Week One wraps up with record ratings for doubleheader

At a time when the NFL is having a hard time selling all of the tickets — non-premium and premium — to all of the stadiums in which games are being played, the viewership numbers continue to set new records.

Monday night’s doubleheader between the Ravens-Jets and Chargers-Chiefs set a new high-water mark for ratings, ESPN announced on Monday.

The early game generated an overnight rating of 10.9, and the night cap generated an 8.8 rating.  The games rank second and third in total cable audience for 2010.

15 responses to “Week One wraps up with record ratings for doubleheader

  1. The lure of a new 47″ Hdtv was enough for me to stay home and have wings and beers at home instead of going to a bar.
    Its hard to justify spending a few hundred dollars on a game when you can enjoy it nearly as much from home. It may mean the difference between local fans going to 2 games instead of their usual 4, which is understandable given the cost of seeing a game in person.

  2. lets face it fools, here comes pay per view within the next 10 years, attendence is down and the owners are crying poor mouth and the players are disposable as paper towels. so lets stay home and get those credit cards ready for some football

  3. nutbuster- ppv is already here with Sunday ticket. If the NFL were to somehow get that exclusivity away from DirecTV and on to all of the cable systems. It would be palatable for a larger number of people.

  4. The NFL, NFLPA, and TV should become partners and split the swag. No way the average Joe and his buddies (lady friends included) should be expected to pay for all of this … including public-funded stadiums (Puh-leeeze!). Both the owners and players need to realize that if either side, or both, can’t reach an agreement on how to split up a stupendous amount of dough, there will be NO sympathy and/or taking sides by the fans. All will be tarred and feathered with the same brush. To think that the average fan is going to be suportive of one side or the other in this economy with the mega spoils of this sport (business) … Play the game and put it on TV. And get enough from TV to lower stadium prices! Geez!

  5. Nothing like cheering on the Pats using a 60 inch flat screen in the comfort of my living room way up here in Canada. I would do the same if I lived in Boston.

  6. Expensive seats + annoying drunk fans + stadium traffic + parking prices + big screen home TV + fantasy football team = the obvious.

  7. because they took Mike Greenwipe (or whatever his name is) off of play-by-play…that guy’s a joke. no voice, no talent, no nuthin.
    who the hell is this clown anyway, that he gets a radio/tv talk show, and temporarily calls play-by on MNF Jr.??

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