Bears try out five wideouts

As expected, the Bears brought in former first-round receiver Michael Clayton on Tuesday for a workout.

He was joined by four other wideouts, none of whom were picked in round one.

The others were Rashaun Greer, Onrea Jones, Juamorris Stewart, and Keenan Burton.

The Bears also checked out a couple of quarterbacks (Tim Hiller and Matt Nichols) and several linebackers, given the placement of Hunter Hillenmeyer on injured reserve.

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  1. @ Ditka96 says:
    September 15, 2010 8:02 AM
    How about Tom Waddle?
    After seeing that dude getting blown up so many times being the gullible, albeit a-lot of heart, one – catching some of the balls he used to catch over the middle, its amazing he even remebers his name and can walk at the same time?

  2. several big-time wr’s were/are available earlier, and DaBears didn’t make a play for them. i don’t understand their thinking sometimes, and now they wanna bring in other no-names?

  3. I think they might also want to bring in some fullbacks, offensive tackles, offensive guards, centers, defensive ends, defensive tackles, safeties, cornerbacks and head coaches for a look.

  4. so the qb who cant help but throw the ball to the other team and a wr who couldnt catch a cold… cutler and clayton on the same team would be awsome. its like the bad news bears of the nfl

  5. I think Juamorris Stewart has more talent the any of these guys as a receiver but isn’t a big special teams player. He would have made Arizona if not for Stephen Williams being by far the most impressive rookie in the preseason. If Chicago actually wants a receiver you take Stewart, if they want a special team demon…Kennan Burton is that guy.

  6. Did Demetrius Williams land anywhere? I know he’s an injury prone turd but as a ravens fan I’d like to see him get a shot somewhere

  7. make the trade for sd’s V.J.
    Done deal. Why they didnt draft a early rounds wr in the draft is beyond me. Stupid organization!

  8. FinFan says:
    September 15, 2010 10:11 AM
    make the trade for sd’s V.J.
    Done deal. Why they didnt draft a early rounds wr in the draft is beyond me. Stupid organization!
    They traded their high draft picks away in previous years

  9. Isn’t this what July through August 31st is for?
    Sorry Lovie, you’ve proved yet again to be incapable of putting together a winning team and judging talent.
    Time for a change from top down. Bring back Iron Mike.

  10. Every year its the same thing with the Bears,offensively there challenged,and there wides always stink ,Knox looks like he s a player,Hester needs to go back to a slash roll,the other young guys arent ready. This coach time should be up at the end of the year

  11. Lovie will be gone this year. This should be his last shot and they will finish 3rd in the north at best. i would like to hear anyone argue that point?????

  12. Pick up a back-up qb from arena, find a Bruce type player to go with Aromashodu(Holt), use Hester like Hakim, Knox can play Proehl, wait until Cutler goes down and Vermeil will squirt a tear with the way FOX exploited the two big Forte receptions as being Faulk like in the Martz offence!!

  13. Damn, you people are dumb.
    Besides not knowing the difference between their/there/they’re, you don’t knock jackspit about the Bears.
    With a healthy Matt Forte and Chester Taylor, one of the best TE tandems in the league in Olsen & Clark, and the speedy and rapidly developing Johnny Knox and increasingly productive Aromashodu, the Bears don’t NEED a stud #1 WR.
    They’re just looking to add a little depth, that’s all.
    Good teams are ALWAYS vigilant about evaluating the available talent that’s out there, they’re ALWAYS looking to upgrade.
    All of you nay-saying sheep said the Cutler-Martz combo would be disatrous, and yet they currently sit as #1 offense, #2 in passing.
    463 yards of total offense (362 passing).
    And before you go off about how bad the Lions are, the Lions are a much improved team–especially up front. SOMEONE had to throw those passes, and SOMEONE had to catch them, right?
    People lose sight of the fact–last year was Cutler’s first with a new team, new receivers, new system, a young and inept o-line, an injured Matt Forte, and an injured and porous defense that frequently put them in the hole.
    Everybody wants to dismiss the Bears as some sh1t team this year, which is fine, go ahead and make yourselves look dumb–they have thir best seasons when expectations are at their lowest.
    While the Miniscrotum BiQueen & Been Gay Fudgepacker fans are busy with their homoerotic bickering about who’s the better team/organization, the Bears will be over here, winning the division.
    Do we still have some kinks to work out on the o-line? Sure.
    Is our (head) coaching still craptastically awful? Yes.
    Did the Lions make an excellent goal line stand against us? Sure.
    But none of that equates to the Bears being a bad team this year. Last year, many of our problems started with key injuries.
    If the injury bugs bite elsewhere this year (Minny, GB), and leave the Bears alone, then the Bears will be in the hunt for the division at season’s end, too.
    Watch what happens against Dallas (in Dallas, btw)–but even then, people will say, “Oh, Dallas is imploding, Bears just got lucky to face a team that’s falling apart and under-performing this year…”
    The real statement game is Week 3: GB
    P.S. Defense ranked #2 overall right now, too.
    P.P.S. Just a reminder, Bears were the last team to represent the North in the S.B., and they’ll be the next one back, too–maybe not this year, but soon.

  14. Like someone said, there was other WRs avaliable in the F/A that were picked up by other teams.
    For example, Terrell Owens, Torry Holt, and Antonio Bryant. Sure, they’re not awesome and are probably past it now, but they’re better than the ones they have now.
    Hell they could even have traded for Boldin since he only cost a third-round pick.
    Oh well. I guess they like having an ex-returner, ex-DB guy as their #1 reciever.

  15. @steeltiger34–see above.
    To add to that argument, the Bears’ defense should be top 10 this year. With Peppers and Harris wreaking havoc up front, and one of the BEST linebacking corps in the league (Urlacher, Briggs, Tinoisamoa/Roach), the front 7 is dangerous. The secondary is the only real concern, but they’ll be helped by the play up front, and Major Wright looks to be an impact player, and Chris Harris is an improvement over last year, too. Bears special teams are/will be excellent, as usual.
    With a solid defense, and the ability to move the ball (now we just have to SCORE!), Bears can compete with ANYONE.
    (As for Lovie, I think the whole world knows, if the Bears don’t make the playoffs, he’s done–my worst case scenario is a 10-6 season, but then the Bears get beat out for a Wildcard spot–like what happened to Cleveland a few years back…no playoffs, but Lovie stays. Ugh, that would double-suck).
    T.O. is a cancer, and would destroy team chemistry. Chicago doesn’t want (or need) him.
    Torry Holt is past his prime.
    Antonio Bryant is aging, too, and has health issues (knee).
    And the Bears have/had dealt away all of their early round picks. This past draft, their #3 pick was technically their #1 pick. (And they did fish around for Boldin, at the time, a 3rd rounder wouldn’t have been enough).
    When you bring in a stop-gap veteran like that, you stunt the development of your young talent.
    Bears have fallen into that trap before (see Marty Booker, round 2, Moose Muhammad, Brandon Lloyd, etc.)
    The Bears receiving corps is FINE as is (even better than fine when you add in the backs and the TEs).
    The only real offensive concern is the o-line.

  16. re;steeltiger34 says: September 15, 2010 10:40 AM
    Lovie will be gone this year. This should be his last shot and they will finish 3rd in the north at best.”
    I agree, but the problem is not just with the coaching, or the useless as a rubber hammer GM – Angelo.
    It’s how this organization is built. Phillips is a bone head who should not be involved in football operations – whatsoever.
    Ditka was hand picked by George Halas. Specifically because he was a ‘large and in-charge’ type, who would demand everyone who worked for him (players especially) would go through walls to get the win.
    Ditka didn’t take %$#* from Halas, when he played for him, and that earned more than a dollop of respect from the old man.
    Today, the McCaskey’s will never hire someone who straight talks to them. They’re all about a ‘nice man’ who is pleasant in disposition, and will not make waves of any sort. A pliable coach, is their above all mantra.
    Also, someone they can get on the cheap – first contract at least.
    Now the panic is in. Season ticket holders received an ‘apology’ from the team, when they mailed out their tickets this year. Then they go and pay over-the-top for free agents for this coming season.
    Why, because they have a GM and a HC that have been given years to evaluate talent and build a team. A team of mediocrity.
    PSL’s have also contributed to the demise of the team. With guaranteed revenue, a team really does not have to concern themselves with improving all that much from one year to the next. At soldier field, sure don’t show up if you don’t want to, they still have your cash, and the NFL will make darn sure that a televised game does not show the empty seats.
    The Bear’s are not a passion for their owners, just a business. Until that changes, they’re quite happy with what they have.

  17. @Dewey Axewoond
    Are we supposed to be impressed by Chicago’s offensive and defensive ranking after one game? One home game against Detroit that the Bears should have lost.

  18. Can someone explain why no one picks up Marvin Harrison? It seems like he’d be worth the vet. minimum for a potential hall-of-famer at WR.
    Love to see him in a Bears uni.

  19. @jj jones,
    Yes, you are.
    You and all the other clowns that said Martz + Cutler = toxic.
    More importantly, it speaks to the accusation that the Bears have no wideouts, no offense, etc.–who was moving the ball then? A ghost?
    And aside from the goal line stand and last second near-miss, the Lions were utterly dominated.
    The stats reflect that. To say the Bears “should have lost” tells me you didn’t watch the game, which further supports the fact that you don’t really have any idea what the f*ck you’re talking about.
    When the calls went the BiQueens’ way against the Lions in the past two seasons, no one blinked. When the Queens opened last season with Detroit and Cleveland, they still got media slobber, didn’t they?
    “A win is a win” they said. “We just play who’s on our schedule”, they said.
    Well, I’ll take a cheap win over a loss any day, how bout you, chump?

  20. Try all the receivers you want.
    Until your QB figures out why the other team’s uniforms are a different color than yours, you’ll still suck.

  21. Ditka96 says:
    September 15, 2010 8:02 AM
    How about Tom Waddle?
    I still have my Waddle jersey I got in ’94.

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