong guys walking around naked. IT’S TRUE. Plus their millionaires. Romantic Stories happen like that. In regards to professionalism, what was she wearing because she’s a hott.

  4. Like he wrote that statement. I saw the quote from the other story and there is no way that is the same person speaking.

  5. Hey, print his whole statement. I think he went on to apologize for hurting Keith Brookings tender feelings when he crushed him Sunday night. The world is so rude to Brooking. Hail!

  6. Why are women allowed in men’s locker rooms? It’s been long over due for all post game interviews to happen outside the locker room.

  7. I wouldn’t worry about women in the locker room, I would worry about John Clayton……hmmmmmmmm

  8. I would like to be a report and interview the woman of the USA soccer team in the locker room… The hot steaming locker room… I mean, just being a professional journalist and all.
    Why don’t they have a common area for interviews? And let these men shower in piece.

  9. “ummm…that was a misunderstandment I meant 52 men’s package since Hanyesworth has a gapping Vagina”

  10. You gotta love this women in a mens locker room BS. I’m willing to bet that womens events like tennis tournaments or soccer matches or WNBA men reporters are not allowed in the locker rooms. too bad……I’d take up reporting!! WAHOO………..

  11. omg, the world we live in has become so freakin soft
    he didn’t disrespect anyone by saying those things
    nobody takes a stand and lives by their word anymore
    F this is so dissappointing

  12. perhaps no one should have access to the locker room and just require the players to stop by a media room instead

  13. They dont belong in the locker room – there, i said it.
    For that matter, noone besides team personell belong in the locker room. The media can wait untill players are dressed to shove microphones in players’ faces.

  14. “female reporters in NFL locker rooms “get to go and look at 53 men’s packages,”
    Sounds like Florio’s dream job.
    Not that there is anything wrong with that.

  15. I was in an NFL locker room after a game once and was SHOCKED that they would allow women in there with naked guys walking around. They shouldn’t even let male reporters in there. How ’bout some privacy!

  16. You can’t be serious. The Redskins had a guy named “Wyllie” issue a statement about packages?

  17. (Sometime, in the not-too-distant future.
    Washington Redskins postgame locker room, FedEx Field, Landover, Maryland.)
    CLINTON PORTIS (Sounding suspiciously like “The Kingfish” from “Amos ‘n Andy”) “Hello, ‘dere, baby! How ’bout you innerview me?”
    INES SAINZ “No, gracias, Senor Portis! No questions I have for you!”
    CLINTON PORTIS “I ‘spose a blowjob be completely out ‘da question, ‘den?”

  18. What is he apologizing for? He said nothing wrong, he purely stated that a woman looking at a bunch of in-shape naked guys could potentially pose a problem. Whats wrong with that? Its probably the most sensible thing he has ever said.

  19. Does Clinton Portis and his little friends realize women are 43% of the NFL’s fan base? Goodell does, which is why an “apology” (most likely written by the Redskins’ PR department) was issued post-haste.
    Here’s a news flash: The vast majority of female sports reporters are doing their job. They’re not there to “look at 53 guys’ packages”. Maybe she’s just not that into you, Portis, Jets’ locker room, bla bla bla.
    Nice to know sexism is still alive and well in the NFL.

  20. Allowing women into a male athlete locker room is what was unprofessional. Get the interview on the field or in another room in the facility. Portis is no genius or wordsmith but his comments show why allowing women in the locker room is unwise. If there must be equity to keep the feminists from squealing, ban all reporters from the locker rooms.

  21. Oh please, a smoking hot reporter who is in the locker room, which is full of pumped and huge, testosterone laden football players.
    What do you expect?

  22. Do other sports allow male reporters in FEMALE locker rooms where they women are nude? I doubt it seriously. Isn’t that discrimination? Come on, he can’t say what he said, but someone could probably say that men would look at “breasts” if in a locker room of 53 nude women tennis players. Such a bunch of PC double standard it’s stupid.

  23. I’ve noticed that Seniorita’s tails stick out high like that too. I wonder if it’s Mexican genes or just Mexican jeans? You know we can talk about it all we want here. The NFL doesn’t give me peanuts.

  24. Are male reporters allowed into female athlete locker rooms?
    Or is it the PC double-standard America has come to know and loathe?

  25. @Coach Stram:
    Clinton just wanted to matriculate his hands down her body….
    Him and Chris Johnson need Rosetta Stone….

  26. I heard these comments live at 10:45 am this morning & knew someone would blow his comments out of proportion. Brian Mitchell who was on the program backed Clinton by stating when he was a football player there were women with locker room credentials that had no business being there. They weren’t doing reporting, but seemed to be there for “something else.” It is human nature.
    Women should not be in the dressing room where men are, period!! It’s not sexist, it’s fricken NORMAL or maybe we should call it PROFESSIONAL… When do men go into a female locker room while their getting dressed?
    I’ve seen men “packages” on local TV while reporters are covering football teams after games … when do I get to see Anna Kournikova, Maria Sharapova, or WNBA players? You never will… Keep the reporters out of the locker room until everyone has some clothes on.

  27. Yeah, he didn’t really need to issue an apology. Unless you’re Fireman Ed, if you’re in a room full of 20-30 year old athletes of the opposite gender…you’re going to look around. Nothing wrong with it, but it is what it is.

  28. orakpowned says:
    September 14, 2010 3:48 PM
    “ummm…that was a misunderstandment I meant 52 men’s package since Hanyesworth has a gapping Vagina”
    That made me laugh ……… a lot

  29. Honest question:
    Are male reporters allowed in the locker rooms of WNBA teams, or the locker rooms of the professional women’s soccer teams? Just curious. Anyone out there follow the WNBA enough to know the answer?

  30. speaking the truth is no longer allowed. we live in world that is so manufactured, sterile and boring that we can no longer understand what is true. Sorry, it’s perfectly normal for a women to walk in room with 53 Naked men so that she can TALK to them and Ask questions for her job? But it’s normal for two men to get married and have children!

  31. i wonder how many times portis has made a statement and then apologized for it an hour later it has to be more than 5 times. although i agree with him on this one.

  32. If you read into the story about inez-HOT-sainz, she was cool with everything, the OTHER broad with her was offended and demanded she do something about it…..but you don’t see pictures of her, because she doesn’t have a lot of the same qualities of inez…..if you know what i mean….FEMINIST RAGE trying to create a problem where inez had none.
    like someone else said, where’s Bob Costas and Marv Albert going into the WNBA locker rooms??

  33. This PC crap gets old. He spoke the truth. Get over it Michael David Smith. Maybe you should go see a surgeon and schedule an adesectomy. The NBC liberal crap appears to be showing up more and more on this website. Pretty soon you guys will be telling everyone about the benefits of universal health care.

  34. Media shouldn’t be allowed in the locker room, let alone women. There is plenty of room in the tunnel to interview players after they come out of the locker room before they get on the bus.
    Is it that one reported wants the “inside scoop” first or what. Why is going into the lockerroom so important?
    Doesn’t the media realize they are pretty much useless anyway? (No offense Florio…You can take offense Micheal David Smith)

  35. I agree with mostly everyone else…thats such bull!!
    how can a woman have full access to NBA/NFL locker rooms but men dont have the same access to women’s tennis or WNBA locker rooms?? Not saying they would want to…LOL…but the principle is the same
    Womens lib my arse!!!

  36. “ummm…that was a misunderstandment I meant 52 men’s package since Hanyesworth has a gapping Vagina”
    Pretty funny, but please tell me you don’t think “misunderstandment” is a word. Please. Otherwise thats just as bad a sign for the future as all of this PC bull snot.

  37. Then the NFL should allow men reporters in the the cheerleaders locker rooms…I mean lets be fair and all.
    I agree @Coach Stram..they don’t belong in there, no one does, wait until they come out of the locker room.

  38. male reporters should be allowed outside female athletes showers in dressing OR it is discrimination!

  39. paxman or ben r. have to go to strip clubs to “observe” and all the media bashes them, while if a woman wants to she just gets herself a job as a sports reporter.

  40. I’m curious are there any fat overweight ugly female reporters? Networks and news stations promote, use, hire very attractive female reporters for what purpose? I’m sure they are all very professional and do not intentionally dress in a provocative manner……well when one has a model figure and face it’s hard (no pun intended) for a guy not to notice. What would happen if all players chose to ignore the model looking female reporter? I guess the networks and TV outlets would stop hiring the models!

  41. Keep them out. I mean did you see the jeans she had on. It had to take 2 hrs to put them on. Believe me those were probably her best for showing off that great back side of hers. So she didn’t think to her self. Let me put on the best show my ass jeans I have before I go, there of course she did. In that situation what did she expect. Broads like that kill me. She wouldn’t have a job as a sport reporter if it wasn’t for that body. Stay out all man locker room dressed like a hooker period.

  42. Equal rights.. If women can go into MEN’S locker rooms, i believe that men should be allowed in WOMEN’S locker rooms!!! I’d be the first to volunteer to interview Maria Sharapova.. just sayin’

  43. Yea. thats terrible. Being a fine reporter and posing nude in mexico and calling her self the finest reporter in mexico. Jeez…what where those naked men thinking of a hot reporter dressed in a skanky outfit comin in ther. What pigs.

  44. Nothing to apologize for Clinton.
    Unless they are a bull dyke, they likely would find at least 1 of 53 attractive and stimulating. In more cases than not, they would find 35-45+ interesting to look at.
    The same can be said about men in a women’s locker room. There are plenty that could keep it professional, but most of those same ones would find something interesting to look at.
    The locker room should be closed to all reporters until everyone is dressed.
    I’m Certain Joe Homojournalist would find something to look at too or find at least 1 out of 53 interesting to look at, and I doubt the players really want that.

  45. just once I wish somebody who says something stupid or something groups or people like florio find offensive would refuse to aplogize for say it.what a great day for the country it would be is someone would have the guts to stand up to the p.c. police and just say,yea I said it and I believe it and to bad you don’t like it. hopefuly he would then refuse to attend the reducation classes,oh excuse me sensitivity traing the p.c. police make them go to. ever been to one of these things? I have and they are a joke! the one I had to attend was presided over by a angry 300lb. black lady.the whole point of her lecture and class was that white men are evil and responsible for everybody’s problems in life.gee no wonder I could care less about any culture but my own and other people’s feelings.

  46. It’s disappointing that the NFL is becoming so weak, I wish the NFL was ran by someone like Dana White of the UFC, that guy has balls to say what he means and not give a damn.

  47. “And furthermore, none of these men actually have packages. I was exaggerating when I made that statement.”.

  48. Let’s be honest here, Ms. Sainz has probably had her share of seeing football players nude outside of the locker room.

  49. The only thing Portis did wrong was offer an apology…..
    Ines Sainz being called a “reporter”. Is like Janet Reno being called centerfold material……
    For her next assignment Ines Sainz is off to get dry humped by Rampage Jackson….

  50. I’m betting the Redskins forced him to apologize and the NFL strong armed him into doing so. People say they want truth and candor, but many can’t handle the truth. Clinton spoke his mind. The high priests of political correctness were all over this one.
    It was pretty amusing though, how he put his foot in his mouth and kept digging deeper. I always enjoy the commentary of those who have no filter between what they think and say.

  51. (Sometime, in the not-too-distant future.
    Washington Redskins postgame locker room, FedEx Field, Landover, Maryland.)
    CLINTON PORTIS (Sounding suspiciously like “The Kingfish” from “Amos ‘n Andy”) “Hello, ‘dere, baby! How ’bout you innerview me?”
    INES SAINZ “No, gracias, Senor Portis! No questions I have for you!”
    CLINTON PORTIS “I ‘spose a blowjob be completely out ‘da question, ‘den?”

  52. Ugh, the political correctness and hypocrisy is ridiculous.
    We’ll have skimpy-dressed women dancing around and cheering during games, but commenting on provocatively-dressed “reporter” checking out their “packages” is unacceptable.
    If I hear one more apology because of this woman……

  53. Next thing you know construction workers and pimps will be issuing formal apologies. Or better every man on earth will have to apologize for being well…..a man.

  54. Pro Football is more show business than a real sport product, they made the big mistake to allow this any how, men don’t belong in a woman locker room after a game, and woman belong in a men locker room, when the NFL and woman understand this then we will have peace in the Middle East. Bill

  55. Before we get carried away with the “men in WNBA locker rooms” argument, just take a minute and think…….” do I really wanna go in there?”
    Stick to the Olympic diving team.

  56. orakpowned says:
    September 14, 2010 3:48 PM
    “ummm…that was a misunderstandment I meant 52 men’s package since Hanyesworth has a gapping Vagina”

  57. Compare the statements originally made against the apology. It is obvious Portis isn’t smart enough to write that.

  58. Wow—what a bunch of misogynist idiots. I’m saving this page to show to the next person who tells me that we don’t still need feminism in this country.

  59. Does this work both ways? If I was a male reporter can I enter the female locker room to report?

  60. Wow. Scre Ines Sainz or whatever her name is. She is like the girl who props her boobs up and unzips her sweater, than yells at a guy for looking at her. Portis was right and every football player in the league knows it.

  61. ablogoftheirown says:
    September 14, 2010 5:30 PM
    Wow—what a bunch of misogynist idiots. I’m saving this page to show to the next person who tells me that we don’t still need feminism in this country.
    settle down francis. she shouldnt be shocked to get cat calls if she is in a locker room where grown men are also naked.

  62. I loved how the reporters claimed that they need to get that report right away while the action is still fresh in the players minds and that since the only way to do that was to interview in the dressing room it would be sexist to only allow male reporters in. When the Canadian Womens olympic hockey team won gold in Vancouver NBC interviewed the players in the dressing room but only allowed female reporters in. Nice double standard.

  63. Appologies are worth about 10cents these days. Lawyers and public relation experts have taken all the meaning out of it and I would respect the fool Portis alot more if he stood by what he said.
    Keep your stinking phoney lies !!!!

  64. Sports reporting on women’s college volleyball, here I cum! Say hello to my lil’ fren… Speak into the microphone…

  65. Adolph Goodell has his hands on everything concerning the NFL image. He should be all over this. Give equal access outside the locker room and make all the players available. It’s not that hard!

  66. YOU dont dress like that to go interview 53 athletes in their LOCKER ROOM. Give me a f’in break. shes lucky that’s all that happened, wake up for C sake, im not saying it’s right, it’s just the way it is, alligators eat their young, everybody knows that. Don’t act so shocked by the truth. Where the hell have you been living? Under a rock.

  67. If players aren’t wearing anything to and from the showers in these locker rooms then reporters no matter what sex should be likewise dressed.

  68. Women belong in men’s locker rooms as much as men belong in women’s locker rooms. The NFL should not allow any reporters in locker rooms.

  69. rodell7 says:
    September 14, 2010 6:09 PM
    “It’s not that hard!”
    Not until Ines “La Chucha” Sainz hits the locker room door!

  70. The thrust of Portis’ comments were that we’re inviting problems by having these locker room interviews in the first place. He’s right. They should just have all such interviews (whether conducted by a man or woman) outside the locker room. Simple fix. But instead of solving the problem we get to read some phony apology letter from Portis because everyone would rather jump down his throat than address the issue.

  71. This is completley rediculous and Rodger Godell is to blame. He panders to every turd with a complaint, and turns his back on the core fans of the sport. Clinton Portis is right and he knows it, but he makes him appologise? What a joke.
    Hey Rodge, there is an easy cure. Remove all press from the locker room. There is no need for them in there. Players and coaches can adress the media on the field before and after the game, and in the post game conferences and that’s enough.
    I give cudos to those who commented before me about the double standard in “womens locker rooms.” It is a valid point that none of the talking heads bring up. That includes you Florio. You must be to busy sniffing Favres crocs to scrape up some crap instead of making valid comments about a real issue in the NFL.
    Thanks for telling the truth Mr. Portis, some of us appreciate it.

  72. Right now Ines Sainz is working full time job. Giveing lap dances and wrapping her legs around the stripper pole……

  73. Huh? Eh???? Did the world just go insane? Portis was “absolutely RIGHT”! Dude, anyone with common sense knows that? Shoot, my sister and my girlfriend just agreed he was right.

  74. This is just another non-story. Seriously, it’s a freaking locker room. If the NFL doesn’t want people to talk about women being in the presence of half-naked men, then MAYBE they should reconsider letting women into the locker rooms.

  75. But there is more to the story. It was Sainz, who, while wearing a wedding dress, proposed to Brady during Media Day at Super Bowl XLIV.

  76. I’d like to apologies for not making an apology to apoligies for the apologetic actions of other apoligies…

  77. She’ll be in playboy baring all soon enough.
    For once Portis was right, wrong to apologize though.

  78. So when are they going to let male reporters go into professional softball and NFL Cheerleader locker rooms? Since they want equal rights….

  79. Outlaw Jersey Whales says: September 14, 2010 3:55 PM
    (Sometime, in the not-too-distant future…
    [ mind-numbing stupidity deleted ]
    See kids?
    Drugs are bad…

  80. Hell, it’s a men’s locker room and after a game, too! There’s still a lot of testosterone floating around in there, after all, and players just can’t turn off a switch after a game and get all reverent can they? She was in a MEN’S locker room, reporting on football! Why couldn’t she had farcical back by responding with “HUT HUT” and HIKE up her dress? Oh, let me guess? That would had been
    construde as sexual harassment and the players would had suffered mental abuse from it?

  81. Poo Flinging Monkey says:
    September 14, 2010 4:02 PM
    Why does this never happen to me?
    Shelley Smith – ESPN
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ LMFAO !!!!!!!!!!!

  82. If I were a married football player I’m sure my wife wouldn’t like the idea of a female reporter in the locker room. Why does the NFL insist on treating this like these female reporters were professionals like doctors when in fact this is a total sham. I think it is time for one of the football players to challenge this in a courtroom because i think that they could win.

  83. “Get your asses back to the kitchen where you belong!”
    Tens of thousands of years of evolution and you still haven’t come up with a better retort?
    Seriously, everyone keeps talking about “grown men,” but no one’s acting like one. Can I give you a news flash? A lot of us women really aren’t that interested in looking at your “packages.” Perhaps you’re projecting your own hobbies onto us?

  84. I see that women still think they can sexually harass men by dressing provocatively at work and that the news media supports the sexual harassment of men in sports.
    To the men, you should have sued this lady for sexual harassment instead of behaving like children. Grow up for gads sake! Quit making the rest of us that are professional and adult look bad. Gad! To think these guys are even hold a job when they are too ignorant to demand professionalism from women.
    Finally, ‘the halo affect” is commonly used by women to get rapid career advancement when they lack skill and professionalism. You can see it on most every news channel first hand.

  85. I work in Brasil and the jets story made the news tonight, then the person commenting on the story said in portuguese “You get what you look for” talkign about the female reporter´s problem with the men´s behavior in the looker room.
    I totally agree with the folks here that say ALL reporters should be banned from that area, and due an interview on the field, or with the press in a specific place where players can be protected as well as the people doing interviews.
    ALSO…the news here made a big deal about the outfit the journalist was wearing in the Word Cup becasue it was tighter than Pitsburg´s Iron Curtin, so it all comes back to her and being a professional…something the NFL players need to remember when there are cameras and Microphones present. Go Washington!!!

  86. Scrolling through these comments, I threw up a little in my mouth. By the way…the WNBA and other women’s professional sports DO ALLOW male reporters into the locker rooms.

  87. # Terrell Blowens says: September 14, 2010 4:20 PM
    Portis needs to shut his mouth. I’venever heard him make an intelligent comment
    This statement is the best one posted here, Portis always puts his foot in his mouth.

  88. @ julieinduvall
    Well by my math that means 57% of the leagues fans think this is BS. I can increase that simply by including almost every woman I have talked to who wants to know why she was in their locker room after a game. Common sense seems to leave the room when activists put on their tunnel vision glasses. Heaven forbid you let men have a few minutes to settle down after a physical game to mellow out. Oh no, no, no your rights could be infringed upon by being asked to wait until the guys are decent.
    @ ablogoftheirown:
    Hostility really??? That is what you take away from comments here. How about sarcasm, disdain for the double standards, mixed in with a little annoyance with the complete lack of common sense! You easily skate over those the gender inequality pointed out (men not allowed in women’s locker rooms) in hopes everyone will listen to your obnoxiously loud ‘extremist’ feminists rants. You claim to fight for equality, but what you really seek is dominance and authority.
    @ julieinduvall & ablogoftheirown:
    Two concepts you should learn about… DECENCY and COMMON SENSE!

  89. everyone knew an apology was comin but that dont stop it from bein true.. i mean its just common sense.. u put a woman( prob one of the top 3 more beautiful wemon i ever seen on tv , movies, everythingg lol) in a locker room w that many guys what do u expect, nature happens.. now u put a woman in a lockerroom full of hot hurtin naked football players w hard abs n but arms ready to have dessert and there goes a 10 walkin by w a tight body and dressed sluttish for a pro reporter. heads are turning.

  90. u dont see guys from wnba w.e else sport go into naked girls lockers after games. i think al wemon and media in general except team cameras to wait until after the speech and after their fully dressed and ready to then talk 2 the media. i mean they just played a 60 min rough football game.

  91. Maybe some NFL rules were violated, but no sexual harassment laws were broken. She is NOT employed by the NFL. Rude or vulgar comments are not against the law. She was not threatened or touched. Neither she nor anyone else has standing to sue the NFL or the players involved. She could possibly sue her employer for “placing” her in that environment.

  92. “J,” sorry if I hurt your fee-fees. If objecting to the litany of sexist garbage that’s been posted on this comment thread feels like “seeking dominance and authority” to you, then you must have a truly extraordinary insecurity complex. Therapy might help.
    Seriously, guys, you act as though Portis has been publicly castrated. The guy made an insensitive and sexist remark and he apologized for it. He’s no less of a man and neither are you. Relaaaaaaax.

  93. By the way, “J,” I’m trying to figure out how my “extremely loud feminist rants” are any louder than anything else posted here. Did the webmaster print my comments in bigger type than everyone else’s? Or are you just tragically hypersensitive? 🙂

  94. It’s VERY APPARENT, this Reporter is DESPERATELY trying to SEDUCE herself a Multi-Million dollar Professional Athelic!
    After VIEWING her Facebook Pictures, thats ALL OVER the Media, what can a logical, reasonable person conclude?

  95. @ablogoftheirown
    “Pot meet Kettle…” You posted because your “fee-fees” and sensitivity was hurt. Am I less of a human being for responding? or maybe less of a man for doing so? Or is it just having to listen to a man’s opinion, which by you reaction has no not validity? Oh wait wouldn’t that make you sexist…
    Therapy? Yes every man in this country needs therapy to get rid of the demasculinization we have been subjected to. Hypersensitive? Again “Pot meet Kettle…”
    I want you to tell me what was “sexist” (by definition: belief or attitude that one gender or sex is inferior to, less competent, or less valuable than the other) about Portis comments? He didn’t say that she couldn’t be a reporter or that she was less effective as a reporter because she was female, he simply made an observation that “hey – maybe this stuff isn’t appropriate” the guys were NAKED. When did feminists ever say “we are fighting for the right to go where naked men are!” When did they invite men into their dressing rooms to flaunt their equality?
    Listen – maybe I “overposted” this one and needed to vent a bit. But sincerely, have we reached a point where common sense is overruled by people’s perception of injustice? There was no reason these comments had to be recanted. Instead they should have shed light on the sensibility of the league and the media.
    To go back to the original issue, was she harassed? By what I have read it sounds like there was inappropriate comments made. Should the guys “contained” themselves? Yes. But this is a case of harassment by entrapment and both parties are responsible for what happened. The reporter knew she was in a room with adrenalin and testosterone filled men (meaning by simple biology they have over active libidos). Putting oneself in an unwise circumstance bears one with personal responsibility. No it does not excuse bad behavior, but it is like putting a piece of meat in front of a dog and telling him not to eat it. If you want to protect the meat, place it somewhere out of temptation or in a spot where it can be watched and monitored. I know, I know bad analogy but hopefully you can see it makes a point deeper than simple “dog and meat” comparisons, it goes to the primal nature of all mankind, there are just some points and moments when biology and common sense must meet for both men and women.

  96. J, where did I say anything about being hurt? Guys like the ones posting sexist nonsense on this thread don’t make me sad—they make me contemptuous, with a side of pity. Seriously, if all it takes to “emasculate” you is a female reporter in a locker room, maybe you weren’t all that masculine to begin with…..

  97. Why is Portis apologizing? Yes, what he said was stupid, but he’s a pro athlete. He’s not being paid to think. If you say it, stand behind it…period.
    I don’t think in today’s electronic age that any reporters need to be in the locker room. With stories being submitted electronically from laptops and smartphones, it’s not like they have to run the newspaper and get it in before the presses start.
    LOL! @ the idiots here who don’t think there are plenty of men in the media who get a kick out of seeing naked athletes walking around. Does Portis think he’s appealing to them too?

  98. This moron can not learn when to keep his stupid mouth shut. From supporting Michael Vick and dogfighting, to supporting beating women, to making racist and homophobic comments, this sc*mbag Portis proves the dumb-jock stereotype. The Redskins and the NFL need to suspend and fine him and hopefully that will somehow smarten this dumbass up.

  99. Have male and female reporters wait outside and have a 5-10 minute time outside the locker room for sound bites.

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