Bill Polian expects Bob Sanders to return this season

Colts safety Bob Sanders had surgery today for a torn biceps tendon, but the team doesn’t think it’s a season-ending injury.

Colts President Bill Polian said on NFL Network’s Total Access that Sanders should be healthy enough to play late in the regular season.

“He had the very same operation on the other arm last year and healed up within somewhere between 10 and 12 weeks,” Polian said. “Right now we’re leaving him on the 53-man active roster, hoping and anticipating that he’ll be back some time before the season ends.”

A return in 10 or 12 weeks would suggest that Sanders could play by December, although they’d probably prefer to save him until the playoffs. Then again, the way the Colts played on Sunday, saving him until the playoffs might not be an option.

12 responses to “Bill Polian expects Bob Sanders to return this season

  1. Save him for the playoffs. This season is once again on Mannings shoulders if the Oline plays like it did in week 1. Get healthy Sanders and we will see you in the playoffs!

  2. Luv ya Blue and luv ya Bobby but we all need to move on. He is a symbol of unending determination and should be admired as such, but he can’t be doing anything but setting himself up for pain and agony in his non-football-life.

  3. The Colts will try to get some money back whether or not he makes it back onto the field. There will be a Bob Sanders Version of the kid’s game “Operation” on sale at the stadium pro shop

  4. Colts should treat him like NBA teams treat shaq/sheed. Leave his ass on the bench for the entire regular season and just bring him in for the playoffs.

  5. More importantly Bill Polian, for all his political sensibility in his explanations, utterly unimpressed in what Eisen called out a ‘common sense’ judgment for the Calvin Johnson call. You want to talk about ‘damaging the shield’ and protecting the ‘product’ that the rest of us idiots know as professional football? How about preserving the integrity of the game???

  6. Wow. Does this guy ever save face when he’s in the spotlight. I can’t believe how dillusional this blowtard has become over the years. He just can’t cut the guy and admit he made a mistake.
    Save him for the playoffs? Is this real? Seriously? Why don’t you just re-sign him if you have that much faith in him. Here’s Polian..Get rid of offensive tackles who fail “physicals” but keep the guys that can’t play and are out 4 months at a time…..Harrison, Gonzales, Sanders,Roy Hall, Ugoh(finally cut him, but it turns out they need him…Whoops!) Maybe this guy isn’t a genius and we are thinking too hard and he’s really an idiot. Who gets away with these moves in the NFL???…He’s a little clueless if you ask me…..
    Talking about the Calvin Johnson catch? That rule isn’t clear…Its about as clear as defensive pass interference and defensive holding Bill….Oh wait you weren’t clear on that were you….

  7. I have never seen a team so openly suck the testicles of a part time employee…does bob sanders even get health benefits? He should at least be paying for his own surgeries…

  8. @ JaggedMark
    I bet you’d love it if your team was in position every year to “lay down” wouldnt you??? Thats what happens when you blow your competition out of the water, you get the option to rest players until the playoffs start. Some teams do it, some teams dont.
    I dont expect that to be the case this year. Colts dont look to be head and shoulders above the AFC this year, but we’ll see what happens…

  9. Guys
    The Colts being in position to “lay down”has little to do with Bill Polians doing, Dungy’s doing or Caldwell’s doing. The one constant is Manning so the insults toward Polian are justified at this time. Keeping Sanders on the roster because he can’t admit he made a mistake on him and”five” mistakes in a row this year, ugoh, Gonzales, Sanders, Lilja, both offensive lineman losers he picked in free agency(wait thats six) means he cares more about himself then he does the team or team concepts. I hate everything this guy stands for.

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