Shannon Sharpe receives no punishment from CBS

We mentioned on Saturday a SportsByBrooks report that revealed CBS analyst Shannon Sharpe was hit with a restraining order from a woman believed to be his girlfriend. 

Court documents showed that 10 civil complaints have been filed against Sharpe in Fulton County, Georgia, all by women, since 1994. 

Sharpe appeared on air Sunday, and it looks like there will be no repercussions from this latest incident.

Phil Mushnick of the New York Post writes that the network “seemed eager to provide him the benefit of all doubts. CBS made it
clear that no police charges have been filed, and that Sharpe is highly
regarded among staffers.”

Sharpe has been with the network for the last six years.

44 responses to “Shannon Sharpe receives no punishment from CBS

  1. Wait, you mean I can just take a restraining out on Shannon Sharpe and I don’t have to listen to him anymore??? Why didn’t I think of this years ago?

  2. No one knows if he ever said anything improper because no one ever knows what he s saying. (He used to be Rudy from the Cosby cartoon)

  3. They just really wanted him to shut up, and he wouldn’t…so time for a restraining order.
    Funny though, you’d think having 10 restraining orders on you would eventually sink into your head that there’s some issues to resolve…then again, Sharpe’s got a big ass head.

  4. Mushmouth Sharpe should be restrained from speaking–especially in public, on air(!!!)–until he spits all those marbles out of his mouth.

  5. Fox is now it for me…with a little ESPN thrown in for good measure. Cannot understand why the crazy skirt crowd is not all over this.

  6. As a Steeler fan, there’s no love lost for the Ravens or Broncos …. but Shannon Sharpe was and remains epic. I hope he keeps bringing his unique on air personality to us – and trust that he is a very good guy.

  7. It’s none of their business! I’m sure at least one of the hundreds of employees at NBC has a restraining order against him, but no one is writing articles suggesting he lose his job or be suspended. Most people aren’t suspended from their jobs for the domestic issues in their personal lives as long as they don’t interfere with their work. For some bizarre reason, football players are supposed to lose their jobs or be suspended every time there’s an allegation of wrongdoing regardless of whether there’s any truth to the allegation. After 10 domestic issues, I’d say they might suggest some counseling for his own good, but barring a criminal conviction, why should he lose his job?
    I have NO idea how someone as bombastic and inarticulate as Shannon Sharpe got that gig in the first place considering all the talented ex-players the network could have hired. But if they won’t fire him for poor performance, there’s no reason to fire him because of his personal life unless it criss-crosses his professional life.

  8. actually they did punish him; he will no longer get sugar cubes before the game and he has to eat regular hay instead of alfalfa

  9. Some people are just morons, period!
    As the saying goes, “A good attorney can get an indictment on a ham sandwich”. Course, that doesn’t apply to CornFlorio, we all know he was a shitty atty!
    ….Anyway, my point being is that an restraining order isn’t much different. A woman can literally make things up, no need to offer any proof and if she catches the right judge, poof, she has a restraining order.
    CBS is absolutely right in not taking any action against Sharpe. They have no proof (yet) that he has done anything wrong!

  10. Who remembers this from him during a post game highlight show “SHOW ME YO FACE N***A!!!”
    can not believe he wasn’t canned for that

  11. You pea brained morons trying to make this a race issue need to get a clue. These are CIVIL complaints, hes never been charged with a crime. It appears hes an asshole to women but hes done nothing wrong in the eyes of the law.
    If dont like him, change the channel. You wont be missed.

  12. This Guy Is Hilarious everytime he talks we all go silent and try to figure out WTF He is Saying.
    He is MUSHMOUTH from FAT ALBERT Cartoon
    Ubbi Dubbi.
    Classic…. Please let him STAY AT CBS. Just for the Entertainment

  13. Un-frickinbelievable ! Outside the restraining order, I refuse to listen to his rambling BS and I swear I got spit on several times thru the TV !! CBS has a race issue for sure !

  14. “The benefit of the doubt”?
    10 restraining orders from DIFFERENT women since 1994 and CBS is giving him the benefit of the doubt???
    Screw you CBS, no wonder you have no viewers.

  15. mholt59 says: September 14, 2010 3:20 PM
    Shannon Sharpe = Mr. Ed
    The man speaks the truth. The guy looks like a horse.

  16. Sharpe almost wasn’t around to commit his latest abuse. Two Mafioso looking to send a “severed horse head” message to a rival, (but too lazy to drive out to the farms), cornered him in an alley. But when they got a closer look at his head, they decided it wasn’t something that they would wish on their worst enemy. So they bought one for forty bucks down at the slaughterhouse and wrote it off on their food allowance.

  17. @deb
    Hyprocrisy? How so? Maybe you can accuse but can’t elaborate cause it takes more than one brain cell?

  18. @Nosredna … I feel sorry for you. How sad to be so lacking in self-awareness. For weeks you’ve screamed SHE SAID NO at us. But the DNA report showed beyond doubt there was no intercourse. That’s why Ben wasn’t arrested and why the DA said he hoped she’d learned her lesson. The totality of evidence is overwhelming that both the Nevada and Georgia accusations were fabricated. That’s easily proved by the case files and DA’s press conference, yet it hasn’t stopped you from playing judge, jury, and executioner. On the other hand …
    Florio mentions–truthfully–that Favre didn’t join the union display:
    “Just another post only designed to inflame the Favre haters. Move along, nothing to see here unless you are into reading innuendos and stupidity!”
    Reggie Bush has to pay for actually taking bribes throughout college:
    “A sad day! … A shame that what happened off the field, that made absolutely difference on how he played the game would lead to something like this.”
    Sharpe is repeatedly accused of domestic violence by multiple women:
    “Some people are just morons, period! “A good attorney can get an indictment on a ham sandwich”. A woman can literally make things up, no need to offer any proof and if she catches the right judge, poof, she has a restraining order. They have no proof (yet) that he has done anything wrong!”
    My posts on all these issues have been consistent with my principles. But you have to have principles before you can act on them. You wouldn’t understand that since your judgments are based solely on whether or not you like a player or team rather than the evidence. Based on your Sharpe comment, you have whole different sets of rules for players from different teams.
    Yes, you are the biggest hypocrite I’ve seen on PFT. And too foolish to even know it. At least my brain cells work.

  19. @Deb
    I never once said that Worthlessburger raped anyone. The fact he pulled it out AFTER> one (or both) said no speaks volumes of his character. The statement SHE SAID NO doesn’t always mean he actually did the deed.
    Curious that you find the need to call me out as a CornFlorio hater yet no one else. Anyone with a brain can see that Florio posts stories that he knows will generate hits and comments. This is especially evident with Favre posts.
    Further, I and others have made the statements many times that while Bush may have done wrong, what he did had absolutely nothing to do with how he performed on the field. I believe that the trophy is for ON FIELD PERFORMANCE, not what he did off the field.
    As for the Sharpe comments that is based on legal FACT, nothing more.
    N E X T

  20. i say lock him up in his pen in the barn and no grain for a week. only hay.
    and he can only be used to excite the fillies for other horses. no contact with fillies.

  21. @Noseredna …
    That Cornflorio stuff is nonsensical to me–I don’t have any idea what you’re blathering about. I’m calling you out for your insane hypocrisy, which you’ve now compounded by adding more fantasies about Roethlisberger invention while declaring your comments on Sharpe to be “legal fact, nothing more.”
    NO ONE has any idea what that woman said in the bathroom, but she didn’t say “No” in her own statement. However, MANY witnesses and the DA said she told Roethlisberger she was “Down to F**k” and engaged him in graphic sexual conversation.
    The DNA report showed that Roethlisberger’s penis was NOT INSERTED into the woman’s vagina, so your fantasy that he pulled out is just that: YOUR FANTASY. I don’t know which to pity more: your irrational hatred of a football player or your limited sexual knowledge.
    The Heisman is awarded to the play who turns in the best performance “WITH INTEGRITY.” Those two words in the Heisman Trust mission statement are the crux of Bush’s problem. You are not playing with integrity when you take a three-year $300,000 salary while playing for organization that won’t let track stars accept a pair of sneakers.
    The legal fact on Sharpe is that he has multiple restraining orders from multiple women. That the women invented their reason for getting the restraining orders and they are no more valid than an order against a ham sandwich was YOUR EMBELLISHMENT.

  22. @deb
    thanks for showing your complete and utter stupidity. You are not reading what I have said, but instead reading a few words here and there and making your own decisions.
    Not even worth my time to try to explain any further, you’re post above proves you don’t get it.

  23. Nosredna …
    Read your post in its entirety before answering.
    Fully addressed each point.
    You won’t explain further because you can’t.
    It’s easier to call people stupid than own up to your own inconsistency and hypocrisy. The intelligent among the readers see it for what it is.

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