Ted Ginn to miss the next few weeks

After a strong offseason, Ted Ginn was turning critics into believers in San Francisco.  He was set to be the team’s return man and deep threat as a No. 3 receiver; the roles he was meant for.

But like so many 49ers, his first Sunday of the season was miserable.

Ginn caught one pass for 19 yards before departing with a knee injury. It turned out to be an MCL sprain that will keep him out at least a few weeks, according to Matt Maiocco of Comcast Bay Area. The 49ers signed Jason Hill to take his spot on the roster.

The 49ers try to rebound from a troubling first weekend when they face the Saints next Monday night.  The loss of Ginn and New Orleans’ strong secondary (and weak rush defense) should lead to a whole lot of Frank Gore carries.

20 responses to “Ted Ginn to miss the next few weeks

  1. ‘After a strong offseason’????……WTF?? What exactly did he do in the offseason that constitutes a comment like that?

  2. Oh Teddy…. sprain your knee looking for the sidelines? How typical…
    I agree, what “strong offseason?”… maybe his family?

  3. Frank Gore won’t break 100. With no real passing threat defense will key on gore. This along with hitting whoever is taking snaps should equal a whole lot of WHO DAT!!! WE DAT!! TWO DAT! REPEAT DAT!!!

  4. wow—I just love how everybody on these blog type website are f-ing COMEDIANS. (exception “BrooklynNiner”). None of you are funny. It’s the “Daily Show humor” of today’s society- a type of generational snide/cynical remarks where everybody feels they have to outdo the next remark, all while hiding behind a computer screen, thinking they’re funny and really pithy. Get a life.
    Ted Ginn has more talent in 1% of his left pinky toe than all of you self-proclaimed “comedians” have combined. Take your cynicism somewhere else. It’s lame already.

  5. “SomeFans” — I bet you are a real good athlete, you un-coordinated hater. Take your drive-by one-line crap somewhere else.

  6. Ted Ginn and tOSU are like Matt Lienart and USC. Great college players from big college programs that just can’t cut it in the NFL.
    Programs like tOSU and USC just out talent their conference foes and make their stars look better relative to competition. Come NFL time, everybody on the same playing field and they are EXPOSED.
    Ginn, Leinart, who else?
    Last great NFL player from OSU? hmmm…Anthony Gonzalez? Pittmann?
    Last great NFL player from USC? well a little more success there…maybe Mike Williams? Dwayne Jarret? Not!!

  7. Saints weak rush defense??? They just held one of the leagues best backs (Adrian Peterson) to 87 yds rushing after that bum guaranteed a victory. How exactly is that weak?

  8. Hey Gregg, are you refering to the New Orleans rush defense which held the Vikings to under 100 yards rushing? THAT New Orleans rush defense??? lol. Nice fact checking though.

  9. What’s weak is this article!!
    How about some respect…Gregg?? I would expect this from the Reggie Hater (Florio)……I don’t think AP ran wild…..Nope!!! I would expect they have “0” respect for the Forty Vagina QB….therefore they won’t have 3 man fronts in this game but you should know that right?
    The stack the front, man on the outside, and as Chilly says “Make us bleed for yardage”…..Who Dat! Two Dat!
    Reggie is the best player in ’05…..Hook ‘Em Horns (upside down – Just for Vince)!!!!!

  10. Thanks for your keen observation on the Saints ‘weak’ run defense. Its expected though.
    Its much better being a great team and despised, than being a poor team and liked.
    Go Saints!

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