Wrapping up Week One

Week One of the 2010 has landed in the history books, and Week Two looms. 

Before officially turning the page, let’s take a look at some of the big issues from the weekend that was.

We’ll do it video style, via PFT Daily.


12 responses to “Wrapping up Week One

  1. Florio, you are right on Sanchez! and yes i am a jets fan! but not one of those fan that believe all the crap that comes out of our famous big mouth coach!
    and wait in till next year when all those has been players hit the road!!!! what are we going to do ?

  2. Breaking news:::::::
    Extra Extra read all about it!
    Rex Ryan coach of the NY Jets to retire from the jets and take over the role of peter in family guys!
    The Network and producers of Family Guys tv show where looking to replace peter with a
    big, fat and stupid with a big mouth guy.
    Ryan will fit right in!
    and “yes” I am a Jets fan that think that rex ryan is the biggest as-hole in the NFL!

  3. sanchez is not very good, he should have stayed in school one more year and gotten paid there afterall USC pays there QB’s very well

  4. sanchez is not very good, he should have stayed in school one more year and gotten paid there afterall USC pays there QB’s very well

  5. Mark Sanchez has no ability to step up his game – he showed that last year. Good quarterbacks improve as their debut season proceeds; Sanchez regressed.
    The Colts angered more than the football gods – the Saints showed that you have to punch out Peyton Manning to beat him. The Texans attacked Manning (two sacks, ten hits) and this is what other teams will now do; they’re not going to play Manning scared anymore.

  6. By this time next week the Jets will be 0-2, and more than half of their “fans” will be back to wearing their Giants jerseys.

  7. I’m inclined to say that while there’s no shot in hell the Jesters win this weekend, and a good chance they’ll be 0-3 after going to Miami, they’ll surely get their first win by week 4 when they visit Buffalo.
    Then I think back to last year when Mark Sanchez had a very Mark Sanchez-like game, 5 INTs and barely >100 yards in a loss to Buffalo AT HOME last year.
    Then I look down the schedule:
    Wk 5 vs Minnesota MNF: Likely a loss
    Wk 6 at Denver: going to Mile High? Good chance of a loss
    Wk 7 bye
    Wk 8 vs. Green Bay: Loss
    Wk 9 at Detriot: um, win, I guess????
    Not all that realistic that the Jesters first win comes after we turn the clocks back in November. But at least you have the Knicks to look forward to.

    So Florio, tell me what you think about the New York Jets?
    I will tell you!
    WE SUCK!

  9. Geez its only week one, you Jet fans are like rats jumping off a sinking ship.
    Everyone (posters) on this site have been saying that Sanchez is not good, guess you guys are starting to belive it. I didnt think he would be this bad.

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