Scoring down leaguewide in opening week

You weren’t imagining things while watching the Vikings-Saints, Cowboys-Redskins, and Ravens-Jets all slog through defensive battles in primetime games.

Scoring really was down sharply in the first week of the NFL season.

The 16 games totaled 585 points, or 36.6 points a game, according to the Elias Sports Bureau via Judy Battista of the New York Times.  That’s the second lowest scoring opening week since the league expanded to 32 teams. 

21 teams scored less than 20 points, which was the most amount of teams under 20 in an opening Week in 40 years.  (Of course, there have only been 32 teams the last eight years.)

There are a ton of theories of why this may have happened.  But we’ll save those for a month from now, when we know whether this was just a trend or a blip on the radar.

Say it with me, 49ers fans: It’s only one week.

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  1. Say it with me, 49ers fans: We could only hold the pathetic Seahawks offense to 24 points and the inept Seahawks defense scored 7 points to our 6 on offense.

  2. Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on September 14, 2010 3:56 PM ET
    Say it with me, 49ers fans: It’s only one week.
    actually thats the Cowboys fans mantra… it just changed to that from….”its only the preseason”.
    lol at the Suckboys and their fans.
    looks like my Texand gonna be taking over Texas and the AFC south this year…hahahaha

  3. It’s because no key player plays much in the pre-season or in Favre’s case even comes to training camp. How can you play at a high enough level to overcome NFL defenses if you don’t PRACTICE. And yes, Iverson…PRACTICE is important. that’s probably where that saying came from. Practice makes perfect. Hmm…I wonder if there is something to that.

  4. Scoring may have been down but the siants totally manhandled and slaughtered the vikings last week! bring on the little darling packers and we will show all the “experts’ who will be the champions! survey says…………who dat!

  5. More likely that 2009 was the anomaly, and that 2007 and 2008 when the Giants and Steelers won with defense is the real trend. Several injuries to big defensive stars such as Polamalu, Aaron Smith, Ed Reed, Umenyiora etc the past couple of years have hurt some of the NFL’s best defenses, while retirements such as Strahan’s and personnel moves such as the Steelers losing Foote and McFadden last year were humbling losses to some of the NFL’s top defenses.
    The less believable scenario is that a career gunslinging interception spraying qb with barely a .500 career record (to start last year) became a dead-eye assassin last year in leading his team to the Super Bowl (Drew Brees). It’s more likely that there simply wasn’t a healthy Giants defense available in the playoffs to shut him down.

  6. @Saintsarebest
    Actually the Saints didn’t manhandle the Vikings, because you won doesn’t mean it was a slaughter. Infact the game was rather bland and could of gone either way. Based on last year, both Offences were bad and it was basically a defensive effort. I don’t know what game you were watching.
    Celebrate a win for sure, but you aren’t invincible and have alot to prove especially on offence when you only scored two tds against 3 corners, besides it’s week one.

  7. For the 49ers, to get worked like that in week one is abysmal. It may be week one, but after the Saints destroy them in their park on Monday Night, that team will be in disaster – repair mode. A side note no one talked about – After the flight home from Seattle on Sunday Night, Singletary called a players only meeting at the 49ers Santa Clara HQ. Odd for the coach to call that meeting just after the flight. Just yell at the players on the flight and interrupt the card game or heavy drinking after a loss like that.

  8. that was, admittedly, a strange week of football and it almost appears as if some teams were still playing preseason football with an ‘its only the first game’ attitude.

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