Rex Ryan stokes the Revis-Moss feud

Thumbnail image for NFL_moss2.jpgIn Week Two of the 2009 season, the Patriots visited the Jets — and a debate emerged in the aftermath of the game regarding whether Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis handled Pats receiver Randy Moss without safety help.

In Week Two of the 2010 season, the Patriots return to New York.  Already, Jets coach Rex Ryan is stoking the embers of the Revis-Moss feud.

only one guy in this league that can cover Randy Moss,” Ryan told Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News.  “And that’s Darrelle Revis.  Nobody else. . . .

“Randy Moss beats you for touchdowns. Randy Moss is a stud,” Ryan said.  “Him and
Chad Johnson, you better double them.  Well, we don’t have to.  That’s
what Revis brings for us.”

We’ve got three observations in response.

First, due to his 36-day holdout, Revis wasn’t ready on Monday night to shadow Anquan Boldin of the Ravens for the entire game.  We can’t imagine Revis being ready to take on Moss without help over the top.

Second, last year a review of the film from the Week Two game revealed that seven of 77 snaps involved “true double coverage” of Moss and that most of the other 70 plays included “consistent evidence” that Revis was getting assistance from a safety.  Jets defensive coordinator Mike Pettine later admitted that the Jets “weren’t in a lot of true cover zero with no help.”

Third, with Revis already talking like a guy who could hold out again in two years and the Jets reportedly “floored” by the comments, Ryan needs to reel in the superlatives or he’ll be scrambling in two years to get Revis ready for the early-season games after yet another holdout.

70 responses to “Rex Ryan stokes the Revis-Moss feud

  1. Florio – Do you ever shut up? You are such a pompous ass. You bitch about the Jets but you do just as much talking as they do.

  2. Jets welcome to 0-2. You cannot score. Your QB is a joke. Your coach is a slob.
    Welcome to 8-8. Enjoy it you earned it.

  3. “Ryan needs to reel in the superlatives or he’ll be scrambling in two years to get Revis ready for the early-season games after yet another holdout.”
    If he’s still around!

  4. looking forward to jetsies covering Welker this Sunday. careful of those holding penalties.
    0-2 SB bound jetsies would be hysterical.

  5. I guess when you look down and all you see is a fat stomach, and you can’t even see your own dick, you just start becoming a dick to make up for the lack of a visual..

  6. This coach won’t STFU. I hope NE waxes them, and I don’t like the Patriots!
    I hate Pittsburgh, but dislike NE.

  7. Rex is not worried about two years from now and Revis’s status then….he won’t be there anymore….his butt will have long since been fired!

  8. Just couldn’t wait to open his mouth after losing their first game.
    Good. Moss spent the offseason training to increase his quickness of the snap and breaks. He’s in the best shape he’s been in since 2007.
    Now Revis is out of shape and Ryan can’t keep his mouth shut. Lets just wait and see what plays out next week I suspect Moss is going to have a hell of a lot better game than he did last year.

  9. “Third, with Revis already talking like a guy who could hold out again in two years and the Jets reportedly “floored” by the comments, Ryan needs to reel in the superlatives or he’ll be scrambling in two years to get Revis ready for the early-season games after yet another holdout.”
    You can’t be serious, Florio. Rex Ryan will be coaching special teams for the Dillon Panthers in 2 years.

  10. Reavis is not the only Jets DB on the field. Moss is not NE’s only WR. Pats have Brady, Jets don’t. 0 – 2

  11. The Jets are going to be classic this year. They OWN May-August though, can’t take that away from ’em.

  12. The gasbag Ryan speaks again….. This guy has now turned the Jets into the team that everybody loves to hate. He’ll never learn.

  13. Stop gassing Revis’s head up. Woody Johnson needs to call Rex Ryan on this and tell him that the more he makes this guy out to be Superman, the more your going to fuel the fire in 2 years. Hes probably going to holdout again as it is, because hes a selfish douchebag. Keep it up and hes going to want to be the highest paid player in the game, which would make me sick.
    You cannot cover Randy Moss one on one. Its physically impossible. Too fast, too tall, incredible hands and he can leap higher than any man I have ever seen. So stop the crap. Tell them instead “were going to find a way to stop Moss” instead of saying Revis can do it. Moss is already pissed off and angling for a new deal, the last thing I would want is to motivate him further. Sometimes people just dont think

  14. Jets = 0-2 then another loss at Miami…0-3, oops!
    Sanchez is a bum. It’s just a matter of time before they throw him under the bus and he is no longer the QB.

  15. Man, Ryan really just needs to shut up. Moss has been feeling “unappreciated” but you just gave him the motivation to put the burners on this Sunday. Amazing.

  16. “Man to man” means no help at all, as in, “Cover 0”.
    God knows I can’t stand Randy Moss but really, Revis will lose the battle “man to man”.

  17. I guess you were so excited to write this article no one had time to mention dominique foxworth on the ravens is not darrelle revis of the jets.
    I guess them sharing the same number is like six of one, a half a dozen of the other…..

  18. After watching those D-backs last night in NY, I think all Patriots fans (and all the fans that want to see the Jets lose) would be thrilled if Revis covered Moss all day. Sure, you might be sacrificing Moss’ production, but you are taking Revis out of the Defense. Do Jet fans really want to see Wilson one on one with We Welker???? LMFAO. I think the Jets D looked fantastic last night, and I hate the Jets. With that said, Baltimore had 2 weapons last night (Boldin/Heap). New England has Moss, Welker, Tate, Hernandez, Gronkowski, Crumpler, and Faulk out of the backfield.
    I am sure the Jets are up to the challenge, they will be every game this year, but they only have 1 shut down corner to cover 3 WR’s (5 if you count Hernandez and Faulk), and they dont have any LB’s that can cover Hernandez/Faulk/Gronkowski. I certainly dont see New England winning in a blow out, but I cant see NY winning this game
    New England is going to make Sanchez beat them. So you are going to see them lining up to stuff the run, and Sanchez will probably play a decent game (17-30, 180 yards). But unless they can get 20 points on the scoreboard, it isnt looking good. After all, the consensus was that New England’s D was going to be awful, and they played pretty well against Cincinnati, and the Bengals Offense rivals the Pats in 07, or the Vikes in 98 compared to the Jets Offense…..

  19. CT Pats Fan says:
    September 14, 2010 12:05 PM
    Ryan is hoping to God that the Patriots target Revis, rather than pick on Cromatie and Wilson.

  20. Rex can talk all he wants about Moss, last year the Pats figured out in the second matchup to use Moss as a decoy (likely unbeknownst to Moss) and just keep hitting Welker on short patterns. This year the Pats should be ever more dangerous with the emergence of 2 threats at tight end.

  21. That’s the thing though…..go ahead….shut down Randy Moss. Who cares? There are at least 3 other legitimate targets on the field at any given time and the Jets can’t double everybody. I can’t wait until Jason Taylor has to cover Hernandez or Gronkowski.

  22. i hope the jets are cocky enough to try and consistently play cover zero with revis on moss, he’ll be my fantasy mvp this week… some people just can’t be single covered and randy is one of them

  23. Can’t just play with a defense only! Being a big defense guy he has let his offense down and it showed last night. He needs to spend time on the offense, and he needs to fix his and Tannenbaum’s mistakes on letting offensive players go.

  24. florio i expect more from you. you missed the central point here.
    Welker is the real threat on the patriots team. revis should be worrying about him but……

  25. Did it occur to any of you that Boldin might be tougher to cover than Moss? Boldin is an amazing, committed, all-around athlete, with the ability to hone in on a pass and catch it whatever the conditions. Moss is getting old, lazy, not committed, fast and tall but nothing more, no ability to hone anything. Whatever trouble Revis had against Boldin, he won’t see that again this year.

  26. And 4th: Last year in week two, Wes Welker didn’t play in that game, Joey Galloway did, so it was much easier to just focus on Moss.

  27. I hope they do play Moss cover-zero with no help.
    It amazes me that Rex is already running his mouth so soon after having his boot shoved in it by the Ravens.

  28. Ryan may as well enjoy the hell out of this job and ring every drop out of it, because once he gets fired, he’ll never get another head coaching job in the NFL.

  29. Bradenton Buc says:
    September 14, 2010 12:09 PM
    Reavis is not the only Jets DB on the field. Moss is not NE’s only WR. Pats have Brady, Jets don’t. 0 – 2
    …………………………………………………………………………………That is exactly what it comes down too,unfortunatly …

  30. All that talk about how great the JETS are going to be. Aren’t the loud mouth bullies supposed to win the fight? Jets….BELOW!!!!!!!!

  31. Next week headline:
    Revis – Jets shut down Randy Moss
    Tom Brady throws TDs to 5 other receivers as Pats win.

  32. Rex Ryan needs to STFU. His team is a freakin mess and all he does is yap about how good he thinks they are. We saw the game, we know what the Jets are. He’s more of a reality tv personality than a football coach. Famous for doing nothing except getting in front of a camera and making sensationalist statements.

  33. Jets secondary would be great…if teams were only putting 1 wide receiver on the field. Revis can’t cover everyone @ once. Patriots have one of the best quarterbacks in the league, and plenty of weapons besides Randy Moss. Rex Ryan isn’t doing his players any favors and needs to shut the hell up. Jets offense looked HORRIBLE last night…and I don’t think it’s just because of the Ravens defense. If the Patriots defense can handle the Bengals, they shouldn’t have any trouble with Sanchez at all.

  34. Why is everyone on Revis’s nuts anyways. Ask Peyton Manning who the real shut down corner in the NFL is. His answer is Asomugha. Vince Young had one of his best passing games of his career Sunday and not once did he even look or attempt to pass in Asomugha’s direction.

  35. The last time these two played Moss had 5 catches and a TD. That equals 80 catches and 16 TDs over a season. Not too bad considering he was covered by the greatest DB in the history of the universe according to fatso.
    But Dirty threw 4 pics in that game as the Pats bitch slapped this year’s coming Super Bowl winner 31-14. Now maybe you see why they only let him throw checkoff passes these days.

  36. Rex gave props to Chad Johnson (Ochocinco) and used his name in the same sentence as Randy Moss? Wow. Impressive and unexpected. Still, Jets are an average team. 8-8 and no playoffs this year–not enough “Oomph” on offense.

  37. Why is Rex putting more pressure on this players? You would think he would have learned from last nite not to go and fuel the fire….
    Just plain dumb IMHO.
    “Sometimes you go up just as fast as you come down”. Crash and Burn Baby.

  38. Ryan could step right in for Robert “Son of Baghdad Bob” Gibbs in the White House briefing room. What a dip s@%t.

  39. Ryan put pressure on Sanchez with last weeks comments and as everyone has said, Sanchez could not cash the checks that Rex wrote. It seems that, as stated in the article, Revis covered Mason for a good chunk of the night, not Boldin or even TJ, but Mason, the oldest, slowest guy on the field. Now Ryan is putting pressure on Revis first to cover Moss all day, second to do it alone, and third to be able to completely shut him down. Just as he was a quiet, fat, humble man complimenting the Ravens on their shutting him up, Ryan is going to have to eat humble pie again next week and end up talking about how great Randy Moss is. I guess if I was the O-Line, or the running backs, anyone else on the team who doesn’t have a target on their backs, I’d hide, Ryan’s going to put them on the fire too and watch them burn.

  40. There is nothing worse then a loud mouth that cannot back his words and tries to BS on what really went down.
    The only corner that I have ever witnessed cover Randy Moss one on one was Charles Woodson when he was with the Raiders.
    Early on in Woodsons career at a game in Oakland he shut Randy Moss down, shut him down.
    Revis reminds me a lot of Paris Hilton, many fools say she is a Star but it does not make it so. Woodson never practiced when he was with the Raiders and he shut Moss down.
    You will see this week why Revis is not the highest paid corner in the NFL and if they play him truly one on one Moss will eat Revis alive.

  41. Rex Ryan took over a 9-7 team and made them into a…9-7 team. The only reason they made the playoffs was bc Indy rolled over for them and rested their starters. He needs to prove something before he mouths off or he just looks like a guy who can’t coach but can…mouth off. Now let’s go get an f’n snack!

  42. Nnamdi Asomugha can cover Revis by himself. Rex Ryan is a big mouth bitch.
    Opposing QB’s threw less to Nnamdi Asomugha’s side less than any other CB in the league!
    Ray Lewis and the Ravens smacked the Jets in the mouth.
    Lose like a Jet!

  43. @Ravens-male-cheerleader
    “Rex Ryan took over a 9-7 team and made them into a…9-7 team. ”
    Absolute Classic!

  44. Didn’t he learn his lesson about running his mouth all off seaason about the Ravens, then they basically kicked his team all over the Meadowlands last night? I know the score was 10-9, but it seemed much worse. Ravens dominated, Jets rolled over & assumed the position

  45. Poor Revis will have to cover Moss, Welker,Tate, Hernandez , Gronkowski and Faulk, Taylor, Morris out of the backfield!!!
    Cromartie, well let’s just say he likes to hold receivers and the new kid Wilson? He’s a grabber too!
    Funny, I thought Rex was a defensive genious?
    I guess he’s just 350 lbs of chewed bubble gum?

  46. Two other observations –
    1 – Moss is in better shape than he was last year.
    2 – The Patriots overall offense is crisper than the one that blew otu Revis and the Jets last time.

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