Kris Jenkins tears ACL, season over

One of the loudest, most likable, and most important players on the Jets roster will miss the rest of the season. 

Nose tackle Kris Jenkins tore his ACL on Monday night, according to Jason La Canfora of NFL Network.  PFT’s Mike Florio confirmed the news and then Jets coach Rex Ryan admitted the same in his press conference Tuesday.

“Obviously that’s a huge blow for us. I just feel bad for Kris,” Ryan said.

We felt bad for Jenkins too last night.  The look on Jenkins’ face as he walked off the field was that of a man that knew he may be doing it for the last time.   Jenkins said he strongly considered retirement after tearing his ACL last October.

The Jets rush defense did just as well without Jenkins last year, but he’s a very difficult player to replace.  Their defensive line depth is going to be severely tested.  They already lost key reserve Ropati Pitoitua for the year.

Expect to hear some Albert Haynesworth speculation in New York, justified or not, in the coming days.  Perhaps Haynesworth would enjoy playing nose tackle more if Rex Ryan was the coach.  But we doubt it.

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  1. Wait for it, Wait for it, Wait for it….Jets will now blame the injury bug as why they went 9-7 and missed the playoffs in a Super Bowl or bust year! Too much talk Rex!!!
    Who runs NY? not the jets….

  2. Why would Shamesworth want to go from one 3-4 team to another? Although his attitude would fit in nicely I don’t think that even the Jets would be dumb enough to trade for him right now

  3. Kris Jenkins is a nose tackle in a 3-4. Albert Haynesworth doesn’t want to play nose tackle in a 3-4. Other than that, it makes perfect sense.

  4. tough break for the big guy, and the Jets. He’s had terrible luck the last couple years with injuries, but when healthy he is an immovable monster in the middle. hope he recovers well and can come back healthy instead of retiring, still has some good football left in him.

  5. As an NFL fan and a Terps fan I hate to hear this.
    As a Redskins fan I am intrigued. If we can pick up a 2nd rounder I’m OK letting big Al go to NY. The irony of course is that the Jets run a 3-4 so I am not sure this will happen, but hey, maybe we will see a bidding war for the big fella.

  6. Here come the apologists! We would have/could have/should have won the Superbowl, but injuries kept us out of the big game…….Whahhhhh.
    While, I certainly don’t want to see a player get injured, I am tired of seeing Rex Ryan and his fake bluster.

  7. Come on Rex you can turn this into another fuel on the fire talking point . . . maybe something like:
    “Baltimore did this on purpose and our practice squad defensive linemen are better than every other teams starters” and “we are still the team to beat, never mind we just got beat, you should see how good we are on Madden football” and “This will only inspire us to be even that much better than everyone else”.
    The head coach starting the season with a focus on winning the Trash Talking contest instead of preparing his team is no way to win in the NFL. In Rex’s case NFL might just stand for Not For Long.

  8. Wow, talk about hard knocks! Sorry, couldn’t resist.
    Not a Jet fan by any means, but you still gotta feel bad for Jenkins. He’s a hell of a football player. The rest of the AFC East just breathed a sigh of relief this morning.

  9. WOW huge blow to the Yets. They did ok without him last year tho but when Jenkins is in the game that is a better defense. HOPEFULLY Sanchez doesn’t get hurt because if he did the Yets offense might actually be decent.

  10. 2nd round pick or don’t even bother contacting the Skins, Period, but I agree with FinFan68. Why would they want a 4-3 tackle when they run a 3-4?

  11. Rosentahll what pipe do you smoke….gimme a break……haynesworth wants no part of a 3-4….
    get ready for the excuses from a team that talked like they already have rings on their fingers……talk is talk, and for now they have yet to win a game. (it was fun to watch, gotta love rays hit near the end)

  12. Gregg that’s the dumbest comment I’ve read this day.
    Expect to hear some Albert Haynesworth speculation in New York.
    Like Finfan said why would the jets bring him in to play the 34 defense at nose tackle when he really doesn’t want to.

  13. I didnt think they really lost anything when he came off the field, obviously injuries hurt every team, I just dont know that this is a huge blow to the Defense. I did think to myself while watching, that he had played his last down in the NFL

  14. “Expect to hear some Albert Haynesworth speculation in New York, justified or not, in the coming days. Perhaps Haynesworth would enjoy playing nose tackle more if Rex Ryan was the coach.”
    Only coming from this “professional” football site that speculates on speculation and doesn’t know the definition of journalism — which is to be objective.
    On a side note, please que the Jets haters… ty

  15. I think Ryan played it all wrong this past offseason. He had an up and coming team that obviously had a good chemistry and an us-against-them mentality. Since then, he’s drastically altered the team through all the roster moves (letting Thomas Jones go in favor of Tomlinson?!?), and worse yet, talking up the Jets to the point where they might have TOO much pressure on them, especially on Sanchez. I’m not sold. I say 9 wins or WORSE.

  16. It’s really bad when any player goes down with an injury……..good luck! It was a really ugly looking sight with the way he went down.

  17. Jenkins is 31yrs old only… I’m sure he’s still got a lot left in the tank
    unless he’s fed up with the injuries altogether

  18. First off, sorry to hear he tore his ACL again. He is a supreme talent and seemed to have a good head on his shoulders.
    Second, Haynesworth loves to play football! He just does not like to work at it! If the Jets add him he will be a huge cancer in the locker room. He will have a hard time going anywhere and producing. I think his short lived time on top as an elite NT is long gone!

  19. Amplifies the loss at home in which they were outplayed on both sides of the ball.
    The bad news for Baltimore is they only won by one point.
    Neither team is going anywhere.

  20. Just a little slam from Michael Oher, throwing the chomp Bart Scott into his own nose tackle and where was the dreaded “Terminatro” the whole game, didn’t here his name mentioneed once.

  21. you guys should know that saying anything negative about a player’s injury is a jinx to you own team……grow up!!!

  22. Imagine… the Super Bowl Jets facing a must win in week two. My how the annointed mighty have fallen. Sanchez looked petrified last night and Schottenheimer is way over his head.

  23. That sucks. I can’t get by how much I hate the Jets/Jets fans, but Jenkins is a beast, its a damn shame to see him miss another season.

  24. That sucks…while I’m happy to not see him available against the Patriots this season, he was nonetheless a solid football player and seemed well-liked in the locker room….one of those guys you would love to have on your team, but hate otherwise!
    That’s going to hurt them, but it’s only game 1 of the 16, so they’ll adjust. Someone will either come in or simply step up their game.

  25. Another excuse Jets fans will refer to when the debacle comes full circle when they finish behing the Dolphins who will finish behind the Pats.

  26. Pouha played great last night and last year as a replacement.
    Look for Marques Douglas (DE) to be back. Maybe the addition of another DT/NT type body.

  27. I hate the jets, but i would never root for injuries. This is a sad day when an excellent player is lost due to injury. I personally feel for this player. I hope he recovers speedily.

  28. Ok I’ve had enough. I’ve lost faith in humanity. Are you people serious? A player whom has gained the respect of anyone in the league, has what could tun into a career ending injury, and all you can do is make fun of him. I don’t give a flying F**k if you like the Jets or not. Show some Respect. How would you feel if the cornerstone of your line was taken out for the season? Would you make fun of him too?

  29. # Gmen4Life says: September 14, 2010 1:08 PM
    Wait for it, Wait for it, Wait for it….Jets will now blame the injury bug as why they went 9-7 and missed the playoffs in a Super Bowl or bust year! Too much talk Rex!!!
    Who runs NY? not the jets….
    The Yankees

  30. Albert Haynesworth speculation? Sorry, but Shano will probably unload his bad juju on my Raiders, in true Raiderkarma form.
    Shaun Rogers to the Jets makes a lotta sense.
    This team is gonna miss Thomas Jones and Leon Washington real soon.

  31. Injuries are part of every team’s life. The question from last nights game should be; Does Rex Ryan have control of this team? Perhaps he is similar to the parent of the unruly child who allows the brat to bother every person around using the excuse of, “He is just expressing himself.” Jets fans should be concerned.

  32. those who think haynesworth to the jets is unlikely b.c. the jets play a 3-4 defense do not fully understand rex ryan’s schemes. While it is a base 3-4, they run lots of 46 and 4-3 packages as well. Without jenkins, this is what they were for the most of 2009, as an OLB would slide down and play a traditional 4-3 DE spot. I think haynseworth could be a great fit playing that DT in their 46 and 4-3 packages alongside sione pouha.

  33. Now sure without Jenkins’ presence, you will see a decline in the Jets defence production, but the bigger question is.
    Can Mark Sanchez throw for more than 70yds a game, and score TDs?

  34. Assholes! I have seen some crappy and tasteless posts on here, but to rip apart a talent and positive part of the NFL like Kris Jenkins, laugh, and make fun of what will probably be a career ending injury to a classy member of the league is just disgusting. You douchebags hiding behind screen names are sorry excuses for football fans. You rip apart Jets fans, and then show how you are 100 times worse with the crap you posted. Get out of your parents basements and come back on the site when your balls drop and puberty hits.

  35. That’s just what happens when Bart Scott gets plowed into the defensive line by beastly Michael Oher.
    I bet Kris Jenkins isn’t talking all that smack now, eh ?
    Karma is a bitch.

  36. People who say Haynesworth won’t fit are wrong.
    The Jets don’t run a prototypical “3-4” set. They run multiple defensive alignments and for the most part they do have 4 “down” lineman. If you paid attention last night, a lot of their sets had Ellis and Taylor on the outside with Pouha and DeVito inside. Haynesworth wouldn’t be a NT in this system because that’s Pouha’s job. He would be a “3-4 DE” but that label doesn’t even justify what he would do. Haynesworth would surely excel in the Jets defense.

  37. Gregg your posting for PFT, did you really have to clerify Florio as “PFT’s Mike Florio”?
    anyone who watches football knows that Jenkins is a beast on the field, huge loss for a player of that calibur. Although they effect every team, you hate to see guys going down with injuries, especially season ending ones…especially after suffering the same season ending injury last year. Huge blow for Gangreen

  38. Anyone else find is more than coincidence that the team eating Cheeseburgers at practice was undesciplined enough to have more penalty yards than offensive yards?

  39. @jb1005: No team runs a 3-4 all the time. Most mix in some 4-3 and all use some nickel/dime formations throughout the game. Washington is no different in that regard

  40. Vikings are the best fit for Haynesworth trade. They are in full on desperation mode. Having paid Favre big money, they have to win now.
    They run a 4-3, they’ll need to replace Pat Williams sooner or later and they’ve got a tough schedule which is likely to get them off to a poor start.
    If anyone is going to make a panic move, and only someone panicking would take a risk on Haynesworth, it will be the Vikings.

  41. The blame for this loss rests entirely on the shoulders of the offense. The defense gift wrapped the ball deep in Ravens territory multiple times, and we weren’t able punch in touchdowns. When we did make a play, (Sanchez to Keller) Braylon wasn’t lined up right, and the play was called back. The Offense wasn’t even able to stay on the field long enough to keep the defense fresh, and the more tired they got, the sloppier the play became, and more yellow flags were thrown. It didn’t help that Schottenheimer’s playcalling was extremely vanilla, and never gave Sanchez the opportunity to throw, and when he did, Sanchez often checked down. HOWEVER, losing by one point to a Super Bowl contender after giving up 125 yards of penalties (and one penalty killed us, we had them kicking a field goal and a bogus running into the kicker call gave them a first, which eventually led to a touchdown) does not make us a bad team. Sleeping on the Jets is still a very, very, bad idea. The defense showed it can be the best in the league.
    We don’t all have the leisure of playing the Bills.

  42. Another week, another Haynesworth rumor. I really wish he’d get moved soon, I’m tired of reading about him.

  43. Rexy..where are ya? ummm..busy chewing.
    Cromartie…where are ya? umm…busy holding receiver.
    Sanchize…where are ya? ummm…busy sucking on his USC thumb.
    Jenkins..where are ya? umm..busy in the operating room.
    Yets Fan…where are ya? ummm..busy putting their hand over their face.
    Again Yets Fan…where are ya? umm..busy cutting custom made brown paperbag.
    Ray Ray…where are ya? ummm..busy killin the other team players (no punt intended)…..
    6-10 …. Y.E.T.S., YETS., YETS., YETS., YET.

  44. NJJet,
    You’re telling me you weren’t ecstatic when Tom Brady got his knee blown out? I was in NYC when it happened and every single Jet fan in the city was celebrating.
    That being said, Kris Jenkins is a valuable asset and I would never wish injury upon any player, especially one who is a real footballer. Hopefully this will not be the last we see of him.

  45. i hate to tell yall this, but they actually played better without jenkins last year.
    that isnt to say he is bad. he is good. they made up for it.

  46. NJJallday –
    I have seen you write some sensible posts and other times you have written sensational posts.
    you really think that D (last night) was on par with the best of the league? 2/3 of the corners are ?’s at this point. in fact i think it is settled on Cromartie, but i’ll give him the benefit.
    and to be honest – before last night i liked the rookie. i still think he has a good chance of being a player, but he got chewed alive.
    all in all – the Jets D had some great moments, but those penalties and the 9/11 converted 3rd downs by the ravens was fiasco central.
    ps – the only reason i even posted was because of your miami dig. i am not sure why you stuck that in there.

  47. The rest of the AFC East just breathed a sigh of relief this morning?”
    Not really… the Dolphins Swept the wets last year with and without him.. also put up 61 points on that “overrated” defense.
    Let the excuses begin… fact is that they wiffed on moving so far up to take Sancheeze… who looks like a bust.

  48. # Hugh Jorgan says: September 14, 2010 2:22 PM
    … You [bags] hiding behind screen names are sorry excuses for football fans….
    Well Hugh, not that you didn’t make your point. At least YOU aren’t hiding behind some bogus screen name.

  49. I’ll speak for him NJJet: No, I wasn’t ecstatic when Tom Brady got injured. I was actually looking forward to Favre vs. Brady that season.
    True NFL fans don’t hate players unless they give you reason to hate them. I don’t understand how classless most of you are. Of course none of you would go out and show your faces but I would actually have some respect for someone who were to rip on a injured player but show there face while doing it.

  50. gag greeners- Delusion is a sign of mental illness. Stop trying to explain away why the jets have sucked for 41 years and counting.
    Your franchise was doomed when Namath sold his sole to the devil for your 1 moment of glory.

  51. Never wish injury, even as a Pats fan… especially a major injury like this. Totally bummed me out when Brady went down (and more recently, when Warren went down.)
    18 game season… not a great idea.

  52. ninjapleazee says:
    September 14, 2010 2:10 PM
    Time to activate Jarron Gilbert from practice squad
    Good call! I noticed they scooped him last week, dude was freak coming out of college. Rex is very good developing D-Line (DeVito, Pouha,Gregg, Douglas, etc.)

  53. Some of you halfwits out there are making it out like the Jets got beat 38-6… it was 10-9… against the Ravens, who many talking heads out there say have (potentially) 1 of the best offensive units in the NFL this year.
    Yes… the Jets O was absolutely terrible, probably couldn’t have played any worse… Yes they were sloppy and had a lot of penalties, but their D was still great and they held Flunco and the Ravens O to just 10 points.
    If the Jets O can improve just a bit, which they will, they’ll be fine… look for this team to start slow at 2-2, but then catch fire by the 5th game.

  54. jenkins is a monster no doubt n it sucks to see him go probably forever from the nfl, but even if he didnt get hurt the jets would be good at best. sanchez is horrendous add him to the jamarcus leinart brady quinn list. they better trade down to get locker or mallet.
    jets mets and knicks lol worst front offices in their respected leagues. gotta love it.

  55. mikedkawas,
    The profootballtalk comment section is nothing more than an area for “fans” to spout off their hatred. Outside of a few quality posts, there’s not much rationale here. I wish there was a “block user” feature or bring back comment ratings and once a comment gets a low enough rating, that post gets blocked as well. Waaaaay too much stupidity going on here.

  56. @I didn’t hear no Bell
    Actually no, I did not celebrate. While I am not the biggest fan of the patriots organization, I do have great respect for the talent they have on the team.

  57. sucks to see jenkins go down hes a great player and i hope he comes back for another season. but now all the jets fans are gonna make excuses (like always) for losing. but even if he didnt get hurt the jets would be good at best, sanchez is horrendous and is on his way to that jamarcus leinart brady quinn list.
    jets mets and knicks: worst front offices in their respected leagues. i love it.

  58. @SomeFans
    I will reiterate, we don’t all have the leisure of opening against buffalo.
    I will assume that was directed at me.
    Yes, I think that defense played very well. What defense could hold an offense like the one Baltimore has after being on the field for an hour?
    Cromartie and Wilson had less than desirable games, but Wilson went up against one of the best receivers in the game, and besides Cromarties penalty yardage, he did alright while he was fresh, but got torn up later in the game.
    Wilson definitely got “chewed alive,” no doubt about that, but like I said before, he spent a LOT of time on Boldin. That was something I’ll chalk up to Rex, not Wilson himself. That was his first real NFL game and he has a lot of potential.
    I would imagine a lot of those 3rd down conversions were a result of the defense being tired, and rightfully so, but I did see a lot of blown coverage. It’s the first game of the season, and with 2 people starting to learn the system, it’s expected, but I would have been happier with a better performance by both. They will get better with more experience.
    I’m not making excuses for the loss, we definitely deserved to lose. 99.9% of our offense was disgusting, and all those penalties are simply inexcusable. But to deny the fact that the performance of the defense declined due to fatigue is pure ignorance, and that’s being nice about it.
    If the Jets can keep the offense on the field, score a few touchdowns and keep the defense rested, we WILL win games.
    Take a look at all the Miami fans who think their team is God tier because they beat Buffalo by 3. (I’m purposely leaving out the safety points because Chan Gailey is an idiot, and he should never have allowed that safety.) That’s why I added that dig.

  59. Even though this dude popped off way too much, I still don’t like to see players go down like this… especially so early in the season. He needs to retire anyway, I’m sure the jets D will be fine without him…it’s that pathetic offense you guys should start worrying about.

  60. @ NJJet
    Relax. From what I see, very few are being a-holes here. I’m a Pats fan. I feel terrible for this guy. I don’t like seeing anyone get hurt especially a season ending or career ending injury. Unfortunately there are some turds out there who have no class.
    Most will see the immaturity of their words and pass over their comments. I suggest you do the same, and don’t worry about it.
    However, it is only a matter of time before Jet fans blame injury or turn on Sanchez. He is AWFUL!
    Mark Sanchez is spanish for Matt Leinart.

  61. @NYJallday
    i agree with everything in this last post of yours regarding the jets and the game.
    i’m just not sure on the god mode talk by phins fans. i really havent seen much of that, or maybe because i am a dolphins fan i am just missing it.
    i consider the afc east patriots territory until another team makes a convincing claim – obviously with wins.
    can we agree the Jets themselves and their fans have been more vociferous than other teams and fans, or do you think Miami is just as bad?

  62. @PFTFanBoy
    Every fanbase talks like they have the most immaculate team to grace the field, and Miami is no exception. Maybe you’re not looking hard enough, but it’s there. They don’t really brag to the league too much, just Jets fans.
    The AFC East is without a doubt Patriots territory, until proven otherwise. You are correct.
    Also, the Jets and their fans have been talking a whole load of smack. I’m okay with this, even if we don’t back it up. I like the swagger, and the confidence, even if it make us look like asses. I think as far as the league goes, we have you beat on trash talking by leaps and bounds, but between just the Jets and the Dolphins, it’s about even.

  63. With our without Jenkins, the Jets have a mean defense. But let’s not compare this Raven offense to the 2007 Patriot offense here. Flacco has a tendency to wet himself when things get tight… He can make the throws and is a good enough player, but when the rubber really hits the road, he rushes passes, overthrows receivers, and generally doesn’t get it done.
    They’re definitely going to be tested this week, but defense always gets the better of a good offense.
    I mentioned during the preseason that the Jets were very top heavy in their salary structure…they’ve got lights out players as their number ones, but no one else behind them. Football is a game of attrition and if they lose another player or two on defense, that’s it…done.

  64. Ytsejamer, I’m going to ignore everything you just said because I’m too busy enjoying your name.
    I miss Portnoy already.

  65. As a Patriots fan, I feel bad for Kris. No one should have their season end this way. As for the Jets, it’s time to start eating all of the trash they’ve been talking. This team is going to struggle all year on offense with a crap quarterback and their best running back playing for the Chiefs. Any weaknesses in this defense will doom this team to a sub .500 season.

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